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Space traders derrick bell essay


He was able to draw the parallels between the old slave trade and this new deal with the creatures from space. This style of writing engages the plot with real facts about black history and present day events, such as modern day slavery. This depiction of slaves naked and in chains was created to resemble the conditions that African Americans were placed under during the Middle Passage.

The image can also apply to the final scene of The Space Traders, when the black Americans were boarded on space ships like slaves. Chihos, Vicki, et al. Bell was unfortunately correct in his predictions for the future. Ending his story with all of the African Americans boarding a ship bound in chains showed a clear and tragic image of slavery. Slavery is in fact still in existence in , and is even more prominent now than in the past. Slavery today is commonly seen in the context of sex slaves and child labor, and people are suffering every day from this manipulation of power.

He has a lot of credit as an author because of his professional background of being a professor at Harvard Law School. His years and years of researching and educating others on matters of race makes him a reliable author for this genre of narrative. The concept that ideals rooted in slavery continue to be relevant in the present day is something that is widely acknowledged by scholars and everyday readers alike.

His overarching argument is that racism is still common today. In it, they share scientific hypotheses for why race continues to be such a relevant source of argument in society, and ways to experiment on citizens to draw more concrete answers. Hook and Howarth seek to explore why this occurs, and how it stems from ancient thought patterns.

Derrick Bell brilliantly portrayed some insightful analysis of the reality of the afterlives of slavery, and his message makes an impact on everyone who read it. Bell, Derrick. The Space Traders. Bernstein, Fred A. Friedersdorf, Conor. Hook, D. American Behavioral Scientist,59 11 , Wheaton, P.

Yaszek, Lisa. Burkhalter, Holly. Yet slavery is alive and well. Ferla, Ruth La. Gay, Roxane. Hitchens, Christopher. Derrick Bell, The Space Traders, critical race theory, science fiction, future slavery, undefined timeline of slavery. Hannah Day Overview Slavery is not confined to a strict timeline.

Historical and Cultural Context Derrick Bell, the author of The Space Traders, is an accomplished author and educator of civil rights and critical race theory. Loading Comments Moreover, it shows that the protection of human rights requires political activism from every person. People can debate whether the events described by the author seem plausible or not. In my view, some of the events do not appear very convincing.

This law legitimized the deportation of black people. I am not sure that the American public would have readily approved of such a law even despite the benefits that it could offer. The thing is that such a law would have deprived them of their civic or human rights. In such a way, they would have given a free hand to the state.

It is rather unlikely that American people would consent to this legislative act. Secondly, I think that African-American people would not give away their political rights virtually without any protest. I do admit that my arguments rely on highly optimistic views on American people and society in general. This short story still poses many thought-provoking questions to the readers.

For example, on the last day, black people are forced into the ships of aliens. In this way, he shows the cruel irony of fate toward African-American people. The main question is whether the American community can ever allow such an outcome.

Overall, Derrick Bell tells this narrative to emphasize the idea that racial prejudices still exist in modern society and one cannot turn a blind eye to them. This concealed racism is particularly clear in the governmental officials describes by the author. Similarly, the members of his cabinet can find many excuses for the deportation of black people without actually considering the ethical aspects of this decision. Secondly, Derrick Bell urges readers not to forget political activism can be suppressed by the state unless it is supported by people of various social, ethnic, or religious backgrounds.

There were people, who objected to the decision of the government, but their attempts were not supported by others. Thus, the readers can accept or reject the plausibility of The Space Traders. However, one cannot deny that this story is a powerful warning given to American people.

The author urges the readers to lose themselves in the position of the main characters and decide how they would act under those circumstances.


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York University Law Professor Derrick Bell's The Space Traders, one of the major pieces in the CRT corpus. Part I of this essay will provide historical. Essay Sample: In looking at Derrick Bell's "The Space Traders" as an allegory, the characters personify the abstract subjects of late twentieth-century. Free Essay: In looking at Derrick Bell's "The Space Traders" as an allegory, the characters personify the abstract subjects of late twentieth-century racial.