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Can a pet change your life essay essay editing for hire uk

Can a pet change your life essay

Next thing we knew we were buying him a collar and setting up his dog bed in the living room. We named our new puppy "Chiqui", short for the Spanish word "chiquito", meaning "little one. Chiqui is the most loving and wonderful dog. Even in his old age, he still runs to greet my father when he gets home from work, and is always willing to sit with anyone who will scratch his belly.

Not only is he loving, but Chiqui is smart. He understands words like "go inside," not only in English, but also in Spanish. Chiqui brings us all laughter and happiness, but his greatest gift was to my grandmother. Chiqui gave my grandmother a purpose. She was elderly, and with my brothers and me in school and no longer needing to be babysat, my grandmother spent her days bored and alone.

Chiqui was her companion. He glued himself to her feet while she watched TV and scratched his belly with her feet. He was gentle with her as they walked around the neighborhood, never tugging on the leash or tripping her. Even while he was being potty trained and would have accidents in the house, my grandmother loved him. He was her baby and her friend. He made her smile. He gave her life.

Although my grandmother is no longer with us and Chiqui is getting very old and weak, the happy memories live on. Chiqui brought a light to my family that we would not have found otherwise. He kept my grandmother young, and taught her to let loose and have more fun. As we grow older, consume ourselves with work, and move away for college, Chiqui remains a soft spot in each of our hearts, and in a way, a rock for our family.

He is our precious little baby that loves everyone, even when we argue. He is everyone's friend, and when my brothers move out and my mother is left with an "empty nest" next year, I know Chiqui will give her the same purpose and life that he gave my grandmother years ago.

Track Order - Returns - Shipping Info. Review Cart. No more animals. She couldn't go through it again. Subscribe to Newsletter. Some people purchase a pet because they. Studies have shown that owning a pet will better help in many facets in our lives. One aspect in our life would be our personality.

Fifty random residence of Fargo North Dakota above the age of 18 who is about to buy a dog or a cat in the next two week will participate in taking the Big 5 personality test. They will take this test before and then 2 years after the initial purchase of their pet. This is to see if their personality will change after those two years of having their pet.

It is predicted that. This study found that owners who felt more attached to their pets were relatively happy whereas those who were unattached felt generally unhappy much more often. It also found that recently widowed women who did not own pets were much more likely to experience headaches, panic,. Owning a pet can provide owners with many direct, material benefits, e. There is also evidence that pets can have positive psychological implications, though, the majority of these studies are correlational and involve populations facing considerable life challenges Wood et al, Wood et al also found that people who own pets are healthier compared to people who do not own a pet.

Even though the friendly fur ball in the house has many advantages towards youth, some people believe they can be more destructive than rewarding based on the drawbacks that come along with owning a dog. First of all, having a dog as a pet can can enhance. The dogs interacting with children demonstrated positive results; however, when the dog was taken away, negative effects emerged.

Stress levels increased after the dog was no longer present. From the data collected, they identified a broad range of. It is widely believed that pets can have a positive impact on the health and physical activity levels of their owners. These three articles take a deeper look at the health effects pets have on their owners in terms of physical activity, blood pressure levels, stress levels, and risk of allergy sensitization. This study conducted by Allen, Shykoff, and Izzo evaluates the effect of social support intervention pet ownership in relation to stress before and while undergoing ACE inhibitor therapy.

Ownership is the act and state of having something in control or possession. Aristotle claims that owning tangible objects help to build moral character, while Jean-Paul Sartre proposes that ownership extends beyond to include intangible things such as skill or knowledge.


Whether it be a fish, bird, cat or turtle or maybe even all of the above, pets are a part of the family.

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Can a pet change your life essay Starting off, keeping a dog, or any animal cooped up for long periods of time will indeed have an affect on their health. Our dogs dependent on us to care of and provide for them. I've lived at least 10 years with some sort of animal companion. While I strongly suggest going to a real doctor for help, animals seem to almost have healing powers when it comes to making you feel a little bit human again. He understands words like "go inside," not only in English, but also in Spanish.
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Process Essay: How Long Will My Dog Live? Words | 3 Pages. We watched them grow and took care of them both physically and mentality with our unconditional. The following essay was written for the EntirelyPets scholarship program (Spring ) by Delenn Breedlove, answering the question "How has owning a pet. I don't have a preference as to what kind of pet I like the most but if I could I would take all the pets from the shelters and keep them as my.