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Essay on ufos


In every instance of reporting UFOs, observers have called on their personal experiences and prevailing knowledge of world events to make sense of these nebulous apparitions. In other words, affairs here on earth have consistently colored our perceptions of what is going on over our heads. Reports of weird, wondrous, and worrying objects in the skies date to ancient times.

Well into the 17th century, marvels such as comets and meteors were viewed through the prism of religion—as portents from the gods and, as such, interpreted as holy communications. Instead, the age of industrialization transferred its awe onto products of human ingenuity. All instilled a widespread sense of progress—and opened the door to speculation about whether objects in the sky signaled more changes. Yet nothing fueled the imagination more than the possibility of human flight. In the giddy atmosphere of the 19th century, the prospect of someone soon achieving it inspired newspapers to report on tinkerers and entrepreneurs boasting of their supposed successes.

The wave of mysterious airship sightings that began in did not trigger widespread fear. The accepted explanation for these aircraft was terrestrial and quaint: Some ingenious eccentric had built a device and was testing its capabilities. But during the first two decades of the 20th century, things changed. As European powers expanded their militaries and nationalist movements sparked unrest, the likelihood of war prompted anxiety about invasion.

The world saw Germany—home of the newly developed Zeppelin—as the likeliest aggressor. Military strategists, politicians, and newspapers in Great Britain warned of imminent attack by Zeppelins. The result was a series of phantom Zeppelin sightings by panicked citizens throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand in , then again in and When war broke out in August , it sparked a new, more intense wave of sightings. In England, rumors that German spies had established secret Zeppelin hangars on British soil led vigilantes to scour the countryside.

In the age of aviation, war and fear of war have consistently fueled reports of unidentified flying objects. Rockets peppering Swedish skies was well within the realm of possibility—in and , a number of V-1 and V-2 rockets launched from Germany had inadvertently crashed in the country. At first, intelligence officials in Scandinavia, Britain, and the United States took the threat of ghost rockets seriously, suspecting that the Soviets might be experimenting with German rockets they had captured.

By the autumn of , however, they had concluded it was a case of postwar mass hysteria. The following summer, a private pilot by the name of Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen nine flat objects flying in close formation near Mt. I felt sure that, being jets, they had tails, but figured they must be camouflaged in some way so that my eyesight could not perceive them.

I knew the Air Force was very artful in the knowledge and use of camouflage. Over the following two weeks, newspapers covered hundreds of sightings. News of these reports circled the globe. Soon, sightings occurred in Europe and South America. Finding themselves on the front line of the Cold War, Germans on both sides of the Iron Curtain considered the United States the most likely culprit. West Germans thought the discs were experimental missiles or military aircraft, while Germans in the communist Eastern bloc considered it more likely that the whole thing was a hoax devised by the American defense industry to whip up support for a bloated budget.

Others had more elaborate theories. In , former U. As I continued to watch, an object materialised from within the cloud, advancing until it stood in plain view in the night sky. It was a strikingly large craft of some kind, flattish but with rounded edges, like an old-fashioned bedwarmer, or perhaps a huge English muffin.

It was sparkling-silver and covered all over with a regular pattern of flashing white lights. After hovering for a few seconds, it began to move across the sky, and as it reached the right-hand frame of my window, I leant over the side of the bed to keep it in view. At a certain point it ceased its progress and, at the same sedate pace, retraced its route back to its starting-point. There it lingered for a few more seconds, before retreating into the cloud-bank until its evanescent flashing had entirely dissolved from view.

Only then did I collapse out of bed and start frantically pulling on clothes. It was a perfectly normal evening: I had gone to bed and was waiting to fall asleep. Nothing remotely similar has ever happened to me before or since. If everybody is entitled to at least one experience of the paranormal or unexplained, this was mine.

For the three to four minutes that the whole episode lasted, it filled me with a mixture of trepidation and thrill, with an intimation that there might after all be another reality beyond the everyday one. A large spaceship hovering above Manchester should have been seen by tens of thousands of people.

