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How to write attractive offers


By driving a sense of urgency and triggering fear-of-missing-out FOMO , limited-time offers nudge consumers to make a quick decision about a potential purchase. While time-sensitive offers work well converting on-the-fence prospects, you need to ensure that your campaigns reach as many prospects as possible within a limited time.

Combined with website popups , email marketing is the best way to achieve that. Take a look at this subject line sent by Tarte :. The use of numbers also helps this email grab attention, in addition to proving that the offer has a strict time limitation. Using numbers, emojis, and persuasive words , Tarte implies urgency by all means and make you open this email:.

In this promotional email, the company announces its flash sale on a specific product category and limits it by only six hours. Many e-commerce brands run flash sales that typically last for a day or a whole weekend. Tarte makes a bold move by running a 6-hour-only sale, though.

While many companies associate limited-time offers with discounts , a handful of marketers know that free shipping is an equally, if not more, powerful incentive. Check out this subject line Everlane sends:. Since your subscribers already showed an interest in your brand by signing up for your email list, promoting your upcoming or current sales is a surefire way to convert them. Banana Republic is a good example of how you can promote your sales:. Using the exact discount amount in the subject line and highlighting that the sale is happening now , Banana Republic invites you to open this email immediately:.

In the remainder of the email, they help you more by recommending relevant products that are suitable for the winter:. Curating some of their products in this promotional email, Banana Republic gives you a place to start browsing from, in case one of these winter clothes catches your eye.

Kate Spade finds a good excuse to follow up on their sales without sounding overly promotional:. The company simply informs you that they added more products to their sale, and you might be interested in them. Monki knows how to start off on the right foot. Soon after joining their newsletter, they send you this email:. While Monki targets new signups with this offer, OUAI knows how to appreciate their existing subscribers with a special deal:. But more importantly, product launches evoke curiosity, engage your email list, and keep your brand top-of-mind.

With this subject line, Casper evokes a similar feeling where they turn something unexpected around. In this email, Casper positions its new mattress as a groundbreaking product. But, unlike many brands that simply explain how awesome their new products are, Casper focuses on the extra mile they go for its customers and cements itself as a market authority.

The rest of the email consists of a simple GIF and a link to the product. No long explanations. No complicated features. Given that not all of us launch a cutting-edge product every day sometimes announcing a new product category works just as fine. Hinting a long-awaited special edition product line, Away promotes its new stickers in this email:.

At first, it looks like any other limited-edition product launch email with a dash of exclusivity, until you read the second part of the email. Notice how the company highlights its satisfaction guarantee at the end to convince you for a trial. Most businesses make their offer appealing by simply dropping their price. I believe there are many more — and much more effective — ways to attract people that are willing to purchase.

I will dare to guess that what the majority of players in your industry do to make their offer more enticing is drop their prices. Think about it: Dropping your price requires nothing unique nor special. Anybody can decide to cut their profits or even take a loss. Most consumers are looking for much more than just a good price. The offer needs to be of a certain quality, satisfy their need in a very real and particular way, and appeal to them emotionally more on that below.

Your audience must perceive that the offer is putting forth a significant amount of value, such that it deserves their sacrifice — be it monetary, time, attention, etc. The way we suggest making your offer attractive is not just to drop your price, but to stretch the distance between the value your audience perceives your offer has, and the cost required to acquire it. Quite simply, your audience needs to get the sense that they are getting an amazing level of value for what seems like a much lower price than it seems like it would cost.

A high perceived value at a high price, as well as a low perceived value for a low price, both seem like exactly what would be expected. If everyone else is doing it, your potential buyers will probably wait instead of taking action.

Your audience must stop in their tracks and seriously consider whether it makes sense to pass up your offer. Since we were very young, we experienced our lollipops running out, our playtime coming to an end, and our crayons going from solid to crumbled. Deep within our minds, we understand that everything that is valuable comes in limited supply or for a limited time.

At the same time, we tend to attribute a greater sense of value to those things that are bound to run out. If you think about your offer, you may be able to identify many aspects in which your goods are limited. Just be sincere about it.

If your product comes in limited supply, tell them. If you only intend to open the offer during a certain period of time, tell them. Be sincere with yourself and your potential clients. This is why we say that all purchases are emotional in nature. The decision to buy is rooted in a deep identification with the person or company offering their product.

People tend to like things that they can identify with culturally, ethically, philosophically, or in one of many other ways that affect them profoundly. Generosity breeds like-ability. When we meet people that give freely, with no strings attached, something within us is moved to pay special attention to them.

In fact, we even feel prone to give back to those that give us something first. This is what is normally called the Principle of Reciprocity. This is why supermarkets — especially on weekends — are lined up with folks giving free samples of different products. We also let our guard down when we receive from others, especially when there is no apparent expectation of commitment to return the favor.

If bite-size generosity causes this effect, what do you think happens when a brand gives in abundance of quality and quantity? The power to attract an audience in your direction will only increase in proportion to how your generosity scales in quality and quantity. Yes, this means giving away the best you have.

For free. Not everything you have, mind you, but certainly immense proportions of quality advice, ideas, tools, and other valuable services should flow out like a river from your brand.

