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Year after year, we review dozens of reader nominations, revisit sites from past lists, consider staff favorites, and search the far-flung corners of the web for new celebration of new year essay for a varied compilation that will prove an asset to any writer, of any genre, at any experience level. This selection represents this year's creativity-centric websites for writers. These websites fuel out-of-the-box thinking and help writers awaken their choke palahnuik and literary analysis. Be sure to check out the archives for references to innovative techniques and processes from famous thinkers like Einstein and Darwin. The countless prompts, how-tos on guided imagery and creative habits, mixed-media masterpieces, and more at Creativity Portal have sparked imaginations for more than 18 years. Boost your literary credentials by submitting your best caption for the stand-alone cartoon to this weekly choke palahnuik and literary analysis from The New Yorker. The top three captions advance to a public vote, and the winners will be included in a future issue of the magazine.

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Academic writing course distance learning


Unable to play video. Please enable JavaScript or consider upgrading your browser. Download video: standard. What topics will you cover? Week 1 Key features of academic writing Developing essay ideas Organising your ideas effectively Week 2 Essay structure and organisation Choosing a title Writing in an impersonal style Week 3 Using academic language Writing about facts and activities Writing about groups of people Writing longer sentences: linking words and subordinators Week four The stages of writing an essay Analysing an essay title Deciding what evidence to use Writing a first draft of an essay Week 5 Evaluating a first draft of an essay Reflecting on feedback on your first draft of the essay Responding to feedback on your first draft of the essay.

When would you like to start? Join today. What will you achieve? Compare one aspect of life now with life in the past in one well-constructed paragraph. Explore organisational structure of essays: identify and name the different sections of an essay. Explain one aspect of your home town in one well-constructed paragraph, focussing on language accuracy. Contribute and receive feedback on first essay drafts. Reflect on feedback received and improve your draft to create and submit a second draft of your essay.

Who is the course for? Who will you learn with? Brian Turner. Steve Thomas. Jonathan Smith. Anne Vicary educator. Sebastian Watkins Educator. Who developed the course? University of Reading. The University of Reading has a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and enterprise. Learning on FutureLearn. Your learning, your rules. Courses are split into weeks, activities, and steps, but you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you like Learn through a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities Stay motivated by using the Progress page to keep track of your step completion and assessment scores.

Join a global classroom. Experience the power of social learning, and get inspired by an international network of learners Share ideas with your peers and course educators on every step of the course Join the conversation by reading, ing, liking, bookmarking, and replying to comments from others. Map your progress. Join this course. Join free. Join and upgrade. Access to this course, and hundreds of other FutureLearn short courses and tests for a year. The freedom to keep access to any course you've achieved a digital Certificate of Achievement on, for as long as the course exists on FutureLearn.

The flexibility to complete your choice of short courses in your own time within the year. Join and buy Unlimited. Do you know someone who'd love this course? Tell them about it More courses you might like. Find out more. Part of a degree. Coventry University. English for Academic Study. Learn English. View all courses. Contact FutureLearn for Support.

We will assess previous studies to give you appropriate credits. Can I pay by instalments? Yes, you can view all available payment options here. Do I get a discount if two of us enrol together? Do I get a discount if I enrol in a second course? Can I use more than one discount code when enrolling for my course? You can only use one discount code chosen by yourself per course, when more than one is available.

What happens if I have to stop studying for a while? Just let us know. Is there an age limit? There is no maximum age limit. We do however; have a minimum age limit of 18 years. Below that age parental consent would be required. Are there any hidden costs? Are your courses up-to date? Our courses are continually updated. The course content is rapidly updated and improved without the red tape and bureaucracy experienced at other educational institutions.

Do you have a Cancellation policy? We have a cancellation policy that is fair and equitable. For further details please click here. What Recognition do you have? Our graduates come from many parts of the world and have used our qualifications for successful employment and progression onto higher education. To view our full list of recognition and memberships please click here ,.

Will I have any opportunity to engage with other students? We have a Student Community group based on facebook! Why should I enrol with the Academy for Distance Learning? Here at the Academy our students are our priority — we treat every student as a unique individual. Can I study from anywhere in the world? Our courses are available to anyone, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

The course content is relevant to any country, culture or economy. How long do I have to complete the course? You complete the course at any time that is convenient for you. Completing the course- how long will it take?

