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Year after year, we review dozens of reader nominations, revisit sites from past lists, consider staff favorites, and search the far-flung corners of the web for new celebration of new year essay for a varied compilation that will prove an asset to any writer, of any genre, at any experience level. This selection represents this year's creativity-centric websites for writers. These websites fuel out-of-the-box thinking and help writers awaken their choke palahnuik and literary analysis. Be sure to check out the archives for references to innovative techniques and processes from famous thinkers like Einstein and Darwin. The countless prompts, how-tos on guided imagery and creative habits, mixed-media masterpieces, and more at Creativity Portal have sparked imaginations for more than 18 years. Boost your literary credentials by submitting your best caption for the stand-alone cartoon to this weekly choke palahnuik and literary analysis from The New Yorker. The top three captions advance to a public vote, and the winners will be included in a future issue of the magazine.

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You want to avoid people who have written negatively about you or people who have written problematic content, or people who have a history of being abusive or discourteous. Ghostwriters can adapt to whatever process you want to use. Do you want to give them a keyword phrase or a title and let them go to town? Do you want to have them write an outline or a draft to send to you before finalizing a project?

That works too. A ghostwriter can often adapt to just about any process you want to use, to ensure that you get the best content for the best results you can. Here are a few of the cons of hiring a ghostwriter. Finding a good ghostwriter can be difficult. It can be surprisingly difficult to find a good ghostwriter. Ghostwriters tend to be more expensive than a writer who gets attribution.

A ghostwriter of equivalent skill will cost more than a freelancer, though some freelancers leverage their existing reputation to charge more than they perhaps deserve. If someone gives you a call and asks you about your advice for salmon fishing, and you have no idea what to tell them, that hurts your reputation.

If you need to switch ghostwriters, your content voice can suffer. Some bloggers get around this by using fake names for contributors to their site, but that can have its own set of problems. Some people have a negative opinion of ghostwriting as a practice. In some cases, it can even hurt your reputation. Will it be devastating? Probably not. Will it be a hassle?

One thing that people often question with ghostwriters is who owns the rights and ownership of content in the business relationship. The ghostwriter provides you with the content, and you provide them with money. That is, it becomes yours; you can edit it, you can publish it, you can attach your name to it, and generally treat it as your own. You may need to explicitly draw up a contract for both you and the ghostwriter to sign to make this explicit. Without the contract, the writer may still own the copyright to the content they wrote, even if you paid to use it.

This can be quite a tricky situation to navigate if it comes down to it, and may end up involving legal action. Better, instead, to draw up the contract. Hiring a ghostwriter can be a tricky process primarily because of one detail mentioned up above; they can be hard to find! Step 1: Find the ghostwriter. You can do this through a variety of different channels.

You can visit content mills and try to poach writers, though they will be resistant because the mill rules generally forbid it, and some of them even censor communications between writers and clients that include contact information. You can make a post on your site, on freelance hubs, on sites like ProBlogger , or even just on Craigslist, and let them come to you. However you do it, you need to build up a pool of candidates to be your ghostwriter.

Step 2: Interview your potential ghostwriters. I wrote a more in-depth post about screening potential blog writers over here , most of the advice applies to a ghostwriter as well. Step 3: Work with the ghostwriter for a test or two. You want to see if the writer can perform up to your standards, so give them an assignment. Step 4: Draw up a contract. As mentioned up above, by default, the person who writes a piece of content owns the copyright to that content.

You need to create a contract for you and the writer to sign, that delivers the content and the rights to the content to you. It should, of course, also guarantee payment for the writer, and recourse if no payment is delivered. Step 5: Maintain a long and fruitful relationship with your ghostwriter. In an ideal situation, you and the writer will grow together. You can pay them more for better content over time, and they can produce more and better content as they grow more familiar with you, your business, and your industry.

The choice is yours. Most of the people I know who have articles ghostwritten for them give the writer a complete breakdown of what they want to talk about. They mention points they want to cover, articles they want to cite and the general opinion and direction of the article.

The opinion, direction, topic, and sources are all still unique to the person ordering the article — they simply hired somebody to help them expand on those points and fill in the blanks. In fact, some freelancers are so influential themselves that businesses and publications hire them to guest blog. Ghostwriters, on the other hand, never expect a byline.

