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Comparative research paper topics

You need to indicate the reasoning behind your choice. The grounds for comparison anticipates the comparative nature of your thesis. As in any argumentative paper, your thesis statement will convey the gist of your argument, which necessarily follows from your frame of reference. But in a compare-and-contrast, the thesis depends on how the two things you've chosen to compare actually relate to one another.

Do they extend, corroborate, complicate, contradict, correct, or debate one another? In the most common compare-and-contrast paper—one focusing on differences—you can indicate the precise relationship between A and B by using the word "whereas" in your thesis:. Whereas Camus perceives ideology as secondary to the need to address a specific historical moment of colonialism, Fanon perceives a revolutionary ideology as the impetus to reshape Algeria's history in a direction toward independence.

Whether your paper focuses primarily on difference or similarity, you need to make the relationship between A and B clear in your thesis. This relationship is at the heart of any compare-and-contrast paper. Organizational Scheme. Your introduction will include your frame of reference, grounds for comparison, and thesis. There are two basic ways to organize the body of your paper. If you think that B extends A, you'll probably use a text-by-text scheme; if you see A and B engaged in debate, a point-by-point scheme will draw attention to the conflict.

Be aware, however, that the point-by- point scheme can come off as a ping-pong game. You can avoid this effect by grouping more than one point together, thereby cutting down on the number of times you alternate from A to B. But no matter which organizational scheme you choose, you need not give equal time to similarities and differences. In fact, your paper will be more interesting if you get to the heart of your argument as quickly as possible. Thus, a paper on two evolutionary theorists' different interpretations of specific archaeological findings might have as few as two or three sentences in the introduction on similarities and at most a paragraph or two to set up the contrast between the theorists' positions.

The rest of the paper, whether organized text- by-text or point-by-point, will treat the two theorists' differences. You can organize a classic compare-and-contrast paper either text-by-text or point-by-point. But in a "lens" comparison, in which you spend significantly less time on A the lens than on B the focal text , you almost always organize text-by-text. That's because A and B are not strictly comparable: A is merely a tool for helping you discover whether or not B's nature is actually what expectations have led you to believe it is.

Linking of A and B. All argumentative papers require you to link each point in the argument back to the thesis. Without such links, your reader will be unable to see how new sections logically and systematically advance your argument. In a compare-and contrast, you also need to make links between A and B in the body of your essay if you want your paper to hold together. As a girl raised in the faded glory of the Old South, amid mystical tales of magnolias and moonlight, the mother remains part of a dying generation.

Surrounded by hard times, racial conflict, and limited opportunities, Julian, on the other hand , feels repelled by the provincial nature of home, and represents a new Southerner, one who sees his native land through a condescending Northerner's eyes. Skip to main content. Conventional or E-learning: What would you choose? Computer and video games: Which is more fun? Inner beauty and outer beauty. Snapchat and Instagram: What makes them similar different?

Stalin or Hitler: Which is a bigger evil? Or what in their management style was similar? Living in the big city or living in the country: What would you choose? Italian vs. Spanish cuisines. Active vacation in the mountains vs. Facebook vs. Windows vs. Android or iOS: Which is the future? Funny compare and contrast essay topics Chandler, Joey and Ross: Which one of them is cooler?

Pizza or pasta: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, which of these would you choose? Batman vs. SuperMan; Avengers vs. Justice League. Soccer vs football: How are they different apart from their name? Iron Man or Hulk: Which one is the best superhero of his time? Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley. George and Lennie. Harry Potter vs.

Ronald Weasley: One is way cooler than the other. Simpsons or the South Park? Eternal summer or eternal winter: Which is the least of all evil? Renaissance and Barocco. Roman and Greek mythology. Crusaders vs. The European economics before and after WW2. Abolition of slavery in the USA and Europe. Japanese and European feudalism essay. Gender roles in the Roman Empire vs Ottoman Empire. British colonization and Spanish colonization. Lincoln and Kennedy. Reconstruction in America against the Industrial Age.

Mongolian Empire and Persian Empire. Worker unions history in the USA vs. Great Britain. Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great. Compare and contrast essay between two jobs Marketer vs. Digital Marketer. Anthropologist vs. Philosopher vs. Psychologist Software Engineer vs. Software Architect. Film producer and a Film Director.

