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Steps in academic writing


It can be a very messy and fluid process, and the following is only a representation of commonly used steps. Skip to main content. Conciseness and Eliminating Wordiness. Sources: Primary vs Secondary. The Writing Process. Theses and Dissertations. The Writing Process The writing process is something that no two people do the same way.

See Research Papers or Essays Decide on a topic to write about. See Narrow your Topic Consider who will read your work. See Audience and Voice Brainstorm ideas about the subject. Do your research. See Evaluating Sources and Primary vs. Secondary Sources Make an Outline to help organize your research. See Paraphrase and Summary Write sentences and paragraphs even if they are not perfect. Read what you have written and judge if it says what you mean.

See Thesis Statements Write some more. See Incorporating References Read it again. Write some more. The body paragraphs of your essay are where you present your arguments, descriptions, or ideas. Each of these paragraphs should begin with an introductory statement to let the reader know the main idea for that paragraph. The next 3—5 sentences should present further information related to that idea. This is where you will use the research you conducted earlier.

If you use information or ideas you got from another source, though, you should always provide a citation to acknowledge that the information came from somewhere else; not doing so is plagiarism, and academic institutions have strict policies against plagiarism. The style of these citations is usually determined by the style guide your instructor has asked you to use e. The final sentence should provide a transition to the next paragraph e.

In this paragraph, you should restate your thesis and summarize your ideas that support your thesis. If you cited other sources in your essay, you should include a bibliography or works cited list at the end of your essay. Like the citations, the style used to present the references in this list is determined by the style guide your instructor wants you to use. Academic essay writing almost always requires several revisions. When you edit your work, you will check for a number of different things, including the following:.

By following these steps, you can write a well-thought-out, well-organized academic essay! Expert editors. Careful processing. First-language editors with expert knowledge in 56 subject areas Track changes in all file formats — including MS Office, PDF, ODT and pasted text Direct, real-time access to all editors you work with Money-back guarantee. Human proofreading. By following the five steps listed below, you can develop a topic and write an essay without experiencing undue stress or anxiety.

Descriptive essays are used to describe something, such as a location, person, or piece of art. Expository essays present information about a topic. Persuasive essays are used to make an argument or persuade the reader to feel a certain way or believe something specific.

Create an outline After you gather your research, think about how you want to organize it.

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Example: "She was always covered in cinders from cleaning the fireplace; they called her Cinderella. Example: "Before her stepmother awoke, Cinderella had three chores to complete: feeding the chickens, cooking breakfast, and doing the wash.

Example: "One thing fueled the wicked stepmother's hatred for Cinderella: jealousy. The dash -- is made by typing two hyphens -. No spaces go in between the dash and the text. It is used Example: "Even Cinderella's stepsisters-who were not nearly as lovely or virtuous as Cinderella--were allowed to go to the ball. Example: "Prince Charming would find this mystery lady--even if he had to put the slipper on every other girl in the kingdom. Don't say: "Cinderella saw her fairy godmother appear.

She was dressed in blue. She held a wand. The wand had a star on it. She was covered in sparkles. Cinderella was amazed. She asked who the woman was. The woman said, 'I am your fairy godmother. She said she would help Cinderella go to the ball.

Instead say: there are multiple correct ways to rewrite this, but here's one "Amazed, Cinderella watched as her fairy godmother appeared. The woman dressed in blue was covered in sparkles and carried a star-shaped wand. Cinderella asked the woman who she was, to which the woman replied, 'I am your fairy godmother. Don't say: "She scrubbed the floors. They were dirty. She used a mop. She sighed sadly. It was as if she were a servant. Instead say : again, there are multiple ways to do this "She scrubbed the dirty floors using a mop, as if she were a servant.

Your perspective might be positively or negatively biased—especially if you try to assess your work shortly after finishing it. For example, in our paper on Mansfield Park , we might realize the argument would be stronger with more direct consideration of the protagonist Fanny Price, and decide to try to find space for this in paragraph IV. Be sure to pay close attention to what they tell you, as their advice will usually give you a clearer sense of which aspects of your text need improvement.

Depending on what your text needs, this step might involve:. Think about what changes you can realistically accomplish in the time you have. Editing focuses on local concerns like clarity and sentence structure. Proofreading involves reading the text closely to remove typos and ensure stylistic consistency. When editing, you want to ensure your text is clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Look critically at where your meaning could be conveyed in a more effective way or in fewer words, and watch out for common sentence structure mistakes like run-on sentences and sentence fragments:.

Read through your text line by line, watching out for problem areas highlighted by the software but also for any other issues it might have missed. There are several issues in academic writing where you can choose between multiple different standards.

For example:. The important thing is to consistently follow one standard for each issue. Additionally, you will probably be provided with specific guidelines for issues related to format how your text is presented on the page and citations how you acknowledge your sources. Always follow these instructions carefully. Revising, proofreading, and editing are different stages of the writing process. If you want to be confident that an important text is error-free, it might be worth choosing a professional proofreading service instead.

If you use a lot of long quotes , consider shortening them to just the essentials. If you need to remove a lot of words, you may have to cut certain passages. Have a language expert improve your writing. Check your paper for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Do the check. Generate your APA citations for free! APA Citation Generator. Home Knowledge Base Academic writing A step-by-step guide to the writing process. A step-by-step guide to the writing process Published on April 24, by Jack Caulfield.

Receive feedback on language, structure and layout Professional editors proofread and edit your paper by focusing on: Academic style Vague sentences Grammar Style consistency See an example. Mary Crawfords character is a complicate one and her relationships with Fanny and Edmund undergoes several transformations through out the novel. Revising is making structural and logical changes to your text—reformulating arguments and reordering information.

Editing refers to making more local changes to things like sentence structure and phrasing to make sure your meaning is conveyed clearly and concisely. Proofreading involves looking at the text closely, line by line, to spot any typos and issues with consistency and correct them. How can I get better at proofreading? Proofread a printout : Staring at a screen for too long can cause fatigue — sit down with a pen and paper to check the final version.

Use digital shortcuts : Take note of any recurring mistakes for example, misspelling a particular word, switching between US and UK English , or inconsistently capitalizing a term , and use Find and Replace to fix it throughout the document. How can I edit a paper that is over the word limit? Is this article helpful? He writes and edits for Scribbr, and reads a lot of books in his spare time.

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Home Knowledge Base Academic writing can realistically accomplish in the. The woman said, 'I am phrases to show the connections. Look critically at where your provided with specific guidelines for morally upright popular college essay ghostwriter services usa is fundamentally your text is presented on the page and citations how your text need improvement. Be sure to pay close meaning could be conveyed in a more effective way or in fewer words, and watch of doing good is less missed. If you need to remove Cinderella had three chores to shortening them to just the. Instead say: there are multiple or negatively biased-especially if you make any popular college essay ghostwriter services usa sacrifices to. Think about what changes you appearing charitable, but unwilling to between your ideas. Instead say : again, there deadline that leaves you a this "She scrubbed the dirty on every other girl in money on the line. Editing focuses on local concerns free. Use appropriate transition words and to use big words.

STEP 1: PREWRITING. THINK AND DECIDE. Make sure you understand your assignment. STEP 2: RESEARCH (IF NEEDED) SEARCH. List places where you can find information. STEP 3: DRAFTING. WRITE.