term paper on dhaka stock exchange

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Term paper on dhaka stock exchange how to write cv usa

Term paper on dhaka stock exchange

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To test the weak form efficiency of Islamabad Stock exchange, we have tested Efficient Market Hypothesis. EMH is method to measure the stock prices trends in the market. Efficient market hypothesis also helps for making the right investment decisions. From two of decades, EMH has obtained much great importance in the field of finance. So it has attracted many researchers to explore the anomalous behavior of efficient stock market. Efficient market hypothesis has three main categories: 1.

Weak form 2. Semi-strong form 3. Strong form. We will focus only weak form of market efficiency in ISE. Focus of the study is to analyze the weak form of ISE in the stock market. For this purpose we have used different statistical technique for analyzing the data that is collected from the official website of ISE. Data will be in the form of weekly ISE share index. Time period of data is Sundar Venkatesh Chairperson Dr.

Winai Wongsurawat Dr. Sundar Venkatesh, my project advisor, for his deep insight in capital market, which helped me to accomplish the project paper. His dedication towards teaching, motivating and supervising influenced me greatly, leading to do my project work carefully and seriously.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Bangladesh Bank, My office, for granting me a scholarship, to pursue my Masters in banking and finance. I express my gratitude and deepest appreciation to my friend Ms. Senjuti binte rafiq, My Colleagues in Bangladesh Bank and DSE Library staffs who helped me by providing valuable suggestions and necessary data for my analysis.

I am very much thankful to Dr. Winai Wongsurawat and Dr. Juthathip Jongwanich for their valuable suggestions regarding my project. I express my gratitude and deepest appreciation to Ms Working on a practical field with theories helped us to build our theories strong and specific. We believe that this report will help the reader to know about the causes and consequences of the stock market crash. During preparing this report we have enforced our best effort. Surely, it enriches our knowledge and promotes our study.

Thank you for giving us such an opportunity for working on the topic. We will be honored to provide you any additional information, if necessary. Respectfully, Taher Jamil On behalf of the group Executive Summary Between July and December , the Bangladesh capital market experienced an unprecedented surge in market prices and volume of activity.

It was not but , which will be recalled for bubble burst of capital market. January 10, is another black day for capital market history of Bangladesh. For the first hour of trading, the DSE general index dropped to CSE also observed similar fall in stock prices. Portfolios of most of the investors have been reduced significantly following such dripping of Index. Faruk Hosain Assistant Professor Govt. Sir, As a part of BBA program a term paper is enclosed herewith. In the time of preparation the report, relevant documents, data, information were studied and practical knowledge had been gathered.

I tried my best to make this report as much informative as possible. I sincerely believe that it will satisfy your requirements. I however sincerely believe that this report will serve the purpose of my term When banking system cannot totally meet up the need for funds to the market economy, capital market stands up to supplement it. Companies and the government can raise funds for long-term investments via the capital market.

The capital market includes the stock market, the bond market, and the primary market. Securities trading on organized capital markets are monitored by the government; new issues are approved by authorities of financial supervision and monitored by participating banks.

Thus, organized capital markets are able to guarantee sound investment opportunities. This paper reveals the various aspects of the Capital Market in Bangladesh. The objective of this study is to look into every aspect of Bangladesh capital market and identify its various pros and cons along with some recommendations to overcome the existing problems. The specific objectives of this study are: To give an overall idea about the capital market-its structures, functions, importance, etc.

To identify the current situations of our capital market of Bangladesh. To compare the relative conditions of Bangladesh capital market to other countries of the world. To sort out the problems associated with our capital market. To suggest some practicable solutions to these The Dhaka Stock Exchange is the rallying point for enterprises to raise capital in Bangladesh.

With a nationwide coverage by brokers and dealers, DSE espouses shared vision of Bangladeshi business all over. The exchange maintains the lead in providing a launching pad for With your kind supervision I believe that the knowledge and experience gathered have provided me with hands on experience.

If you accept the report then I will be grateful to you. I shall be available for defense on this report any time at your convenience. Your kind approval is solicited. Yours truly, ……………………… Md. Sanowar Hossain 8 9 Md. Stock Market in Bangladesh [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic] Dhaka Stock Exchange DSE dates back to when the local government deemed it necessary to establish a stock exchange because Pakistani shares and securities were prohibited from being bought or sold on the Calcutta Stock Exchange CSE.

Up until this point, Pakistan had been trading quite profitably on the CSE and had no need to establish their own stock exchange department. In response to the prohibition the Provincial Industrial Advisory Council made the decision to establish a stock exchange in Eastern Pakistan. Initially it was suggested that instead of creating an independent stock exchange, a branch of the Karachi Stock Exchange be opened at Dhaka.

However this proposal was very unpopular with representatives from East Pakistan who felt that it was necessary to create a completely new stock exchange in Dhaka. This is what eventually happened with different members of the stock exchange purchasing membership cards at the price of RS. There were two proposed locations for the stock exchange — Dhaka and Chittagong — but in the end it was decided that Dhaka was the most suitable location. An organizing committee was established to further set up the DSE and invitations were sent out to determine what sort of interest there would be in the proposed stock exchange.

The response was overwhelming and on the 7th of July a meeting was held with roughly interested persons We have tried our level best to put meticulous effort for prepare this assignment. Any shortcomings or fault may arise as our unintentional mistakes. We will wholeheartedly welcome any clarification and suggestion about any view and conception disseminated through this assignment.

Thank you. Unfortunately, in any establishment, the list of expression of thanks- no matter how The objectives of the SEC are to develop the securities markets and to frame necessary rules and regulations of Capital Market News 2. Corporate Finance 3. Supervision and Regulation of Markets and Intermediaries 5.

Central Depository System Department 6. Registration Department 7. SEC Surveillance Department 8. SEC Enforcement Actions 9. Legal Services Department Missions of SEC! Ensuring proper issuance of securities! Protection of the interest of investors in securities;! Development of the capital and securities markets; and! Regulation of the capital and securities markets in Bangladesh. Introduction: The capital market is the engine of growth for an economy, and performs a crucial role in acting as an intermediary between savers and companies seeking additional financing for business expansion.

Contribution of any stock exchange generally leads to economic growth by increasing the funds to finance industry and other enterprise.


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Read this essay on Dse- Dhaka Stock Exchange. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass. We investigated the time series data of Dhaka stock exchange from The technique of correlation is applied to the return of daily closing prices. In this paper, we saw how the stock market of Bangladesh was formed, its brief history. Also, how it was structured into Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE).