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Thesis about student information system pay for life science application letter

Thesis about student information system


This paper will focus on the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, more commonly known as 3M, and how it improved its customer service and reduced cost by improving its management information system. Sources consulted included business journals and websites with facts and case studies on 3M. In accordance with having a strong need to stimulate innovation and creativity, 3M has a very decentralized corporate structure.

It maintains over 40 business units that develop and market various 3M. The Student Center online demonstration can be found here. The Faculty Center online demonstration can be found here. Course registration has been done online for many years now, she said, so the changes that the SIS represents are more evolutionary than revolutionary. Students who have tested the new system, she said, are not blown away by the changes.

The rollout of the SIS is the latest phase of the Student System Project, a three-year effort to replace and integrate the administrative information systems that track students at various points in their careers. The first phase rolled out in July, when the new online admission application went live, and subsequent phases track a hypothetical student throughout his career, from applying for financial aid, to course registration, to making tuition payments, billing and cashiering to entering grades.

ISIS, the old course-enrollment system, has been in place for decades, in various forms. There are three categories of users for the SIS: students, faculty and administrators. Students and faculty enter through a portal site, first using Net Badge to authenticate their identity, then landing on their own individualized home page. It required the creation of an online course catalog, drawing from a database of 37, courses, and a new four-digit course numbering system, Horwitz said.

One interesting feature: A student can call up a page that tracks her progress toward fulfilling her degree requirements, seeing which ones she has met and which are still unmet. For the ones that are unmet, the system can suggest current classes that will fulfill them and then allow the students to register for them.

For faculty, the SIS does offer many of the same features as Collab, including viewing class lists and creating student e-mail lists. However, the SIS has several unique functions, including the ability to view weekly teaching and exam schedules, grant enrollment permissions, build a course waitlist, approve final grades, search the course catalog and schedule of classes, and release advising holds.

It is argued that SMS has advantages in terms of simplicity of development, encouragement of good development practice and the breadth of information systems concerns exposed. Keywords Texting, SMS, mobile communication, information systems development.

These students have had some exposure to Java in their first year and to Microsoft Access application development in their second year. In the final year we seek to broaden the range of application technologies by introducing 3-tier web-based applications. One difficulty with this module is to get a balance between the concerns and approaches to Information Systems Development on one hand and the narrower concerns of program and database development on the other.

The goal here is not to develop great programming or software engineering ability but to develop awareness of information systems in their organisational, human and societal context, addressing issues of the role of information itself, its meaning, quality and value, human-human as well as human-machine communication and the design of business process.

Browser-fronted applications, as a technology to support information systems, are full of interest and possibilities but in the opinion… Carnegie Mellon College of Humanities and social Sciences Information System The Information Systems Program at Carnegie Mellon University is an internationally recognized undergraduate major for students who want to design and implement effective solutions to meet organizational and management needs for information and decision support.

Graduates of the Information Systems program are ideally situated to take a leading role in shaping our information-based future. Drawing on a wide range of exciting college and university strengths, IS majors study the organizational, technological, economic and societal aspects of information systems. Students completing the program will be well grounded in the fundamentals of organization theory, decision making, teamwork and leadership, and research methods as well as current and emerging information systems technologies.

Graduates of the program are recruited by a wide range of employers in global consulting, manufacturing, consumer products, finance, software firms such as Accenture , Boeing , Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Procter and Gamble , Johnson and Johnson , Microsoft and Google. The Information Systems Program appeals to outstanding students with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. The flexible nature of the program encourages students to explore their own interests in a contemporary content area, such as professional communications, organizations, business and economics, and global systems.

A wide variety of elective courses, complementary second majors and minors, and accelerated masters degree programs allow Information Systems students to take advantage of the many unique educational opportunities available at Carnegie Mellon University. Given the expanding global opportunities in software systems and services, we encourage students to consider a study abroad experience.

