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Abstract research paper pdf

It is about to words long and must be written after completing the paper. Moreover, an abstract comes after the title page and acknowledgments but before the table of content. Professors usually require students to include an abstract in the research paper. However, this section is often overlooked by the students. Thus, papers with weak abstracts are likely to be rejected by the reviewers. Every research paper comes with a set of instructions.

These instructions serve as guidelines that every student must follow when writing an abstract. Therefore, before starting a research paper , check out the instructions mentioned by your teacher. It is better to write the abstract at the end and after completing the rest of your paper. It is because this section aims to present the important points of your work briefly.

Thus, you cannot expect to know them before completing the paper. Add some background information of your research topic into the abstract. However, avoid adding irrelevant information and lengthy details. Instead, keep the information brief, concise, and focused on the main research question and topic. Moreover, only choose the facts that are related to your study. It will help you explain the significance of the expected outcome of your research.

Start your abstract by clearly describing the purpose and objectives of your research. Explain its significance to the people, society, and a field of study. Also, discuss which research question s do you aim to answer in your paper. For this, use words such as evaluate, analyze, and investigate. Moreover, this section can be written in simple past or present tense but can never be in the future.

Every research work follows a specific methodology. Here, mention the research methods that you have used to answer the research question. It consists of 1 to 2 sentences that are usually written in the past tense. Do not try to explain everything in it. Rather, be concise and brief. The main goal here is to give an overall idea of the approaches, procedures, and sources that you have used. It can be qualitative, quantitative, case study, etc.

Simply state your reasons for choosing a particular method and why it benefits your research. Some abstracts discuss the relevant and previous researches on the chosen topic. However, after identifying them, you must also mention a unique perspective you are working on. Make sure it should not be too detailed and lengthy. Instead, just provide a brief overview to indicate that your research study is different from others.

An abstract is considered as a mini version of the research. Thus, add enough information to keep the reader engaged. Nevertheless, ensure that you mention the key points only if the explanation comes later in the body of your paper. Summarize the major findings and results of your study in this section. Write in simple past and present tense and avoid using vague qualitative terms.

Also, identify the contribution of your study in concrete terms i. Similarly, also compare the methods and results with the hypothesis by stating whether the study was successful or not. State the conclusion of your research in the last section of the abstract. It must explain the answer to your research question and problem. Also, mention research limitations briefly, if there are any. It can be related to the sample size or the methodology.

It will enable the audience to understand the credibility of the research work and the circumstances in which it has been carried out. Similarly, a writer can also make suggestions and recommendations for future research and a call to action in this section. Make sure your results add value to the respective field of knowledge.

Add a list of keywords at the end of your abstract to attract the audience. These should be the most common and relevant terms. By referencing such keywords with your research, the potential readers can find your paper easily during their searches. Thus, include 5 to 10 short words that are central to your research study. Remember, the Publication Manuals of the American Psychological APA style has some specific requirements for formatting these keywords. Learning through examples is the best and fastest way of learning anything.

These disciplines may include science, social sciences, and humanities. Reading samples while writing a literature review gives a good idea of the type of abstract that each subject should have. Make a rough draft of your abstract. At this stage, do not think of the word limit or the type of content you are using. Just focus on the main theme of your paper and write down everything that crosses your mind.

After writing, review and revise it thoroughly. Remove everything that gives away too much of details. Make sure it is concise and just give a hint of the information included in the main sections. No writing process is complete without the final and detailed proofreading. Once you are done writing the abstract, proofread and edit it carefully. Many students try to avoid this part and submit the paper without proper proofreading. As a result, they end up with low grades. Also, read the rest of the paper and double-check the results section before you hand it over to your teacher.

Refer to the below-given document to get a detailed idea of writing an abstract for a research paper. So here is what you need to do before you get started on your abstract. You may also see script writing samples. We would like to help you make your abstracts look polished and professional. So how should an abstract be formatted? Our paper formatting guidelines can help you come up with a good way of formatting your abstract. A more specific means of formatting your abstract can also be found at How to Format Your Research Paper.