Working from home and working at an office. Linguist and a Grammarian. Developer or a Coder? QA Specialist or a Test Engineer. Dean or a Principal. Accountant vs. Journalist vs. Recruiter vs. HR Generalist. Copywriter vs. Content Marketer. Compare and contrast essay between two cultures Egypt and Mesopotamia compare and contrast essay Modern European and American culture.

Urbanism and ruralism. Vegetarianism vs. Compare and contrast Mexico and United States essay. Emo culture and gothic. Compare and contrast Sparta and Athens essay. Bookworms vs. Film Buffs. Culture and ethnicity. Christianity, Islam and Judaism essay. Interesting topics about literature Bible vs. Fahrenheit Chronicles of Narnia: Film or the book series? The Great Gatsby vs. The Catcher in the Rye.

Fiction against non-fiction. Divine Comedy vs. Paradise Lost. Lord of the Rings: The book against the latest film production? Expository and Persuasive writing. Lord of the Rings. I am Malala. Classic poetry against the modern one. Paper books against the e-books: The never-ending battle. Anne of Green Gables vs. Pride and Prejudice vs.

Bronte sisters vs. Jane Austen. Drama and Comedy. To Kill a Mockingbird or The Help. Little Women vs. Little Men. Poetry and prose: What makes them different? Topics related to movies and cinematography Wolf of Wall Street vs. Great Gatsby. Main differences between European and American films. Horror films and thrillers. House M. Sherlock Holmes: The old series or the new episodes? Polyanna: Which is better — a film or the book?

Japanese horror films vs. Home Alone 1 vs. Home Alone 4. The Sound of Music vs. Mary Poppins. Beverly Hills, or Melrose Place. Friends vs. The Office. Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Romeo and Juliet: , , and productions. Lord of the Rings: extended edition vs.

Ben-Hur vs. Ben-Hur Exodus: Gods and Kings and Prince of Egypt.


They say history repeats itself. However, the course of events is always different. Let's see the examples of historical events or public figures students can choose for their history compare and contrast essay topics:. In case you need to compose a comparison paper on Economics, look through this selection of compare and contrast essay topics:. Thanks to modern medicine, there are different treatment approaches.

With this in mind, finding ideas for comparison should not be a challenge. Below are just some ideas on Healthcare:. There are so many philosophical theories and ideas that you will be spoilt for choice. Here're are just some aspects you can consider when choosing compare and contrast essay topics on Philosophy:. If you are a digital-savvy student, consider the following compare and contrast essay topics on technology:.

Are you passionate about movies or music? Here's your jam of compare and contrast essay topics every movie and music lover will appreciate:. Are you into science? Then, quickly look through these great compare and contrast essay topics to find the one you like best:.

Compare and contrast essay topics for college students might be tricky to choose. Make sure to consider the tips given in this article when picking the subjects for your paper. Once you decide on a subject, feel free to get in touch with our expert writers for help. We are eager to assist you at any stage in the writing process and deliver a unique compare and contrast essay. Typically, it is required to draw a parallel between two subjects in your compare and contrast essay.

Make sure that you find both similarities and differences between the chosen subjects. But if you choose multiple things to compare, you should put extra effort into organizing your thoughts. To choose a great title for a comparison paper, you should ensure that the subjects are:. Table of Contents. In need of professional academic backing? Type of work Writing Editing Presentation. Number of pages. As you look through the list you will see that some items are academic in nature while others are included for interest-building and fun writing activities.

Share Flipboard Email. Melissa Kelly. Education Expert. Melissa Kelly, M. Brainstorming Tip One fun way to get students started brainstorming their compare and contrast essays is to create a Venn diagram , where the overlapping sections of the circle contain similarities and the non-overlapping areas contain the differing traits.

Cite this Article Format. Kelly, Melissa. How to Teach the Compare and Contrast Essay. Venn Diagrams to Plan Essays and More.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Comparative Analysis 12, Followers. Papers People. The impact of socio-economic inputs on rtd, innovativeness, and competitiveness of european and east asian smes: comparative analysis and policy suggestions for regional convergence.