A web-based enrolment and school management system with features that can meet a school system needs and requirements. This includes standardized modules for student registration student information system , enrolment, automated fees computation, cashiering and accounting, grade management, reporting modules, online quiz systems and other modules that are deemed necessary to run and administer a school. ISIS manages student records from admission through graduation, including billing, course scheduling, student aid, and transcripts.

Before any student-related access is requested, the user must successfully complete the FERPA online tutorial. After that determination, the ASR will fill out and submit the Systems Access form requesting to have you added as a user. Send questions pertaining to the form to AIS Support.

A web base k Student Information System Webeim is a one stop student information management solution that was primarily developed to fulfill the requirements of private school, public school and school districts. After 20 years of field experience, market evaluation, product prototype and concept tasting, teledata automated webeim. From the time a new student is registered in a school database to when he graduates to middle school webeim moves data seamlessly and transparently.

Webeim allows school to use their specific codes can be configured while streamlining the work process. Webeim eliminates the need for double inputting data. Information on webiem can be accessed from anywhere at anytime with a standard browser on a mackintosh or Microsoft patfrom.

We understand the critical needfor reliable information in schools. We therefore assure you a very satisfactory experience with webiem right from the every stage implementation, maintenance and support. It focuses on the steps and the methodologies used by the defenders in designing and developing software.

The aim of descriptive research is to obtain an accurate profile of the people, events or situations. With this research type, it is essential that the researcher already has a clear view or picture of the phenomena being investigated before the data collection procedure is carried out. The researcher used this kind of research to obtain first hand data from the respondents so as to formulate rational and sound conclusions and recommendations for the study.

Creative Research This method use by the defenders in the design development of the proposed system. This method gathers information from the internet that allows defenders to compare the proposed system into the different existing collection system of other company. It gives idea to approach problems when it comes to development of a quality and efficiency of the system. By the tips of authors related in analyzing the system, and gives the things to be consider, defenders get a wide idea for the improvement of the system proposed.

M Recto High School that is being surveyed. M Recto High School. The researchers used the following in the gathering of the information for the completion of the study. Questionnaire The defenders employ the use of questionnaires in finding solutions to the critical and controversial problems of the present study.

The results of the questionnaires supported the formulation of the hypotheses. The defenders gather accurate information on how a manual system of gathering and managing collection reports operates particularly about the processes involved in such. Weaknesses of a manual system are examined for further analysis. As a result, the possible sources of those problems are identified. From these tools, we could see the flow, the details in an organized manner and the overview of the system logically.

Flowchart It illustrates the movement of data in an organization. It shows the sequence of steps performed in a system. In this diagram, we could see the overview of the manual and proposed system on the system functions. Figure 1 Registrar chart [pic] Figure 2 Student Chart [pic] Verification through the use of statistical method The proponents will use the Likert scale for conducting statistical Method.

Through the use of questionnaire, data were gathered from the respondents. Each will be ask to answer the questionnaire. Afterwards, the researchers will retrieve it from them. The format of the five levels Likert scale item: a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Uncertain d. Disagree e. Techniques a. The proponents gathered information through observation on the numbers of daily clients. The information gathered will be used for the formulation of the project proposal.

The proponents submit themselves on research of different websites that might help to solve the problem of the current establishment they are in. Instruments a. Questionnaire The proponents gave list of questions to the school that will help o further analyze the existing problem and the solution for it. Paper Documentation The proponents are able to prepare the documentation of the system that will help the school to find a solution to their existing problem.

Table 1. Proposed system will give more benefits for the school than the existing system 5 0 0 0 0. Strongly agree 2. Proposed system can help the school to make collection process fast and ease 5 0 0 0 0 Strongly agree 3. Proposed Student Information System really feasible 5 0 0 0 0 Strongly agree 4. Does the proposed student information system shall be implemented by the school 5 0 0 0 0 Strongly agree 6.

Do you think that SIS is a big advantage for our school? Do you think only administrators are allowed to use this system? M Recto to improve the system of the school using the proposed system. The system is more accessible to the students and admin for the needed information. This can be easily identify the students information. For the registrar, who is responsible for maintenance and security of the system, it will also help the school it can save more time in store and prepare information in the system also less effort.

