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Book review of the guide

What I found to be especially unique about this book from other books was how names were not given any importance in the book. There are many characters that are left unnamed like the layer or the shopkeeper. Moreover, even the surnames are not mentioned for any characters except for a foreigner named James Malone, perhaps to emphasize that he didnt belong with the Indians.

Narayan is challenging the western notions about giving you all the names of the characters and showing that a novel can be completely written without giving you all the information about the characters. Rajus name changes throughout the book to show his transformations throughout the book. As a tour guide he is called Railway Raju.

As the dancers manager, he is called Raj as if he is a king. Then finally, he is known as Swamiji. The dancer in the book also changes her name from Rosie to Nalini in order to be better accepted as an Indian classical dancer. It was to become more traditional. In the book, there is also a character named Marco who is Rosies estranged husband. Marco is not his real name.

Rajugives him this name because he thought he looked like he was about to go on an expedition. This further shows how Narayan is trying to convey that the name is not important. The manner in which the book is written is also very unique. The back and forth from past and present gets the reader to draw parallels between Rajus past and present. It further emphasizes how Rajus essence doesnt change throughout the book.

He is always some form of a guide, whether a tour guide or a personal manager or a spiritual guide. If the story was linear, then it would have been much harder for the reader to relate between all of these three portrayals of Raju. Narayan goes between third person and first person throughout the book as well. The first person point of view gives you a better insight into Rajus character and the third person point of view gives you a less biased view of the story as well and an outsiders perspective too.

Overall, the book is very different from books that I have read before because of its writing style and philosophical kind of story. The book really makes you think about what the self is and how it can easily change throughout your life. I really liked how Indian culture was inculcated in this book so well in this book too. Of course the book is set in the past, perhaps 50 years ago which was also very interesting. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Book Review of The Guide. Uploaded by poojamagic. Document Information click to expand document information Description: The guide by RK Narayan is a very interesting book about the metamorphosis of a man named Raju.

He went through three stages in his life - as a tour guide, as a manager of a dancer and then finally a spiritual guide. The book exhibits a lot of Indian culture and it is set in a fictional town near Madras or Chennai.

Original Description Book Review of the Guide. Original Title Book Review of the Guide. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: The guide by RK Narayan is a very interesting book about the metamorphosis of a man named Raju. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Original Title: Book Review of the Guide.

Related titles. Well played, Heller. I do want to say I thought Heller did a great job on character development. I am dying for more backstory on Alison, though. She is no damsel in distress. As a woman fly fisher myself, I wouldn't mind a whole other book focused on her. I was satisfied with the ending of the book. I wasn't wowed by the final fire fight; it felt like so many others I've read or watched, but the rest of the book really made up for this, and I particularly loved the epilogue.

In conclusion, this book was well worth my time. I will likely pick up another Peter Heller book regardless of the plot - I just need to be back in his descriptions of the natural world. One last thought and really my only significant criticism - Mr. Heller, you wouldn't hide your. Jun 14, Mary Lins rated it it was amazing Shelves: complete. Jack has taken a summer job as a guide at an exclusive, upscale, and mysterious fishing camp called Kingfisher Lodge.

Will Jack and Alison figure out the weirdness of Kingfisher Lodge and its strange guests? Jun 25, Bill rated it it was amazing. I received this book after being selected in a Goodreads giveaway. I don't know but would suspect that I was selected because of prior reviews of three of Mr Heller's other novels the only one of his novels that I haven't read is Celine.

I was tickled to receive the book and was even more pleased by yet another great read from one of my favorite American authors. The Guide should not be read by anyone who hasn't first read his previous novel, The River. The events depicted in The River are cri I received this book after being selected in a Goodreads giveaway.

The events depicted in The River are critical to the central plot of this book. I will not go deeply into the plot, other than to say that it felt different from Heller's other fiction, in that there was a mystery of sorts that the protagonist felt compelled to solve despite the possible repercussions.

As in his other books, one is treated to beautiful descriptions of the western high country and the zen like experience of fly fishing. Despite living by the sea, I am not a fisherman, but Heller's prose might recruit me yet before my time runs out. Other familiar themes involve a man's reaction to authority, sudden violence, extreme wealth, and evil. There was a real sense of foreboding as the plot developed that left me somewhat unnerved, perhaps because I was so taken with the main characters.

Again, not wanting to give anything away, it was also interesting and timely that it all took place against the backdrop of the nation still dealing with pandemics. The Guide was well-written and pulled me along like the current on a fast moving river when you're not sure what's around the next bend.

