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Pay to get economics article

To submit the paper please go to the paper submission page , which will ask you to log in if you have not already done so. When you submit a paper, you are required to pay 50 USD. This fee is used to pay for the journal's operational expenses; the Econometric Society is a registered non-profit organization. The fee must be paid via credit card in the last step of the submission process.

If your paper is desk rejected by the Editor, you will not be refunded your submission fee. If you have questions about the submission fee, please contact the contact the editorial office. Our editorial standards page gives information on the kinds of papers Theoretical Economics publishes. Information about our targets and performance is available. If you have a paper rejected by Econometrica , you may request a transfer to Theoretical Economics. This is entirely optional.

If you opt for a transfer, the journal waives the submission fee and the Theoretical Economics editor sees the referee reports and cover letter; with the permission of the referees, the Theoretical Economics editor also sees the identity of the referees and their cover letters.

The editorial process at Theoretical Economics is completely independent of that at Econometrica. Editors may go back to one or two of the previous referees, but will typically consult new ones too. If you do request a transfer, please provide a cover letter describing how your submission differs from the paper reviewed by Econometrica.

Please explain how you have responded to the major points raised by the referees e. You should not feel obliged to implement all the suggestions made by the Econometrica referees, but should adopt suggestions that you think makes the paper better for Theoretical Economics. In particular, you should refrain from adding extensions that add to the length of the paper.

If we use the same referees, your responses will be forwarded to them. Every paper submitted on or after September 1, that is accepted for publication will incur a publication fee, currently set at 10 USD per typeset published page, including any approved supplemental appendices. The publication fee will be collected after the final proofs are produced but before publication and will be invoiced at the then-prevailing rate.

Any paper submitted before September 1, , including recently accepted papers, will be exempt from the publication fee. Submitting a paper To submit a paper to Theoretical Economics , The submitting author must be a member of the Econometric Society The submitting author must pay a submission fee of 50 USD, with the exceptions noted below All authors must be registered users of Theoretical Economics. The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

President Joe Biden is expected to soon sign the bill after the House on March 10 approved a version of the legislation passed by the Senate a few days earlier. Moderate Senate Democrats, who had voiced concerns about how many people would receive direct payments in the original proposal endorsed by the House, managed to make them more targeted at lower-income households, which means an estimated 17 million fewer people will get a check.

No one turns down extra money, after all. But as economists, we also believe that these direct payments make little economic sense — even with the lower income threshold. And this is true whether you think the purpose of the checks is relief or stimulus. The purpose of a measure primarily designed as relief during an economic crisis is to help those most affected.

The latest jobs report shows about 10 million people are unemployed, including 4. These people — mostly workers in the hospitality and leisure industries, disproportionately low-income and people of color — are in desperate need of aid and support, without which destitution and homelessness are real possibilities.

These are mostly office workers and other professionals who have had to work from home for all or part of the pandemic but saw no change in their income. OK, then how about the checks as a stimulus? There are two problems with that.


OK, then how about the checks as a stimulus? There are two problems with that. While the jobs report showed millions of people remained unemployed, the February numbers came in a lot better than expected, adding to signs the U. And there are also growing concerns about inflation , given the sharp rise in some market interest rates, which too much stimulus could accelerate.

Research conducted on the first round of checks found that the vast majority of Americans saved most of the money or used it to pay down debt. Moreover, a third of likely recipients of the next round of checks said they would save the money. At a minimum, relief payments should be targeted, such as to people who lost jobs or are working fewer hours due to illness.

Or take the U. Another very helpful and focused measure would be to help people pay for their mortgages and rent — otherwise a massive housing crisis is looming on the post-pandemic horizon. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Become an author Sign up as a reader Sign in. Most people used the first coronavirus check to pad their savings or pay down debt. Authors should indicate upon submission in instances where papers use proprietary data.

In general we allow the use of proprietary data as long as 1 there exists some way to apply for the data, 2 it is expected that reasonable applications will be accepted, 3 the authors will provide all the information necessary to go from the raw data to the results of the paper including code. If you are using proprietary data and have remaining questions regarding compliance with this policy, please write to the editors about the specifics of your case. Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

Mechanical limits will not be applied to the length of articles; however, a high priority will be assigned to concise and lucid exposition. Initial submissions should be prepared following the guidelines below:. Manuscripts and cover letters, also in PDF format, should be submitted electronically via The Review 's submission portal at Editorial Express.

As of January 12, Authors may request a specific editor in their cover letter at the time of submission. All requests will be considered but are not guaranteed. At acceptance, papers are required to be 45 pages or less double-spaced, point Times New Roman or similar font with one-inch margins.

This limit includes text, tables, figures, references, and all other parts of the manuscript intended to be in print. Authors are encouraged to take advantage of online appendices for which there are no size restrictions. The page limit is not required upon submission, but it is encouraged.

In the past, we have found that doing so at the point of submission helps with the review process by enhancing the paper's readability. Starting December , the Review of Economics and Statistics will begin considering Short Papers for publication, in addition to full-length papers.

Short Papers will be strictly held to a size limitation of words and 5 exhibits. Online appendix materials are allowed of modest length, no more than 20 pages, but the papers should be self-contained. Short Papers will be held to the same quality standard as regular-size papers, and undergo the normal review process and normal turnaround times. The length limits of Short Paper submissions and revisions will be strictly enforced upon submission.

Other than these exclusions, the PDF should be identical to the submitted manuscript. Manuscripts that exceed the limit will not be reviewed and will instead be summarily returned to the authors. If authors wish to submit the paper again after complying with the size limitations, the paper must be submitted as a new submission and the authors must again pay the submission fee.

Resubmissions are by invitation only. Please resubmit the revised manuscript as instructed by the editor in the most recent correspondence. Resubmitted manuscripts must adhere to our formatting guidelines. Resubmissions must be double-spaced, twelve-point Times New Roman or similar font with one-inch margins. These formatting guidelines apply to the entire manuscript, including the text, tables, figures, references, and all other parts of the manuscript intended to be in print.

Each submission must include an abstract of no more than words in a form suitable for the Journal of Economic Literature and an appropriate classification number or numbers from the EconLit Subject Descriptors classification system. For the most recent turnaround statistics please visit the Turnaround Times page. It should be kept in mind that the Review has a fairly narrow 3" column size and long equations should be typed with an eye towards being easily divided. Similarly, long equations in the text should be displayed rather than run-in.

Notations requiring small fonts should be limited, as they are more difficult to set and to read. This especially means eliminating subscripts or superscripts with more than one level. Within the text, fractions should be set on one line. All tables should contain a caption and be on a separate piece of paper. Vertical rules should be omitted. The captions and legends on tables and figures must be sufficiently descriptive that they are understandable without reference to the text.

Figures should have a caption and be on a separate piece of paper on a scale large enough to allow for reduction. They should be submitted as a clean, clear print on high quality paper in black and white. The dimensions of figure axes must be clearly labeled.

Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and be typed double-spaced in the same size type as the rest of the paper. It is preferable for them to be placed in a separate section at the back of the paper. Equations should be limited in footnotes because the small font used often makes them illegible.

Citations in the text or footnotes should give only name of author s , year of publication, and possibly page numbers.

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