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Research paper on trust

If you decide to participate, a new browser tab will open so you can complete the survey after you have completed your visit to this website. Thanks in advance for your time. About Elsevier. Set via JS. Elsevier Connect. View by community or topic. Library Connect. Societies' Update. Healthcare Professionals.

Home Elsevier Connect Trust in Research. In the media Media outlets around the world have covered this report. Latest posts. How topology and geometry could help research funding bodies make decisions. Avoiding corrosive combinations in equipment and infrastructure design.

Why on earth did you reject my paper?! Staying curious is key to thriving in the lab. Tags Corporate Commentary. Contributors Written by Elsevier Connect Contributors. Written by Elsevier Connect Contributors This site features daily stories for the global science, health and technology communities, written by experts in the field as well as Elsevier colleagues. Read more from Elsevier Connect Contributors.

Related stories. The utility of bonding social capital. It is rarer to find studies showing that bonding social capital can bring positive effects. Mostly, bonding social In this. Self-presentations of happiness: Sincere, polite, or cautious? An evolutionary game theory analysis of trust in repeated games and lessons for human-machine interactions. Turnover is costly in any business, but even more so in a small business where employees wear many hats and often feel like part of the family.

This is a study of a national franchise organization and eight of its small business This is a study of a national franchise organization and eight of its small business franchisees to understand the roles of trust, organizational commitment, and justice on employee turnover.

The results demonstrate that there are ways employers can limit turnover, and hence, reduce the costs of employment. Higher levels of procedural, distributive and interactional justice all are positively related to higher levels of employee trust in franchise management. Employee trust in franchise management is positively related to both normative and affective commitment. In addition, employees who report higher levels of empowerment also have greater organizational commitment in all forms.

In turn, affective commitment and employee tenure are found to be negatively related to voluntary turnover. Overall, small business employers who work to build tru The research on trust in leadership: The need for context. GM and non-GM supply chain co-existence and traceability: context and perspectives.

It would seem impossible to discuss the co-existence and traceability of GMO and non-GMO supply chains in Europe without reviewing i certain issues which have led to their rejection by most citizens, whether or not they are socially or It would seem impossible to discuss the co-existence and traceability of GMO and non-GMO supply chains in Europe without reviewing i certain issues which have led to their rejection by most citizens, whether or not they are socially or politically active, and ii the changes in agricultural production over the last few decades.

The failure of scientists and companies to understand this rejection of GMOS can be explained to an extent by the social questioning of the advantages of GMOs and, more generally, of various technological innovations and Falling off the pedestal: what is happening to the traditional doctor-patient relationship? Metaphors and models of doctor-patient relationships: Their implications for autonomy. Patient-provider communication and trust in relation to use of an online patient portal among diabetes patients: The Diabetes and Aging Study.

Recruitment of racial and ethnic minorities to clinical trials conducted within specialty clinics: an intervention mapping approach. We describe the use of a systematic framework, intervention mapping IM , to develop an intervention to modify recruitment behaviors of coordinators and specialist investigators with the goal of increasing diversity in trials conducted within specialty clinics. To our knowledge IM has not been used in this setting. The IM framework was used to ensure that the intervention components were guided by health behavior theories and the evidence.

The IM steps consisted of 1 conducting a needs assessment, 2 identification of determinants and objectives, 3 selection of theory-informed methods and practical applications, 4 development and creation of program components, 5 development of an adoption and implementation plan, and 6 creation of an eva Using a quasi-experimental Using a quasi-experimental design at 2 federally qualified health centers, adults aged 18 to 35 years were asked to complete a tablet-based assessment about nutrition, physical activity, weight, smoking status, and alcohol use to identify unhealthy behaviors and their desire to discuss them with their provider.

Integrating information technology into primary care to encourage providers to discuss lifestyle issues and promote a positive patient-provider relationship may help improve t The relationship between continuity of care and trust with stage of cancer at diagnosis. While continuity of care has been associated with an increased rate of cancer screening, it is unclear if continuity leads to earlier detection of cancer.

This study examined the relationship between continuity of care and trust in A total of newly diagnosed cancer patients 97 breast, 22 colorectal were surveyed in face-to-face interviews. A stepwise logistic regression model was computed to examine the best predictors of stage at diagnosis. Half of the patients reported that their cancer was found through screening.


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The Meanings of Trust. January Report number: MISRC ; Affiliation: University of Minnesota MIS Research Center Working Paper series, WP Publishes research enhancing the understanding of trust and trust-related management, focusing on organizational and social contexts. Submit an article. View Trust Research Papers on for free.