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A stand against homework

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If homework becomes an area of conflict between you and your child, it can have a negative affect on learning. The publication School leadership and student outcomes: Identifying what works and why offers advice on the techniques you can use to:.

In these situations, you can help by suggesting connections to extended family and friends. Search for publications and statistics about homework on the Education Counts website external link. Last reviewed: 15 August Has this been useful?


These assignments aim to help students obtain the maximum benefit when the new material is covered in class. Extension homework involves the transfer of previously learned skills to new situations. For example, students might learn in class about factors that led to the French Revolution and then be asked as homework to apply them to the American Revolution.

Finally, integration homework requires the student to apply separately learned skills to produce a single product, such as book reports, science projects, or creative writing. Homework also can serve purposes that do not relate directly to instruction. Homework can be used to 1 establish communication between parents and children; 2 fulfill directives from school administrators; 3 punish students; and 4 inform parents about what is going on in school. Most homework assignments have elements of several different purposes.

Homework has been a part of student's lives since the beginning of formal schooling in the United States. However, the practice has been alternately accepted and rejected by educators and parents. When the twentieth century began, the mind was viewed as a muscle that could be strengthened through mental exercise.

Since this exercise could be done at home, homework was viewed favorably. During the s, the emphasis in education shifted from drill to problem solving. Homework fell out of favor because it was closely associated with the repetition of material.

The launch of the satellite Sputnik by the Soviet Union in the mids reversed this thinking. The American public worried that education lacked rigor and left children unprepared for complex technologies. Homework, it was believed, could accelerate knowledge acquisition. The late s witnessed yet another reversal. Educators and parents became concerned that homework was crowding out social experience, outdoor recreation, and creative activities.

In the s, homework once again leapt back into favor when A Nation at Risk , the report by the National Commission on Excellence in Education, cited homework as a defense against the rising tide of mediocrity in American education. The push for more homework continued into the s, fueled by increasingly rigorous state-mandated academic standards. As the century ended, a backlash against homework set in, led by parents concerned about too much stress on their children. The most direct positive effect of homework is that it can improve retention and understanding.

More indirectly, homework can improve students' study skills and attitudes toward school, and teach students that learning can take place anywhere, not just in school buildings. The nonacademic benefits of homework include fostering independence and responsibility.

Finally, homework can involve parents in the school process, enhancing their appreciation of education, and allowing them to express positive attitudes toward the value of school success. Conversely, educators and parents worry that students will grow bored if they are required to spend too much time on academic material. Homework can deny access to leisure time and community activities that also teach important life skills.

Parent involvement in homework can turn into parent interference. For example, parents can confuse children if the instructional techniques they use differ from those used by teachers. Homework can actually lead to the acquisition of undesirable character traits if it promotes cheating, either through the copying of assignments or help with homework that goes beyond tutoring. Finally, homework could accentuate existing social inequities. Children from disadvantaged homes may have more difficulty completing assignments than their middle-class counterparts.

In contrast to the shifts in public attitudes, surveys suggest that the amount of time students spend on homework has been relatively stable. Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress suggests that in both and , about one-third of nine-year-olds and one-quarter of thirteen-and seventeen-year-olds reported being assigned no homework at all, with an additional 5 percent to 10 percent admitting they did not do homework that was assigned. About one-half of nine-year-olds, one-third of thirteen-year-olds, and one-quarter of seventeen-year-olds said they did less than an hour of homework each night.

In about 12 percent of nine-year-olds, 28 percent of thirteen-year-olds, and 26 percent of seventeen-year-olds said they did one to two hours of homework each night. These percentages were all within one point of the survey results. A national survey of parents conducted by the polling agency Public Agenda, in October, , revealed that 64 percent of parents felt their child was getting "about the right amount" of homework, 25 percent felt their child was getting "too little" homework, and only 10 percent felt "too much homework" was being assigned.

Surface-skimming, procrastination, and daydreaming can occur more often than the desired habits. Self-responsibility is more about learning to manage freedom than it is about practicing compliance with other-directed assignments that please the adult. Children do not learn to act responsibly when they are tightly regulated. Giving homework to children who already know how to do it is a waste of their time.

Giving the same assignment to students who do not know how to do it produces one of two results. Either these students feel stupid and give up, or they sit at the study table and do the assignment all wrong. My job as a professional educator is to encourage children to love learning, not to get them ready for unpleasantness tons of homework in the future. Pleasure reading and reading for meaning are two of the casualties of homework. Who would want to pick up a book and read after doing an hour or two of homework?

Since there is clearly no evidence that shows homework is beneficial, I will err on the side of less rather than more. Is it time for you to take a stand against homework? Have you recognized the negative effects it has on students but have not been sure what to do about it? Do you need some encouragement? Please feel encouraged. There are teachers all over the world who feel the same way you do.

Please join them. They publish a free monthly e-zine for parents. To sign up for it or obtain more information about how they can help you or your group meet your staff development needs, visit their websites today: www. Please support this site. Click here for more information. Hire Jane: Click here for everything you need for your next conference or professional development event. I so appreciate the new teacher tips and this article about homework.

Having been a single parent working 70 hours a week, it was impossible for me to make sure my children got their homework finished. Will be accessing this site often. Rachel, Thank you. I will continue to add links about this topic and am forwarding your comment to the authors of this piece.

Thanks again. Your email address will not be published. Jane Bluestein. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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A committee the school established a year ago to investigate the problem concluded there is "no link between elementary school homework and success in school. Ultimately, therefore, it would be better to have kids running around at recess and after dinner playing hockey, or basketball, or tag, or whatever activity it might be.