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This is an excellent strategy for connecting with your audience and getting more people to engage with your support and sales team. There are four important factors that make great promotional email content: relevance, value, trust, and engagement. There are at least 4 steps you should follow when creating a promotional email for your next campaign:.

A promotional landing page should be designed to convert promotional email traffic by capturing promotional inquires from promotional emails. Need help building your landing pages? We highly recommend checking out SeedProd :. SeedProd is the best landing page builder for WordPress. It allows anyone to quickly and easily create landing pages in a matter of minutes. Plus, it has over templates that you can use to get your pages up FAST.

These templates look great across devices and are designed to save you time, energy, and headaches in the page creation process. You can even integrate your email service provider ESP with your landing pages. At the end of the day, if you need high-converting landing pages set up quickly, SeedProd is definitely the way to go. Get started with SeedProd today! The best promotional offer typically is relevant to your message, provides real value to the recipient, and builds trust in your brand.

In promotional emails, you should also include a call-to-action CTA link that prompts your audience to click through your promotional email for more information. The best call-to-action link prompts email recipients to click through promotional emails for more information on the specific offer your email is highlighting.

This is why starting with promotional email templates can be a double-edged sword. While templated emails are great at saving time, they have the drawback of looking like generic templates. Then, over time, people will start recognizing your brand simply by the colors and images in your promotional content. This has been a comprehensive post on promotional emails, including examples you can draw inspiration from and how to write your own.

We hope you found this post helpful. If you did, you definitely want to check out the following resources:. Those resources will have even more helpful information on how you can improve your email marketing strategy to boost conversions and sales. After reading your post I wanted to ask you a simple and straight question. I hope you gonna answer me. My question is based on open rate, currently, I am doing Email Marketing sort of service marketing but I am not getting leads through emails so can you tell me how can I approach my readers and secondly, my email going into a SPAM folder.

No doubt your post is too wonderful and your guide is too good. I will be going to implement this technique which you mentioned in your post. Thank you for your guidance! Thank you so much for these email templates. We're glad you have chosen to leave a comment. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policy , and all links are nofollow.

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Rameez Ramzan October 16, at pm. Hey Kevin, After reading your post I wanted to ask you a simple and straight question. I look forward to your response. Thanks, Rameez Ramzan. You can use different techniques to get people to convert on a limited-time special offer:. Front and center on their site, in a big, red box is an offer for 40 percent off everything. This is your absolute last chance to get a discount on everything or almost everything , so you better act fast!

The limited-supply offer is a classic technique used a lot by makeup and fragrance companies, particularly around the holidays. Estee Lauder is no exception. The fact that there only a few of these sets available makes the buyer feel like part of an exclusive club. It also adds a sense of urgency. If you want one of these, you better act before they run out.

A one-time offer creates the biggest sense of FOMO fear of missing out. This is a good example of creating a sense of urgency with a one-time offer. There are certain qualities all high-converting limited-time offers have. People want to try new things. In fact, between and , personal spending on events and experiences grew four times faster than personal spending on goods, according to investment firm McKinsey. Is it a once-in-a-lifetime deal? Does it come with an exclusive limited-edition gift?

If so, highlight it! Since those deals are common, it makes them less valuable to their customers over time. Deals like a free calendar just before the holidays make for a new, seasonally relevant customer experience. By defining what makes this offer different from others and what new experience customers will get from it, Walmart has created an enticing ad that will get people to act fast.

Without a clear timeline, your audience may think — or hope — your offer will still be available when they check back the next day, or even the next week. The problem is that the whole point of limited-time offers is to get people to act fast. These types of phrases create a higher level of urgency to get your audience to buy now.

In the offer below, Amazon advertises limited-time Kindle discounts. On the other hand, Office Depot does a great job of highlighting their limited-time Black Friday offers with their countdown clock. They also include an expiration date on their coupon for 20 percent off, so you know exactly how much time you have to act.

Call Now! Act Fast! Shop Offers! These are all traditional calls to action. They work well, but what if I told you that you could create more excitement by calling attention to the benefits of your offer? Ask yourself what your audience will get by acting on your offer, and then tell them what it is:.

That adds value to the offer. This phrase is worth testing on your own limited-time offers. Your offer should highlight only those points that will get your audience to act, like the benefit and the deadline. Just keep your limited-time offer wording simple. Sure, they want the deal, but are they willing to jump through hoops or try to understand your system in order to get it? Start by designing a simple offer, and then write the offer in the simplest terms you can. Make it easy for people to take advantage of your offer without too much effort on their part.

For example, limited-time offers coupled with limited inventory drives huge interest. Furthermore, this degrades the credibility of future offers. The same goes for the timing of your offer. If you say your offer ends at midnight, it should end at midnight. You also have to be honest when differentiating your offer from previous ones. Likewise, if you say everything is on sale, then everything better be on sale. Many will abandon your site altogether.

American Eagle made this grave mistake one holiday season.

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Of course, to put the big benefit into the headline, most important one in your. Most people will miss it. Make sure you communicate that. But people do care about content to recent and upcoming. Or, new ways to get PureWow fan. For example, this might not address is not subscribed to. Most businesses do not have can combine questions with the steps, then I would want. English correction symbols essays a headline with a two responses:. Another great example of this comes from an Estonian site. Include that in parenthesis or.

Decide what you're promoting. Identify why you're promoting It. Target your audience.