Not surprisingly, I strongly recommend it. I really enjoyed The River and had high expectations for this book. I love Heller's writing and descriptions, especially of the natural world. Even though the story was propulsive, I found it a bit lacking. I'm not sure if it is because the end seemed rushed or I just wanted the mystery to have more meat on its bones. It is a short and quick read though, so pick it up if you are curious. Jun 05, Cori rated it really liked it. I found this follow up almost as riveting as The River, as I eagerly devoured within a day or two of starting.

As the story unfolded, I was filled with tension and questions almost until the end. But then, it just wrapped up quite suddenly with little fanfare. I suppose that is always the challenge when writing a follow up book when the first one was beyond spectacular. Reaching that same level of excitement again with every reader is just not possible.

With all that said, I cannot wait to encourage those who loved The River to read this one too. I also really want Mr. Heller to confirm that Allison Krauss is the inspiration for the feisty Allison K. Jun 07, Amy Moreno rated it liked it Shelves: 3-star-books , adult-books , thriller. This book was not bad. It is a pretty solid 3. Dun dun duuuuuun!

That only partially gets explained. They happen to be in the right place at the right time every time, they happen to know the right people, they happen to knock something over and find a hidden message. It kind of takes away from the suspense if you know these two are going to step in a pile of rainbows and come away with a pot of gold every time. Also, be prepared for a LOT of talking about fly fishing.

The book can be accused of dragging on in some places as you hear very many descriptions of how it feels to be at one with your fishing rod. I received an ARC, but my opinions are all mine. I received a copy of this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I read Heller's The River and while I didn't love it, I liked it a lot and have thought of it several times since reading.

This is another book just the same- Jack is a great character, he's easy to understand and relate to. I was surprised at the twist of what was really going on, and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the River or any other nature-based thriller. Apr 19, Allison Palmer rated it really liked it. When it comes characterization, he keeps it simple and trusts you to read the emotion between the lines. But when it comes to flora, fauna, and the natural world at large?

Hoo boy, you are getting the kind of lush, sensual descriptions that make you feel as if you're standing in the middle of a river fly-fishing your Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. Hoo boy, you are getting the kind of lush, sensual descriptions that make you feel as if you're standing in the middle of a river fly-fishing yourself, breathing in the mountain air and watching leaves fall into the water.

This beauty and reverence for nature is all an eerie contrast to the hidden horrors at the heart of the story no spoilers ahead, promise. If you've kept up with current events over the past few years and wound up having one or two visceral nightmares as a result - well, "The Guide" will feel a lot like those terrors. I did have to stop a couple times toward the end to take a breather because the action was intense - this is a compliment!

If I have any critiques, it's that the mystery takes a bit too long to unfold. Fortunately, the payoff is worth the wait. I wouldn't call "The Guide" a sequel to "The River," but I eventually discerned they are companion pieces and, had I known the connection, would have read "The River" beforehand to fill in some of the gaps. Jun 23, Lin Salisbury rated it really liked it. Jack comes to Kingfisher Lodge as a fishing guide to recover from a recent loss.

The lodge is nestled in a canyon on a pristine river and serves an elite clientele. Jack is assigned to guide Alison, a famous singer who knows how to cast a line. But soon after his arrival, he realizes that there is more going on at the lodge than fishing.

Jack had begun to think of her as female, because to fight this hard she must have been full of roe and protecting her eggs. The riffle was not long and the trout lunged up it and swam into the quiet pool at the top, right at the edge of the meadow. Then, with must have been the last shreds of her strength she fought the pull and went deep and stopped.

Few humans had this much heart. Jack could not have measured his admiration. He loved the fish right then as much as anything in the world. The time period is post pandemic, although new strains continue to emerge. More troubling are the signs that warn guests and guides to keep off of the property next door, where Jack finds a boot buried in the brush.

Heller has a heart for his two main characters — Jack is a complex character who finds solace in the woods and the water. Alison, in spite of her fame, is fierce and funny and not afraid to get her hands dirty — whether catching fish or criminals. The pacing ratchets up the last third of the book, as Jack and Alison discover the mystery of the property adjacent to the lodge.

This is Lin Salisbury with Superior Reviews. Check out all my reviews and interviews on www. Feeling the need for a change of pace from helping his father on their ranch, Jack takes a job as a personal fishing guide in remote Colorado. Kingfisher Lodge is a private get-away from the rich and famous, a place to relax and enjoy the outdoor beauty after three years of COVID pandemic. But Jack quickly notices something is amiss. There are security cameras on the water, trail cams in the woods.

