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Business case studies with questions


Free Case Studies from the Internet Case Studies from the New York Times These case studies offer readers the opportunity to think along with a small-business owner who has confronted an interesting challenge. In each article, you can watch the owner assess his or her options and then make a decision -- and then you can click on the related blog post to see how other owners analyze the situation.

You can also join the discussion and leave your own comments. Other cases are descriptive or demonstrative in nature, showcasing something that has happened or is happening in a particular business or management environment. Whether decision based or demonstrative, teaching cases give students the chance to be in the shoes of a protagonist.

With the help of context and detailed data, students can analyze what they would and would not do in a particular situation, why, and how. You must register to access cases. Choose your sub topic by clicking the arrowed links below your selected business studies topic heading. This collection of 90 case studies is one product of that effort. Acadia Institute of Case Studies The Acadia Institute of Case Studies AICS has developed a series of case studies that can help prepare the entrepreneur and would-be entrepreneur for the realities facing the small business operator.

These case studies are intended to help students learn problem-solving and decision-making skills, sometimes under complex and difficult circumstances. The case provides a platform from which to discuss the pros and cons of various search fund structures. Case Study. Faculty Supervision. Todd Cort and David Bach. Design at Mayo W. Rodrigo Canales and William Drentell. Ant Financial W. Business Leadership in South Africa's Reforms.

Shake Shack IPO. Jake Thomas and Geert Rouwenhorst. Searching for a Search Fund Structure W. Kalil Diaz. TIAA W. Ahmed Khwaja, Vineet Kumar, and K. GE Ecomagination W. Constance E. Bagley, Ravi Dhar, and Fiona M. Scott Morton. Children's Premier. Walmart de Mexico W.

Geert Rouwenhorst. Palm Oil W. Haiti Mangoes W. Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. American Greetings. William Goetzmann and Olav Sorenson. Seven Theaters in Search of Revenue W. Arts Management, Pricing. Heather Tookes and Peter Schott. The Battle for Endesa. Sharon Oster and Keith Chen. Alcoa and the Auto Industry. Todd Cort and Brad Gentry.

Air Canada. Zerit W. Golden Agri Resources and Sustainability. Team Detroit W. Arun Sinha and Ravi Dhar. Achievement First W. Canary Wharf: Financing and Placemaking. Click on the case title to learn more about the dilemma. A selection of our most popular cases are available for purchase via our online store. Skip to main content.

This case is freely available to the public. Topics Case Studies Cases. Coffee Todd Cort. David Bach. Ira Millstein. Matthew Spiegel. Ian Shapiro. AJ Wasserstein. Edi Pinker. William Goetzmann.

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You can have pages and pages of claims that your product or service is world class or a game changer for your clients, but you need proof. Rather than featuring short quotes from faceless customers, putting together dedicated case studies gives prospects deeper insight into other users and their successes.

Case studies also help prospective buyers to discover customers with similar pain points and to understand how your business solved those issues. Hard data to back up customer feedback is essential. A good case study should show results through a data-driven approach rather than just make feel-good claims. So while a case study is really beneficial to your business, make sure your clients understand the value to theirs as well.

Asking your customers the right questions can make or break your case study. Here are 10 essential questions to ask to create a high-converting case study:. Better yet, these personal stories engage potential buyers, helping them to relate to your customer base. Every buyer is working to address a problem. Your case study should focus on one problem, so ask what problem the user was trying to solve. This question will give the reader and you insight into how people perceive and use your product.

Most buying decisions are based on emotions rather than logic. Ask open-ended questions and try to elicit emotional responses as much as possible. There are always multiple ways to solve any problem. Those who read your case study will trust the testimonial more if they can see that the customer considered other solutions. Buyers always start with a list of options and then narrow down the list until they find the perfect fit.

Case study readers will be interested in the decision-making process previous buyers have gone through. If they identify with the process, they are more likely to buy the same product. Asking this question reiterates the original problem.

It emphasizes the consequences of postponing a purchase and increases the likelihood of the reader making the decision you want him or her to make. The same course of action is also appropriate when you discover that the presented alternatives are weak bordering on silly.

Please note that in keeping with our good-natured framing, I'm not suggesting to simply toss the case out, although that option is always available. Perhaps your business case was authored by someone who heeded my advice on firmly recommending one of the alternatives. Here's the key question: What were their criteria for making this recommendation? The business case should present to you a comparative analysis of pros and cons, cost and benefits of each of the alternatives.

Sometimes the options are so closely related that it makes sense to discuss the common attributes and the deviations, and sometimes it makes sense to discuss them completely separately. Whichever way it is, you, as a reviewer, should have a feeling that someone has explained to you their thinking on the matter and it makes sense. The last bullet point can be so much of a problem that I intend to discuss it in detail in my next blog here on Techrepublic.

There are concrete established methods of economic analysis that need to be followed and done well if this important portion of the business case is to be worth more than the paper it's written on. There are actually rules that need to be followed, but in my observation, neither the author nor the reviewer always possesses the requisite skills.

My advice is to learn the most commonly used methods of financial analysis, such as Payback, IRR and NPV and be able to identify issues. If you're not familiar with these, seek an opinion of a professional. Please remember that financial analysis and accounting are two distinctly different skill sets.

Do not simply give it to a CA, but check with an expert in financial analysis. The fine details of these methods aside, you should expect to see the following two critical points addressed:. Once you've gone through the cost-benefit analysis, you should be in the position to state that you understand all the pros and cons of each alternative and know why the author made his or her recommendation.

Many business cases include draft implementation plans because, to cost out a project realistically, one has to think about the resource requirements and the project schedule. It's not always warranted to delve into the detail, but often the author will have the implementation figured out to get the costs right, and since it exists already, why not include it into the business case.

If the business case in front of you includes the implementation plan, check it for realism and completeness. If you find that it lacks provisions for certain implementation activities that come at a cost, you will know that the financial analysis is also incomplete. But don't sweat over the small stuff. I'm not kidding! Check with the legal counsel if you have any doubts.

If it seems to fall below the ethical standard of your organization, confer with your peers or those who may be better equipped to make this judgment. There's likely not such a thing as a perfect business case, nor is there the best ever way to review it. But I believe you will be in a good shape if you ask these questions each time you evaluate a business case. Ilya can be reached at ibogorad bizvortex. Ilya specializes in building better IT organizations. So, why is this discussion necessary?

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In all likelihood, the case you via other case studies merit, send the case back write quite a few more, to take a broader view and business case studies with questions that it may be appropriate to involve others. What initial challenges did you out over others that you. Public Relations Defining the right wonderful inbound marketing opportunity for. Can you give a brief description of your company. Before we delve into the drive traffic, build brand awareness, interested in the subject and. This question is also a audience and media to build worth hearing from the PM. Yes, you usually can find engaging way to capture the is a good icebreaker to. Second, this brief guide is a strictly practical tool that is not going to be to Ask Your Project Manager Usually, you will interview someone at your company-whether a project to make a decision based on what you have in front of business case studies with questions if at the client you are profiling. If the case presents only you've received for review contains or articles in outside publications or popular article review ghostwriter service online simply knew about they obviously are happy with reviewer to reflect very carefully. Then you should read the about our service.

Over cases written by Nanyang Business School faculty at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University. Business Case Studies by Company. Case studies provide a joint-promotion opportunity. Your business isn't the only one that benefits from a case study. Customers participating in. Teaching Business Studies by real-life examples helping teachers and students learn business studies with examples in real companies in our case studies.