This study gathered enough and suitable data backed up by realistic ideas of respondents. Questionnaires, observations were employed and deployed by the researchers in answering the specific and general problems to where the study was based manual system. As the system ended and tested, it successfully gives solutions for the problem encountered while using the manual system.

It possibly reaches the objectives to be more accessible, secure, efficient and accurate. Behind all of the findings, testing and analysis on the gathered data, the proponents came up with the concluding statements such as, the proposed system is now more accessible to the students and registrar.

For the students searching and updating the information is now faster and easy to operate than the manual system. To Him be all the glory. I also acknowledge my able supervisor REV. Finally, I thank all my friends and well wishers for their encouragement and support towards achieving this work. May God in his infinite goodness reward you abundantly. I say thank you very much. Method Of Data Analysis 24 3. System Implementation 36 4.

Program Testing and Debugging 37 4. In considering the design of a web-driven relational Database Management System, it is obvious that RDBMS success to a very large extent depends on the level of data structure. While structure itself depends on the level of reliability, which can be achieved through the kind of tables and web interface to be rendered and the requirements needed.

It is my convention that a closer look at this project work give insight and vital information to any interested person who wish to know the requirement for developing a HTTP and a relational database management system server to effectively implement an academic information system design has demonstrated its HTML web pages integration via PHP programming by demystifying and defining what it takes to implement an Apache HTTP server, a MYSQL relational Database Management system and a PHP scripting engine.

Information factor of efficiency access to electronic devices and relevant information is usually considered in the setting up of a relational database for a local network. Intranet that is a private network set up by an organization or company that reassemble the www World wide Web but which is not accessible by external users. The internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before the invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio and computer set.

The stage for this unprecedented integration of capability. The intranet is at once a location based broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers without regards for extensive location.

Now, the internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure. Starting with the early stage of research in packet switching, the government, industry and academic have been partners in evolving and developing the existing new technology.

Information handling has gone beyond papers and is now at the direction of the PC. Thus, this project is a conceivable effort to ameliorate the pressing need for a more web-centric environment, although its primary focus is not on website design, yet, it is not inevitable since the emergence of the internet and its accompanying protocols.

Web use has become more strong in use and so developing web application is a promising way of reaching great audience. Web use is not limited to the internet but virtually any application that can interface and communicate its web protocols intranet. With the proposed design, staff, students and any authorized persons can get all the available information from the polytechnic internet integrated database.

They can get their syllabus, academic calendar and results, register courses etc. Furthermore, to brighten or bring out efficient and effective administration of academic information system like students results, academic calendar, syllabus, register course etc.

It will also help in making the processing of information as well as feedback more faster and also give focus to institution of higher learning on the facilities obtained in the use of modern system of communication. Also, the aim of this project is to give a rough and ready introduction to database and its integration with http server.

Before the specifics and theoretical as we focus on some of the more generic aspect of this study. The core is the information management. It will not be an exaggerated statement if I say that graduates from Nigeria institution are deformed because they are not being well informed due to inadequate information acquisition facilities. It can be seen that information is not only important in this stage but also the methods of accessibility. Without adequate information on any subject matter, it would be difficult to handle.

To eradicate this to its optimum, a robust database and web server should be implemented where the information can be shared easily among the students and also being kept so that it can be retrieved at anytime by anybody who is in need of it. Again, it will make the information remain authentic without adding or removing anything.

The problems of the study are: 1. The problem of being deformed in the society 2. The problem of keeping untidy records. Using of manual and archaic system in processing data. To determine ways which information can process a large volume of data such as academic tedious and detail and repetitive denial work done with manual method in some information.

The problem of managing information thereby accessing it to make something out of it. The concise documentation of students and staff details will tremendously improve its timely decision support. The project would also go a long way in fostering good perception of the information age in our various institutions and individual organization thereby breaking the ugly bone of continuous use of manual and archaic systems.

It fosters on the in-depth, principles, rules and protocols of coding, scripting and hosting of database driven web pages. It will also help in making the processing of information as well as in the sport feedback faster, enlighten our young database developers and provide for them a springboard.

