argumentive essays on organic food is healthier

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Argumentive essays on organic food is healthier best content proofreading for hire uk

Argumentive essays on organic food is healthier



Organic foods are richer in nutritional value, particularly in organic acids and polyphonic compounds. Pesticides and Chemicals to Look Out For Farmers and other growers that make organic food have a minimally negative impact on the planet. They use natural fertilizers and pesticides rather than man-made varieties.

The food produced is safer for you to eat than conventional food, even if it isn 't significantly higher in…. Although there are reasonable number of consumers who purchase organic food in order to prevent the harmful impact of pesticides and fertilizers, there are equal numbers of those who argue that the limits of fertilizers and pesticides found in non-organic food are far below the acceptable levels.

This notion has been preventing the consumers from choosing organic food over non-organic food. Some consumers also feel that the organic food is not completely organic as it does use various natural pesticides, which are capable of making the consumers sick and bringing serious illnesses including cancer. Several consumers are reluctant towards organic food as it is found only in niche markets and fails to…. In a broader sense without getting too much out of context, organic farming can be as a delicate of the people rich since in matters of feeding the world it can not compete with conventional farming.

If farming would only consist of organic products then the world not be able to feed the 7 billion people on the planet. The relationship between pesticides and organic production crops is simple. Conventional farming has been so successful because at the end of the day it can provide food to a broader population and keeps the cost….

The U. Department of Agriculture has set a standard as to how much pesticides and insecticides are used on crops. The conventional food may have pesticides on them, but it is controlled at a safe level.

A careful blend of some of these facts has necessitated this compendium to guide you on healthy eating and living. What is the difference between Organic and Non Organic food? Organic products refer to the way farmers grow and produce food for consumption. There is no use of any conventional additions like Fertilizers, artificial feeds, etc. After Rachel Carson wrote that book, most people started really thinking about what they ate.

Organic farming uses mostly traditional and natural methods to produce its food. Organic food is best for consumers because it is less harmful to the environment, to animals, to and humans. First, Organic food is best for the environment because organic farming uses fewer chemicals that pollute our air, water, and soil.

Organic food is best for the environment…. This is achieved by natural growing practices, chemical avoidance, continuous crop rotation and other natural farming methods. The seeds used must have been grown organically. They are fed with organic food, grass or hay. This makes the cattle healthier as it is what they naturally consume. Furthermore, the costs of transportation means that many people buy organic foods from many different countries.

This means that organic food often travel further than other foods. In turn organic food from these countries costs more in fuel and damage to the environment. If a consumer is able to shop locally from places such as farmers markets, then costs of transportation are kept to a minimum. This way of showing then eliminates the idea of goods being transported over long distance and eliminating the heavy cost of fuel and damage to the environment. There are many reasons both for and against the purchase of organic foods.

In essence it is a personal opinion as to whether the cost of organic food is worth the purchase. Expert UK essay writing service - get your essays written by expert essay writer. Professional custom writing service are writing essays since Need help with essay? Visit this service - online essay writers.

Professional essay writing guide to read. Helpful Tips. Is Organic Food Worth the Cost? Some of the top reasons for buying and eating organic foods include: Animal Welfare Helping local economy Rotated crops create healthier soil No chemical fertiliser Healthier for you than other food. Reasons why the costs are so high include: More workers are needed to farm organic foods Food tends to grow slower than other farming methods Organic farmers lose more crops due to no chemicals USDA Organic certification is expensive Shipping costs are greater due to smaller loads Not only are the costs high for buying organic but also there is no scientific evidence that suggests that organic foods is any healthier than other foods.

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Organic food is believed to have better impact on person 's well-being and not to cause harm to people and the surrounding world due to its ecological nature. The term “organic” is almost everywhere in modern society, whether it's used to promote a product or it's debated on whether it really benefits the human. Moreover, we are also going to present many benefits of eating organic foods. Thus, the thesis of the essay is the following: consuming a well-balanced diet.