Completion of modules varies from student to student. Many factors come into play such as work commitments and family life- there are always distractions. Some students work quicker than others. For a hour module many students will take up to 3- 6 months, others take less time and some are even longer.

There is no pressure to complete or deadline to finish. Naturally, longer courses will take more time. What learning formats are there? Your enrollment comes with the Online Classroom study option by default. For a small additional cost you also have the options of USB or Correspondence. Ideal for those with unreliable internet connections.

Correspondence: You download the course content and then print your own copy to your requirements. You can then bind the lessons to suit your needs. Assessment — how does it work? For each hour module you are assessed by assignments at the end of each lesson and a final one and a half hour exam or you may elect to complete a project instead of sitting the exam — the choice is yours — you sit for the exam in your own location, or you can visit us in Canterbury, England to sit the exam if want to.

Exam fees are included in the tuition fee you paid. You can read more about the examination process here. At the end of each lesson, there is an assignment. You submit it to the academy who then submits it to the tutor for marking, comments and feedback. Our policy is to have a grade for you within 5 to 7 days. If my assignment is not up to standard is there an opportunity to resubmit my work? How many assignments do I need to complete for each module? At the end of each lesson, there is an assignment — so if a course has say, 10 lessons there would be 10 assignments.

The number of lessons per module varies from module to module. See the course content from our website for further details. When do I have to hand in my first assignment? There is no deadline for handing in the first assignment. Submit when you are ready. There are some students who hand in assignments within the first couple of weeks of enrolment — while there are others who submit their work 6 months later. Everyone has different work and home commitments and we cater to these needs.

If your course requires attendance at workshops, conferences, or industry meetings; alternative arrangements can be made in your country; however, there may be an additional expense. We can appoint an appropriately qualified person anywhere to work through curriculum documentation supplied by us, to satisfy the requirements set down in a course.

What qualification will I receive? For individual modules, you would receive a Certificate providing you complete all assignments and the exam. If you just want to complete the assignments only, then a Letter of Achievement would be awarded. For more details on qualifications awarded please click here.

Is there a next level to progress to? Yes — you can progress from one module to a combination of many modules and to higher qualifications i. Read more about course levels here. The opportunity to design your own diploma at the Academy subject to our approval is an added bonus, not found at other colleges.

You quite simply choose the appropriate number of related modules needed to complete the qualification and submit them to us for approval as a custom diploma. What do I get when I complete the course? Will I receive a transcript? At the completion of a hour Certificate course and providing all assignments and exam have been completed, you will receive a Certificate and Transcript. The Transcript will list your GPA. Each hour module is worth 3 credit hours. Do I have to sit for an exam?

Exams are optional but need to be undertaken in order to receive the Certificate or higher qualification. Exams are one and a half hours long. You appoint an adjudicator subject to our approval to supervise the exam. You sit for the exam in your own location.

Its that simple. Many students prefer this option as they find researching the material for the project sharpens their research skills. Do I have to sit for the exam at the Academy? No — whilst you are more than welcome to come to our location in Canterbury, U. You appoint an adjudicator to supervise the exam. Click here for more information on that process.

Are there any exam fees? There are no exam fees. See course content for details. Our tutors — who are they? We only employ tutors who have are currently active in their industry with at least 5 years of real-world experience. Not only are they highly qualified but also experienced, knowledgeable, and professional- experts in their chosen fields from all parts of the world. Can I contact my tutor at any time? Yes- you have unlimited access to tutors. We strongly encourage students to develop a dialogue with their Tutor.

This is why we encourage students to submit their first assignment fairly quickly at the beginning of the course. Every Academy student is assigned a tutor who supports you throughout your course and beyond. Your tutor is there to guide and facilitate your learning and provides as much or as little individual contact as you would like. When you submit your coursework the tutor will give you feedback that helps you develop your ideas and provides motivation.

For those who do like to have interaction with other students, the ADL discussion forum connects you to students from all over the world. How do I contact my tutor? You have direct contact with your tutor by email through the Online Classroom. Alternatively, you can write, fax, email, or phone the academy.

You may contact a tutor as often as you like. There is no additional charge or restriction on this service. Contact can be made via the Student Zone, email, or by phone. Practical work — How is this done? To find out more about this part of the course please visit the section on How Our Courses Work here.

A: Anytime, Anywhere. There are no enrolment deadlines. Q: I live Overseas.

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