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Looking backward essay

Although the government is now in control of. To you it could mean no more war, no more poverty, every person of every race and gender being treated exactly the same. However, to someone else their idea of a perfect world could be the complete opposite of what you would want. In Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy, and Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury the idea of a perfect world is not just an idea anymore, it becomes reality.

The theme of both books is to try and. Published in Looking Backward depicts a future vision of America. Utopian Boston of the year is designed in a constructive method that excludes capitalism. Through the medium of romantic novel, Bellamy seeks to impose the idea of socialism into the nineteenth-century American society. Written at a period when economic growth went off the rails triggering the rise in unequal distribution of wealth, Looking Backward attempts to propose a reform in social and economic systems.

From the eyes. Set in the late 19th and early 21th century, Looking Backwards is a utopian novel discussing the advantages of socialism, a political philosophy that many disenchanted intellectuals of the 19th century believed in. Edward Bellamy, the author, is included in that class of intellectuals.

By being transported to the "modern day," Julian West, the protagonist, is able to contrast the two societies he has lived in: the capitalistic 19th century and the utopian, socialist 20th century. Julian West,.

He presents his ideas of an ideal society through a character born in the nineteenth-century who wakes up in the twentieth-century. Within this book the s is seen to be a time where only a privileged few were benefited under the system of private capitals. This book became very popular during the time period. Both of these novels offer a critique to certain aspects of American society during the time period, and do so in very similar ways.

Each of these novels, Looking Backward and Herland, depict utopian societies in order to fully illustrate the issues that the authors see in their current society. Although the issues being addressed may be different, the way Bellamy and Gilman discuss them contain. However, this was not enough because social change was not instigated by labor or political parties but by the vow by mankind to persevere and conquer the old order and usher in the new.

Bellamy contrasts the anarchist and socialist movements in order posit the latter in a more favorable light. An important issue resolved the. Visions of Utopia in Looking Backward Edward Bellamy addressed many of the topics crucial to the development of a civilization in his book, Looking Backward. In the story he addresses several different features of years past utopias. Some being "universal harmony, distribution of occupation according to individual aptitudes, equality of reward, universal ease and comfort, reduction of hours of labor, suppression of idleness, of competition, of the struggle for life, and also for money" De.

Not coincidentally, it was right around the end of World War I that dystopian novels started becoming popular and once the horrors of genocide and other Nazi ideas of what fun it would be to test the limits of just how black the human heart can get became public knowledge, the dystopian genre kicked into high gear and the optimistic stories of humans finding a way to live together in peace and harmony became fodder for parody. The comeback would have to wait until the 21st century when its vision of the perfect society seemed more at ease.

Bellamy posits the notion that a perfect utopian ideal will depend to one degree or another on a well-regulated militia capable of keeping it from falling to outside interests. That fact alone should indicate that Looking Backward: is hardly a conservative polemic about what a perfect world would be. What Bellamy offers is a collectivist concept of paradise among humans living together that reflects the socialist ideals sweeping its away across America at the time he wrote his book.

Of course, what is really fascinating is the prescience shown by Bellamy. Consumption of a conspicuous nature. What we take for granted today must have read like thrilling science fiction to readers of the last 19th century. An editor will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback.

The Question and Answer section for Looking Backward is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Looking Backward study guide contains a biography of Edward Bellamy, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Edward Bellamy tried to reflect the ideas that could be inherent to the 19 th century, and focused on such issues like inequality and the difficulties lots of industrial workers may face with. To my mind, one of the major goals, which Bellamy wanted to achieve is to provide the reader with an opportunity to see one of the possible variants of our future and underline the fact that our present even not significant steps could considerably influence certain future events.

When we talk about the work by Edward Bellamy, we cannot but mention such notions like utopia. Thomas More was the first philosopher, who presented the utopian society to his readers; there were so many followers, who also wanted to present their own ideas how social conflict may be overcome in future and what economic reforms may safe our world from total destruction. The attempt of Bellamy is really worthy of attention. Julian West is the major character of this story, who falls into a hypnotic dream and finds himself in future, in the year Now, the country West lived in turns out to be a socialist utopia with its advantages and disadvantages.

Now, it is not some kind of isolated republic; it is a great industrialized world that is created on social cooperation. As any work of fiction, Looking Backward: presents one concrete world with its own rules and peculiarities. The conditions of people of future utopia are higher than of the people from the 19 th century.

Bellamy, This is why the image of a young rich man, who has personal troubles and doubts attract the readers and provide them with an opportunity to enjoy the events, inherent to any person in this real life. Looking Backward: may be also regarded as a captivating historical document that introduces captivating facts about future. It is a kind of forecast, those creator tries to take into account certain evolution principles and possible industry development.

In order to create more or less proper historical document, the author does not want to give concrete numbers and details from the life of each person of the world. He admits that the life turns out to be safer and better; people get an opportunity to have credits in order to be able to buy something; nature is still able to cooperate with technologies.

Such ideas are really too much kind for the future that can be changed by means of social reforms. With the help of this book, modern people can easily find out how other people from our past wanted to see our future. This fiction helps to compare the abilities of our grand parents and their expectations. This is why Looking Backward: has all rights to be one of the most captivating stories, where the author from the 19 th century introduces the picture of the 20 th century and guesses lots of facts.

Our 20 th century finds a kind of reflection in this work, and we should be proud of the fact that Edward Bellamy was our past, who considerably influenced our future. The description of utopian communities and the conditions, created for industrial workers — this is what the work is about. The authors had a look at own future, and did it really great and deserving. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Review of Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy.

The story starts with a preface that explains the sum of the story. The story introduces the fact that Bellamy is writing as if it is already the twentieth century and the world is looked at through rationality. Bellamy uses the character Julian West to represent industrialization and how his utopia are used as the answers is used as the answers to industrialization problems, and Dr.

Leete to represent the new society. There were four classes: Rich, Poor, Educated, and Ignorant. The next few chapters begin to tell the story of how Julian West ended up in the twentieth century. The story describes how Julian falls asleep for a hundred and thirteen years. When Mr. West awakens to a doctor who recovered his body and planned on waiting as long as it took until he awoke.

West is surprised by how the society has turned out and the kindness he received from a complete stranger. This stranger and doctor is the other main character Dr. Julian begins to discuss the vast improvements among the.