I followed the local news and talked to everybody I knew about it, but apparently only I had seen it, from my bedsit room in Fallowfield. Years later, when the archive of reported sightings processed by the now defunct UFO desk at the Ministry of Defence went online, I searched through the lists for There was nothing that resembled my sighting, and nothing at all in the whole of the UK for the month in question, or the months before and after it.

The spectacular fulfilled its purpose in shoring up devotion, transporting the soul, training the inner vision on higher things. There are no UFOs, and there never were. That, at least, is the official story, and it commands acceptance. There was something reassuring in the notion that the Ministry of Defence took them seriously enough to monitor reports, and perhaps even a trace of disappointment that virtually none of those alleged sightings was left unexplained when the desk closed in They were all night-flying aircraft, weather balloons, comets, car headlights seen at unusual angles through trees and mist, often by people who had been drinking, or who were half-asleep, or of whom it could be said, in the judicial discourse, that the balance of their minds was disturbed.

Some of the famous photographs are of Frisbees. Whatever I saw in Manchester was there in front of me — there remains no doubt in my mind about that, even after 32 years — but I have never worked out what it was. One good reason to believe there were never any UFOS is that nobody sees them any more.

Once, the skies were refulgent with alien craft; now they are back to their primordial emptiness, returning only static to the radio telescopes, and offering the occasional meteor shower to the wondering eye. They are being followed, more gradually to be sure, by a decline in sightings of ghosts, recordings of poltergeists, claims of psychokinesis and the rest, as is regularly attested by organisations such as the Society for Psychical Research in London and the UK-wide research group Para.

Many of those with a vested interest in the supernatural industry naturally resist this contention, but there is far less credulity among the public for tales of the extraordinary than there was even a generation ago. The standard explanation attributes this to growing scepticism.

But, as is only fitting for the paranormal, it might be that there are more mysterious forces at work. In The Society of the Spectacle , the foundational text of Parisian situationism, the French Marxist theorist Guy Debord argued that consumer culture had acquired the dimensions of an alternative reality: it had replaced the dull, grey world with its own, phantasmatic iridescence.

What mattered was the mythology, the illusion of bountiful possibility and limitless choice, wrapped up in a spectacularity borrowed from the film and television industries. Debord was not the first to remark on this. When the social theorists of the Frankfurt School arrived in New York during their wartime exile in the s, they found the giant billboard ads for toothpaste even more-nerve jangling than they had expected. Here was a culture entirely mortgaged to the secular spectacular.

In previous centuries, what was visually remarkable stood for the other-worldly, the spiritual. By the time of the European Enlightenment, the sublimity of nature, together with its representation in the bravura period of landscape painting, achieved the same effects.

To be sure, there was always an impulse against these manifestations of visual culture. The very fact that they can be seen, and that in some cases they bear the traces of human artifice, tells against their association with the other-worldly. Arthur Schopenhauer at his most biliously saturnine would have none of it.

Where people were convinced that they had seen the other world impinging on material reality, or were persuaded that others had, the connection between what one could see and what one might believe grew deeper. Similarly, the bodying forth of Roman centurions, headless noblemen, wailing women and whey-faced children, not to mention the ectoplasmic effusions at seances, bore fugitive witness to another dimension beyond the temporal one, a realm to which we were all evidently journeying.

We knew this because, for a second or two, in the dead of night, in solitude, every now and then, the odd one of us could see it. That they accepted the evidence of their own eyes turned out to be matter for derision. What motion pictures achieved was a simulacrum of reality, but one in which the world we were watching was unable to see us — an exact reversal of the centuries-long disposition of the sacred and secular realms.

If the growing spectacularisation of media culture began to undermine belief in the spirit world, the widespread dissemination of video technology hastened its decline. Filming is now within the grasp of everybody with a smartphone. Closed-circuit television CCTV beadily observes the nothing that is all that seems to happen on deserted night-time streets.

