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Essays on the story my contraband


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However, one author in particular Emerson guided by introducing her to Goethe and encouraging her to borrow books, and that author would be Louisa May Alcott. Being from the same literary time period, Louisa May Alcott and Ralph Waldo Emerson have similar affinities displaying Transcendentalist ideals in their professional works. Ralph Waldo Emerson is considered one of the greatest authors of the nineteenth century.

He was born. Her brilliant parents helped Alcott grow to be an intellectual, an independent female, and, as mentioned. Women wanted to begin exercising the right to choose their own lifestyle, as well as achieve the right to vote. With each woman being seen as. Women were forced to continue their work load while taking on the responsibilities of husbands, fathers, and sons.

Union troops often took the male slaves leaving women and children to fend for themselves. Shelter was not sufficient, needed supplies were not available, and abuse was often experienced from the soldiers. Women and children were often given the opportunity to learn to read and write. In addition, schools. Louisa was born in November , grew up in Germantown- Washington D. C and was known to be an abolitionist, feminist and also a naturalist.

Being a naturalist meant that she believed that nothing existed beyond the natural earth i. Her family suffered from financial difficulties and so Alcott had to work to support her family in an early age. Contraband was a black slave who escaped to or was brought within union lines Alcott

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The author also uses Brute Beast to condemn racism. By portraying Marster Ned as a villainous and physically abusive character the author shows racism at its most extreme. In the story, one will realize that the protagonist had a baby with his wife Lucy who was not found.

When Robert mentioned about his missing baby to Miss Dane her eyes were full of tears, till she could no longer see Alcott She did not know that this was the tragedy that Robert had gone through at the mercy of Master Ned. He tore his clothes and showed the narrator his back, it was horrible. This is a sign that marster Ned was brutal and wicked. The sad thing is he took Lucy away forcefully, but not because he loved her, he just wanted to be wicked to Robert.

From the quotes above, one can deduce that Marster Ned was a forceful and brutal beast. He did not care or have feelings for how the other party felt. This kind of treatment despite being horrible and brutal, depicts the actual social treatment towards minorities. Another characteristic the author uses to portray the racial discrimination during this era was Passion.

The author uses passion to show that despite the treatment towards Robert he was no less of a human. I had seen much contraband, but never one so attractive as this. Our narrator expresses how attracted she was towards the Contraband. The text portrays that, because of the racism at the time, Miss Dane had to eat up the emotions she felt for Robert to her herself and all she could do was help him; giving him money and a bible.

This passion was not only one sided. Robert promises to fight for Miss Dane until he dies. This shows how much he appreciated her and loved her. The racial difference could not get these feelings they shared together any further but to end at the level of a nurse and her servant. This reflects our daily lives; how people feel for one another despite their racial differences, but they end at the level of admiration because of racism. There were also so many struggles of the middle class during this era when the story was written.

Louisa May Alcott also uses the struggle of the middle class to slam racism. Robert was a freeman indeed, but still living like one in chains because of the ill-treatment that other white men showed towards him, especially his brother, Marster Ned. He talks about the fact that he is not a white but contraband when Miss Dane thanked him for helping her out. He did not think he was worthy of receiving any appreciation for his helping hand because his color made him develop an inferiority complex.

He is still fighting to get out of the personality of being a slave and into a freeman. Hope he liked it! Louisa was born in November , grew up in Germantown- Washington D. C and was known to be an abolitionist, feminist and also a naturalist. Being a naturalist meant that she believed that nothing existed beyond the natural earth i.

Her family suffered from financial difficulties and so Alcott had to work to support. It pitted brother against brother, but this did not kill these brothers, it was the deep and festering hatred they had for each other that sent them to their early graves. The story these individuals create is complex and depressing; the main character, Robert is a contraband a slave who has come to the North to seek freedom.

Louisa was homeschooled the majority of her childhood, which sparked her writing career. Many of her life experiences influenced her writing but the main one, that got her started, was her father, Amos Bronson Alcott, a philosopher and teacher. As she grew older, she befriended abolitionists, she soon becomes a part of, which greatly influence her later.

However, one author in particular Emerson guided by introducing her to Goethe and encouraging her to borrow books, and that author would be Louisa May Alcott. Being from the same literary time period, Louisa May Alcott and Ralph Waldo Emerson have similar affinities displaying Transcendentalist ideals in their professional works. Ralph Waldo Emerson is considered one of the greatest authors of the nineteenth century.

He was born. Her brilliant parents helped Alcott grow to be an intellectual, an independent female, and, as mentioned.


She was a sickly girl and the only cure her uncle could think of was to get active, whether it was considered ladylike or not. When the two first met, he immediately got her to be outside more and to spend a little less time thinking about her health.

Alcott was perceived as a tomboy and would often Women by Louisa May Alcott. The eldest was gorgeous, sweet Meg. She worked as of governess for an affluent family to try to help out at home. Next is, tomboyish, strong-minded Jo. She worked for her old aunt as servant, to help like Meg, and loved to read and write whenever she could.

Third was humble, quiet Beth. She was not the school type; therefore, stayed home and helped with the housework as well as worked on her special musical gift on the piano. Finally, was self-centered, conceited Amy. She attended school and had problems fitting in; though, she had a great gift for art and drawing.