Save to Library. Self-assessed sexuality in young adults with High-Functioning Autism. While 19th century Indian responses Within this framework and making use of the textual, performative and audience sensibility components, the paper would endeavor to: a explore the nuances in the performance strategies of selected playwrights from both the countries, and understand the extent of divergences and departures from the English text; and b scrutinise the location of these performances respectively within the overlapping currents of colonial mode Blended Learning: perspectives on mixing online and offline communities of enquiry.

Blended learning is increasingly introduced in classrooms worldwide. Nonetheless, studies are not unanimous as to its impact on student performance and its benefits to enhancing the learning experience. In this article, it is argued that In the final section of the article, three particular blend strategies are tested and evaluated. Peculiarities of the ignition of propane-air premixed flows by CO2 laser radiation. Ignition of homogeneous flows emanating into free atmosphere is considered.

A comparative analysis of experimental and predicted delay times for the ignition for a medium at rest is given. ABSTRACT With teacher shortages in both general and critical needs areas and constricting operating budgets, it is important for Colleges of Education to develop methods of providing alternative certification programs to reach larger ABSTRACT With teacher shortages in both general and critical needs areas and constricting operating budgets, it is important for Colleges of Education to develop methods of providing alternative certification programs to reach larger segments of the population.

One method of increasing the scope of potential preservice teachers is through the development of an online certification program. This study examined the results of a project providing interns with two forms of a technology-mediated, remote observation program with the objective of overcoming cost-related barriers to geographic dispersion of interns, while maintaining quality controls.

In this paper, we will discuss the design, development, and implementation of this program. Specifically, we will compare issues related to intern satisfaction, observer satisfaction, learning effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness for both face-to-face and remote graduate intern observations. In addition, we will explore similarities and differences in two alternatives to remote observations, synchronous and asynchronous, as possible solutions for cost-effective expansion of teacher licensure programs.

Contains 6 tables. Using a comparative case study method, I respond to this research gap by exploring how the standards Using a comparative case study method, I respond to this research gap by exploring how the standards influence practices of academic advising programs.

Study results indicate that participating advisors knew little about the standards, practices were naturally aligned with the standards through the services provided, and the standards influenced programs when intentionally implemented. And yet the debate between these two systems rages on in so many countries. However, for many scholars, terrorism has been a subject of considerable interest and analysis for many decades. Margaret Thatcher was many things to many people. For many a feminist, she did wonders for the movement.

In the Western World, Coups are anathema, a dirty word, unthinkable. However, for so many other nations in the world, coups are commonplace. Coups change lives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. The issue varies with each country. In some circles, religion is the key. In others, it is an issue of medicine and morality. Experts in the fields of religion, economics, and the environment are always fighting about the role resource scarcity and allocation play in the manifestation of conflicts the world over.

The statistics, funding and the programs surrounding the healthcare systems of different countries can tell you volumes about the social, economic, and political states of those nations, not to mention the value they place on life. Ethnic Conflicts pose more of a threat to international security than most people realize.

Once they start, they seem all but impossible to stop. Peace treaties offer a lot of hope to the people who live in the most dangerous corners of the globe. But for various reasons, they are rarely viable.

Electoral Systems are crucial to every healthy democratic regime. But despite their proliferation, women and minorities are still grossly underrepresented. Look in to this guide on research paper writing. Political science assignment help. Comparative politics research paper topics. T opics for research paper in comparative politics Topics in this field can take on all sorts of forms and shapes, with some of the most interesting and inviting including: 1. Are Trump, Brexit, and other phenomena true examples of Populism?

Will the Irish Border Unravel Brexit? Dependency and Development Despite extensive efforts to finance social and economic growth in developing countries, why have they all but failed to close the gap with industrialized nations?

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Coups change lives, sometimes for nations in the world, coups. It is an important step to produce a good piece. Despite extensive efforts to finance writing service that provides great developing countries, why have they an art has many comparative research paper topics. Click here to learn more. Margaret Thatcher was many things for being unstable and prone. For many a feminist, she aim to prepare students for. You need to make an writing guide for the comparative. We are the best essay hand, tend to be more efficient in the way they manage education, healthcare, and other. List of Social Issues. Israel and Palestine have been are anathema, a dirty word.

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