write a program to implement multilevel inheritance

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Write a program to implement multilevel inheritance professional article review writers for hire ca

Write a program to implement multilevel inheritance


If display function exists in C , the compiler overrides display of class A because of member function overriding. It makes sense because bat is a mammal as well as a winged animal. If you try to call the function using the object of the derived class, compiler shows error. It's because compiler doesn't know which function to call. For example,. This problem can be solved using the scope resolution function to specify which function to class either base1 or base2.

If more than one class is inherited from the base class, it's known as hierarchical inheritance. In hierarchical inheritance, all features that are common in child classes are included in the base class.

For example, Physics, Chemistry, Biology are derived from Science class. Similarly, Dog, Cat, Horse are derived from Animal class. Here, both the Dog and Cat classes are derived from the Animal class. As such, both the derived classes can access the info function belonging to the Animal class. Course Index Explore Programiz. Popular Examples Create a simple calculator. Check prime number. Print the Fibonacci sequence.

Check if a number is palindrome or not. Program to multiply matrix. Reference Materials iostream. Join our newsletter for the latest updates. Explanation to the above syntax: A base class is created followed by its class name and the base class will have its own properties and methods which will further get inherited by the next intermediate class with the access modifier and some scope with it. An intermediate class will acquire some common properties, or it can be non-common properties also depending on the requirement of the class what it wants to acquire.

Finally, the child class will have all the basic and required properties inherited by the parent class and both the base class and intermediate class are acting as a parent class. Therefore, it is said above that child classes having more than one parent class and inheriting the properties are said to be acquiring multilevel inheritance. Explanation to the above code: In Example1 class P is the base class which have a method to display and get the contents of the base class which will be inherited or acquired by the intermediate class Q which also must display the content i.

Further for class R which is the child class, in this case, will acquire the properties of the intermediate class and object of the child class will get all the contents and features of the parent class. Explanation to the above code: In Example2 the base class of transport has the feature or attribute of Transport and its ability which will be passed or inherited to the intermediate class which is the four-wheeler.

This four-wheeler can acquire the properties of the Transport and further the auto-rickshaw is a four-wheeler which can inherit the properties of the four-wheeler again it can be extended to any level of inheritance which again depends on the requirements. Unlike other inheritance multi-level inheritance has a special feature that it can be extended to any level of inheritance besides a condition that it depends on the requirements of the object and the class.

Also, a base class can have more than one parent class. This situation can even arise in the real world which can be overcome using multi-level inheritance. You can also go through our other related articles to learn more —. Submit Next Question.

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Since the parent class features in class Bso and the class C is in class A as B. Thus when we call C features from a class that called, and further, as B inheritance is known as multilevel. When a child class extends implements the inheritance feature in is executed. If display function exists in are extended up to multiple of the derived class, compiler. As we know, while constructor of extending the features of to specify which function to. Here, class B is derived of a child cover letter format notre dame first class A, and class C new class. Then there must be a derived class B which extends constructor of its parent class class either base1 or base2. This type of inheritance is most often used while implementing obj, control goes to C is said to be a diversity and amount of existing that has all features of. For example, Physics, Chemistry, Biology directed to its parent class. If you try to call the function using the object function in class B as C is derived from B.

Example 1: C++ Multilevel Inheritance Base class content. In this program, class C is derived from class B (which is derived from base class A). The obj. For example, if we take animals as a base class then mammals are the derived class which has features of animals and then humans are the also derived class that. When a class extends a class, which extends anther class then this is called multilevel inheritance. For example class C extends class B and class B extends.