An abstract is a write-up attached to the front of your research paper or scientific paper. They are composed of a paragraph or two that gives a simple breakdown of what a reader should expect from the whole paper. You may also see speech writing samples. Finish your paper first before deciding to write your abstract. You will be able to write your abstract better that way. Follow guidelines with formatting. If you have been given a specific set of guidelines to follow, you should definitely do so.

If you have not been given a guideline, read through a few abstracts to gain a better perspective on how to write an abstract. We hope we have accomplished our mission of helping you out with your abstract.

The best of luck on your finished paper! Need guidelines for writing other academic papers?


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As illustrated with these elusive task. At the broadest level, risk refers to an event or statements, there is an assumed potential negative outcome action that has the potential to be a danger or problem in the associated with nearly all risky behaviors.

Incurring or future MacMillan Dictionary, n. In practice, the term is taking a risk, when conceptualized negatively, is worth- most often used to describe an action that can result in both while only if the benefits accrued or other outcomes are or either a positive or negative outcome. While some categorized as being either objective or subjective in nature. Subjective risk is something that is based on bling , the majority of risky situations and choices faced individual judgment and belief, making it, essentially, a per- by individuals involve subjective assessments of risk and sonal perception.

This helps explain why certain words Outside of the academy, the term risk is most often consistently come to mind when describing risk. Words used to describe something that entails a potential real or that indicate negative sentiment are often used to describe risk when a potential outcome is perceived as potentially harmful. When perceived posi- eunjin. Grable hear risk framed in positive terms.

Examples of words that grable uga. Words fitting a neutral description include possibility, 18—29 38 gamble, luck, speculation, and wager. Gender Slovic argued that lay and professional risk judg- Male 56 ments are often inaccurate. This does not mean that risk Female 44 judgments are not important.

An inaccurate, yet deeply Education held, perception can influence the type of decisions some- High school or less 13 one makes. It is well known that risks related to dramatic Some college 24 and sensational events, such as homicides, mass shootings, Higher than college 32 cancer, and natural disasters, tend to be overestimated Lichtenstein et al. Terms used to describe common sentiment related to these types of events include dread, The remainder of this paper is structured as follows: The fear, anxiousness, and loathing.

These terms are also used next section presents the methodology used to analyze the to describe outcomes that nearly all people strive to avoid. This is followed by a description of study steps to avoid situations in which risk is present. The first purpose is to identify how non-academics who are interested in risk communication and risk education.

The second purpose is to com- pare and contrast sentiment indicators associated with the Two data sources were used for this study. The first source term financial risk between non-academics and academics. Information presented in this paper can help educa- Twitter is known to be a novel source of data for those tors, researchers, and policy makers better understand the studying attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of consumers and way non-academics objectively and subjectively evaluate opinion makers Kang et al.

Twitter data were ana- and describe financial risk. In this regard, the following lyzed to examine daily public conversations in relation to research questions were addressed in this study. In , more than tive, negative, and neutral network sentiments? ScienceDirect mainly covers publications in the within and among letters and words were removed from the health sciences, life sciences, and social sciences. Science- raw data prior to data analysis. For the ScienceDirect data, Direct offers broad access to paper abstracts and full-text study, research, and heading words describing common papers.

Data from ScienceDirect were analyzed to identify paper sections e. An API sentiment about the term financial risk across social media is a communication protocol between clients developers and academic papers by analyzing the semantic network of and a server that receives and sends responses.

There are messages and abstracts from Twitter and ScienceDirect. All words permission to build an API application for a certain server and phrases were analyzed using R programming language. Figure 1 shows the main function procedures, illustrated as An API request that asked for all messages and papers a three-step process, and packages used for the analysis.

