putting conferences on a resume

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Putting conferences on a resume thermodynamics homework solutions

Putting conferences on a resume

Anyone stupid enough to volunteer that piece of information is—oh, I get it. Proofreading There's no delicate way to say this, so I'll say it indelicately: Proofread everything, you lazy schlump. I mean it. Or I'll use your contact information to find you and beat you with a copy of Strunk and White. And if you misspell the name of your degree, your field, or your institution mmm … Carnegie Melon … , you can at least enjoy the knowledge that you've made me, a total stranger, smack myself in the forehead with a ceramic coffee mug.

Filenames Double-check the name of the resume file you're going to attach and send to your prospective employer. E-mail address And while you're at it, make sure your e-mail address sounds sufficiently professional. GOOD: yourname yourschool. The rest of your online self Employers do Google you, so now's the time to go take down your Instagram feed of drunken hooliganism at the municipal zoo.

For potential employers, as the old saying goes, one marmoset is one marmoset too many. Phone interview Congratulations! You're one of 30 candidates we've chosen to call on the phone. We give you about a week between when we schedule your call and when we call you, and we do that for one reason: to see whether, during the course of several days, you take the initiative to learn at least 10 seconds' worth of information about what our lab does. At least glance at our freaking Web page, because we won't believe you when you say, "I'm really interested in working on … uh … you know, the stuff you do.

Did you mean 0. Where are the good chemicals? Thank you notes They say it's always nice to receive a handwritten thank you note after an interview. I don't know why. I think that's a myth perpetuated by the underfunded U. Postal Service, like mail-in rebates, or birthdays.

Advice on advice If you want to drive yourself bat-snoggingly insane, try to follow every resume-related guideline you find on the Web. Not only do they mutually conflict, but they are also all so very emphatic that their advice is unassailable. Like people in every other profession, resume people love to establish their own pet peeves and then share them as though the world must agree. And it doesn't. When in doubt, trust whatever doesn't seem ridiculous.

To you. Finally, when packaging your resume, think about it from the viewpoint of the company hiring you. This is not an opportunity they hope to grant to a deserving individual. It's not an award for which they need to locate the most promising candidate. It's a practical problem they're looking to solve: They have work that needs to be done, questions to be asked, research to be conducted, and not enough people to do it.

Their goal is to find someone who can do the work, cause few problems, need little training, be a friendly companion during long nights in the lab, and occasionally have a flash of brilliance. Think about how you can fill their need, not the other way around. Communicate that in your resume—and your cover letter, if you persist in the delusion that people read those. And if any prospective employers are reading this, hi. I'm looking for a position in HR.

Listing conference presentations can add depth to your resume, but include that information carefully. If you're applying for a job in which you'll be expected to speak publicly on behalf of the company, adding information about conference presentations can be a good thing.

It can also help to establish you as a known expert on a particular facet of business or academic research. On the other hand, hiring managers will also be on the lookout for so-called "resume padding," a tactic recent graduates or those with little experience in a field sometimes use in an attempt to show they have more experience than they really do.

The conferences you add should be ones that took place outside of your workplace or institution, and not ones that you did within your own graduate program. Likewise, don't add guest lectures you did as part of your academic course of study or in your capacity as a teaching assistant.

Don't add conferences you've attended but haven't presented at. That will be construed as padding. Since there's no right way to format a resume, it's up to you where to place this section in terms of order -- and since your resume should be tailored to each individual job for which you apply, it can depend on the job. If public speaking is paramount to one position, you might put the section directly under your work experience section.

If public service is more important, on the other hand, the conference section might go under the ''Volunteer'' section. To format the conference listings, list the most important information on the left-hand side of the listing, as you'll do with other sections of your resume.

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Manages the tour and onsite childcare program; includes working with the third-party vendor contract negotiations and attendee registration. Education Education. University of Tennessee. Read our complete resume writing guides. How to Tailor Your Resume. How to Make a Resume. How to Mention Achievements. Work Experience in Resume. How and Why Put Hobbies.

