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Sample of a cover page for a term paper mla example essays

Sample of a cover page for a term paper


The student version of the APA title page should include the following information double spaced and centered :. The professional title page also includes an author note flushed left , but not a course name, instructor name, or due date. Table of contents Title page example student and professional version Paper title Author Institutional affiliation Course information Author note Page header. Write an informative, striking title that summarizes the topic of your paper.

Try to keep the title focused and use relevant keywords. Place the title three or four lines down from the top of the paper. Center align and bold it. Learn more. List the authors in order of their contribution. If there are more than two authors, separate their names with a comma. Professional researchers should specify the department and institution where they conducted their research.

On a student title page, provide information about the course. For professional papers, you may include an author note. Present this information in separate paragraphs. Place the author note on the bottom half of the page. The paragraphs in the author note are left-aligned. The first line of each new paragraph is indented. For more information about formatting the author note, see section 2. For a student title page, the page header consists of just a page number in the top-right corner.

There is no need for a running head as was the case in APA 6th edition. A professional title page does have a running head. The running head is an abbreviated version of the paper title in all capital letters. The maximum length is 50 characters counting spaces.

Hi there! If I have multiple professors how do I list them in my header? Specifically 3, in case there's an APA oxford comma rule I need to know about. APA doesn't provide an example of listing several instructors on your title page, but they do advise you to use the Oxford comma in general, so this would definitely apply here too. And it makes most sense to me to include titles with each name rather than a collective title for all.

So something like:. There's no specific rule regarding whether to include the first name. APA recommends checking with your instructor to see what their preference is, and then following what they suggest. Or you could just go with the full name—it's unlikely that it would be a problem.

This is a great explanation of what is needed but it is missing an explanation of how to actually format the required fields. Most sources are great at providing the what but not the how. Do you have any suggestions of where to find that information? The easiest option is to use our APA format templates. These contain all the necessary fields pre-formatted, so all you have to do is fill in your details.

Let me know if that helps! Thank you for the video. I have to create a cover that includes four names because it is a group project. When adding the names of the students, do I add what part we were responsible for? I would really appreciate your guidance. Students are fraught with a lot of schoolwork—throw in some assignments, some reports, some projects, some exams to study for and papers to write, then voila, school is truly in session.

If you are a student, then everything that I have mentioned might already have been familiar to you. But despite the varied schoolwork, there might be some requirements that you still have trouble dealing with—like writing research papers! Do not worry, even though writing is a very common activity in school, there are still a lot of students who feel anxious doing it.

Whatever it is that concerns you about writing research, below are Sample Papers you can check out for guidance. A research paper is an academic paper where one can address a problem or an issue through a systematic study or investigation of material.

The following are some of the parts a research paper should have:. Now that you know the things that goes into your paper, you should know what goes into the cover as well.

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Term Paper Cover Page: Do it Right · Relevance and interest in the chosen topic; · Title - Placed in the middle of the page and written in title. Cover pages can include the name of your school, your paper title, your name, your course name, your teacher or professor's name, and the due date of the. Formatting an APA title page · Paper Title. Position the title of the paper in the upper half of the page. · Author Name(s). Position author name below paper.