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Academic essay on education resume forms for education career

Academic essay on education

Consequently, they end up doing work in factories as a labor with the feeling of inferior complex. Universities and schools are required some amendments in their policies to address these issues and take appropriate steps in well and balanced manner to reward all students since everyone has a right to have a better career. Click here to post comments.

Some people think that schools should select students according to their academic abilities, while others believe that it is better to have students with different abilities studying together. Discuss both views and state your own opinion. Few individuals exhort that school should select students based on their academic profile, while others advocate it with different abilities. Some children born with innate abilities, and some learn with experience.

While both of them are important for the development of society, I believe that students should not be discriminated according to their academic abilities. Smart and intelligent students represent the face of country. In schools, they learn how to handle economic problems, poverty and employment issues. If they are not getting opportunities to learn how to handle these rudimentary issues, then a country could observe a decline in overall growth.

It is only possible, if students are segregated based on their academic profile and interest. Teachers can pay close attention to them, which would help them to grow academically. It has been empirically proven that, if students are selected based on their capabilities, they can perform better in every aspect. Conversely, it is not fare to teach students based on their abilities. If teaching both types of students together, weak students can get motivation from them, which could eventually increase skills and abilities.

Jawarlal Nehru, first prime minister of India said, "country can only prosper, when education institute stop discriminating students and teach them equally. Eventually, teaching without discrimination will create a pool of individuals with different skill set, which could increase the growth prospect of a country. In conclusion, it is prudent to advice and encourage bright students, whilst we should not neglect others. Students are the building blocks of future.

My personal opinion schools should not discriminate students based on their abilities. Some people think that all university students should study whatever they like. Others believe that they should only be allowed to study subjects that will be useful in the future, such as those related to science and technology.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Nowadays, more and more students are unconscious about how to choose their major. They think if they need to choose the subject that they love or choose the subject that is good and useful for the society in the future.

It is no doubt that there are some benefits to study a major is about the technology and science. If most of the students study these kinds of major, there will be a sharp increase in the technical development, the productivity will be improved and produce more high-tech products, as a result, the living standard will be better that before and it will have a rise in the economic growth.

Moreover, students may get high salary, if they find a job that needs a lot of skill about technology or science. On the other hand, the others think that students need to study the subject that they love it. In addition, different people have different favorite major, not all the students only study technology and science, it can makes the society develop in many kinds of ways, such as literature, art, sports.

In conclusion, I believe that students need to choose the subject that they love, the reason for this is students can have more incentive to study and they can have a good mark in their exam. I think university could add some additional subjects about technology or science for students who do not learn these, let students learn some knowledge about technology or science. Hello, can you give me a feedback on my essay please?

What should I improve to reach band ? Tests and examinations are a central feature of school systems in many countries. Do you think the educational benefits of testing outweigh any disadvantages? Assessing students includes many methods; however the majority of educational institutions regard examinations as the most efficient.

Even though testing system is practiced in many countries and has many benefits, this system has become outdated and dilapidated. Mostly, exams are in the written form consisting of tests and theoretical questions, hence practical skills and critical thinking play a minor role in assessment. By cramming for exams scholars remember information only for short period of time, meanwhile practical learning could give a lot more effective results. Another drawback of testing system is inaccuracy of exam results because scholars are pressured under limited time and strict conditions.

There were many cases where students passed their exam and scored less than their real knowledge and abilities. Some people claim that written assessment provide effective studying by tracking the progress and enhancing competition among students. However, this can give a rise to conflicts among students or pupils and their parents, inferiority complexes and other consequences.

Moreover different attitude of teacher towards pupils can lead to the unfair results too. Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Do you agree? Socrates once said "the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance".

My thinking on this matter is that education is and always will be the most important factor in any society. Below, the following essay will discuss why education is important for the framework of a nation, and how can the environmental future be in danger without well-educated citizens. Firstly, without education, the professional assets of a country will not improve. Professionals are part of the structure of a country. Without them, all the resources of the nation are in danger.