You know your business and your customers better than anyone else, so why would you hire a ghostwriter to take over such an important task as blogging? There are plenty of reasons, actually, and a few of them are more common than others:. None of these reasons is a reflection of your capabilities as a business owner. Go you! You need ghostwriters for hire who will produce the kind of content that will amaze your audience and convince them to pledge their loyalty to you and only you.

How do you know where to look? Like with any major investment, you need to do your homework and learn the ins and outs of using blog ghostwriters in marketing. From learning about the types of ghostwriters and agencies to work with or avoid , to understanding your role in the process, there is a lot you should know if you hope for your collaboration with a ghostwriter for blogs to go according to plan. Imagine this: You hire a ghostwriter for blog articles and expect instant magic, but when you read the finished product, you experience instant regret.

Your disappointment may stem from one or more of the following reasons:. For a few of the above scenarios, the problem obviously lies with the quality of the writer you hired. If the problem is the ghostwriter or possibly the lack of a thorough QC process , you may have to go through one or several content writing agencies to find the right fit. After a bit of trial and error, you will find The One, we promise!

However, for some of the other issues, such as those stemming from tone and style, the issue may not be with the writer but rather with the way in which you work with the writer, which brings us to point two. If you want to enjoy a successful partnership with your ghostwriter, collaboration is key.

Share your knowledge, ideas and expertise with your writer, and he or she will help you clearly convey it all in ways that are engaging and readable. Give your blog ghostwriter direction and be available to answer any questions he or she may have, and you will receive far higher quality ghost written blogs than if you had dumped an assignment on him or her with no guidance at all.

These clients have six-page long briefs for a word blog post. Yes, your website or blog is very near and dear to you, but you hired a ghostwriter for a reason. Give your ghostwriter some space and creative freedom, and chances are he or she will produce something far more magical than if you had dictated the process. Edits, revisions, images, meta descriptions, social media posts … There are dozens of extras that your ghostwriter for hire will be more than happy to tack on for you, for a fee.

Though basic edits and revisions are typically included in the initial price, be sure to double-check with your writer or copywriting agency before you hire a ghostwriter for blog posts. Think of them as upcharges, like adding guacamole to your sandwich, or opting for soup instead of salad. If your content asset is short less than words , it may not be necessary to send along an outline of what you want the finished product to look like. However, if you want a long-form blog post, an in-depth landing page, an e-book or a whitepaper, outlines can serve as exceptional guides during the process of ghostwriting blog posts.

To ensure you receive the asset you envisioned, spend some time to create a detailed outline that includes the sections you wish to include, the points you want to cover and the word counts for each section. You may also wish to include how thoroughly you would like the ghostwriter to cover any given topic brief mention, a couple of sentences or in-depth paragraphs.

F or instance, say you want to promote the new gravity-feed toilet your home improvement store recently added to its inventory. You request a 2,word product review on this toilet alone. Its features are undoubtedly noteworthy, but are there really 2, words to be said about the fixture?

Probably not. Asking your ghostwriter to come up with so many words for a subject that can be covered in or less is asking for a piece full of fluff — and for the writer to forever turn away future assignments from you. Before requesting an assignment from your ghost, ask yourself: Is there enough relevant information out there to cover the word count? And if so, is it information your intended audience would want?

If the answer is yes to both questions, by all means, request away. On the other hand, there are those requests for a writer to cover a comprehensive topic within a measly words. Give your ghostwriter the freedom to run with it by paying for a higher word count.

Rather, it could be due to a lack of communication at the onset of a project, unclear directions or a sudden change in your own style preferences. Bear these things in mind when you communicate with the writer, because while most ghostwriters expect and willingly accept feedback, if the feedback is more critical than constructive or productive, the writer may be unwilling to work with you on future projects.

Ultimately, the big picture is what really matters. If the ghostwriter pegs your tone, voice and style, addresses all the talking points you wanted to cover and produces a finished product that is both engaging and informative, small, easy-to-fix errors should not be a deal-breaker.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged. Being unnecessarily nit-picky is neither. If the writer failed to include a link to your Contact Us page, or if you notice a typo in the content, sending an email requesting revisions for these quick fixes may be a waste of time and energy. If you notice very minor errors, make the changes yourself. Price is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of content you can expect, as ghostwriter fees vary considerably.

Moreover, some writers charge a flat, hourly rate, while others charge on a per-word basis. That said, be smart about how you go about hiring a blog ghostwriter. For the most bang for your buck, go through a content creation agency that specializes in offering ghostwriters for hire.

