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Critical essay on the road not taken evaluate research on conformity to group norms essay

Critical essay on the road not taken

People are presented certain choices. Some much more significant then others. The choices people make distinguish who they are and give them individuality. Choices are never easy to make for many specific reasons. The poem tells us a situation of a man traveling on a journey arriving t the crossroads where he is presented two paths. He describes these paths in lines The two paths he is torn between directly symbolizes decisions we are faced with in the journey of life.

Because it has been more traveled by, it is a much more common and predictable way of going through life. For the most part, if this road is chosen the outcome is predetermined and the traveler can rest at ease with the knowledge of the irection his life is heading. Everyone in life is presented the more common path. Many say the world is made up of leaders and followers. The followers take this path because it is the popular and easy way of achieving simple goals.

The other, however, is covered with tall grass and has few trail marks or footprints. This is the road the writer decides to take, which, I believe shows remarkable things about his personality. The people that avoid following group ideas and patterns are the people more likely to create change and make a difference in the world we live in. These people are willing to take chances and accept the consequences, should they fail.

These people, for the most part are proud and creative. This world would be a completely different place if we were without risk takers. Every great achievement in history occurred because someone decided to take a different direction in order to create change. I greatly admire the writer for this and he should become something everyone strives to become. I think the reason people in general take the easier path is because it helps them feel secure and aware of what the future holds for them.

However, there is much more to it then that. Many times in ife, the choices you make are permanent. Often in life during the time of a crucial decision, rarely do we realize the significance it has or the way it will effect our lives in years to come.

As we grow older, we gain experience and wisdom. Only then is when we realize the importance of these decisions and the profound ffect it has had on our lives. The traveler depicted in this poem comments on this. It concentrates on the relationship of the workers, task, tools, and environment. The report will provide insights into the causes that resulted in the failure of the project as well as will provide recommendations that would help in the success of the project.

The reasons for the delay in the project could be classified into improper management, lack of communication and coordination, failure to test the mechanisms of the plan as well as flaws in the design and development of the project itself. Despite using the same elements, the way the author employs these elements into their poem can provoke various levels of critical thought resulting in variations between what message the reader takes away versus the originally intent of the author.

Poets such as, Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost, use imagery and irony to set tone and strengthen their underlying less obvious themes, sometimes. Related Theory: Law of Reflection: Reflection and refraction are common properties of light. When a ray of light comes into contact with the surface of some material, part of the ray is reflected and part of it is absorbed.

In other words, reflection occurs. However, equal to its acclaim, is the misunderstanding of the poem. A piece of literature of this stature deserves to be under the microscope of our classes critical discussions. I believe that the time would be beneficial to everyone. Giving a breath of fresh air to a poem that has been abused by Hallmark cards. First Cars plc Critical path analysis is a method that is used to plan out the many activities involved in a project to be able to find the most efficient way of complete it and how to complete it on time.

From a research and development point of view, the decision to go ahead with this project relies solely on the critical path analysis provided by Amy Jones. In light of this, the operations director is rightly concerned about how valuable the data provided by the critical path analysis is.

The arguments. Risk management can then be applied to determine the way forward to protect America. Specifically, using risk management for critical infrastructures creates a road map for resource allocation and strategic planning. Likewise, a critical infrastructure could be a state capital facility.


In this poem the speakers tone, diction , and setting help to illustrate the struggle a person goes through in their lives to pick the right road to travel. In the first verse of the first stanza, Frost says "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood," which is seemingly a very important part of the poem. This line is a metaphor in which Frost uses the woods to represent life. Using this as an image helps to have a better understanding of the complexity of the problem that the speaker is facing.

If you were standing at the edge of some woods you would not be able to clearly see what was ahead of you, because it would be obstructed by trees and branches. Life is like those woods because no one can clearly see or predict what will happen in the future, only hope to choose a path that will lead you to good fortune and happiness.

Another interesting part of this verse is how he describes the woods as yellow. A word that strongly helps out the imagery, helps to describe the uncertainty of the speaker, and implies that he may be scared to even choose a path. Evidently he does not want to decide upon the wrong road and mess up the rest of his life. I believe that as he stands before these two roads he is really confused and scared as to which road to pick.

All he can do is look as far down each road as possible, and hope that he decides upon the right one. This is exactly what he does when he looks down the first road, at the end of the first stanza. The second stanza starts off with the speaker talking about the other path, and how he looked just as hard, just as long, and just as fair on this path as he did the first. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is about a person whom comes to a split going in two different directions and wishes he could take both paths.

The Road Not Taken is a metaphor of life. It tells about making choices leading to the right path. By using two paths in which to choose from, Frost leaves one to realize that everyone must travel and will reach a point of decision. With stating 'And sorry I could not travel both,'; Frost shows the point in which one will choose because there is only one path in which one may travel.

It is most difficult to make a decision on each appealing path because everyone will always seem to question 'what could I or could I not miss out on? This will often be reflected upon by an individual in which saying ' what could have been'; leads one to dwelling over the choice of road in which they did not take. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality.

While, Frost had not originally intended for this to be an inspirational poem, line by line, the speaker is encouraging each reader to seek out his or her own personal path in the journey of life. Romanticizing the rural woods of New England creates the perfect setting for the theme of self-discovery laid out and described by the speaker. Robert Frost's original intent in writing the poem was not to convey the inspiration that it has for almost a hundred years.

He had written the poem to poke fun at his friend, Edward Thomas, with whom he had taken many walks. In fact, Frost sent the poem to his friend, then in France, and got the response,? What are you trying to do with me??

However, Frost did see the impact the poem was having and stated, 'Do not follow where the path may lead? Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. The first line,? Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,? The two roads symbolizes the choices and consequences he must choose.

The next line,? And sorry I could not travel both,? It is impossible not to wonder what could happen by choosing the other road and what he could be missing out on. And being one traveler long I stood,? Unable to accomplish this, he takes a long time to decide on what he should do.

Finally, the speaker describes studying the first option, looking as far into the future as he possibly could with the lines,? And looked down one as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth.? The speaker continues to convey his message in the second stanza of? The Road Not Taken.? In the opening line of this part of the poem, the speaker says,? Then took the other, as just as fair.? Here, he is turning his attention to the second road In being forced to choose and face the consequences, he was afraid to make a wrong decision.

He is better off for having even made any decision at all instead of standing there, procrastinating. Although one person cannot take all the roads in life, trying to choose everything will leave that person just as empty as choosing the wrong path. In finally choosing, he changes the direction of his life and encourages the reader to explore new territory or create something new.

Above all, one has to be true to himself and follow his heart.

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