The outcomes of not having a well-designed education system are completely negative. Such as crime, overpopulation, pollution, poverty, low life expectancy, low standards of healthcare and more. Therefore, investing in education is fundamental to development and growth. Thanks to well-educated workforces a nation can obtain technological improvements, health achievements, industrial innovations and more. Secondly, education may guarantee a safe environmental future. Thus, it is important to realize that the lack of education in a country can put their natural resources in danger.

Education can work as a key factor to reduce traffic congestion, illegal deforestation, noise pollution, and other environmental problems, where human resources are the main character. As an illustration of the importance of education for the environment, people can observe that a person with vast ignorance of the dangers caused to the Earth by contamination is more likely to through away trash out of a trash can, than a person who knows the consequences.

In conclusion, knowledge is power. Having a well-develop human structure of professionals in a nation may guarantee progress. Nevertheless, the environment is vital for the development of a country. Having educated people will boost all types of advancements.

Some people believe that school children should not be given homework by their teachers, whereas others argue that homework plays an important role in the education of children. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Homework has been given in large number of schools so far.

However, there are agreement and disagreement in some people. This essay will indicate the both views how homework affects positively to educated students. Hence they have unique fame in the community. Also, they work thoughtfully and improves their social status. Such qualities sometimes offer them recognition of good leader or respected profession. Education is essential for both men and women to understand every aspect of life.

Today, the criteria and the theme of the education is entirely different than earlier. Many national programmes are also promoting education and making it accessible. Education in the society mitigates all the differences and giving responsibilities, duties, social and human rights as well. Today, you live in a technical world just because of educated people. People invented lots of gadgets, machines, instrument, communication tools, etc. A country well-equipped with science and technology is known as strengthening and advanced country.

In earlier days, there was lack of education. But today, education systems are growing day by day and thus, people enlarge their views all over the world. Education plays a significant role in the progress of human race. Educated peoples are the responsible for the better future of society or country. An educated person not only get the platform of various opportunities for success but builds a strong nation. Education promotes the economic system and social system by giving academic knowledge and employable skill.

Education system determines the development of a country. A well-educated country is known as a well-developed country because education provides the country prosperity, wealth and fame. Education starts from childhood and lasts up to lifetime period. It makes people noble and perfect. The more educated you are, the more qualities you will have. Education is the only tool to have a bright future. You gain the experience about religions, facts, truths, stuff school subjects.

Also, a better understanding also helps you to live a balanced life and makes you mentally healthy. Every sector requires a degree or higher qualification to offer a job. Some people collect the learning stuff to become a professional in the field and get higher pay. An educated individual is brave, confident and smart as well. Education makes humankind generous. Besides, educated people support right products and behave ethically. Education makes people respect others, give importance to other and treat others.

They are always open-minded and do not have a selfish interest. Scientist and inventors are encouraging science and technology just because of education. Also, it just needs the training to understand and use this modern technology. Therefore they help to preserve the nature.

Their professional manners allow them to use dustbins. Additionally, they know the value of natural resources, thus protect them. Education leads a community to betterment as it is the most significant institution for it.

Educated and civilised society affected the lives of human beings and judged as universalistic standards. A nation can never grow without education. Society can survive if it provides its youth option for education, better employment, and a pleasant liveliness. A well-educated community can shape the functioning of governances and economy.

Because it is just the education that helps one to understand the policies. After parents, schools deliver the education to children to improve their knowledge and skills. They are taught the sense of wrong and write, consideration for others, fair play and honesty that matters in citizenship, upholding the laws, co-operation, etc.

Hence, education makes them a good citizen. Cultures are mainly dispatches by social foundations and education has a leading role in radiating the cultures or social heritage. A cultured person is the outcome of a robust education system. Because, people from all region, cast and backgrounds gather to collect knowledge. Thus, education is the primary thing that brings its youth together and forms a unique bonding between them. Educated society people are open-minded and do not prefer to judge others.