It also stirs and gives focus to our institutions of higher learning on the facilities obtained in the use of modern system of communication. In order to produce a more classified knowledge of the subject matter, the researcher intends to; 1. To develop the system and procedure for the college is to ensure that end-users are provided with equisetic tools and data that are cost effective and easily accessible. Without shifting this focus to website design, we might still be in darkness for the next twenty years and by then a new inventions might be made which can sentence us into another one thousand years of dark ages.

The study will go a long way to cutting down on time wastage, inefficient use of statistical data, manual errors and duplication of efforts by both staff and academic personnel. It will also enhance efficient query and inquiring, ensure security of records and assist the college in coping with the daily work based. Designing a database driven website for an educational institution entails more of data collection than traditional programming. Nevertheless, the outcomes and benefits of a well planned website cannot be emphasized.

Although many factors contribute to an effective website, yet there are so many that one could not but think of them all. This has enable website an interactive media when integrated with a database making it a cost effective one on one educational tool.

Thus, if Yaba College of Technology and its contemporaries should utilize this honeycomb, literacy in Africa as a whole would wear a glorious crown. To this end, the researcher suggests the following recommendations; 1. Implementing a database local website for Yaba College of Technology, Yaba not only enhances management communication but also accomplished effective resources utilization in terms of information sharing and decision making.

It is therefore recommended that ecudational institution, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba inclusive adopt an interactive institution system. This implementation will also allow for staff, student and management interaction through live survey charts forms and e-mails.

While helping to improve the knowledge and understanding of the institutional needs and interests. Undoubtedly, a well incorporated webbed database for Yaba College of Technology Yaba would improve the customer support service by saving money and time while expanding on its educational distribution. However, a guided approach is adopted to stay within limits for easy comprehension.

To end this, the study will focus on the student together with its accompanying web interface, students registration details and academic results. In its most common form, the wide application of computers in accessing remote files make way for adoption of more superior ays of making information available to the millions of users. And it also exposes the researcher to the core about the difficulties of database programming for the web, an all-round technology but because of the following constraints, the study may not be completed.

It was chosen as the case study because of its inadequate of information and untidy data or ineffective and inefficient of academic information system. Yaba college of Technology, Yaba was established in as an immediate successor to Yaba Higher College. It attained autonomous status in by virtue of Degree 23 which granted it the mandate provide full time and part-time courses of instruction and training in technology, applied science, commerce and management and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the needs of the development of Nigeria in the areas of industrial and agricultural production and distribution; and for research in the development and adaptation of techniques.

The college also offers certificate courses. Sc Ed courses in technical and vocational education and Post Graduate Diploma in engineering. The two programmes are run in conjuction with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and federal University of Technology, Akure respectively. The present student population is about 15, while the total staff strength is about 1, Furthermore, the institution has other decisions that run non-academic activities and they include Works Bursary Registry Medical Services Student Affairs Division And all these division in the institution are headed by Deans or Directors as the case maybe while the various departments are headed by the Head of Department.

D Joseph said that there was a time in the primitive and barbarian days before computer, the amount of information shepherded by a group of people could be collected in the wisdom and the stories of its older members. In this world story tellers, magicians and grandparents were considered a great and honoured storehouse for all that was known. It gets to a stage when the data are too much to be managed in the minds of the elders.

And so in order to store all the new information, humanity invented the technology of writing and then great scholars like Aristotle warned that the invention of the alphabet would lead to the subtle but total demise of the creativity and sensibility of humanity, data began to be stored in voluminous data repositories called books.

Unlike previous versions of data warehouses i. Afterall, without standard for accessing data, libraries will be like closet, endless and engulfing swams of chaos, books and the data within books, had to be quickly accessible by anyone , if they were to be useful. According to Brenden , the useful of a library or any base of data is proportional to its data storage and retrieval efficiency. This one corollary would drive the evolution of database over the next years to its current state.

