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Wife swap essay


Lesley Lock Mrs Gould Media Essay Discuss the representation of the north and south of England, in the channel 4 episode of "wife swap" featuring the Sprys and Bardsleys. It attracts 5, , views. I am going to look, in particular, at the episode starring the Spry family and the Bardsley family. Interestingly, these families are portrayed as very different. In this essay, I am going to discuss the representations of the North and South by looking at the typical stereotype s people instantly associate North and South with, question why perhaps people assume these views and how they obtain them.

Representation is the way people, places, issues and situations are portrayed in the media. A stereotype is a repeated representation. In the episode I am looking at of 'Wife swap' the North and South of England is constantly being represented. Everyone has a stereotype formed of what they believe the North and South are like. We are given this idea of the father taking on a traditionally female role in the family, which I feel is not challenging societies ideologies as it is almost depicted as okay in the South, however, in the North I would say that Mark Bardsley taking on a traditionally female is arguably frowned upon as it challenges the typical stereotype of the Northern man.

There is a shot we are shown quite a few times of Emma reading magazines on the sofa while Collin is preparing dinner and I think this is a great example of representation construction as it is the mise-en-scene that gives this strong reinforcement of the typical stereotype of the Southern household- shared status and more effeminate men. The representation construction is created by the clever use of music, language, dress, camera angles and the mise-en-scene.

The Bardsley's wear very casual clothes such as tracksuits, however the Spry's wear smart trousers and formal tops, which is a great contrast. I think this is to strengthen the audience's stereotypes and represent the North and South accordingly to them. I think the representations are aimed at channel 4's target audience, which I believe is the 'minority audience' consisting of youths aged between , disabled people, ethnic minorities and also perhaps homosexuals.

This is an example of key iconography within the text. I feel there are quite a few significant ideologies depicted through the episode, such as caring for your children and to work hard -whether that is working in employment circumstances or working to help your family. I think there is quite a fair representation shown of the North and South of England overall, although they are both very different in many respects. I believe the representations have kept mainly to the typical stereotypes and I feel this may be because it is what an audience like and expect, they don't really like to have their stereotypes challenged.

However, 'wife swap' uses Lizzie Barnsley to represents the North in, arguably, a bad light as she swears, smokes and doesn't come across as a very good mother. I believe this view of the North is not likely to be very stereotypical as she doesn't stick to the feminine, traditional lady that people would expect her to be like.

Whereas, the south is represented through Emma as being very independent, quite feminine, and more modern, perhaps fitting with that stereotype of the South better. Therefore I conclude with the opinion that in this particular episode of 'wife swap', the North and South are represented very stereotypically, overall. Get Full Access Now or Learn more. See related essays. Deception is prevalent in The Country Wife. Lady Fidget, Dainty Fidget, and Mrs. Squeamish value their reputations as respectable women, but only because reputation keeps them from being suspected.

While they sleep with Horner, they maintain their appearances as virtuous women to their husbands and the rest of the world. Line She holds not him but her pillow to the "hollows" of her unsatisfied body of sexual desire. This shows the frustration of the poet that he wants to be with her and satisfy her needs, but can't. This also encouraged people of higher classes to attend. In general, theatre going was a very noisy experience, with people talking to their friends, changing seats, and buying and eating oranges.

They also flaunted their own wit by commenting on the acting, such as Sparkish on his theatre experience, "The. His wife and children are left here alone. Her manipulation and ambition eventually gets her husband and two sons killed.

On the contrary, the Fowler family's weekly physical activities account for most of their time spent together, as well as the family's most distinct tradition. The children of the Fowler family, eight year old James, and eleven year old Juliette, are accustomed to the daily practice of school, homework, and extracurricular activities such as piano lessons and ballet.

The life styles of the Long and Fowler families are distinctly different. The Long family lives life for the present and does not plan for the future. Because of this "live for today attitude", the family does not care for their immediate health and for the education of the boys. The Long family eats fast food and processed food items daily and detests anything "you can find in your backyard" ,or, "Something' the cows would eat", such as salad and grains.

The overall health of the family is frightful. Fifteen year old Cody weighs two hundred and seventy pounds and is at high risk of obtaining high blood sugar levels, which his father,. Wife Swap Comparison Essay.

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Analysis Of Wife Swap. Good Essays. Words; 2 Pages. Open Document. Essay SampleCheck Writing Quality. Wife Swap Wife Swap is a television program in. "Wife Swap" is a television program in which two families swap wives and mother for two weeks to introduce them to a new way of living. buguibiubkubibubu njkhjk uh hkn kh oil o ljo hij oho huhouh oiTrading Spouses In early , ABC announced a U.S. version of Wife Swap, to be calle.