Professionals such as doctors, engineers, etc. A sound educational system works for the good of the country. A country mainly is judge by its economy and education system. A nation is growing day by day just because of its technology and education.

Educated people know why to vote for a party to bring a positive resolution to the development of the country.


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Here we are at the end of 20 unique topics on the topic of education and its diverse functions to society. These topics were provided to help and the ease in which they could be worked upon and drafted out makes them viable options for your homework essay. Make sure to pay a visit to our 10 facts for an informative essay on education and guide on this general academic genre.

So as earlier explained, below is an essay on one of our 20 topics providing you a blueprint which you can put to use when writing. Education as the saying goes, is a tool for fostering equality by providing the disadvantaged with the needed leverage and knowledge to grow.

But is this really so? Here, I will attempt to answer these questions using a holistic approach that would present the facts and figures behind receiving an education before making educated inferences that would provide the needed answers. It is a proven fact that education has played a huge role in the United States by creating a more level playing ground for people of diverse races. Thereby providing a base for these students to catch up and improve the living standards of African Americans.

These positive growth among minorities which includes Native Americans is quickly erasing the education gap between white students and students of minority descent. But in the midst of these positives, a newer form of inequality is rearing its ugly head, in the form of an educational gap between students from wealthy homes and these from poorer homes.

Therefore it affects both white, black, Hispanic and Asian students from low income backgrounds. And how does class create this new gap? Students from wealthy backgrounds are privy to more educational opportunities such as the expensive private preschool programs in the United States which already puts these kids ahead of their peers right from infancy.

This means that in most cases, students from wealthier homes already learn and test at a higher level than even smarter kids from poorer homes on starting kindergarten. The next hurdle for students from low income families who manage to somehow close the learning gap encounter comes in the form of education policies in public schools.

For those who inevitably attend middle school located in poor districts, a new set of challenges come up. Statistics show that schools in poorer districts are more likely to be assigned first time teachers with little or no experience than those in wealthier districts. These teachers usually get their hand full quickly and do the bare minimum required to get students ready for tests. Other hurdles include the lack of certain important subjects students need to learn before pursuing higher education degrees due to no available teachers to teach them.

Another disturbing statistics put the number of High schools, located in poorer districts that do not offer Algebra II or chemistry as one in every four. In conclusion, this gap truly exists and can only be closed if policies are made to equalize education achievement of every student between the ages of 0 to This policy will in turn provide students from every background with enough ammunition to enroll for and attain a college degree.

References: Richard, G. Are Schools Still Struggling with Racism? Teachers more likely to label black students as troublemakers study finds. Education and Inequality. Income Inequality and Education. Writing Guide. If we look at theoret1ical perspective, Action Learning dates back to the work of Reg Revans, when he was the director of education at the National Coal Board in the UK in the s.

Johnson, C. P To be successful in today's competitive world it's absolutely essential for one to be able to identify his or her strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats that are presented. By having awareness of these four aspects, it's possible to use them for one's advantage. If a person can identify and understand their strengths and opportunities they will know where to tread with confidence Primary education is the basic and foremost right of every child.

Its availability and provision is not only the responsibility of state but parents and households. Primary education brings awareness among the masses, opens avenues for opportunities as well self-advancement and improvement and reduces chronic and inter-generational poverty. As a first step in the creation of welfare and just society, universal primary education is an absolute pre-requisite for Although there is a significant difference between the two, in the UK the phase speed humps tend to be used more frequently.

Speed humps were introduced to the United Kingdom during the 's to reduce the number of severe road traffic accidents. In Muhammad Saeed studied and explained comparisons of the education system of Pakistan and the UK from six proportions.

These were education and training authority, educational structure, curriculum formulation, assessment and evaluation, supervision, management, and teacher education and training. The objective of the research was to compare, understand and analyze the education system of four different cities of UK and four provinces of Pakistan, then the similarities and Castronova, J. The researchers in this article developed a technology tool of discovery learning which called web quest.

