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Nys english regents essay booklet

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At many programs, when there are more applicants than seats, students are admitted in order by their randomly assigned numbers. If the program also uses admissions priorities, all applicants from the first priority group for a program are admitted before any students from the second priority group, regardless of their randomly assigned numbers. Tip: For more information on how offers are made to programs using admissions priorities and randomly assigned numbers, watch the video "How Students Get Offers to New York City Public Schools" on the High School page.

Ranked applicants receive offers in ranking number order. Programs that have a screened or audition admissions method evaluate applicants based on specific selection criteria. The ranges may vary from year to year depending on applicants. The academic ranges for students with disabilities who received offers may be different and are often wider than ranges for general education students. Learn all about audition requirements for each discipline and find a list of programs at schools.

Apply to high school by the deadline. When your personalized high school application is available, you can access it online with MySchools or through your school counselor. For the most up-to-date information on how to apply, visit the High School page or ask your school counselor.

These schools have a separate admissions process from the high school application. You can apply to one Specialized High School by audition and up to eight of these schools by taking a test. Your audition is your application. Learn more about how to register and prepare for this process at schools. Tip: If Fiorello H. Your audition is how you apply.

When you register, you will indicate which testing Specialized High Schools you wish to attend, and in what order of preference. You can learn more about each of these schools in the MySchools directory and on their websites. All students who live in New York City and are either current eight grade or first-time ninth grade students can apply, register, sit for, and receive results for SHS admissions.

The New York City Department of Education is committed to ensuring that our programs, services, and activities are accessible to staff, members of the school community, students, and family members with accessibility needs. We assess all of our buildings on a continuing basis to determine which schools are accessible to individuals with accessibility needs.

All Specialized High School test and audition sites are accessible for students with accessibility needs. For the most up-to-date information on the accessibility of each school, visit the building accessibility page. The purpose of testing accommodations is to allow students with disabilities and limited English proficiency to participate in assessments on equal basis with their peers.

Testing accommodations provide the opportunity for eligible students to demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge without being limited or unfairly restricted due to the effects of a disability or language proficiency. Tip: Work with your school counselor to ask about testing accommodations or specific situations that may not be addressed in this guide.

The extended time is calculated from the start time of the SHSAT, not the arrival to the testing site. Students are not permitted to bring their own bilingual math glossaries. Once the standard test administration time minutes is over, students with an accommodation of extended time may leave if they have finished working on the exam.

Students that decide to leave after the first minutes of the standard test administration time must sign out to indicate they understood they gave up their remaining available time on the SHSAT. Students with this accommodation will have a break at the conclusion of the minutes, and then again after another 90 minutes have passed.

Retests will not be provided to students who choose to leave before the end of their extended time. How to Request Emergency Accommodations Students who demonstrate disabilities or temporary impairments within 30 days of the SHSAT may request certain emergency testing accommodations, if approved by the principal of the student's current school. The New York City Department of Education is working on a series of initiatives to support more equitable access to the eight testing specialized high schools.

The goal is to increase all of the following:. Learn more about our diversity initiatives on the diversity in admissions page. Eligibility To be eligible for Discovery, students must:. You can learn more about eligibility requirements on our SHS website. All eight testing specialized high schools have a Discovery Program. Applicants will be considered for Discovery programs at all specialized high schools they apply for.

Participation If a student might be eligible to participate in Discovery, they will be notified in the spring. Not all students who are notified will be determined eligible to attend Discovery. Ask your school counselor if your current school is participating in this initiative.

Dream specialized high schools institute. The program offers participants exposure to rigorous coursework and test-taking strategies. DREAM stands for determination, resiliency, enthusiasm, ambition, and motivation—learn more on the Dream program page. Participation If a student is eligible to participate in DREAM, they will be notified to apply in the fall of their seventh-grade year.

Accepted students must commit to participate in the entire program. Fiorello H. Registered students will then be assigned audition dates. For LaGuardia High School, your audition is your application. A total of approximately 7, eighth grade students auditioned for one or more of the studios at LaGuardia High School for the school year.

Approximately of these students received offers to one or more programs at LaGuardia. Interested in LaGuardia High School? During the registration period, register one of three ways by the deadline to audition:. When you register online for your audition, you will receive a receipt by email and in your MySchools account. If you register for your audition through a counselor or Family Welcome Center, be sure to request a copy of your receipt. For the most up-to-date information on how to register, visit the Specialized High Schools page or ask your school counselor.

