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Essay english unemployment top course work editing websites ca

Essay english unemployment

These industries need less capital and more manpower. Rapid industrialization can remove the dark clouds of unemployment. In rural areas, small-scale industries should be set-up. The government should set up new factories in as many places as possible. Unemployed and skilled workers will be able to get employment in large number. Our government is trying to solve this problem as early as possible.

But in spite of all much more is needed. The concept of education should be changed. Planned limits. The government must create a powerful stimulus for foreign investors. The menace of unemployment cannot be overcome without effective planning. It is only after a long struggle that we can get rid of this evil. Unemployment is an economic term which shows an inability to find work for which one is suited by nature or attainments. It is a worldwide problem.

Even rich and advanced countries like America, Britain and France suffer from unemployment. Its percentage varies according to the industrial and economic development of a country. In Pakistan, unemployment is at its highest peak. All professions are over-crowded.

A graduate is not welcomed in any office. There is no scope in the professions of medicine, engineering, law and education. Hundreds of qualified youngsters are wandering in search of jobs. Thousands of labourers and workers are jobless in cities and villages. Unemployment is a social evil. It is a source of discontent, depression and anxiety for the educated as well as the uneducated people.

Corruption, crime, unrest, sin and vices of all sorts prevail in a society where people are unemployed. It brings hunger, starvation, and disease. The frustrated youngsters are falling prey to violence, theft, terrorism, drugs-addiction, drug-trafficking and many other heinous crimes. The large-scale unemployment is creating many social, economic, moral political and psychological problems in our society.

Therefore, a comprehensive plan is required to combat unemployment. The education system should be reshaped to produce skilled manpower. Especially, the fields of energy telecommunication and transportation should be encouraged. The government should introduce self-employment schemes and set up small industries in rural and underdeveloped areas.

Moreover, sincere and adequate steps should be taken to overcome the population explosion. The problem of unemployment cannot be eliminated entirely. However, it can be alleviated with devotion, sincerity and wisdom. A person who does not have work to earn his livelihood is called an unemployed person. Unemployment is a universal problem. Everybody faces it. Even developed countries like Britain and America face it. Unemployment exists at two levels in our country. There are uneducated people who have no source of income in this country.

Unemployment also exists among educated people. This is very dangerous in its results. There are numberless doctors, engineers and scientists who have degrees in their hands but they are unemployed. Even people with foreign qualification wander aimlessly in search of jobs.

There are many thousands of unemployed labourers farm workers in villages and workers in cities who are daily breadwinners. Sometimes they do not get work for days and weeks together. First, our system of education is defective. It does not fulfil our social and economic needs. It aims at producing clerks and peons instead of technicians and skilful workers.

It needs scientists, technical hands and skilful workers. Our education produces young graduates who do not like to work with their hands. We must change our education and harness it to the economic needs of the country. Secondly, our country is not much advanced in the industry. We have a few mills and factories. We cannot absorb jobless people in these factories and mills.

Thirdly, the industry of the country is controlled by a few privileged people. They do not let others share their experience and capital. The unemployment rate has climbed up to Sure, once the offices are opened, this rate will come down. However, this grim scenario will haunt us for at least one year.

The situation in other countries is the same. The unemployment rate, there, is As the Prime Minister of India proclaimed, the Indians need to be self-dependent. We need more vocational training. Gone are the days when being employed meant being an engineer or a doctor. A farmer is an employed person.

He produces his own food and that of the others. There is no shame in being a farmer. We have to stop depending on foreign countries for IT work - Let us open more startups. Why do we depend on China for Diwali firecrackers or Holi colours - We can make them ourselves. Self-help is the best help. Shifting The Manufacturing To India. In order to create more jobs, India needs to make more manufacturing hubs in the country. Let us not just assemble the Smartphone parts, let us scour the mineral-rich country and take out silicon to make circuit boards.