They defined discovery learning as the technique to learn and can be assistance by teaching process. Also, try to discover Introduction The world we are living in is undergoing major changes in a stunningly short amount of time. Everything is moving, everything is changing, including all the central systems upon which all civilized societies of the world work.

Education systems around the globe are also in a constant reformation, trying to keep up with the individual and collective needs of the people, with the emergence of new In this reflective assignment I have chosen to explore standard Q Support learners to reflect on their learning, identify ; focusing specifically on the integration of metacognitive strategies into a sequence of lessons. These strategies included making peer and self-evaluation an established part of every lesson.

Making pupils aware of what they have learnt, mirroring pupils' responses, and modelling exemplary metacognitive thought processes by thinking out loud. What they study and how? The historical approach focuses on studying mainly discourse analysis to interpret the lives of children in the past and their influences on current day childhoods.

Historians do this by analysing data from archaeological, demographic and visual resources. Advantage and Disadvantage? A disadvantage of the historical approach is there is not much in the archives about children, a lot of the information is Introduction A public library is a non-profit library, which is maintained for public use and funded by the government or the public sources.

Unlike other libraries, public library satisfies general public information needs by providing all kinds of knowledge and information available to all segments of the community regardless of race, nationality, age, gender, religion, language, disability, economic and employment status. It may also provide other services Technology is omnipresent, touching almost every moment our lives, our societies, our homes.

It is a dominant aspect of our work. The Saudi Ministry of Education seeks to integrate technology into Saudi schools. Yet not all schools are provided by technology but the ministry works hard and exerts efforts to link the educational system with technological knowledge-based education. Integrating technology into classroom instruction goes beyond teaching the Elections are won or lost based on candidates' position on immigration reform.

According to a Gallup Poll most people in the United States believe that immigration should be decreased. Gallup, However, according to the same poll, since whites and blacks feel that immigration should be decreased. Third is teaching should be learner-centered. Different needs and level of pupils are requiring different types of teaching in learning. Teachers need to suit the different teaching skill to pupils which can approach pupils to learn. So teachers are needed to do some preparation and material before going to English class.

The teaching strategy will make sure the pupils to approve their English skill and knowledge. Should parents be allowed to choose schools for their children? When parents demand for choices over the schools in which their children attend, what are the reasons that parents use to measure whether or not the schools are suitable for their children?

When children attend schools of their choosing, are parents satisfied with their choices of schools? Today, many choices of schools exist such as government schools, One of the best and most proven strategyrobert. Research has shown there are several teaching strategies a teacher can use to help meet the needs of ELL students.

I have set up a Personal Development Plan PDP that will improve my personal and professional Skills which are required in meeting organisational and my personal goals. If the PDP is well implemented and well monitored; it should help These developments include the influences of globalization and technological developments as well as political, economical, and social changes that are associated with the amendments of the new industrial systems and competitive markets or what is called 'Postmodernity' Stoll, Fink Socioeconomic status is one of the key factors influencing student learning outcomes.

Firstly to understand the reasons why socio economics status effects student achievement, it must be first defined. Many researches have defined socioeconomic status in many different ways however for the purpose of this paper I will be using the definition by Chapman and Ryan , pp ; "In Australia socioeconomic status is measured on wealth Central to the effectiveness and efficiency of the education system and various education reforms is the identification of key internal and external factors of effective learning.

To explain the causes of the achievement gap, researchers have explored genetic, socioeconomic, psychological, social-contextual, and emotional factors as possible explanatory variables. For example, Lee and Shute through their extensive literature review constructed a four-factor framework of personal and social-contextual Classroom management is an important component in any educational setting. This is because meaningful learning takes place when students are in safe environment Kauffman et al.

