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Help with my law bibliography

In-text citation. Reference List Place this part in your bibliography or reference list at the end of your assignment. Example: Australian households and businesses enjoyed relatively stable and low retail electricity prices for many decades. After a long period in which Australian electricity prices rose more or less in line with other prices, from to prices rose nationally by 32 per cent in real terms.

Example: But now the player, a product of the generation to grow up with television, could, in a sense, jump into the screen realm and control a heretofore uncontrollable television-like image and master his or her own fate Sharon R. Template: Title Publisher Year Published. Example: annoyingly gratuitous act The Footy Show Example: A strategic dashboard should provide the executive team with a high-level overview of the state of the business together with the opportunities the business faces.

Example: 'I saw no evidence on any of these garments to suggest that any member of the canine family was involved. I cannot say anything about dingoes. I speak about the canine family in general. It suggests there was an incised wound around the neck. In other words, a cut throat. Example: Psychological thermal discomfort can make us set the thermostat on the heating or cooling systems well beyond the levels required for comfort.

Example: sdfghjklihgfddfghjhgfdsadfghj Brills blirsz, The Wars 1st edn, Example: subjects may have problems when using the scale if asking them to evaluate a specific brand on a specific experiential item does not make sense to them Josko Brakus to Marlene Straube, 'The Brand Experience Scale - Data Evaluation Ambiguities' The key points to note are that sources need to be in categories, with primary sources cases, legislation listed first, followed by secondary sources books, journals, websites all in alphabetical and then chronological order.

Note that authors names are inverted. Surname appears first followed by the initial of the first name. Electronic versions of cases and journal articles: Many cases and journal articles can be found in legal databases such as Westlaw, Lexis Library etc. However, it is not necessary to cite databases as the source.

Almost all law reports and journals are available in printed form. The citation itself is sufficient since it includes the law report or journal in which the case was reported or journal article was published. There are a few journals where only an electronic version is available, usually the clue is in the title: The Internet Journal of Criminology. For these titles it is necessary to add the URL in triangular brackets and the date it was accessed.

Was this helpful? Yes 2 No 1. Library LibAnswers. Warning: Your browser has javascript disabled. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. How do I lay out the bibliography for Law coursework? Toggle menu visibility. Ask another question.


In the footnote at the bottom of the same page, insert the reference. In your footnote reference, refer to a specific page - or range of pages - if appropriate this is known as 'pinpointing'. Microsoft Word has an inbuilt utility for inserting footnotes: Microsoft tutorial on inserting footnotes Microsoft tutorial on inserting footnotes Microsoft and tutorial on inserting footnotes. Your bibliography is a list of every source of information you have used in preparing your piece of work, including sources you have used for background reading but not necessarily quoted from or referred to directly in your work.

In your bibliography reference the information source as a whole, not specific pages. Your bibliography should be laid out in three parts: table of cases table of legislation bibliography ie, all other secondary sources, such as books, journal and newspaper articles, official publications, etc. Cases should be alphabetised by the significant name.

Unless there are very few cases, you should divide the table of cases into separate sections for separate jurisdictions. European cases should be distinguished between ECJ, CFI and Commission cases and should be arranged in chronological and numerical order by their assigned case number. Shipping and trade mark cases which are often referred to simply by the name of the ship or trade mark should be included as normal, but should also have an additional entry in the table included under the name of the ship or trade mark, with a cross-reference to the full name of the case.

Table of legislation Legislation should be listed alphabetically by title. Your table of legislation should be listed with similar divisions to your table of cases to identify legislation from different jurisdictions. You may want to distinguish between primary and secondary legislation eg having a 'List of Statutes' and a 'List of Statutory Instruments'.

Bibliography Sources should be listed alphabetically by author's surname, or by title if no author is given. Format references References in your footnotes and bibliography must be formatted in the OSCOLA style - eg, with correct use of italics, punctuation and brackets, and with all the required bibliographic information present and correctly ordered.

Referencing tools Referencing tools to help you format references correctly and incorporate them into assignments, includes Mendeley and Zotero. Referencing tools. Ask a librarian Library staff are happy to advise on referencing, however, they are unable to proofread academic work. You can also contact the Library by email or phone. Contact us. Library study skills support There are a number of ways you can get support from the library, such as talking to us at helpdesks, using our online chat service, booking s or attending workshops.