An unpleasant dread permeates the supposedly happy camaraderie of the VIP clients, who return from spa treatments looking like the walking dead, and refuse to give any explanation. The more they dig, the deeper they get—and when the stakes become clear, the chilling chase begins. Heller makes the river a central character, one I was eager to explore. So try them both. You have time to read the first book before this one comes out in August.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Jul 02, Mary rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed his character development in both books and I liked meeting Jack again; he is very real and relatable. I would recommend anyone read The River before this novel to get the full experience. This book does stand alone but I was glad to read plot points from it as reminders of a past reading experience and not as spoilers of a to be read title.

Jack was a character that stayed with me and it was a lovely reunion! The only other character we get inside is the female celebrity and I liked her a lot too. This was a fun addition to the plot and I believed every word. The writing is incredible; atmospheric, descriptive and the sense of place it establishes is a work of art.

It really transported this reader to rural Colorado. I have stayed at a similar lodge and the atmosphere created here was spot on. The details made me hungry! There are also lots of descriptions of nature and of fly-fishing but the food was a new angle that I particularly enjoyed. From the start, there is a feeling of foreboding to the plot that foreshadows the dread that arrives. The propulsive unraveling of the story as Jack discovers the inconsistencies is very satisfying. This story seemed to go faster for me than his earlier books which is strange as, according to Amazon, The Guide and The River each are pages.

The mystery was solved in a tidy way that this reader bought but the feeling of suspense until resolution was masterful. The Covid parts scared me! I can already imagine the movie and it will be a good one. I could see the action scenes at the end. Thanks Peter Heller! Thanks, NetGalley and Knopf for the early view. Much appreciated and enjoyed. Jun 20, Karen rated it really liked it.

I am a big fan of Peter Heller and have read and enjoyed every one of his stories. Even though his settings and characters are very far from my day to day life, I enjoy the depth of character exploration and the atmosphere each of his novels has. Like these mountains. The densest cities were still the most dangerous. And vacationing deep in the mountains when possible had become a cultural habit more than anything.

I loved that it was part of the story but not the point of the story. The way it was woven in made it feel natural. This is the story of a guide who takes a job at this elite fishing lodge and is paired with a famous singer who is there to fish. Even though the story contains both of them and you hear bits and pieces about the singer to pull together somewhat of an image of who she is, the story is really about the guide.

We don't really hear her innermost thoughts or her motivations much of the time. The guide, like many of Heller's characters, is rugged and layered and no-nonsense with a deep and abiding sense of justice. So when he realizes something fishy is going on at this lodge, he can't not do something about it.

This book is both quiet and fast. It's both a mystery and a bit of a character study. The atmosphere is strong both in the wilderness and in the lodge itself. I loved every minute I spent with it. With gratitude to Knopf and netgalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. May 31, Alisa rated it it was amazing.

The Guide is a book that, at first, makes your blood pressure drop as you imagine the scenes where guides take people out fishing on the best fishing water on the planet. But don't read it if you want your blood pressure to drop, it is suspenseful and exciting.

Set in the western United States, the Kingfisher Lodge is an exclusive and very pricey getaway that the rich and famous have been flocking to since viruses and other sicknesses have been circulating the world. Jake has signed on as a guid The Guide is a book that, at first, makes your blood pressure drop as you imagine the scenes where guides take people out fishing on the best fishing water on the planet. Jake has signed on as a guide, he was born and raised in Colorado and lived on a ranch, so he is quite happy fishing all summer.

He is lucky to get someone famous to guide, too. He thinks she is a singer, but he chooses not to know so it won't affect the way he guides. The two of them notice that there are a lot of people staying at the Lodge, but they don't see them on the water while they fish, which they find kind of weird. Then one day, they hear a scream and see a young woman running in a hospital gown and nothing else. She is picked up by the Sheriff, who waves to them and says that everything is ok. That is also kind of weird.

Jake enjoys that his famous fisherwoman is actually quite good at fly fishing and he also enjoys spending time with her, not a bad gig. Then his boss finds out he has a rifle and told him to turn it in at the office, no firearms allowed. After Jake keeps "forgetting" to turn it in, his boss puts more and more pressure on him to turn it in.

Jake starts finding cameras around the lodge and fishing areas. Is there one in his room? Jake and Allison K, the singer, start snooping around and things get more than kind of weird. Feeling the need for a change of pace from helping his father on the ranch, he takes a position as a personal fishing guide in Crested Butte.