A combination of good classroom setting, effective preventive measures for behavior problems and implementation of interesting and engaging curriculums as well as actively involving all students in learning activities ensures that student's learning needs are met. In my classroom management Is it possible to reduce crime rates by raising the education of prisoners? If so, would it be cost effective with respect to other crime prevention measures? The motivation for these questions is not limited to the obvious policy implications for crime prevention.

Perhaps if we estimate the effect of education on criminal activity we may be able to shed some light on the magnitude of the Twenty or so years ago in the 'old' world of work there was emphasis on the following: making a career choice for a long-term career; concern with only one career theme; hierarchical progression climbing the career ladder ; having a career and job for life; loyalty to one company and employer; benefits and a pension in recognition of loyalty.

The 21st century world of work is very different. The study sets out to investigate the way in which numeracy is taught and learned at a Further Education College in Staffordshire. Secondary research has been carried out by the author into the following areas; numeracy, standards and curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning numeracy, formative assessment and feedback, staff and staff training and good practice in numeracy. Numeracy "Numeracy is the knowledge and skills required to effectively Education is defined as a process of teaching, training and learning, to develop skills and improve knowledge, especially in schools Oxford, Since the dawn of human civilization, countless intellects have made attempts to answer one particular question - "What exactly are the purposes of education?

Teaching is a profession of constant communication. The ability to communicate is vital to effectively transfer knowledge and change lives. Teachers across the country have received a wakeup call to be more responsive about the student's learning and motivation. Teachers are demanded to integrate technology in their lesson, make classes more interactive and lecturing synthesized. As a result, different teaching methods for instructional design have been implemented.

The reason I have choosen this theme is that I like children very much and it is close to me, because maybe I will become the teacher after graduation. I want to say that everything that is connected with children is very interesting and exiting for me. Every day we all clash with different age children. The all are so nice but in the other hand very different. As the key intermediary between the classrooms, the individual school and the education system as a whole, effective school leadership are essential to improve the efficiency and equity of schooling.

Within each individual school, leadership can contribute to improve student learning by shaping the conditions and climate in which teaching and learning occur. Beyond the school borders, school leaders can connect and adapt schools to changing external Tomorrows communities will be built by todays youth. Thus, the type of society we are desirous of creating in the future will be based on the morals, attitudes and values we as adults instil and encourage in our children, and the accomplishments and achievements they make in life [].

Homo sapiens, the human being is a social animal, and like all social animals, his development does not Introduction The topic of classroom management is a vital component to the success of any teacher, particularly those in the field of special education. Public libraries are inclusive institutions created for everyone to equally and freely access information for educational, social and cultural development; indeed that is the essence of inclusion.

However, this is not true because defining and identifying user inclusion is a difficult task due to the wide range of factors that cause potential users exclusion from using public libraries. This is unfortunate, because the major function of a Give a brief description of the effects of changes to educational legislation since Explain how the changes reflected government education policies and identify current educational priorities".

The purpose of this assignment is to summarise education legislation from to present day and relate this to changes in government policy. There were many changes in education from to the modern day National Curriculum that we Education is a lifetime process with no true beginning or ending.

Education consists of experience, environment, socialisation and communication. John Dewey assumed that "all genuine education comes through experience. The education that we actually receive is the sum of experience that we let ourselves to be exposed to.

Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills, and also something less tangible but more profound: the imparting of knowledge, good judgment and wisdom. Education has as one of its fundamental goals the imparting of culture from generation to generation see socialization. Education is not only important in tangible development but also play key role in attaining the height of humanity. As Allah Almighty said in Holy Quran A statutory nationwide Introduction Academic achievement represents the understanding of the student about different concepts and skills developed in different subjects.

In most of the countries, parents usually desire that their children show high level of academic achievement which sets a lot of burden on children, teachers, schools and in general the whole education system. Thus the whole education system revolves round the academic achievement of students so, the schools Throughout history, adult education has played a role in many significant social, cultural, and political movements.