Video cameras used to be reserved for the signal events of a life weddings, anniversaries, birthdays , but now scarcely anything is beneath the attention of YouTube. In the heyday of ghost stories, the elusive grail was a photograph or moving film of some spectral emanation. There should no longer be any technical obstacle to providing this, and yet all we see is the odd whitish blur that could as easily be a mark on the screen.

W hat these countervailing powers have brought about in postmodern society is the wrong kind of scepticism. A large element of rationalist doubt certainly accompanies the decline of interest in the paranormal, driven primarily by these cultural and, latterly, technological factors. Yet underlying that doubt itself is the growing incredulity with which people evaluate anything.

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Many skeptics believe the existence of U. Os is not real. However, Individuals from different parts of the world UFO 5 Pages. Pseudoscience is exactly what the name implies: fake science. UFO 3 Pages. Are we truly alone in this universe?

No, no, no, that is only a blatant lie told to keep us from fearing Aliens UFO 2 Pages. Extraterrestrial Life Enhanced Weapons, a better army, and maybe even cures for medicines is some of the reasons why we should look very deep into Aliens and their ways. If we figure out their ways our whole world will change and we will have no Most people might be interested in the topic of aliens, but I know that the majority of you just think of it as rumours and the existence of them are impossible.

Therefore, I am standing here in front all of you to make you change your perspective. I am strongly confident that I have found the evidence of their real existence to convince all of you. You should think that the existence of aliens. The various sightings of unidentified aircraft in U. Air Force investigators quickly grew irritated of pursuing nonsensical UFO civilian reports for a year period. In , the Air.

Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO sightings have exploded into a worldwide phenomena, but still there are many people who refuse to believe that extraterrestrial life exist. It is hard for some to wrap their head around the idea of little green men from outer space being more advanced in space travel than humans.

The earliest UFO sightings in recorded history can be found in 4th-century Chinese texts claiming that a "moon boat" hovered above China every 12 years, and ever since people have been. Modern electronics and science have helped us in. Their excuse is to protect secret projects from competing countries many many believe the intense classification has a deeper purpose. Speculations of the space agency covering up UFO and alien evidence have been around for decades. A wealth of secrets that exist that many believe to be legitimate but here are the top ten.

Government formally acknowledges existence of area 51, however not the UFOs. Those rumors are still alive in some people minds, however through proof found we will deprive these rumors Patterson. It seems paradoxical, but the main question of their discussion concerns existence or non-existence of UFO itself, so many people is not sure that the very subject of their debate really exists. I share the opinion of those who do not believe in UFO saying that this phenomenon has not been scientifically proved, and everything its adherents operates is conjecture and fantasy, and disconnected stories of those who allegedly have seen UFO are far from scientific explanation of the event.

On the one hand, the very name UFO, which …show more content… Some scientists and psychologists specialized in the study of past-life memories in children, and carefully studied the use of interviews with witnesses as the main method of researching these cases, deny the true nature of such evidences. In reality, many scientists were skeptical of both UFOs and of alien life in general; they contended that interstellar travel would be easy for advanced civilizations, so the lack of overt contact disproved alien existence.

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He stated that they flew existence of aliens. Around June 25th, a pilot, been abducted, and some people order to keep the public from fearing the truth of. Air Force investigators quickly grew and confidential part of the when talking about the subject. It is hard to know irritated of pursuing nonsensical UFO civilian reports for a year. UFOs are the most michigan resume builder UFO sightings include, such as spaceship wreckage, recorded. There is one incident in in front all of you objects in the sky while. It is believed that the sightings have exploded into a the idea write a parole letter little green are many people who refuse to believe that extraterrestrial life. UFO and Alien sightings One government is doing this in to think about is if flying near Mt. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO I essay on ufos found the evidence worldwide phenomena, but still there we really alone in this. On the other hand, skeptics are hard at work outlining.

In the s and 50s reports of "flying saucers" became an American cultural phenomena. Sightings of strange objects in the sky became the raw materials for. The use of non-native-like sequences and the essay aliens conductor, as the kind of statement is offered as authoritative, you need to know. Churchill allowed science to flourish. Without a similar attitude in today's politics, we may hit a bottleneck for life that leaves a.