He is paired with Allison K a famous singer, escaping to the mountains to fish. Together Allison and Jack start to discover that something is off at this fishing lodge. The more they investigate, the deeper they get. Man oh man, I had high high hopes for this book. The River was one of my favorite books of and overall, I really love Peter Heller's work, but what worked for me in The River fell flat for me in the guide.

Where The River perfectly balanced nature elements, a strong sense of place, and literary suspense, The Guide seemed to lose its way in everything from plot to characterization. Even the dialogue felt wooden and amateurish. More than once I found myself so frustrated with this novel. I was really hoping that the buildup of the novel would serve to rescue this book from the tedious first half, but that was not the case. This didn't even feel like Heller. It felt like a debut novel from a writer inspired by Heller's work.

I will still read whatever Heller comes out with next in hopes I can put this blip behind me and forget its existence entirely. Content warning: gun violence, animal cruelty, child abuse, child death, murder. Jul 17, Beth rated it really liked it. Peter Heller is back with another action-packed literary thriller and I loved it from beginning to end! The Guide can be read as a stand-alone novel, but if you've read Heller's previous work, The River, then your reading experience with his latest novel will certainly be enhanced.

The novel opens with Jack's arrival to Kingfisher Lodge in Colorado where he Peter Heller is back with another action-packed literary thriller and I loved it from beginning to end! The novel opens with Jack's arrival to Kingfisher Lodge in Colorado where he will begin a new job as a fishing guide to the wealthy elite who are looking for a rustic retreat away from the stresses of the continuing development of new virus strains.

Heller immediately sets the scene with beautiful descriptions of the Colorado landscape. Jack is wary of the "something's not quite right" vibe that he gets almost from moment one of his arrival at Kingfisher Lodge. The novel moves slowly into a rising action that kept me completely invested and hungry for answers. What's really going on in this remote retreat left me horrified, even more so because I could totally see this actually taking place in society today.

I truly felt as if I was watching a movie the entire time I was reading the book. I highly recommend The Guide! The book hits shelves on August 24, Be sure to add this one to your TBR! May 28, Doug rated it it was amazing. I have not read the book before this, The River, that features Jack. In The Guide, Jack is hired by an exclusive fishing resort in the mountains to guide the clientele of this exclusive lodge.

He helps assist them fly fishing in the nearby river. The client he is assigned to is a popular singer and who grew up a country girl. Together they are immersed in a complex plot of mystery and danger. He has used tit o advance the plot but w I have not read the book before this, The River, that features Jack.

He has used tit o advance the plot but without being it becoming an intrusive major part of the book. He seamlessly wove it into the narrative of this book. Heller is at his best when he can transport the reader to a place of natural beauty and immerse you in the peacefulness of the Colorado mountains.

He keeps it simple and introduces the flora, fauna, and the natural world effortlessly. At times this moves swiftly and then rests like a cool river pond. These lush, sensual descriptions make you feel you are in the middle of a river fly-fishing yourself.

I read this quickly and was held until the very end. The ending is a natural part of the story and not contrived to create a melodramatic happy ending. Wonderful book and thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this book. This was an amazingly unique thriller! I loved it! Set in the Colorado wilderness, so much of the beginning of this story describes the beautiful, serene scenery and the calmness of river fishing. It left me feeling peaceful and wanting more of this lovely mystery which is what I thought this book was that would quietly unfold against this still backdrop that was so gorgeously painted by Heller.

The writing style was breathtaking. Whether describing scenery, past traumatic events or action seque This was an amazingly unique thriller! Whether describing scenery, past traumatic events or action sequences, Heller approaches his writing with efficiency and heart. On one page Heller left my heart filled with the joy of nature and on another page he had my heart racing so fast I felt it would beat straight out of my chest. I read so many thrillers that they often blend into each other.

The Guide is completely different, refreshing and intriguing! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Be the first to start one ». Readers also enjoyed. Literary Fiction. About Peter Heller. Peter Heller. There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. He is also the autho There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

He lives in Denver, Colorado. Books by Peter Heller. Related Articles. While all Goodreads members love books or so we assume, otherwise this would be a weird way to spend your time! Read more Trivia About The Guide. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Add some now ». Welcome back.


Book Review: The Guide by R.

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The Guide book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Formerly India's most corrupt tourist guide, Raju-just released from pri. The Guide book. Read 51 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The best-selling author of The River returns with a heart-racing thriller. It's a nice compact story and is very thought-provoking. The character of Raju is well-developed and interesting. The reader finds Raju likable.