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Help with my nursing argumentative essay should we do homework in school

Help with my nursing argumentative essay

Should nurses be more appreciated than doctors? Nurses should be more financially compensated than doctors Nurses attend to more patients than doctors Can overtime work impact the quality of work that nurses do? The impacts of nurses are different from that of doctors Nurses are the most resourceful healthcare workers Nurses do more work than doctors Are nurses generally negligent? Government should motivate men to join the nursing profession Nursing is not a profession for women only Racial discrimination is a common problem in the nursing profession Nurses play more important roles than doctors Nurses in industrialized nations should compulsorily work for a minimum of two years in an underdeveloped country Should sexualize nurses be banned?

Sexualize nurses handles psychological issues better than non-sexualize nurses Nurses exercise more patience than doctors Oversight should be a compulsory requirement for home nursing Do nurses have the right to prescribe medicine to patients? Should nurses be given a global visa to allow them to work wherever their service is needed? Night nurses deserve to make more income than nurses on the day shift Nurses deserve bonuses related to patient outcomes Is it proper for nurses to work overtime against their will?

Nurses deserve to have residencies like doctors do Should the wage of nurses be on par with the wage of doctors? What should be the best number of nurses in a hospital? Should there be a close working relationship between nurses and doctors? Is it proper for nurses to interact with patients beyond the professional level? Should nurses be allowed to ask personal questions from patients?

Should nurses have sexual affairs with their patients? Should nurses give non-medical advice to patients? Should there be a limit to the kind of relationship that exists between nurses and their patients? Home nurses are generally more emotionally connected to their patients than home doctors Nurses are more tenacious than doctors Nurses offer more quality service to patients than doctors. Related Topics.

This may involve at home care, schools or in the offices. For the qualification, registered nurses have a diploma, a bachelors and a certificate from the state board examination. Just like RNs, advanced practice nurses have extra knowledge and skills and are holders of doctoral or masters degree in the field.

Their work involves all primary care to patients Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. Department of Labor 20 Nursing in the US has been able to offer best services through the high number of nurses in the profession. The department of labor and statistics approximates US nursing to constitute about 2. Of these 2. Department of Labor 25 Regardless of the nature of their training, nurses in the US have an all rounded nature of work that include treating patients, educating them about diverse medical situations as well as offering emotional support to patients and relatives.

In addition to this, nurses conduct lessons on patients and relatives on how to contain their illness. A part form this, nurses in the US are expected to conduct public education where they educate the general public on general health. Such general health education could include immunization health screening and even seminars.

It is this all roundedness of the US nurses that their ranking among the best in the world is based Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. Department of Labor The working environment of nurses in US is conducive for their work. Nurses work in lit areas as well as comfortable healthcare centers.

Public and home health nurses go to the sick wherever they are. This could be at home, in community centers schools and any other place that their services may be needed. Their commitment to their work justifies them to be ranked among the best in the world.

Nursing in the US is one of the most engaging occupations with registered nurses spending as much as twenty four hours attending the sick. Registered nurses for example, are able to work on a short notice. Those working in schools and other institutions like offices are the only places that nurses are able to take work on a regular basis Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.

Department of Labor 35 The professionalism characteristic of US nursing is originated from their training. For one to be a registered nurse in the US, a constant path in academic in line with the nursing profession is a must. The nursing program in the US has also provisions for those wishing to change careers to nursing. This program is only reserved for holders of bachelors. Such requirements are set to ensure that quality in nursing is maintained.

Nursing in the US offers prospective opportunities for trained nurses. It is notable that in Such employment opportunities continue to increase with the department of labor and statistics claiming that there is still a deficit of 5,, nurses Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. Department of Labor 50 In conclusion, therefore, nursing in the US is a growing area in public health service that is increasingly continuing to diversify. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.

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Bureau Of Labor Statistics. Best In The World. The World. Bachelor's Degree. Public Service. Service Delivery. Home Care. United States. Accessed 18 July December Accessed July 18, Retrieved July 18, Free Essay Examples - WowEssays.


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