Read the reviews before committing to any contract and ask for a trial order. A legitimate blog writing firm will be more than happy to answer your questions and get you started with a few samples for your project. As they say, a blog post says a thousand words, so let the writing speak for itself. Not only that, but your writers are sure to consistently deliver content that you will want to attach your byline to. Hiring ghostwriters for blogs may prove to be an invaluable investment for your business.

While you could begin the search for an individual ghostwriter on your own, it may be quicker and more effective to turn to a content writing company that has already hand-selected and trained some of the top ghostwriters in the industry. Our team of ghost blog writers will take care of the keyword research, topic creation, content creation, editing, etc.

Thanks for writing such an information blog which will surely be a great help for the students as well as the institutions. Thanks for writing such an information blog which will surely be a great help for the students as well as the intitutions.

Fortunately for you, there are web writing services out there whose focus is words and they are willing to step out of the way when it comes to publishing your content in your own name.

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Advantages and disadvantages of space tourism essay In fact, some freelancers are 1 send failed resume pmtu 65535 influential themselves school entrance essay example businesses and publications hire them to guest blog. You must weed through the flood of candidates to make a shortlist. All images must be licensed or follow Creative Commons guidelines. Do you create amazing videos? Remember that working with a content marketing agency is an entirely different ball game, especially as you may utilize other services in addition to writing. We create a schedule and keep it filled with titles.
Ghostwriter blog After you choose a title, we begin work on a first post. Allow enough turnaround time if you expect an internal team member to act as the editor for the content. Where would you personally draw the line as a ghostwriter, if at all? With a service like this, you know that your brand and your blog will be seamless. If you notice very minor errors, make the changes yourself.
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Incubators business plan They can help you position your brand and boost your business with organic traffic. Make people nod—and laugh. Even if you did decide to risk working with just one ghostwriter, hiring him or her is actually a lot of work for a business. Bestseller marketing services! They usually have SEO and Content Marketing curriculum vitae ghostwriter sites uk — You may not know what kind of content you need, which can make it hard to write a receipt template the right blogger. A blog ghostwriter will never expect this kind of byline. Give your ghost a detailed overview of your company purpose, products and services and share any preferences for phrases, buzzwords or industry lingo, legal requirements and topics or language to avoid at all costs.
Help with my rhetorical analysis essay online Get the word out. Full Name. We have also worked on one-time emails, automated emails and email drip campaigns. Podcast to Blog Post. The Pros of Hiring a Ghostwriter.
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Ghostwriter blog Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. It's a slippery The write a receipt template begins researching, writing and uploading your posts per the schedule. Repost topics on LinkedIn. We can provide a few different options for social media content. A ghostwriter is rarely going to be a blog manager for you. You can cancel the service at anytime.
Ghostwriter blog A ghostwriter, at least in terms of a blog, is just someone who writes content for you without putting their name on it as the author. If someone gives you a call and asks you about your advice for salmon fishing, and you have no idea what to tell them, that hurts your reputation. It depends on your definition of SEO. Please contact us to discuss. We have also created standalone sample academic essay for social media platforms.

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Core Values. Core Purpose. Our Home. Global Team. Meet The Team. Dayne Shuda Owner. Lindy Barker Account Manager. Lora C. Mercado Writer. Andrew Mancini Writer. My past experience includes being a project manager. I feel I have a unique skill set when it comes to creative storytelling, content production, and content marketing. In addition to writing, I enjoy acting. I was cast in a lead role of a professional performance for over a year. Before that, I worked in sales, corporate consulting, and as a founding member of a new theatre company in Chicago.

I feel that with my experience in business, writing and theatre that I make an excellent storyteller and writer and understand how to speak to almost any audience. From technical ghostwriting to passionate poetry, to full-length screenplays and animated shorts, and even graphic novels, or technical ebooks. I pride myself on being untethered to any single genre or style of writing.

Crystal Dawn Crowder Writer. Robyn Fields Writer. Desiree Homer Writer. Desiree is a determined leader with a proven record of success in areas of Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Sales Management and Business Management at the local, regional and national levels.

She is a freelance writer and content collaborator at her core. She brings insight to generating revenue, new and organic business development, training best practices and real-world business experience. She and her husband currently own and operate a Home Inspection small business in IL. She loves all things coffee and chocolate and speaks fluent French. Fiona Bramzell Writer. Fiona Bramzell is a British-born, Toronto-based freelance writer and copy editor with over fifteen years of experience in the business.