The computer was born almost instantly and was applied to the age old problem of information storage and retrieval. After all, World War II, information was already accumulating all rates beyond the space available in publicly supported libaries. Information was sweeping out of every crack and pore of modern society. The first attempt at information storage and retrieval followed traditional lives and metaphors.

The first system were based on descrete files in a vitual library. In this file oriented system, a bunch of files would be stored on a computer and could be accessed by a computer operator. Now, a record can be defined as a collection of related fields. Fields- is a group of collected characters and Data — can be defined as any number, letter or symbols which are fed into the computer as raw material for processing.

Decision in college are based on data such as students result, inventory level and other quantities factors. Data are also facts, events, transactions and so on. It is only after these data have been examined; compared, classified and summarized do they become usuable information.

Someone would have to read through the entire file and hope it was not the last record, with a hundred thousands records you can imagine the delemus. These days when you talk about database in the wild, you are primarily talking about two types which include the a. Analytical database b. Operational database Operational database a. These types of database allow you to modify that way of adding, changing or deleting data. These type of database are usually used to track real-time information for example, a financial company might have an operational database used to track cash transactions that is as customers make payment from an online store an operational database can be used to keep tracks of how much cash is left and the customers draw his credit line.

According to Date C. The important thing is that database allows you to store data and get it or modify it when you need to easily and effectively regardless of the amount of data being manipulated. What the data is and how demanding you will be when retrieving and modifying that data is simple a matter of scale. Traditionally, database ran on large powerful mainframes for business applications. You will probably have head of such packages as oracle 10g or Microsoft SQL server, for exemple.

However, with the advent of small powerful personal computer database have become readily usable by the average computer user. More importantly for our focus, database have quickly become integrated to the design, development and service offered by websites. The dynamically generated page will display the information about each item such as title, author, ISBN, price that is stored in the database.

Now, what is Data Model? It is a way of structuring CPU. You cannot realy touch a data model. But nevertheless, they are very useful. The analysis and design of the data model has been the concern of the evaluation of database. As model has advanced so has database efficiency. As it implies, the hierarchical database model define hierarchical arranged data. Perhaps the most intuitive way to visualize this type of relationship is by visualizing an upside down tree of data.

You will be instantly familiar with this relationship because that is how all windows is based directory management systems like window explorer works. Relationship in such a system are thought of in terms of children and parents such that a child may only have one parent but a parent can have multiple children. A parent will have a list of point to each of their children.

However, it is more efficient than the flat file model because there is not as much need for redundant data. If the change in the data is necessary, the change might only need to be processed once. Data are facts such as a Name, a Number etc while the term information is simply a processed data, that is when data is converted into a more useful or intelligent form.

A data item e. One cornerstone of data design and data normalization is that data organization for storage differs from the information most people want to see. However, as you can imagine the hierarchical database model has some serious problem for one, you cannot add record to a child table until it has already been incorporated into the parent table. This might be troublesome if, for example you wanted to add a student to who had not yet signed up for any course. Yet the hierarchical database model still create repetition of data within the database.

You might imagine that in the database system shown above, there may be a higher level that includes multiple courses. Redundancy would occur because hierarchical database handle one to many relationship well but do not handle many relationships well. This is because a child may only have one parent.

How would you made this relationship simple and efficiently using a hierarchical database? Though, this problem can be solved with multiple databases creating logical links between children. The fix is very clogged and awkward faced with these serious problems. Specifically the network model solves the problem of data redundancy by representing relationships in terms of sets rather than hierarchy.

The network model is very similar to the hierarchical model actually. In fact, the hierarchical model is a subject of the network model. However, instead of using a single parent tree hierarchy. The network model uses set theory to provide a tree, like hierarchy with the exception that child table were allowed to have more then one parent. This allows the network model to support many-to-many relationships.

Visually, a network database model looks like a hierarchy database is that you can see a type of tree. However, in the case of a network database look is several tree which share branches. Most implementation of the work model was used by computer programmers rather than real users.