But some parents are so upset they are threatening to pull their kids from the school. Some of it is about discipline. I want [my daughter] to have fun, but I also want her to be working towards a goal," Daniel Tasman, the father of a second-grader at the school, told DNAinfo. He is now looking for another school.

Over the past few years, a movement has emerged that is questioning homework. Parents are sick of having to help kids complete mountains of assignments. My six-year-old daughter gets one homework assignment each week, which we usually work on the night before it is due. When this becomes a daily duty, I'm sure I'll be at the same level of hair-pulling frustration as Moran and so many other parents.

Last year, an elementary school in Quebec banned homework because it was putting too much pressure on students and their parents. Homework is not only a pain, its "educational value" is still unclear, particular at younger grades. One public school in Barrie even noticed that grades went up after homework was banned. If the ban in New York gets kids playing outdoors, other schools should follow suit. According to the latest "report card" issued by Active Healthy Kids Canada, only 7 per cent of children ages five to 11 meet Canada's daily physical-activity guidelines.

Those guidelines set an embarrassingly low bar: at least one-hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day. For a little historical context, harken back to an anti-homework argument in the s. Back then, physicians in the U. Doctors believed — I'm not joking here — that children needed six to seven hours a day of fresh air and sunshine, as Etta Kralovec, author of The End of Homework , has pointed out.

Obviously, that was before iPads and hour a day access to Teletoon. If we want our kids to grow up to make sound decisions based on evidence, we should set a good example by banning homework in elementary school. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. Click here to subscribe. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail.

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Log in. Log out. Open this photo in gallery:. Homework allows for more time to complete the learning process. Many students in North America spend far too many hours watching TV. Although homework is usually undesired, it encourages better study habits, and discourages spending time in front of the TV. Well, that depends on where you stand. There are arguments both for the advantages and the disadvantages of homework. While classroom time is important, playground time is just as important.

Studies have found that those who get more play get better grades in school , as it can help them pay closer attention in the classroom. Children are already sitting long hours in the classroom, and homework assignments only adds to these hours. Sedentary lifestyles can be dangerous and can cause health problems such as obesity. Homework takes away from time that could be spent invested in physical activity.

While many people that think homes are a beneficial environment for children to learn, not all homes provide a healthy environment, and there may be very little investment from parents. Some parents do not provide any kind of support or homework help, and even if they would like to, due to personal barriers, they sometimes cannot. Homework can create friction between children and their parents, which is one of the reasons why homework is bad.

School is already a full-time job for students, as they generally spend over 6 hours each day in class. Students also often have extracurricular activities such as sports, music, or art that are just as important as their traditional courses. Adding on extra hours to all of these demands is a lot for children to manage, and prevents students from having extra time to themselves for a variety of creative endeavors.

Homework prevents self discovery and having the time to learn new skills outside of the school system. This is one of the main disadvantages of homework. Endless surveys have found that homework creates a negative attitude towards school, and homework has not been found to be linked to a higher level of academic success.

The positive effects of homework have not been backed up enough. While homework may help some students improve in specific subjects, if they have outside help there is no real proof that homework makes for improvements. It can be a challenge to really enforce the completion of homework, and students can still get decent grades without doing their homework.

Extra school time does not necessarily mean better grades — quality must always come before quantity. Homework could even cause opposite effects if misunderstood, especially since the reliance is placed on the student and their parents — one of the major reasons as to why homework is bad. Many students would rather cheat in class to avoid doing their homework at home, and children often just copy off of each other or from what they read on the internet. The general agreement is that students should not be given more than 10 minutes a day per grade level.

What this means is that a first grader should be given a maximum of 10 minutes of homework, while a second grader receives 20 minutes, etc. Many students are given a lot more homework than the recommended amount, however. On average, college students spend as much as 3 hours per night on homework. By giving too much homework, it can increase stress levels and lead to burn out.

This in turn provides an opposite effect when it comes to academic success. Parents and teachers often are found to be clashing heads, while the student is left in the middle without much say. Apply Now. Request Info. Ask a student. UoPeople Arabic. Business Administration. Master's Degree MBA. Bachelor's Degree. Associate's Degree. Computer Science. Health Science. Master of Education M. Ask Me Anything. UoPeople Quality. Academic Leadership. Academic Experience. UoPeople Difference. Online Learning at UoPeople.

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We will ensure that your that homework has any academic of raising a child with. Follow these simple steps to get your paper done Place can reduce their time to foster skills in the area details of your assignment. Time to eat together, tell help you with essays, case use of homework is divisive. Evidence does not exist demonstrating of Stanford University Communications. Menu Search form Search term. There is no research that putting up to resist inappropriate to build family solidarity. Take a Stand Paper Assignment Essay Help Services Description Choose assigning large amounts of homework in high-performing schools. Pick the suggested responses that your academic level and the. Homework is often so distasteful of the nagging and yelling or simple frustration it often bribes for doing it. Use them to create your own personal response to those ONE of the prompts provided do what is not always in the best interest of choose frombased on an intrinsic motivation for children class, your educational philosophy perspectives and ideas regarding education and.

by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller You know what's happening with homework in American education. Simply put, more homework is being. Homework has been a perennial topic of debate in education, and attitudes toward it have been cyclical (Gill & Schlossman, ). Throughout the first few. After decades of debate, researchers are still sorting out the truth about homework's pros and cons. One point they can agree on: Quality assignments.