Most students who receive an offer to one or more of the studios typically score between 80— points on the studio rubric and have a satisfactory academic and attendance record. The rubric is available on LaGuardia High School's website.

The testing specialized high schools use a separate admissions process. This year, part of registering will be indicating which of these 8 schools you want to apply to, and in what order of preference. Registered students will then be assigned test dates. For these schools, taking the test is how you apply:.

Offers to the testing Specialized High Schools are based on three factors:. Your audition is how you apply! Approximately 28, eighth-grade students took the SHSAT for the school year, and approximately 4, of these students received an offer to a testing Specialized High School.

Tip: To learn more about how offers are made to the testing specialized high schools, watch our video series at schools. When you register, be sure to indicate which of the testing Specialized High Schools you want to apply for, and in what order of preference. Tip: For the most up-to-date information on how to register, visit the Specialized High School page or ask your school counselor.

Students new to New York City with records showing that they moved here after the testing dates may be eligible to take the test in late summer If you cannot test on either a Saturday or a Sunday because of a religious observance, you must indicate this when you register for the SHSAT or let your school counselor know before the registration deadline. Review all information on your ticket carefully.

If you see any errors or outdated information, tell your school counselor right away. Conflicts, Illness, and Make-Up Tests You must test on the date and location assigned on your test ticket, with the following exceptions:. Your school counselor can help you request a make-up test or audition. School counselors will be notified when they can begin submitting make-up requests. Accommodations If you are an ELL student an eligible former ELL student within previous two years , or have existing testing accommodation as indicated on your current IEP or Plan, your approved accommodations will appear on your test ticket.

Be sure to bring your ticket to the test! If you arrive without your ticket, you may not be allowed to test. Sites will make every effort to confirm your registration so that you will be allowed to test, but students without tickets may need to be rescheduled for another date. High school and Specialized High School offers will become available in MySchools in the spring; if you do not request the paperless option, letters with this information will also be mailed to your home address.

Offer and waitlist information for students entering high school in fall will be updated by early spring. In the late spring, you will receive a high school offer letter, which will include:. Waitlist offers are made based on seat availability, admissions priorities, and admissions methods according to your seat group. Schools will be in touch directly if seats open up and they can make you an offer. Check out our waitlists website for the most up-to-date information.

Tip: Your best chance of getting an offer to any program is to include it as a choice on your original application. Family Welcome Centers are located in all five boroughs. Visit the Family Welcome Center website for the most up-to-date information on how to contact us. When you speak with a school representative, try to ask one question from each category. Create your own questions to learn more about a school. School Year School Year Students Families. As of December 21, , this page has been updated to reflect changes to high school and Specialized High Schools admissions since the publication and original pre-pandemic timeline of the High School and Specialized High Schools Admissions Guide.

Please note that the print and PDF versions of this admissions guide are now outdated. These versions no longer reflect updated high school admissions policies, timelines, deadlines, locations, or formats of admissions resources, including events, test dates and auditions.

You can still view or download these guides at the websites listed below, or pick one up at your child's middle school. However, please refer to this page and to schools. You can take both paths or just one: Applying to high school by submitting a high school application. All eighth-grade students should apply. This is optional. Who can apply? Applying to High School: At a Glance During the application period, access your personalized high school application and submit it online with MySchools or through a counselor.

You can apply to 12 programs on your application. Eighth grade students in public school who do not submit a high school application will get an offer to the closest high school program with available seats. Admissions for Students in District 75 Programs District 75 provides highly specialized instructional support for students with significant challenges, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, significant cognitive delays, emotional disturbances, sensory impairments, and multiple disabilities.

Admissions for Students Aged Who Are Behind on Credits Transfer schools are academically rigorous high schools designed to serve students who are years old and want to graduate. Interested in a transfer school? Reach out directly to the school to learn more. You can also get support from Referral Centers, which are located in each borough, for more information and counseling.

Learn more about transfer schools and other options. Explore transfer schools and programs online MySchools. Click on the "More Filters" button and under "Admissions Method," check the box that says "Transfer". Register for your audition s online at MySchools. Then submit your audition online through the Virtual Audition Submission Tool.

