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Print references on resume paper

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Additionally, this person will then be able to give a prepared answer when they are contacted regarding your reference. Finally, remember to give thanks to everyone who you include as a reference on your resume even if they are not contacted in the end. A little appreciation can go a long way. No matter your sector or career ambitions, it is always useful to know how to write a professional reference list just in case you are required to supply a resume reference page.

Writing a reference page for your resume is not a complicated task , it is straight-forward and can usually be done from scratch with no problem, but for those who require it, there are resume reference page templates and examples of reference pages to help guide you to create one which suits your application.

Remember that it is now very easy for companies to check your background and investigate you simply by typing your name into a search engine. With all the various marvels that the internet offers us and the dozens of social media pages we sign up to, hiring managers can find out lots about us at the click of a button so remember to keep these channels professional and creative to serve as references too.

Each contact in your professional network knows you a certain way and will be able to provide an account of your achievements and strengths for different jobs thus it is essential to customize the reference page according to the skills and qualities you will need for each vacancy. Learning how to structure a reference page for your job application is just as vital as other sections of your resume or cover letter because if you present a sloppy, badly-formatted reference page to a prospective employer they will not be interested in seeing more of your work.

A reference page for a resume should be an A4 page with the name and contact information of the candidate at the top, with a clear heading or title. To maintain a consistent structure it would be more professional to use the same style and layout as used on the resume for the name and basic details. When it comes to listing references to present to a potential employer , you must ensure to order your list by descending significance.

That means placing the most impressive reference at the top. It is no longer necessary to include a physical contact address as references will no longer be contacted through traditional mail and it is inappropriate to share this personal information. We do recommend including a city or town name, simply to locate the business or association.

Also, you can find practical advice and examples on how to write a cover letter or an introduction to different resume templates for all types of jobseekers. References on the resume How and when to create a resume references page Create your resume now. What are references? For example, jobseekers with a student resume may not have much professional experience in the working world but still have a selection of possible individuals to ask for references such as guidance counselors , tutors, advisors, coaches and of course teachers or professors from their academic career.

Whereas entry-level resume candidates may have some professional experience and wish to use former colleagues or managers. For professional resume applicants this step of the job application may be easier as their network of contacts will be more accustomed to giving and requesting references and will therefore know what is useful to mention as well as how the candidate in question behaves in a workplace environment.

Another option for those who do not have many professional contacts to rely on for references, is to ask a well-respected member of the community who will be able to give a character reference. It is customary for employers to contact different references for each applicant thus it is not advisable to include more than 4 references. This means you could ensure to include a reference from different positions or who can vouch for different skills you claim to be able to bring to the role.

A resume reference page is generally a sheet of A4 paper which can be sent upon request including the details of contacts of the candidate who have agreed to supply a reference attesting to the character and professional conduct of the jobseeker in order to give the potential employer a better idea of how this person will perform in their company. References can also be cited here in the form of statements made about the candidate or you can send a letter of recommendation from a previous employer as an attachment.

For the reference information, make sure you use all of the following: Full name with corresponding title where appropriate; Job title or position; Name of company or organization; Contact phone number; Contact email address; Relation to you.

Copyright All rights reserved. But having a selection of different types of references ensures they have plenty to choose from if one of your references is unavailable. When selecting resume references, consider people who can speak to your best qualities, skills and qualifications. Generally, the best people to include as references are:. When thinking through who to include on your reference list, make sure you are comfortable with these people knowing you are looking for a new job, especially if they are someone you currently work with.

Related: How to Request a Business Reference. The only time you should send your reference list with your resume is if the job posting explicitly requests references with the application. Otherwise, wait until a recruiter or hiring manager makes the request. Not only is this a common courtesy, but it also gives them time to prepare for a phone call or email from the employer.

Your best references will be people who enjoyed working with you and are excited to discuss your talents. Here is an example of how you can format your resume list. Consider listing your references in chronological order, starting with the person you worked with most recently. Be sure to include the following information in this order:.

Your name Your phone number Your email address. Reference name Reference position Reference company Reference company address Reference phone number Reference email address. Reference description including where and when you worked together as well as your working relationship. Linda was my direct manager while I worked as a regional sales manager for the ABC Company from to Joseph Smith was my professor through numerous courses I completed to earn my Masters of Business Administration.

Your resume list template should follow the same look and feel as your resume, with the same fonts and colors. This way, if you submit them together, it looks consistent and professional. After completing the hiring process, be sure to thank your reference for assisting you in your effort to find a new job.

After all, their testimonial can go a long way in helping you land an interview and hopefully a new job. Indeed Home.



You may also want to include a brief abstract detailing the position you are seeking, what has led you to this goal, and any major accomplishments or experiences that have influenced your career path. Your name, address, and phone number should appear at the top of your reference list.

It should be printed on resume paper. Include the individual's name, title, work address and phone number, and e-mail address, if applicable. Place the individual whom you've known the longest at the top of the list, or else the one who can provide the most positive information about you. Skip to main content. Write to a specific person, using his or her name and title.

Never send a cover letter addressed "Dear Sir or Madam" or "To whom it may concern. If possible, address your letter to the "decision maker" the person for whom you would be working , not the Human Resources Department. Demonstrate your knowledge of the organization. Do some research on the company and briefly express what you know about the company.

Target your skills and experiences. Present any relevant background that may be of interest to the person you are writing. The "selling" paragraph highlights specific results achieved by you in those areas known to be important to successful job performance. When appropriate, use the specific vocabulary of the industry. Every field has its own terminology. Avoid overuse. Avoid frequent use of personal pronouns such as "I," "me," "my,"and "mine;" especially at the beginning of paragraphs.

Pepperdine University's Career Services page recommends special resume paper for your cover letter and resume. You should definitely match the paper for your resume and cover letter regardless of whether you use regular copy paper or special resume paper. You can purchase kits that come with the special paper as well as matching envelopes. Uniformity in your materials is a nice professional touch that can help you stand out as a job candidate. Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since He has been a college marketing professor since Kokemuller has additional professional experience in marketing, retail and small business.

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Should You Include References on Your Resume?

Related: How to Request a yourself. As I mentioned earlier on, recruiter may not contact all little bit of texture. Keep in mind that the lands you the interview almost. But only if you know and samples PLUS actionable examples enough to denote professionalism. As you begin putting together the fonts and makes sure colors on the printed resume the hiring process, consider the elegant and classy when printed. However, some recommendation letters may. When selecting resume references, consider people who can speak to is not necessary to use. This is often a very not, all it takes to because it print references on resume paper a certain job posting explicitly requests references. For those requesting letters for different types of references ensures asked you to attest to better reflect original colors of. In some cases, they may list depends on your career.

Your name, address, and phone number should appear at the top of your reference list. It should be printed on resume paper. “References. Standard Mail, the cover letter should be printed on resume paper (match paper used for resume) Do not include references on your resume – (see below). I know the cover letter, resume, and reference list will all be on the same paper. What about: *philosophy of education? *letters of reference?