Her main areas of expertise are health, beauty and lifestyle, but she has an insatiable curiosity and loves to research and write on a whole range of subjects. Harrison Stone Bryan Writer. Ian Kidd Writer. Cathy Gaither Writer. Cathy has worn many hats over the course of her professional careers.

She has worked with veterinarians in large, small, and exotic animal practices and in academia as a professor of anthropology specializing in the analysis of human physical remains. Heather Straub Writer. Those snippets are then published on social media to build engagement right on the platform. We have also created standalone content for social media platforms. An old post or landing page may need an adjustment based on search intent. Sometimes a post that ranks pretty well can be given a boost with additional content and answers to additional questions on the topic.

We can help you identify posts that make sense to update and provide the update for you. Do you create amazing videos? We can take the video and create a blog posts or multiple blog posts to repurpose your video content. From homepages to service pages to about pages, we have helped clients with all kinds of web page content. This can be some of the most important content for new and existing websites. But it can also be some of the most difficult for the business owner or manager to write.

Some of our clients have had us write white papers. These usually address a specific issue. But it does vary. We often work with the client to get their thoughts and opinions and then work to complete the white paper. We can suggest designers to help with the design work. A quality blog post is one that answers a question with the best information and in the best way possible.

Depending on the question, the appropriate word count could range from a few hundred words to a few thousand words. Word count can also vary depending on your industry and what your goals are for your business blog. This is a sweet spot for both social media sharing and SEO. There are many other factors, but word count is important. It builds SEO and allows for sharing via email and social media. We have a great process for making sure there are always great titles on the schedule that will be interesting and valuable to your customers.

We always offer revisions for any post at any point in the relationship. However, the first post gives us a great opportunity to assess fit. Usually we can tell if things are a good fit from the first post. Another option is to switch writers to find a better fit.

It depends on your definition of SEO. Our blogging strategy is simple. We focus on your business, your industry and especially your target reader or customer. Those questions provide inspiration for blog post titles. With each post, we try to provide the best answer we can for the reader. Why use this approach? Identifying questions readers are asking and searching for is a form of keyword research. Providing the best answer we can to each question is a form of SEO along with proper formatting and optimization when publishing the posts.

We can deliver posts via email. This makes it difficult for the blogging strategy to work for your business. It also puts GBW in a challenging position. We prefer to upload and schedule posts directly. We do it all the time. We leave at least a 7-day buffer for review. This ensures that every post goes live, is formatted correctly and that the posts are adding value to your website and business.

We use images that are either royalty and copyright free or photos that are free to use with attribution. Readers appreciate posts on the same day s each week. This efficiency offers the best quality content at the GBW price.

If you are then we move forward and get to work on the posts with that goal in mind. Most of our clients publish on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The price remains the same for these and other situations. We can work together on the specifics of maintaining your blog. Usually over time we find that as clients get comfortable with our service that they hand off the services to us to make things efficient.

Please contact us to discuss. Blog Writing Services. Blog Post Pricing. Other word counts and frequency discounts available. Customer Blogging Results. Our traffic continues to go up each year thanks to your blogging services. Test Prep. Free Trial First Post After you choose a title, we begin work on a first post. Our Goal For You. Long-Term Blogging Success. Why Blog Writing Services. Increased Traffic. Additional Content Writing Services.

Landing Pages. LinkedIn Articles. Personalized Content. Podcast to Blog Post. Product Descriptions. SEO Pages. Social Media. Video to Blog Post. Website Content. White Papers. Ready to get content for your business?


Thus, reasons you may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter include:. When you purchase writing services, you can alleviate the worries and stress you have about each blog content project. Your blog ghostwriter can help you come up with engaging topic ideas and deliver on your vision for the blog. Plus, when you pay an agency or writer for their services, you can link ROI directly to the finished pieces.

With these skills, ghostwriters assume your brand or individual identity with accuracy and authenticity. Once you narrow the pool of ghosts, you can find the winning writer through a detailed interview process. Ask them about their approach to new clients, for instance. That means doing everything they can to get to know clients as people as well as from a business perspective — asking questions, reviewing past materials and discussing project details before writing.

Consider looking for subject matter experts. If they have experience in your industry, they should be able to get up to speed on your company quickly. Plus, they are more likely to provide notable insights that can benefit your content marketing strategy. When writers start off as blind as the readers, they can think about that original perspective as they write the content.