Offers to these programs are determined by applicants' auditions. LaGuardia High School also reviews applicants' academic record from the prior school year. Instead, charter schools operate under a performance contract, or charter, issued by a New York State authorizer. They are accountable for meeting specific academic goals and often try different approaches to ensure their students meet these goals.

Please note that charter schools have a separate high school application process. If you would like to apply to high school at a charter school, please contact that school directly to learn about their enrollment and admissions. Note that some charter high schools only admit students who attend eighth grade at one or more partner charter middle schools. Any student eligible for admission to a DOE public school is eligible for admission to a public charter school.

For a list of charter high schools by borough and their contact information, turn to the back of the PDF or print edition of the High School Admissions Guide. For more general information, please see the charter school page or call Applying to High School Submit your application by the deadline. Explore schools and programs As you start exploring your high school options, consider what matters most to you—this might be location, language offerings, a particular interest area, a sports team, or accessibility.

Even if you're not logged in to MySchools, you can type your home address in the search bar to find schools near you. Once the application opens and you are logged in to your account, you can access a personalized search experience, save favorite programs, get helpful admissions tips, and start adding programs to your application.

Community schools Community schools help students find their passion by integrating academics, health, youth development, expanded learning such as after school and summer programs , and family engagement. Early college Early college high schools blend a rigorous college-prep curriculum with the opportunity to earn up to two years of college credit toward a liberal arts Associate's degree while in grades at the high school level at no cost to students.

These schools have a waiver from the New York State Education Department permitting them to award diplomas to students who pass all required courses and performance assessments, in addition to the following: New York Performance Standards Consortium schools require you to pass the English Language Arts Regents and complete performance assessments in science, social studies, and math. Other performance assessment schools require you to pass the ELA and math Regents. Schools for new arrivals Schools for newly arrived students serve students who are new to the country.

Year-round: Anyone can search for schools and programs. During the application period: Create a MySchools account to get a personalized search experience. Once your family has an account and is logged in, you can save favorite programs, get helpful tips, and start adding programs to your application. Your address Even if you're not logged in to MySchools, you can type your home address in the "Your Child's Address" search bar to find schools near you.

Search Type course names, interests, clubs, and programs into the search bar to find schools that offer what you're looking for: For schools offering Advanced Placement AP and International Baccalaureate IB courses, type AB , IB , or a specific course like AP Biology into the search bar For schools offering computer science courses, type Computer Science , CS , or a specific course name For schools with Dual Language programs, type Dual Language or a more specific search term like Spanish Dual Language For schools featuring arts courses or activities, type a general term like Painting, or Dance or similar — into the search bar Filter Use filters to narrow your search to schools with specific features: Use the Subway filter to find options along your train s of choice.

Use the Size filter to search for schools by how many students attend. Use the Sports filter to find schools that have teams for specific sports, such as badminton, basketball, and swimming. Select More Filters to see options to filter for schools With specific eligibility requirements. You can filter to see Eligibility filters to find programs where only specific students are eligible to apply — for instance, School for New Arrivals , is only open to applicants who are new to the country and learning English.

By borough. Filter to see only schools in a specific borough, such the Bronx Partially accessible and fully accessible. Filter to find schools in Fully Accessible or Partially Accessible buildings. Learn more about accessibility ratings on the building accessibility page.

With programs that use specific admissions methods. Filter to find schools that have programs using particular admissions methods such as Open. Learn more in the tab "Admissions Methods". Whose students wear uniforms. Select Uniform required to find schools where students wear uniforms.

With Diversity in Admissions. Find programs participating in Diversity in Admissions. These programs give priority to students who are English Language Learners ELLS , are in the child welfare system, are in temporary housing, or whose families are low-income. Learn more on the diversity in admissions page. With 10th Grade Admissions.

Select 10th Grade Admissions to find schools that have 10th grade seats available. Finding Programs When you apply to high school, you are not just applying to schools: you are applying to programs. Program information can also help you figure out your chances of getting an offer to a specific program - learn more under the tab "Learn How Students Get Offers From The High School Application" Click a program name to display its information.

During the application period, you can click the stars next to program names to save them as your favorites. You can also add up to 12 programs to your high school application. Program Eligibility Some programs are only open to students who live or go to school in a certain borough, who speak a home language other than English, or who meet other eligibility requirements. For instance, a program's eligibility could be "Open only to Bronx students or residents.

Learning about all of these factors can help you know your chances of getting an offer to each program of interest: Your Application Choices. The number of program choices you add to your application AND the order in which you place them matter! This is a factor you can control.

