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Anthro research paper topics


Cultural Anthropology. Cultural diversity. Religious world views. Economic systems. Political systems. Social inequality. Archaeology "The scientific study of the material remains of past human life and activities. Human origins. Interpreting findings. Human skeletal anatomy. Methods of identification. Early Homo species. Report a problem. Connect with us. For this paper, you may want to look for the documents about the exploration of America and the first residents of the new country.

That is, back in the 17th century, everybody was welcomed in the newly discovered rich land. On the contrary, in the 21st century, the ever-increasing rates of migration can become a problem for the Americans. This anthropological research essay will examine public opinion about monarch families in two rich, powerful, and flourishing European countries.

Consequently, you may need data from national polls regarding monarchs, their rulings, and even interactions with common people. Such a comparison of two large movie industries will depend greatly on your ability to find out the factors that made both the US and Hindi movie products so popular all over the world.

Apart from discussing Hollywood and Bollywood from historical and financial perspectives, you may also talk about the perception of American and Hindi movies in other countries of the world. In this paper, first of all, you will have to talk about the growing number of Spanish-speaking people in the world. No wonder that more and more people pick Latin pop songs comparing to American ones.

However, you can also mention particularly Latin characteristics of these songs such as festivity, carnival rhythms, and even the look of the singers. In the 21st century, it is a common thing that politicians all over the world use social media to engage with their electorate. However, the reaction and perception of politicians through Twitter one of the most popular social platforms among politicians vary greatly from country to country.

You may consider comparing the content of the tweets of American and European politicians. While piercing is usually associated with teenagers and different subcultures, in India, it is an ancient tradition. You may explore the meaning and history of piercing in India especially wedding traditions and the spread of piercing culture in major European and American countries. Even though modern youngsters tend to have more possibilities and even finances to travel, it is not the main reason behind taking a trip at least twice a year.

In fact, the change of cultures and the way of thinking of current and previous generations encourage young people to discover new places since their teenage years. For discussing this topic, you will have to focus on the history of drugs and their use throughout the history of the world.

It is a wide-known fact that many centuries ago drugs were mainly seen as a medication. Nevertheless, nowadays, they are accessible to almost everybody either legally or illegally. An aging society is one of the problems that threaten the future of developed countries. As the residents of these countries get older, there are no young people to replace them at their working places. In such a research paper, you may discover the reasons behind such a situation and the ways to resolve it.

To sum up, an anthropological research essay requires excellent analytical, research, and even creative things. Picking an interesting topic for your research paper in anthropology is much easier as you can imagine. However, you should remember to use reliable sources and, sometimes, even artifacts that represent this or that culture or society.

The anthropological research paper does not necessarily have to focus on the culture or traditions. Fortunately, there are many ideas about possible topics beginning from the impact of social networks and ending up with the peculiarities of human relationships in different societies.

Finally, anthropological research papers are a great way to find out more about the world, its past, and groups of people that inhabited it throughout history. Writing Guide. Other paper types. Social Sciences. Business and administrative studies. Natural Sciences. Formal Sciences. Mathematics Statistics. Professions and Applied Sciences. Free tools Plagiarism Checker Find out if your paper is original.

Words to Minutes Converter Wonder how much time you need to deliver your speech or presentation? Bibliography Generator Don't know how to format the bibliography page in your paper? Words to Pages Converter Use this converter to calculate how many pages a certain number Thesis statement generator Create a strong thesis statement with our online tool to clearly express Research paper Anthropology.

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Writing an anthropology research paper is in a lot of ways similar to writing an argumentative essay in other disciplines.

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It is essential to write abstracts for a scientific article, reports and publish…. How to Write a Scientific Paper? Scientific writing plays a significant role in the life of every student. However, the complexity of writing such a paper and several requirements can cause fear and misunderstanding of significant nuances. Here you will…. Compatible research agendas can be found in such areas as evolutionary psychology, the evolution of language, primate cognition, language learning in chimpanzees, and developmental comparisons between chimpanzees and young children.

The study of race, until the S a third leg of biological anthropology, essentially disappeared within the subdiscipline as ongoing analyses revealed greater variation within than between breeding populations, significant intermixing of many breeding groups, and overlapping distributions of gene frequencies among groups so-named as the macroraces, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid.