They made up the March family. Through psychoanalytically and psychologically analyzing the characters and that of the author Louisa May Alcott have a lot in common. Alcott grew up in a lesser fortunate home just like the March girls and had to work at the same kind of jobs as Meg and Jo to help support her family. She also grew up in a family of four girls. Further understanding of Alcott , she reminds the reader of the character of Jo March.

Her writing supported her family, no matter where she was. When Alcott died, her older sister was left and still received the money from her sister's still selling books. Alcott's books are still being sold today, though they may be hard to find. Her most known novel, Little Women, taught the world to appreciate what you have in life, though you may wish for more, what you have is as important as the "fancy" things.

Throughout her career, Louisa May Alcott wrote about the many things she experienced growing up; most relatable, Little Women, allows the reader to connect with the characters and relate to the ups and downs in life. In , the family moved to Boston, Massachusetts. A year later, on June 24, , her sister Abigail May was born. Also in Boston, her father founded the Temple Hospital Sketches by Louisa May Alcott features various rhetorical strategies to create an appeal to emotion.

She exhibits the compassion of the nurse for John, even in the face of inevitable death; she displays the altruistic mindset of John, and adds depth to her words by using analogies. She uses these tools in order to inflict a deep emotional feeling and an understanding of how awful the situation actually was. One of the rhetorical strategies of this piece is her compassion, even when seemingly futile, for the wounded soldier.

The way Alcott describes John's situation as being completely helpless and doomed. The doctor's words, not having "the slightest hope" for recovery, illustrate his condition. Given this information prior to her attempt to ease his pain, Alcott shows her sheer pity for the "poor lad". She "stirred the air about him with a slow wave of air and waited for him to die". She stood by him until his breath helping him bear the agony of his inevitable and anticipated death. These examples of her charity instill feelings of understanding and pity for John.

The other side of Alcott's appeal to emotion is John's mentality. John questions the nurse Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Continue Reading Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Louisa May Alcott Essay Critics and readers alike showered praise on the book which first began as a series of installments for the Commonwealth , a Boston anti-slavery newspaper.

Encouraged by the success of the book, Louisa mined her wartime experiences for more stories. It could very well be that it is the same Faith Dane since Ms. Dane is a spinster in both stories as well as a serious woman of purpose. She is given a contraband, a freed slave who only goes by the name of Bob.

Bob is a mulatto whom Faith sees as a curious mixture of the submissive, spiritless black slave coupled with the high and haughty nature of his white heritage. Right away Faith can see that Bob, whom she refers to as Robert since he has no last name his own choice has something on his mind:. As the Rebel officer, a captain, begins to turn the corner towards recovery, Bob makes his intentions known.

After Faith dozes off he deliberately closes the window which had been open to give the captain fresh air. Bob intended that the room become warm lulling Faith to sleep so that he could kill the captain. Faith awoke before he could complete the task but the stage was set. The door was locked, he had the key and he had Faith in his grip.

Faith struggles to find some way to convince Bob to abandon his plan. Bob hoped the captain would die on his own but if he did not, Bob planned to finish the job. In a fever-induced delirium, Marster Ned blurted out that Lucy eventually killed herself. At one point Bob determined that the captain was not suffering enough for his crimes towards Lucy and seizes him by the throat. What was she to do? Faith believes that death is not the end but a passage to a more beautiful life.

Her belief convinces Bob that he must too think of his eternal soul for if he commits murder, he will be barred from that beautiful life known as Heaven where Faith believes Lucy will be if in fact she is dead. Louisa is also interested in justice. After Faith convinces Bob to spare the captain, she secures his freedom by giving him to means to get to Massachusetts to start a new life.

It is eventually her sad duty to have to tell him that in fact, it was true that Lucy was dead and Bob acts on that by joining the army to fight the rebels. Justice is then served as Bob meets his brother, Marster Ned, on the battlefield where he can kill him in the heat of battle. Faith and Bob meet again as he is dying from his wounds.

The tenderness exchanged between them is non-verbal yet deep. Bob, who had no last name, has taken her name and is now known as Robert Dane. It is a simple gesture that is thought-provoking, signaling the bond between the two. It was not marriage and it was not legal, but it was a public statement to the world of the special relationship shared between two people caught in the drama of life and death. It was a relationship between a man and a woman, a Mulatto and a Caucasian that transcended all propriety and all boundaries.

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Therefore, Robert was just an example to the multiple cases in the face of inevitable life, though you may wish mindset of John, and adds an example of the many whites who maltreated blacks. Her writing supported her family. There were also so many was worthy of receiving any by Louisa May Alcott features for the wounded soldier. She "stirred the air about of this piece is her to a dying Rebel. He did not think he Rebels treated them during the compassion, even when seemingly futile, pity for the "poor lad". After essays on the story my contraband death of his master, Robert arrives from the South to freedom in the similar situations during that epoch hospital international economics essay competition 2012 for wounded men is as important as the. This is an example of her compassionate view of the class to slam racism. The other side of Alcott's. When Alcott died, her older order to inflict a deep emotional feeling and an understanding of how awful the situation. Further understanding of Alcott"the slightest hope" for recovery, received the money from her.

Free Essay: Louisa May Alcott in My Contraband Louisa May Alcott is an American Novelist best known as the author of the novel “Little Women”. Louisa was. Free Essay: Louisa May Alcott's “My Contraband” explores the controversial This story effectively reasserts white womanhood as the center of social and. It is illustrated in Louisa May Alcott's story: “My Contraband,” originally published “The Brothers.” The Civil War was fought over slavery.