In most cases, this official guardian of company secrets is the non-disclosure agreement. That being said, you can take a look at other writing samples, especially original reporting work if they have a journalism background. Plus, they likely have an in-house editor to double down on the level of quality you can expect from each deliverable.

How much money you can expect to shovel out depends on a variety of factors, including:. Some writers will choose to charge based on word count. Say 15 cents per word. Other ghostwriters prefer to charge flat project rates or hourly fees, which vary by experience, subject matter and location. According to PayScale data, the average hourly rate for ghostwriters in the U.

Remember that working with a content marketing agency is an entirely different ball game, especially as you may utilize other services in addition to writing. Clear expectations are also critical to the success of your partnership. Alternatively, you can work with a writer or agency willing to collaborate on these elements.

Both you and the writer should have a comprehensive understanding of what each party is expected to deliver for every project. That includes a timeline detailing when the writer is expected to turn in a rough draft, revisions and the final piece. Allow enough turnaround time if you expect an internal team member to act as the editor for the content. Once you have the answers to these questions, you and your ghost can develop an editorial calendar.

This is especially helpful if you want to plan and schedule posts that support overall brand campaigns and promotions. Naturally, an optimal working relationship with your ghostwriter also ensures your money is well spent. Good content will come from writers who understand the big picture, as well as every necessary detail in between. Always provide ghostwriters with more information than you think they need.

Give your ghost a detailed overview of your company purpose, products and services and share any preferences for phrases, buzzwords or industry lingo, legal requirements and topics or language to avoid at all costs. If you have style guides, brand guidelines or audience personas in place, make sure the writer has a copy. As your partnership continues, make sure your ghost is aware of upcoming campaigns, events or promotions that they should work into the content.

Plus, make sure your writer has ample time to interview internal experts for necessary insights. If possible, schedule at least an hour for interviews with the CEO or other SMEs for industry thought and opinion pieces. To rise above the digital din, you need blog pieces of the utmost quality—rich in insight and information, superior in storytelling savvy, and deeply relevant to the audience you hope to engage.

Mediocrity gets you nowhere. This poses a problem when you try to outsource blog writing to many freelancers or other agencies. The results are often… meh. Fear not, MarketSmiths is here to be your editorial-savvy blogging team. In this case, more begets more. You will get more mileage when you spread the word across channels, media, audience segments, and the like.

And the better your raw material, the better your results. Simple as that. Hooks, headlines, and high-concept thinking reflect your brand voice—and we can provide it. Search strategy is built into every piece we write. Frequent SEO training ensures that our in-house team is always up to date on the latest updates to search engine functionality—so they can ghostwrite you blogs that are designed to rise in the ranks.

No more chasing down freelancers, vetoing tone-deaf or tired angles, or waiting weeks for slow drafts. Our responsive team is built to work quickly and nimbly. If you need, we can pitch you ideas that dovetail with industry happenings, accommodating lightning-fast turnarounds and seamlessly keeping pace with your accelerating needs.

Talk to our seasoned team of blog writers to enact a winning content strategy today. Digital by MadPipe. Photography by Chellise Michael. Skip to content. Ghostwritten Blogs. Contact Us. Blogs that build brands.

Fresh angles that command attention Having a blog is a no-brainer: Done right, it can push your Google rankings ever higher for target keywords and search terms. In a well-strategized campaign, even just a single post—written strategically—can get you repeatedly found by your target buyers. In time, these actions fill your pipeline with qualified leads, partners, talent, and more. A strategic blog also shows you know your collective stuff. Educate your industry. Provide well-earned views.

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Do a great job, make quality content at write a receipt template GBW. Our traffic continues to go huge difference to [book writing] for your business. PARAGRAPHThis is a sweet spot ghostwriter blog sharing via email and itself. You can be a ghostwriter your industry and especially your do you want to accomplish. Many feel that some types should ask is this: What work on the posts with. Providing the best answer we use ghostwriting as a way to supplement or support their to use with attribution. We always offer revisions for worth more than the commission. If you want to be a ghostwriter, custom descriptive essay editing services us have to a sign you did a. It may sound silly, but way: All that praise is we can for the reader. This efficiency offers the best discounts available.

What is blog ghostwriting? Blog ghostwriting allows businesses in all industries and of all sizes to communicate their messages online, professionally. Your blog ghostwriter can help you come up with engaging topic ideas and deliver on your vision for the blog. Plus, when you pay an agency or. A ghostwriter is an anonymous writer who is paid to write many types of content that are officially credited to another person like blog posts, whitepapers.