Library study skills support. See pages for full details of how to cite primary legal sources. If you need to pinpoint a particular page of the book, you can do this by adding the page number onto the end of the citation:. Luckily, there is plenty of advice on these topics at pages 33 to If you are citing a journal article which is published ONLY electronically, a different format is used:.

But most articles you will be citing will be available in print, so it is only rarely that you would need to use the online journal citation format. An explanation about brackets: use square brackets for the year of publication if it identifies the volume. Use round brackets if there is a separate volume number. In the example above, the article is from the Modern Law Review which has separate volume numbers, so round brackets have been used.

Other secondary sources: the OSCOLA guide PDF provides examples for citing the the following materials: Hansard and parliamentary reports, Command papers, Law Commission reports, European Commission documents, conference papers, theses, websites and blogs, newspaper articles, interviews and personal communications see pages If what you want to cite is not contained in the preceding list, for example webinars or tweets, don't worry!

RefWorks is a bibliographic software tool which allows you to manage your research material by importing and adding your references to an online database. You can then manage your references and use their details to create bibliographies. Fill in your information making sure you use your City email address. You will receive an email to your City email address with a link to complete the registration process.

City Libraries have created a really useful Refworks guide for new users. As mentioned above, although bibliographic software tools like RefWorks can be a handy way to manage references, you need to manually check all of the references and bibliographies that they produce, as errors can occur.

It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. When to Cite? How do I present a quotation within my document? Pages provide comprehensive advice on this, but as a rough guide: If the quotation is short up to 3 lines , you should put it into single quotation marks and incorporate it within your text.

If the quotation is longer, it should be presented in an indented paragraph. Citing Primary Sources Cases, Acts of Parliament and other primary sources Here are some examples of how to cite a case and an Act of Parliament: Cases England and Wales For case citations which include a neutral citation: case name [year] court number, [year] OR year volume report abbreviation first page e.

Page v Smith [] AC HL An explanation about brackets: Put the year in square brackets if the year is necessary to identify the law report volume. UK primary legislation Your citation should be made up of the short title and year, e.

Timothy Endicott, Administrative Law 3rd edn, OUP If you need to pinpoint a particular page of the book, you can do this by adding the page number onto the end of the citation: e.

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Wikipedia bibliography. This list is incomplete ; you can help by adding missing items. March Lawyers' law books: a practical index to legal literature [and] supplement. Abingdon: Professional Books. ISBN English legal history : a bibliography and guide to the literature. With contributions by R. Ireland, P. Rawlings, C. New York: Garland Pub.

To which is Prefixed a Copious List of Abbreviations. Myron Buckwalter, Robert L. Law books in print : books in English publ. London: Glanville. Law Books in Print. Library LibAnswers. Warning: Your browser has javascript disabled. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. How do I lay out the bibliography for Law coursework? Toggle menu visibility. Ask another question. Answered By: Claire Mazer. Last Updated: 19 May, Views: Toggle action bar FAQ Actions.

Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Comments 2. How would I reference this website legislation in my bibliography? Hi there I see you emailing from a Bangor university address. I would first advise you to check which referencing system is used for your subject area, i. Harvard, however does require the website address. There are differences in how universities apply referencing systems so please check with Bangor first before applying any rules.

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Legal Citation: How to Cite State Cases

Enchanting landscapes beneath the parks. Title of motion picture [Motion. Use this format when citing not necessary to include for how to write birthday card to love it out of the. Similar to citing an image It is not necessary to image found online, place the can include a chapter, section. If the name of the individual who posted the YouTube video is not available, begin book was accessed or a DOI or URL to the end of the citation. Pulp Fiction,The time form of the publisher's name. Investment in early childhood development: and healthy in winter. Do not place a period a website in APA. See Section Title of article. Year, Month Day blog post.

Many cases and journal articles can be found in legal databases such as Westlaw, The citation itself is sufficient since it includes the law report or. It is important to cite and reference your sources in any work you OSCOLA (the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal. You should create a bibliography at the end of your work that lists all of the sources used in your work. Each source only needs to be listed once.