Top 22 Fonts for Your Resume. Internship Resume. Killer Resume Summary. Write a Resume Objective. What to Put on a Resume. How Long Should a Resume Be. The Best Resume Format. How to List Education. CV vs. Resume: The Difference. Include Contact Information.

How to Write a Student Resume. Research gifts, restaurants and theater tickets Update course documents as necessary Schedule class photos Off-Site Classes Monitor room blocks and deadlines Set up logistics Send all course materials to the off-site venue Create Banquet Event Order Property Document Create event cost summary Dolce Billing Provide Front Desk with rooming list Add participants name to I-visitor Inspect meeting rooms prior to start of function for accurate set up Greet clients in the morning Review daily events and communicate daily agenda changes to all operating departments as needed Attend daily department meetings and weekly resume meetings.

Experience with CVENT and Microsoft Outlook is preferred Candidate must be personable, have the ability to effectively communicate with clients and all staff types, and must be able to interact in a service-oriented environment Candidate should be client-service focused and willing to work collaboratively with others to deliver the best work Candidate should be comfortable taking ownership of projects and working both independently and in a collaborative team setting Must have an undergraduate degree Knowledge of investment industry is a plus, but not required.

Facilitates communications and manages information flow between conference staff and speakers; prepares content grids, manages speaker schedules and topic assignments. Coordinates and maintains all conference program details and changes, and communicates changes to co-workers.

Reviews general ledger and coordinates accruals, month-end, and quarterly budget adjustments Assists conference manager as liaison with registration system provider; includes developing logic file with registration options for the online system, submitting convention program package updates and changes, determining source codes, helping set up promotions, responding to system issues, and confirming pricing throughout registration process Coordinates badge file and badge sheet proofing processes prior to the conventions Coordinates attendee registration and logistics, including advance and on-site registration, registration data entry staffing, attendee list production, etc.

Instructs staff accordingly Completes spreadsheet on a monthly basis that details re-projections for specific groups Conducts tours of the Fluno Center to prospective customers Performs all other projects as assigned Two years of experience as a Banquet Set-up Person and one year of experience as a Banquet Captain at a hotel is preferred.

Bachelors's Degree required in Hotel and Restaurant Management or a recognized culinary institution or equivalent combination and experience Previous catering and high-end banquet service experience required Familiarity with Caterease or similar catering database system preferred Familiarity with POS systems Advanced knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Ability to work flexible and demanding hours, including nights, holidays, and weekends when needed Demonstrated ability and skills with supervision of entry level staff required.

Related Job Titles. Then use specific numbers wherever possible. Each example uses active language alongside data-supported outcomes to give a clear sense of your capabilities and the scope of your experience. Managing small events and large events require different skills. Employers simply want to know the parameters you have worked within—and being upfront about your experience is your best bet. Focus on the experiences in your background that transfer to event planning.

Were you given the responsibility of organization office holiday parties, or known for your ability to juggle moving pieces in a fast-paced environment? Put in the relevant keywords, and use numbers where possible. Reverse chronological organization listing the most recent work experience first is the safest bet for most event planner resumes. Hiring managers want to learn about your latest projects because they understand your skills build upon your experiences.

List your employment, and highlight one or two accomplishments, functions, or skills most similar to the tasks and skills described in the job listing. This approach makes an excellent pairing with the visuals of an event planning portfolio. Begin with the well-known soft skills essential to event planning : time management, organization, and people skills, for example. Negotiating vendor discounts relies on people skills to save money, which is a double win for your prospective employer.

Can you give a dollar amount or percentage you have saved for a particular event? Name your skills specifically—in many instances they will be important keywords—and quantify your successes utilizing them. Perhaps, you planned a romantic, destination wedding with an impossible turnaround time. Illustrate how you made it happen through a bridal atelier partnership and a knack for finding and collaborating with top event service providers abroad. Event planning certifications are expected in this industry.

Include all of your relevant training and certifications. Explore other valuable certifications for event planners in our rundown of 20 hospitality certifications. You may have one or all of these possibilities in your toolbox, but be sure to include them. Many are helpful to have as an event planner, and hiring managers are on the lookout for interesting, well-rounded candidates.

For help finding more great job listings, check out this collection of the 10 best resources for finding event planning jobs.