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Literature review of mathematics


Mathematics and Statistics: Literature Reviews. What is a literature review? Watch this short animation to explore the basics. Books on literature reviews The literature review : six steps to success by Lawrence A. Machi, Brenda T. The literature review : a step-by-step guide for students by Diana Ridley. Doing a literature review in health and social care : a practical guide by Helen Aveyard.

Why is it important? A literature review is important because it: Explains the background of research on a topic. Demonstrates why a topic is significant to a subject area. Identifies major themes, concepts, and researchers on a topic. Identifies critical gaps and points of disagreement. Discusses further research questions that logically come out of the previous studies.

Steps for Conducting a Lit Review 1. Choose your topic, define your question Your literature review should be guided by a central research question. Remember, it is not a collection of loosely related studies in a field but instead represents background and research developments related to a specific research question, interpreted and analyzed by you. Decide on the scope of your review How many studies do you need to look at? How comprehensive should it be? How many years should it cover?

Select the databases you will use to conduct your searches 4. Conduct your searches and find the literature. Keep track of your searches! Review the abstracts and conclusions carefully. This will save you time. Write down the keywords you used and where you found them Use RefWorks to keep track of your citations. Review the literature! This is the most time consuming part. What was the research question of the study you are reviewing? What were the authors trying to discover? Was the research funded by a source that could influence the findings?

What were the research methodologies?

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Mathematical Sciences: Literature Review · Time Saving Approaches · Book · Quick Start · Self Learning Guides & Tutorials · Sample Papers · Subject. A literature review is an integrated analysis-- not just a summary-- of scholarly writings that are related directly to your research question. Abstract. Literature review as a crucial requirement in planning a mathematics education research project has received attention in the lecturing of.