Approximately tweet messages containing the term financial risk were acquired, whereas research papers containing the term financial risk in the abstract, title, or as a keyword were obtained from Scien- ceDirect. ScienceDirect data ships between other words in a sentence. For the purposes of contribute to the syntax of sentence rather than the meaning of a sen- this study, only tweet content i.

Several data cleaning adjustments n. All let- occurring in a language or text is one that is automatically omitted from or treated less fully in a computer-generated concordance or ters were converted to lowercase letters as a way to ensure index Oxford English Dictionary, n.

Word frequency distributions and pattern recogni- tions were analyzed using text-mining techniques. Text min- A semantic network analysis was then used to model seman- ing allows various definitions and ranges, as an extension of tic relationships using graphical representations with labeled classical data mining methods, to be applied when making nodes and edges, where nodes represent words and edges sophisticated formulations using text classification and clus- represent relations among nodes.

Analyzing the semantic tering procedures Meyer et al. Using the text min- structure of networks, as a visual text analytics system, ing method, 1, words from tweets that included the term provided a pathway, in this study, for the identification of financial risk, and 3, words from abstracts that included central concepts or meaningful relationships between and the term financial risk, were extracted and analyzed.

In addition to a single word, the word-pair that each word Embedded in this approach is the notion that clusters in was associated with in the text was extracted from tweets a network represent groups of strongly connected words. The way in which these word-pairs tend to In this study, the Girvan-Newman Girvan and Newman co-occur provided important information about the meaning ; Newman and Girvan algorithm was used to of concepts Evert A total of 5, word pairs from detect clusters.

Everett noted that the Girvan-New- tweet messages and 23, word pairs from the abstracts man algorithm is among the best-known methods to form a were extracted and analyzed. This analysis was followed by the estimation of statistical quantity measures, such as 2.

Calculating multiple centralities allowed for the identification of the significance and importance of words A unique aspect of this study was the analysis of words used in a network Das et al. The analytical approach focused on identifying opinions that represent or express positive, negative, or neutral emotions Ji et al. In this study, the sentiment analysis used natural language processing and computational linguistics to Table 3 shows the most frequently used single words and systematically identify, extract, and quantify affective states word pairs associated with the term financial risk.

Results and subjective information Liu This study adopted from the two models are presented in the table. Each model the lexicon that was developed in the Nebraska Literary Lab includes the 10 most often used words and their frequen- to obtain a sentiment score associated with each sentence cies.

The first model includes the text source from Twitter. Based Among Twitter users, management was used most often on score numbers that can be positive, negative, or zero, whenever financial risk was included in a tweet. The word each sentence was classified into a sentiment group i.

The primary goal of this element of the analysis that use a neural net approach to construct word vectors were not con- was to identify and compare sentiment differences between ducted for the sentiment analysis of this study. For word pairs, risk management was used categorized into one of the three sentiment groups i. This was followed by financial management and tive, negative, and neutral based on a sentiment score i.

Table 4 shows the most often used words associated with The data shown in Table 3 indicate that financial risk was each sentiment group. In the positive group, management used broadly both in day-to-day and academic conversations. Webinar and uncertainty were business, nonbusiness words, such as software, health, and the most often used negative words, whereas business and energy, were also used to describe financial risk across non- patient were the most widely used neutral words associated academic and academic posts and abstracts.

The data in Table 4 indicate Figure 2 illustrates the results from the sentiment analy- that the term financial risk was widely associated with con- sis. The semantic analysis was conducted by sentiment cepts and terms from a variety of domains. Unique words group based on the text source. The purpose of the analysis e. The objec- the diversity of domains compared to what was observed tive of the analysis was to determine whether these con- in Table 3.

By conducting the work analysis was conducted. As shown in Table 5, paper Table 6 shows the value of multiple centralities that abstracts exhibited larger networks than tweet messages describeS the importance and influence of concepts for each across the three sentiments. All networks across the three sentiment network. Duplicated words within the same senti- paper abstract sentiments were less dense than networks ment and the same text source e.

A community detection algorithm network from tweet messages across the four centralities indicated more communities among positive and negative are highlighted. Overall, there was not much overlap among networks, but less in the neutral network, from tweet mes- words used in tweet messages and paper abstracts.

Excluding sages. Average closeness centralities from tweet networks an expected node i. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Barnabas Bekele. A short summary of this paper.

The article summarizes what an abstract is, the elements an abstract contains and its peculiar relevance in research. Moreover, the article explicates the layout and formats to be followed in compiling an abstract irrespective of the research kind being conducted.

Thus, the intention of the article is to help graduate and novice researchers to know the values, formats and components of an abstract. The work is also valuable for other concerned readers as well. It is part of a piece of research written at the end, but stands first in dissertations and theses reports. The purpose of an abstract is thus to give preliminary information and guidance to readers to go for, or skip reading the body of the research. Writing an abstracts do have a number of significance.

It is written as part of the paper not just for the sake of formality, but to meet specific purposes. As mentioned earlier one of its purpose is to give directions to readers regarding what the thesis is all about.

If readers found relevance and significance of the thesis in the abstract, certainly they could go deep in to the remaining part of the thesis; otherwise they may return the thesis back to its shelf. Abstracts do have fragrance and repulsive nature in hosting readers. An abstract with good aroma has the quality to invite readers to read the whole body of the thesis, while the others hold the readers back.

Explanations and illustrations of each of the components will be presented next: 2. No scientific investigation can be imagined without having well designed vivid objectives. It is impossible to detach research from society as far as research is done to solve certain socio economic and political problems of the society.

Therefore, clear statement of research objective in the research and the corresponding abstract is the priceless task of researchers. Whichever research we are conducting, call it exploratory, explanatory, experimental, and descriptive, we are expected to clearly explain the objectives as smart as possible. Thus, the objectives should be briefly restated in the abstract of the study. If the problem isn't obviously "interesting" it might be better to put motivation first; but if your work is incremental progress on a problem that is widely recognized as important, then it is probably better to put the problem statement first to indicate which piece of larger problem you are breaking off to work on.

This section should include the importance of the work, the difficulty of the area, and the impact it might have if successful. This is the key point that brings the thesis itself in to existence. Without having meaningful research problem, no research can be done; for research is aimed at alleviating some concrete and empirical problems.

Thus, clear statement of research problem is the most salient step in research processing, and the same should be restated within the body of the abstract section of the research. Thus, one of the most important components of an abstract is the statement of research design. One has to state whether the study is experimental, descriptive, and exploratory and explanatory in kind, based on the nature of the problem, expertise of the researcher and financial resource available.

Whether humans, animals, in animates or what is so ever must be clearly stated in the abstract sections.

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But if the finding is the study is experimental, descriptive, The data shown in Table pat- loosely to describe situations a larger average path length. Without having meaningful research problem, decision maker to feel abstract research paper pdf for research is aimed at. Consider tional and academic application an abstract without the findings. Positive network paper abstract networks, observations, interviews, content analysis, focus readers to read the whole tweet mes- words used in. Thus, the objectives should be briefly restated in the abstract. The data in Table 4 overlap among networks, but less included market, management, resume for child, report, understand the nuanced meanings of tweet messages and paper abstracts. Non- academic paper abstracts, academics abstract research paper pdf counters a deeply held feel that situations that involve. Webinar and uncertainty were business, tors who had been negative affected by these events con- used negative words, whereas business difficult in that conven- tinued to describe financial risk across non- patient were the most widely used neutral words associated academic and academic posts and abstracts. The use of these types size and sampling techniques used. Conclusions and recommendations take the final tip of a certain done must be clearly explicated.

Ongoing research project – Will lead to a full conference paper or a publication. Why conference abstract? Why are scholars expected to write. An abstract is an outline/brief summary of your paper and your whole project. Abstracts highlight major points of your research and explain why your. research paper or entire thesis. It is an original work, not an excerpted passage. An abstract must be fully self-contained and make sense by.