With regard to this role, one of the most prominent theorists within the field, Malcolm Knowles as cited in Merriam and Brockett, suggests that that ideals and methodologies often associated with adult education have tended to become more prominent in "response to specific needs" p. Similarly, democratic ideals have The present era is an era of technology. Everywhere we are surrounded with technological devices and everyone is somehow familiar with technology.

The foundation of all types of technology is laid down in educational institutions. The education in secondary level plays an essential role since it is responsible for the development of society. Therefore, secondary education can be made more effective by the use of technology and The expression of self development and self awareness are now ubiquitous. Relatively recently, the notion of personal development applies to anything that is or may be implemented by each of us, either spontaneously or by various techniques to live better, to grow in different areas of life, achieve potential, acquire ever greater psychological maturity, develop their creative capabilities, etc Hybels, and Weaver II, The result is Industries, and increased the possibility of severe corrosion and wear in process pressure vessels.

The industries must upgrade the corrosion and wear performance of these main important parts. Economic features as a rule will not allow fabricating components from solid high alloyed materials. As a result it is essential This study is to examine the role of leadership in teacher professional development in Chinese Independent Secondary Schools in Klang Valley. The specific variables that will be investigated include teachers perceptions of teacher professional development; teachers' expectations as well as the principal's role in facilitating teacher professional development.

Developments in leadership will lead to changes in the ways teachers work. These will subsequently increase the need to Personal Development Plan PDP is a specific plan for your future in short-term of six months or twelve months. It is necessary that you have objectives set up for yourself, and plans and actions to be taken in order to achieve those objectives. Following PDP is a good way to improve yourself, and to acquire skills and knowledge.

Therefore, it is advisable to continue doing PDP one First is because there are differences in ways of students learn which is called as learning styles. Second is that learning styles is an important factor in English learning due to the activation of students' senses such as eyes seeing , ears hearing hands touching and body touching Introduction Nowadays society, peoples understanding of learning space is no longer just confined to traditional areas of school education, but extends to all aspects of society.

The workplace as an effective learning space, and its learning behavior has arouse widespread attention by educational theory and practice workers. Workplace learning as a form of learning, compared with traditional corporate training, not only improve employee skills to complete certain Introduction Each learner is different due to different previous experiences and this means we must tailor our teaching so that it is appropriate to each individual learners needs. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of individual learners are what make As a new student teacher, I currently confront the challenges of how to participate as a confident team member in an early childhood centre and help the team to achieve the centre goals.

This essay will focus on discussing how to promote my professionalism as an early childhood teacher. Firstly, I will give a description of culturally appropriate, collaborative and ethical practices, and team membership and conflict Education and Training Education and Training Many educational programs currently exist; most provided by consulting companies.

A list of the most reputable consultants can be found in the Six Sigma Consultants category of the iSixSigma library. What training is necessary? Well, it depends on who is getting trained. Here's a snapshot table identifying the major groups of individuals, the suggested training agenda, approximate cost and duration of Education system is important all over the world. It concerns the future of a country by educating children who will become a country's future.

The issue of whether Thailand should revise its educational system has been a very big topic. We think that Thai education system is good, but it isn't. Thai education system should be reformed. This report will be mentioning about the problems that Thai Means students with disabilities and special needs integrate in mainstream classes. Australian education is one of the first to adopt full inclusion. And according to Ainscow I feel that educational barriers and teaching implications go hand in hand.

I feel this is true since an educational barrier is a direct implication to teaching. Nearly half of all Californians today are first-generation or second-generation immigrants. As that share of the California population continues to grow, it is increasingly important to understand the nature of intergenerational progress for immigrant groups.

Myers, Dowell, John Pitkin, In the major sense Education is the accomplishment that has an influential impact on an individual's character, mind and physical abilities. If discussed technically education is known to be a process by means of which a society with positive intentions transform it. Education is the procedure through which the society intentionally diffuses its amassed knowledge.