how to make a notecard for a research paper

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How to make a notecard for a research paper nursing entrance essay topics

How to make a notecard for a research paper

Writing Skills Research Papers Establish your topic. Look for sources of information. Read your sources and take notes. Organize your ideas. Write a first draft. Use footnotes or endnotes to document sources. Write a bibliography. Revise the first draft. Proofread the final draft. WB, 2, p.

What batting records were set? Baseball becomes popular Ty Cobb Detroit Tigers outfielder one of the great all-time players. Education Expert. Grace Fleming, M. Updated March 03, Cite this Article Format. Fleming, Grace. Research Note Cards.

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WordPress Shortcode. Like Liked. Wendy Scruggs. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Maria Fletcher. Angel Ann Milan. Shellie Troutman. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Research Paper Note Cards 1. Reese 2. I said, 'Wait; I can't hear; please talk slowly. I followed his instructions. I opened the door and walked through it, closing the door behind me. I found that I was in the hallway near the elevator where I had just come up.

I was shocked! He had rejected me without any explanation. I got into the elevator, and as it descended, I felt very letdown. I couldn't understand why he didn't give me a chance to explain that I could do the job well. It didn't require hearing! One time he told a potential employer he was deaf, and the man just pointed to the door.

Bragg, not realizing the man was telling him to leave, opened the door and stepped out. Not until he went out the door did he realize he had been rejected because he was deaf So, what goes on the Note Card?? It is useful to take notes on index cards because it gives you the flexibility to change the order of your notes and group them together easily.

You can buy a few packages of 3x5 or 5x7 index cards at most drugstores or stationery stores. Write only one main point on a note card 3. Write only essential words, abbreviate when possible. Be accurate: double check direct quotes and statistics. Identify direct quotes with quotation marks and the person's name.

Bracket your own words [ ] when you add them into a quote. Distinguish between 'fact' and 'opinion'. Write the page number of the source after the note.

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Risk Management and Insurance. Theatre Arts. Bachelors B. S in Risk Management and Insurance. In Public Health. Masters M. Master of Arts in Deaf Education. Master of Arts in Interpretation: Interpreting Research. Master of Public Administration. Non-Clinical M. Specialist Psy.

Doctorate Au. Psychology for Online Degree Completion Program. Changing The World. Our Priorities. Your Journey Starts Here. We make it easy for you to apply and enter here. Ready to take the next step toward a college education? Explore our Campus. Make lasting memories and grow in ways you never thought possible. Life in Washington, D. New and Emerging Signers Student Support. Researching As you find interesting facts about your topic during your research, you should write them down.

Here is a sample card: The card topic is the title for the kind of information on the card. The card topic is a name that you make up yourself. Think of it as the title , or main idea of the card. After writing down the information, figure out how you could briefly categorize, or title it. For example, if you are writing a paper on the life and works of the poet, Langston Hughes, you may have cards with topics such as: Hughes' upbringing Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance Hughes' influences Hughes' poetry Hughes' political beliefs Hughes' influence on America Although it may seem tedious to give each note card a topic name, it serves two purposes: It keeps you focused in your research.

You will be less likely to write down unnecessary information facts that are not related to your topic if you are careful to write down the topic for every card. It is necessary to have these topics once you begin organizing your research. The source title is the name of the book, magazine, website, etc. In the previous example, the source was given a number , instead of writing out the entire title.

You could write out the title on each card, or simply list your sources on a separate sheet of paper, like the example here. Number your sources on this list, and then use the numbers on the note cards to specify which source provided which fact.

Sample Source List Remember! This is not a complete works cited, bibliography, or reference page. Item number three is the paraphrased information that you found. It is helpful to paraphrase , or summarize , your research on the index cards while you are taking notes. If you are consistent in paraphrasing at this stage, then you will be certain not to accidentally plagiarize someone else's work.

You will also have less work to do when you are actually writing the paper. It is important to be accurate with the page numbers on your note cards, as you will need them for citations throughout your research paper. Be sure you know which form of citation your teacher requires. For information on citing your sources, look at English Works! Organizing Once you have written the information down on the note cards, you only need to go back and organize your cards by topic.

Your piles may look like: Make an Outline and Start Writing Once you have separated your cards into piles, each topic pile should become a body paragraph in your paper. All rights reserved. Admissions Requirements. Hearing Undergraduate. Spring — Dec 12 Fall — May Application Fee. All you need to do now is prepare the outline of your research work. You have already investigated lots of materials, and you know which chapters can be singled out in your text.

First of all, outline with proper headings. The next step is organizing your notes according to the chapter or subtopic. You can make an ideal place on your table where each side is another meaningful section. Then write down the name of the episode and start looking through your notes. Put each card to that corner of the table which has the name of the most suitable section for this note. In the end, you will have as many groups of cards as the number of chapters.

Now you can begin with the introductory section. Take those selected notes, and put all the other cards aside. This method is very efficient and easy to use. You will focus only on one group of cards which you can already use in the text. No time to write a paper? Order it from experienced writers now! How to choose a research paper topic? How to write a review of a research paper.