But within psychology, the category of race tends to be used unquestioningly see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. In archaeology, focus on reconstruction of the customs of past peoples is supplemented by an interest in the processes involved in cultural change. Some of these processes appear to be related to organizational requirements; for example, the tendency for early city-states to exert political and military control over broad areas, with accompanying trade benefits, technological specialization, and social stability and stratification.

But along with this adaptational emphasis, there has been a recent attempt to understand some of the characteristics of early Mexican civilization as a consequence of individual actions of forceful, charismatic leaders Joyce Marcus and Kent V.

New York. In this interpretation, the self-serving behavior of certain leaders, in trying to advance their positions, created changes ranging from the material to political power to ideologies that attributed a supernatural ancestry to them and subsequently to their descendants. Periods of relative stability would typically follow on the rapid changes instigated by these leaders.

The similarity of stage sequences among ancient civilizations, and the possible contributions to that Similarity by individual motivational and cognitive factors, would seem to offer a challenge in which psychologists can usefully aid the efforts of archaeologists. Linguistic anthropology and psychology are both closely allied with the discipline of linguistics, but at different points of contact.

It is in the use of comparative language data that anthropology meets linguistics, and in neuroscience and related areas that psychology and linguistics find common ground. The arena of study for linguistic anthropology is natural languages-their phonological and grammatical structures, semantic systems, and contexts and uses.

In psychology, occasional use of cross-language data is only found in the field of human development. Differences in approach between anthropology and psychology are seen in topics treated by both disciplines. In studies of language acquisition, anthropologists attend to the interaction between linguistic factors and the cultural context, whereas psychologists more often investigate the effects of intralinguistic factors like prosodic and phonological information. As the examples indicate, a molar-molecular distinction characterizes the differences in approach between the two fields.

Thus the typical themes and topics are institutional; for example, cities, consumption and commodities, colonialism, nongovernmental organizations NGOs , and refugees and exile. Also included in this category are specialties like anthropology of education, economic anthropology, kinship, and medical anthropology. Despite long-term goals of comparison and generalization, the norm continues to be the case study-of a culture group, community, or subgroup.

In recent decades, as remote sites have begun exhibiting the effects of significant contact with the urban-industrial world, and as research authorization has become problematic in many areas, sociocultural anthropologists have turned increasingly to the investigation of plural societies and complex urban groups, and to the study of businesspeople, physicists, street children, urban witches, and National Science Foundation panels.

The preferred methodological stance remains that of the single investigator pursuing a problem by means of intensive fieldwork, but archival materials are widely used as well, and some researchers now employ systematic observations, tests, and instrumentation e. These differing perspectives employ varied methodologies, and their viewpoints and outcomes, though not in principle incommensurable, are seldom synthesized. More familiar to psychologists would be the concepts and analyses used in the specialty labeled psychological anthropology, which in broadest form explores the relationships between psychological phenomena and their social and cultural contexts.

Some of the primary theoretical orientations in psychological anthropology follow more or less closely on traditional perspectives in psychology, but others diverge radically and claim a central and essential place for cultural content and process in trying to account for psychological functioning.

Among the former are general behavioral theory including many standard conceptualizations from developmental and social psychology and personality theory , cognitive anthropology, evolutionary thought, and psychoanalytic approaches; and among the latter are cultural psychology, the closely related activity theory, and ethnopsychology.

General behavioral theory research in psychological anthropology has primarily involved attempts to refine and extend hypotheses and formulations established in the European American tradition. This type of research marks the one orientation often devoted to sets of programmatic studies or to studies with multiple society samples.

Others have looked for and found regularities mirroring results from Western research, such as the more frequent expression of aggression among boys than girls, or the behavioral and psychological effects on males of early father absence. The evolutionary and psychoanalytic ideas pursued by psychological anthropologists and by some psychologists are largely outside the mainstream of psychological thought.

A fundamental assumption in much psychological-evolutionary thinking is that specific traits and abilities reflect past not present adaptiveness, but that testable hypotheses can be constructed based on suppositions about early human adaptive problems.

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Agricultural practices. Ancestors (role of). Ancient Roman culture.