Educating The Women. There is a real connection between the lack of education and unemployment. In order to educate the children of the country, we first need to educate the women of the country. Only then can the children be educated properly. Stopping the petty politics is the need of the hour. The politicians need to work in a concerted way in order to make Indians employed.

As Charlie Chaplin said, there is no glory in poverty.


In this post, you will find an Essay on Unemployment with Outline for the students of B.

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Essay english unemployment Sales manager resume cover letter
Pay to write top reflective essay on pokemon go The curriculum is mostly theory-oriented and fails to provide vocational training required to match up with the current economic environment of the market. We need more vocational training. It aims at producing clerks and peons instead of technicians and skilful workers. Gone are the days when being employed meant being an engineer or a doctor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.
Common app activity essay sample Encouraging Self-employment — Self-employment should be encouraged more with the introduction of liability-free loans and government assistance for funding. It has become very difficult for the young doctors to find any job in government hospitals. This has led to recession and burden on essay english unemployment economy. Here are 3 different examples of this essay with different difficulty levels. These are the major reason for unemployment but the situation has become very drastic that highly educated people are ready to do the job of a sweeper, car washing etc because the government is not doing his work seriously. Unemployment means the numbers of individuals in the state are finding jobs for which they are fit, and they are willing too, but not getting that. One Comment Consybae May 7, at pm.
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Business plan kit for dummies forms cd only The assumption was that growth in the economy would automatically generate enough work. Technological 5. Educated essay english unemployment. Unemployment means the number of individuals in the state is finding jobs for which they are fit, and they are willing too, but not getting that. First, our system of education is defective. To solve the problem of unemployment, we must understand what kind of it is. As a result, the child too will not be able to get a good job once he grows up.

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The employment situation, as revealed in the statistics of the Employment Exchanges, is not at all encouraging. The number of unemployed hande is supposed to be in the neighbourhood of one hundred million. The problem of unemployment is going from bad to worse despite ambitious Plans. There are many types of unemployment in India. First of all there is rural unemployment. Some of the villagers do not possess any land. Some have very small area of land.

Thus all the villagers do not get employment Agriculture happens to be the only occupation in the rural areas of India. But it can absorb limited hands, and that too, for three to four months throughout the year. The remaining period is wasted, idly and fruitlessly The problem of unemployment is equally bad in cities. Increasing use of machines is causing unemployment. Big machines have taken the place of cottage industries.

The machines have thrown a large number of people out of employment in cities and towns. Unemployment among the educated class of people is also a cause for concern. Thousands and thousands of graduates and postgraduates come out of colleges and universities every year.

Most of them are unable to find a job after the completion of their studies. Even engineers and doctors fail to get jobs easily. The problem of unemployment, in fact, is more keenly felt in India than anywhere else. But it is not due to any single factor. It is the cumulative result of many factors.

The root cause of this problem is the rapid growth of population. Another cause of the problem of unemployment is the faulty educational system in the country. Education is not job-oriented. It is mainly theoretical. Most of the educated youths are unfit for any job. They do not have any practical knowledge.

The system of technical education in our country is out of date. The main types of unemployment here are Industrial, educated, and technological development. There are severe consequences of unemployment, causing the economy to suffer. Mainly the people who are affected by it have to go through it. It causes an increase in suicide cases, stress levels boost up, crime rates surge, etc. Unemployed people get demotivated and degrade their skills, which is bad for the economy.

There are big impacts which include the loss of productive labour force in the country, which can help in growing GDP. It deteriorates the growth of businesses as well. As many unemployed people cannot afford basic commodities, it causes fewer sales in businesses.

Social causes of long term employment are very substantial. It affects the health of individuals and their families. There is less consumption of nutritious diet, including fruits and vegetables. It can stop their physical and mental development. Again, not creating a valuable asset for the economy in the long run. The government has taken several steps to solve this significant issue.

Some initiatives were launched to curb this problem of unemployment. The Employment Guarantee Scheme ensures a minimum of working days with wages to do unskilled work. Training for self-employment aims at reducing employment among the youth.