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Workshop on scientificresearch paper writing unm ogs thesis

Workshop on scientificresearch paper writing


Editors can be matched as closely as possible so that researchers hear from editors in their discipline. The editors also use discipline-relevant examples throughout the workshop. Improve the quality of your department's publication output to grow your impact in the field.

Equip your researchers with the skills and knowledge to support their career and professional development. Researchers with greater publishing experience can aim higher with their next journal submissions. Audience Now available as a virtual webinar during these exceptional times For researchers of all levels in the natural sciences Available to institutions globally to host on-site.

Key features 1- or 2-day workshop 2 journal editors from Nature Research researchers in each workshop 1-to-1 interaction with editors and an opportunity for abstract review. Now available: Virtual Workshops In response to the Covid pandemic we have developed virtual versions of our workshops to ensure we can continue to serve the research community by providing high-quality and relevant training to researchers.

The opportunity to go through my abstract with the editors was fantastic. Meet Nature Research editors Every workshop is delivered by journal editors from Nature Research to offer researchers first-hand insight into publishing at top journals.

Researchers have the chance to ask questions and interact one-to-one with editors. Mixture of sessions, practical, and taught sessions worked very well. Agendas: One- and two-day workshops. Tailored to each institution. Agendas Institutions can choose to host a one-day or two-day workshop focused on writing, publishing, or the entire writing and publishing process.

Size We recommend a maximum of 30 researchers per workshop. Materials Every researcher receives a handout pack containing a workbook, journal, notepad, and pen. Subject area Our workshops can cater for researchers with mixed subject areas or be tailored by subject area. Host a workshop to support objectives Improve the quality of your department's publication output to grow your impact in the field.

Promotional resources Institutions can promote their workshop using our free downloadable resources. Understanding peer review 5. Journal decisions 6. The editorial process 7. Measuring impact 8. Plagiarism and other ethical issues.

The course is delivered by 36 editors from over 20 Nature Research journals — giving researchers an unparalleled insight into the publishing and manuscript selection process. Researchers can choose their own learning path — whether that is working through the course in order, or dipping in and out of modules. The course is delivered in three parts, so content is easy to find.

Each part has its own certificate of completion. The individual bitesize lessons allow researchers to learn in 10 minutes and fit the course around their work. Institutions receive a free launch webinar presentation at the start of their subscription to help their researchers get started with the course. We also provide promotional resources , such as emails, social media posts, and website text.

The resources make it easy for institutions to promote their subscription and encourage their researchers to make the most of their course access. Improve the quality of your institution's scientific publication output. Support the professional and career development of your researchers.

Institutions are subscribing to our Scientific Writing and Publishing course to support their researchers in getting published. Scientific Writing and Publishing online course Start course Sample for free. Audience For students and researchers in the natural sciences who are new to publishing or wish to refresh their skills Subscriptions available to institutions, departments and labs.

Skills gained Develop writing skills and confidence writing for journals Understand editorial processes and what editors look for Learn best practices for submitting a paper and peer review. Start using the three-part course. Modules What makes a great paper?

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This four-week, writing-intensive workshop is designed for NIH trainees and scientists at all levels. Participants will write a draft of a research paper based on data generated from their current, or previous, study for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The approach used by Gopen is based on a single idea: to improve your writing, learn how readers go about their reading.

Readers know where to look for what. Learning what readers do allows a writer to control what readers learn. Gopen's workshops have changed participants' writing habits permanently, often resulting in improved grant writing success. This workshop is appropriate for anyone in the NIH community who has an interest in writing effectively. Note that the second session builds upon the first. In the working world, the writer is usually the expert however momentarily , writing for an audience that has a need to know something.

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