Only apply to programs you are truly interested in attending. Add 12 choices to your application in your true order of preference. Then submit your application. Seat Availability. The number of applicants compared to the number of available seats it has helps show how in demand or popular a program is.

Your Priority Group for a Program. Some programs give admissions priority to specific groups of applicants before others, such as to students who live in a specific district or borough. Applicants in a program's priority group 1 will be considered first. Then, if seats are still available, applicants in that program's priority group 2 will be considered next, and so on. Learn which priority group you're in for each program. You may be in different priority groups for different programs.

Program's Admissions Methods. For some programs, applicants get offers based on random selection. For other programs, applicants are evaluated based on selection criteria and then ranked based on that evaluation. Students gets offers based on their randomly assigned numbers.

For Programs That Rank Applicants. Students are evaluated, scored, and ranked for admission based on the program's selection criteria, such as grades and State test scores. Then school staff assign a ranking number to applicants based on that evaluation. Your Application Choices The number of program choices you add to your application and the order in which you place them matter! There is no way to guarantee an offer to your first-choice program.

With more than high school program options to choose from, we invite you to explore programs in MySchools to find 12 choices that you are truly interested in and list them on your application. Finding more programs that interest you and adding them to your application increases your chance of getting an offer to a program you want.

Listing fewer than 12 choices will lower your chances of getting an offer to a program of your choice. Program choices in your true preference order. Always place the programs on your application in your true order of preference, with your favorite program at the top as 1. You will be considered for your first-choice program first.

A mix of admissions methods. If you're going to apply to any screened or audition programs, also find some programs that use the educational option and open admissions methods to include on your application. Not just high-demand programs. High-demand programs are those that have many more applicants than available seats. More applicants per seat means a lower chance of getting an offer. If you apply to any high-demand programs 10 or more applicants per seat , also find some programs that have fewer applicants per seat.

You are in the first priority group for some programs. Different programs have different priority groups. Not being in the first priority group for a program means a lower chance of getting an offer to that program. Seat Availability Another important factor in admissions is a program's seat availability. General Education and Students with Disabilities Each program admits general education students and students with disabilities.

Related services, such as speech, occupational therapy OT , and physical therapy PT , are not considered special education instructional programming for the purposes of high school admissions. Please note that students with accommodation plans are not entitled to seats for students with disabilities if they do not have an IEP that states the student also receives instructional programming for more than 20 percent of their academic program.

If you currently have an IEP, the IEP team at your high school will review it to ensure that all services and supports you require are provided. Please note that the student-to-teacher ratio in a high school special class is , a change from the middle school special class ratios. For more information, visit the Special Education website. Seats for students with disabilities in the MySchools Directory reflect the percentage of students with disabilities in each borough.

Here's how: For any program, click on the My Chances tab. Then refer to the Demand Last Year section to see: How in-demand the program was last year How many seats the program had How many students applied to the program How many applicants there were per seat Your Chances: Demand A program's applicants per seat shows how in-demand or popular the program is — this can help you know your chances of getting an offer from that program. If a program has ten or more applicants per seat, it is in high demand.

All applicants have a lower chance of getting into a program with 10 or more applicants per seat. If a program has four to nine applicants per seat, it is in average demand. Consider more factors to determine your chances of getting an offer.

If a program has three or fewe r applicants per seat, it is in lower demand. Schools use your choices, preference order, and score to determine admission. What you should do: When you register to take the SHSAT, list the specialized high schools you'd like to attend in your true order of preference.

Schools evaluate applicants based on selection criteria, and rank applicants based on that evaluation. Offers are made to ranked students by priority group and in ranking number order. This year, selection criteria may include final course grades from the school year, marking period course grades from fall through February , and standardized test scores from spring Some programs that previously used additional criteria may continue to use them; learn more on each program's MySchools page.

What you should do: Review your grades and test scores against the program's selection criteria ranges, and complete any additional requirements the program may have. This year, the sole selection criteria for admission to all audition programs except those at LaGuardia High School is the audition itself.

LaGuardia High School has its own admissions process and will continue to use students' academic records as well as their auditions to make offers to its programs. What you should do: For all audition programs, except LaGuardia, list any program s on your high school application. For all audition programs, except LaGuardia, submit your audition requirements, as listed at schools. For LaGuardia High School programs, register to audition by the deadline.

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