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Cover letter applying for funding


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For a non-profit agency or similar entity, the Chair of the Board, Executive Director, or other top-ranking official should sign. Tone Professional, clear, and concise. Keep the letter to one page when possible. The cover letter serves as an opportunity to capture the interest and obtain buy-in from your potential funder. Tip Proofread, proofread, and then proofread again. Typos in the cover letter are a poor reflection of your organization. A cover letter does not need to be included with most campus proposals to the Louisiana Board of Regents.

The cover letter looks similar to a letter of inquiry , but a LoI is sent independently of a proposal while the cover letter is always paired with a proposal. The cover letter format may change depending on the way the proposal is submitted. If the proposal is submitted physically by mail or in person, the cover letter should be placed on top of the printed proposal, but should not be stapled or bound to the proposal.

If the proposal is submitted by email, the cover letter should be included as the body of the email, not as an attachment. All the typical rules for contacting a donor also applies to cover letters. Often a cover letter is the first contact with a prospective donor. The basic purpose of a cover letter is to convince the donor to read your proposal. The cover letter is often the basis for either consideration or rejection of a proposal.

The cover letter is to introduce you and your project to the donor and draw their attention to your proposal. A cover letter can also provide administrative details useful to donors, such as which fund or portfolio the proposal should be considered under, who should review the proposal, etc. A cover letter should also be used to try and establish a connection with the donor — either by mentioning past grants and meetings, or just by proving you have researched them donor and taken their priorities into consideration for this proposal.

If you are submitting an unsolicited application , it is highly recommended to include a very good cover letter. A well-written letter can entice the donor to read your proposal with greater interest and will improve your chances of winning the grant. A cover letter typically contains 3 — 4 paragraphs, no longer than one page, in letter format.

Here is a sample proposal cover letter as well as a cover letter template to download for your own use. Alta Alonzi is a writer and researcher focusing on international development funding and grassroots NGOs. She works with the fundraising consulting company Philantropia conducting research for clients ranging from small NGOs to UN organizations. She also works closely with FundsforNGOs running training webinars, contributing resource guides, and updating the Premium donor database.

Dear author Am glad for your guidance could kindly send me a template of the cover letter for proposal to my email Thanks. Dear Abel you can easily download it from the article here. Dear Priti Ji, i am interested to learn about how to write a good proposal. I regularly explore to this web page and resources to know more about… could you suggest if any training is provided by the organization?

Dear Rajesh ji: The writing of a winning proposal workshop scheduled for March is full. But we do have the next training on the pipeline. Do subscribe and stay updated. Check out our list of samples here. Wahoo this is amazing to discover that covered letter Have been sending proposal with very minimal information Thank you for kind elaboration.

Thisbis fantastiv guidance. I have always wanted to have that cover letter include import ant facts but always feels something is missing somewhere. Thanks very much indeed. Dear Zukile: You can find a sample cover letter here. Dear Author, I am indeed overwhelmed with joy for the professional guidance you have exhibited to facilitate those who would be applying for grants. You have made an eye opener to those who have not been well conversant of writing a cover letter.

Dear Author, This is fantastic and well educating atricle that really guide us that intending to apply for the grants. Joseph Ungom. Dear Joseph: I am glad that the article is helpful to you. You can download the sample concept note here. The government of South Sudan has made significant strides in promoting gender equity and equality but we still have gender issues that affect their full participation in decision-making especially in rural areas.

Dear Kasahun: You can find a sample cover letter here. Dear Assiimwe: I am glad that the article is helpful for you. It is an interesting and valuable sample as being to be a winner of a project, so would you send to me the proposal cover letter sample through my email. Dear Gebeyehu: You can find the sample cover letter here.

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Thanks for the idea shared. This is powerful. I would like to have one of the templates of your proposal cover letter. Thanks in anticipation. Excelent guidelines to prepare a proposal cover letter. It really points out the main information this letter should contain. Thanks a lot indeed. Dear madam I really appreciate your outstanding job. I am from Ethiopia one of developing countries where Gender issues are neglected. Hello Genet: We are not a funding organization and do not provide grants.

We are a social enterprise that provides a platform to connect you with expert advice on proposal writing to get your amazing projects funded. Could you please send me the details of the Project Proposal format. Felix Zara.

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How To Write a Cover Letter in 2021 for Any Job Application - Ultimate Cover Letter Guide

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Get to the point quickly. Does not repeat the information that is in the proposal. Tell the reader how well you understand the funder and how your grant fulfills the funder's requirements.