essay and on and school and dress and code

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Essay and on and school and dress and code esl teacher resume sample

Essay and on and school and dress and code


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Middle School we have a strict dress code. Strict dress code can keep people from wearing clothes that are in style. An example of trendy clothing is ripped jeans. Here at MLK Middle school our vice principal sees you wearing ripped jeans without leggings, she makes you change into your pe clothes and you also have an automatic detention. Strict dress code should be less strict and should include ripped jeans. Students should be able…. Depending on the type of school he or she goes to, the dress code with vary.

Most public schools do not have a strict dress code. However, most private schools require uniforms, or the school will have a strict dress code. Although people argue that dress codes prevent inappropriate clothing, students should not be required to follow a strict dress code because they can express their individuality through clothing, dress codes can make it difficult….

Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. He and his cousin, Carleton, went to a highly tauted private school that required uniforms. Boys had to wear a school issued sport coat which was blue. However, Will commonly wore his sport coat inside out, flaunting the very colorful liner on the inside. The key point, is he had his uniform on, just wore it differently from the other boys.

From this writers perspective, I am not a fan of many of the current fashions for both boys and girls. Girls show too much skin and boys wear their pants to low, to a point where it seems uncomfortable. One should not have to hold on to their pants to keep them from falling down. Designer clothes are expensive and certain colors could lead to gang related violence. Hence, how do school uniforms affect the community and culture in a school building? Fashion, as it always has, clearly makes a statement.

Many kids these days feel that it From this case, and many others like it multiple school boards believe that with uniforms or stricter dress codes , the students will have better learning environments. Many schools now implement strict dress code standards, or school uniforms, because of the cases.

Moreover, the students believe they already are not being allowed to express themselves and strict school dress codes and uniforms would not allow the students to do so. One of the things I believe a big deal in schools are uniforms. I personally am against uniforms at school. A reason as to why I feel this way is because they don't allow people to be different, or express themselves. With uniforms a person is dull and exactly the same as the next.

While it may be true that certain elements like hair color and gender make them different, it's supposed to be more than just that; clothes and not uniforms are suppose to help a student be this unique person. In the US, students have a right to a free and public education. With out depending on whether the student chooses to wear a uniform or not.

School Dress Code What is fair? What is fair when it comes to schools dress code? Parents have said when they were in high school they could wear off-the shoulder crop tops with their low-rise jeans and chucks and be just fine. No one can justify the limit to what students should and should not wear at school. Student dress code procedures must be While just recently it was back to school season in America, which unfortunately meant that it was also a return to infuriating dress code enforcement in schools all across the US.

It seems like the biggest concern for teachers is girls dressing against the dress code. It seems like no one really gives a second glance at boys who are sagging their pants luckily no one really does that anymore or wearing tanks that can expose most of their chest and shoulders. I understand dress code.

Someone has to tell kids to pull their pants up, but it is taken to extreme lengths when enforcing these rules on girls, causing them to be ashamed and embarrassed. Some people say that school is a professional environment, and many girls are just testing the boundaries of how much skin they get away showing by wearing shorts and these shirts. The truth is the average American public school dress code , on average, does not prepare children to dress in professional settings.

Most would consider basketball shorts and cartoon t-shirts far more unprofessional than a tank top with less than finger-width straps, but yet no one sees graphic tees being banned nor being enforced against by these dress codes. If school In Classical High School , a boy and girl are sat beside each other. Both learning.

Both participating in class. Both wearing sleeveless shirts. The principal happens to walk in and asks the girl to step out of the class to speak. The girl ends up getting sent home for distracting the class. Is this insulting to boys saying they get distracted by foolish things like a shoulder?

Or an insult to girls making them seem like they are just sex objects that need to cover up for others sake. Many public high schools have extremely sexist dress codes.