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How to write a 5 paragraph essay fast top essay editing services online

How to write a 5 paragraph essay fast

Each of them should contain a main point, evidence that supports it, summarizing sentences, and transitions to the next paragraph. Write your thesis statement in the intro. At this stage, all you need is to draft. You already have your thesis statement in the intro. So, write a hook preceding it — a quote, a relevant anecdote in a sentence or two, or some statistical information associated with the topic. Also, make a transition to the body of your essay at the end of the intro.

In the conclusion, re-summarize the thesis statement while linking it to the evidence that you are providing in the body paragraphs. Write a conclusive sentence that would place the information in your paper into a broader context. There is no need to spend more. During the revision, pay attention to the general structure, thesis statement and the key sentences in each paragraph. Then check if everything in your text is logically connected. Afterwards, see that you have no errors or typos.

Your essay is ready for submission. They involve carefully planned steps; sticking closely to your time limits; and keeping your research, writing, and revision strictly to the point. Any shift aside from your will only make you waste your time. Patricia Jenkins is the senior writing advisor at FastEssay blog for international students that seek quick paper assistance.

In her blog, Patricia shares useful tips on productivity, writing, research, references. Sometimes Patricia goes off topic by sharing her personal experience peppered with lively humor and healthy irony. View all posts by Patricia Jenkins. You must be logged in to post a comment. Deadline is too close? Order an essay now and get it on time! Quick order. Essay Writing Service. How to Write an Essay Fast.

Do you have any tips? Plan Your Time How much do you have till you need to have the paper ready? Research to the Point If you need research, do it. Make the Introduction and Conclusion Solid You already have your thesis statement in the intro. Author: Patricia Jenkins Patricia Jenkins is the senior writing advisor at FastEssay blog for international students that seek quick paper assistance.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Submit your order right now in 3 minutes. We have a simple order form, because we respect your time. Order now. Cheap essay writing help. Five-paragraph essays are universal academic papers that are comfortable in length and structure.

For this reason, students usually get this type of assignment in different disciplines. To make sure you follow the grading rubric perfectly and understand the format of such a paper, read and learn our detailed guide with basic information on how to write a 5 paragraph essay fast and effectively. The following guidelines will deepen your understanding of the preliminary academic essay format.

A five-paragraph essay is used when a student is just starting out or when their time is limited and they need to write an esay fast. That is why, such a paper has a specific format and consists of five paragraphs; namely, an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. While the format mentioned above will help students write and organize their essays, some flexibility is also important. In terms of formatting, a 5 paragraph essay is usually followed by one of the primary academic styles of writing, like MLA, APA, Chicago.

Depending on the assigned academic style, students should format the content of the paper, title an essay , including title page, abstract, table of contents, research question, thesis statement, introduction, arguments, sub-headings, conclusion, appendix, and bibliography according to the requirements of the particular style.

The three common parts of the 5 paragraph essay are the introductory paragraph, main body, and concluding paragraph. An essay outline is often used for demonstrating the content of long research papers. However, the content of the basic five-paragraph essay can also be outlined in the following way:. To organize a 5-paragraph essay properly, you should plan your writing beforehand.

The best way to create a mindmap of your essay is to note your main points, arguments , and evidence beforehand. If you are looking for an efficient step-by-step approach for quick and quality essay writing, the following plan will help you. We have outlined the most important steps in writing a 5-paragraph essay that fully follows the grading rubric. First of all, you should brainstorm a topic and decide on the basic thesis , the central idea of a chosen topic to discuss.

Then, it is of vital importance to choose three pieces of supporting evidence that will prove the thesis statement. Start with writing an introductory paragraph, that involves a thesis statement and evidence ordered from the most strong to the weakest one. Then, move on with writing the body paragraphs focusing on pieces of supporting evidence. Each main body paragraph should have a transitional sentence that will connect it with the next body paragraph. Finally, begin your conclusion by restating the thesis statement, and follow it with three points discussed throughout the essay to prove the thesis.

After you have finished writing the content of your 5-paragraph paper, reread it several times to revise the errors.


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Try to think of this task as something that you really want to do, find some advantages for you except the most obvious ones - good grades and a degree. For example, you will master your writing skills, you will learn a language better, you will learn something new while writing If you realize at least one thing that you like in writing essays, you may really want to do this and enjoy the working process.

As we express here, you should do only what you want to. Following this rule will make you happier. When you're trying to figure out how to write a college essay really fast without sacrificing its quality, there is something preventing you to achieve that goal: stress. You're extremely anxious and you don't believe that the process will turn out well.

So, you commit to writing a paper of mediocre quality because you think that's the best you can do with the time you have at hand. Wait; you're wrong! Close your eyes for a moment and take few deep, deep breaths. Say to yourself: "I can do this. I CAN do this! You need to approach this essay writing process with the right mindset, so don't even try to skip step 0. Visualize the final result: it will be awesome.

When you get relaxed, you create the space your mind needs for developing fresh ideas. The sense of control will enable you to get through each of the following steps easily, and it will make the entire process more actionable and less intimidating.

Now that you're calm and confident, you can proceed further. Are you aware of the most common step of the essay writing process that students love to skip? It's the outline. Do you know what their biggest mistake is? It may seem like a waste of time, since you're writing down the essential frame of the paper, which you'll then expand into an actual college essay format. No one will see the outline and your professor won't grade it. Does that mean you don't need it?

Absolutely not! Every guide on how to write an essay will tell you the same: start with an outline. There is a reason for that! You need to be aware of the essay structure, which will organize the chaos in your mind. Plus, mind-mapping is fun! Here is a sample of a plain mind map, created with online software. It should represent the basic features of the essay, so it will guide your thoughts in an organized manner. When you have a mind map in front of you, you'll know exactly what you're trying to achieve.

The essay writing process will be much faster thanks to the minutes you spent in outlining. You thought you were ready to start writing? Not so fast! The best essays have a common feature: they are well-researched. The lack of time is not an excuse for lack of research. Your professor won't appreciate a repetitive paper based solely on your vague, unconvincing arguments. Don't worry; the research process for a college essay doesn't take long.

Here are a few tips that will help you conduct a research in less than 15 minutes:. How can you do that? By checking the citations on the Wikipedia page. They will quickly lead you to all the research you need. Choose few of those references, search the books, journals, research, and authors online, and voila - you just conducted a brilliant research in a matter of minutes.

The mere fact that you're being forced to write an essay makes you hate the topic, no matter how hard your professor tried to make it intriguing. That's the wrong mindset to have. With all preparations you did by following the previous three writing tips, you already know how to start an essay and you have confidence that you can handle the process within the timeframe you have.

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