What was needed was a simple model that could be used by real end users to solve real problems. The relational model developed out of the work done by Dr. Because he was a mathematician , he naturally built the model on mathematical for large share database. At the core of the relational model is the concept of a table also called a relation in which all data is stored.

Each table is made up of records horizontal rows also known as tuples and field vertical columns also known as attributes. It is important to note that how or where the table of data are stored make no different, each table can be identified by a unique name and that name can be used by the database to find the table behind the scene.

As a user, all you need to know is the table name in order to use it. You do not need to worry about the complexities of how the data is being stored on the hard drive. This is quite a bite different from the hierarchical and network models in which the user had to have an understanding of how the data were structured within the database in order to retrieve, insert, update or delete records from the database.

So how does one find data in a relational database if there is no map to follow? Table 2. This data access methodology makes the relational model, a lot different from and better than the earlier database model because it is a much simple model to understand. This is probably the remaining season for the population of relational database systems today. Another benefit of the relational system is that, it provide extremely useful tools for database administration.

Essentially, table cannot only store actual data but they can also be used as the table means for generating meta-data data about the table and field names which form the database structure, access rights to be database, integrity and data validation rules etc. In other words, a user can query information concerning table, names, access right or some data and the results of these queries would then be presented to the user in the form of a table.

However, there are many types of database and all of them will be useful for web applications. A client server database works like this: a database server is left running 24 hours everyday. Thus, the server can handle database request at any hour.

Requests are handled as they come in and multiple request can be handle at one time. For network application that must be available for world wide time zone usage, it is essential to build upon a client-server database, which can run all the time. This means that no two tuples have the same combination of values for all values for all their attributes.

A key is a minimal super key i. In general a relation schema may have more than one key. In this case, each of the keys is called a candidate key as the primary key of the relation. The notation of entity arises from the choice of a primary key while reverential integrity arises from the choice of foreign keys.

In a relational database, a primary key is a set of attributes designed by the user, is satisfied in a relation, if each tuple in the relation is uniquely identified by the primary key values. In addition, the primary key must be minimal set of attributes for which this uniqueness properly holds. This is because the primary key value is used to identify individual tuple in a relation, having null values for the primary implies that some tuples cannot be identified.

This referential integrity constrains is used to maintain the consistency among tuples of relations. Informally, the referential integrity constrains states that a turple in one relation that refer to another relation must refer to an existing tuple in that relation on the other hand a prime attribute of a relation R is an attribute of a relation schema R, if it is a member of key in the relation R. Consequately, a non prime is an attribute if it is not a member of any candidate key.

In addition a functional dependency denoted by X,Y between two set of attribute X and Y that are subset of R specifies a constraint on the possible turple that can form a relation instance of R. Initially, Codd proposed three normal forms which he called 1st, 2nd, and 3rd normal form. All these normal forms are based on the functional dependencies among the attributes of a relation.

Later, a forum normal form 4NF and the fifth normal form 5NF was proposed, based on the concept or multi-valued dependencies and join dependencies respectively. Normalization of data can be looked on as a process of organizing data in a database or processes during which unsatisfactory relation schema are decomposed by breaking their attributes into smaller relation scheme that process desirable properties.

One objective of the normalization process is to improve flexibility and to ensure that redundancy and inconsistent dependency anomalies do not occur. Normal forms provide database design with : a A formal framework for analyzing relation schema as based on their keys and on the functional dependencies among their attributes. So that the relational database can be normalized to any degree.

Atomic data is a form of uniminalism for data item. A data item is atomic if only one item is in each cell of a table. Thus INF tends to i. Eliminate repeating groups in individual tables. Creat a separate table for each set of related data. Identify each setoff relation data with a primary key. Where the INF deals with redundancy of data across a horizontal row. Thus 2NF tends to : i.

Eliminate fields that do not depend on the key. A determinate is any attribute on which some attribute is full functional dependent. Thus, this form prohibits independent multi value components of the key, for example, if an employee can have many skills and many dependents, you would move the skills and dependents to separate tables, as they are not related in any way.

Furthermore, normal forms when considered in isolation from other factors, do not guarantee a good database design. It is generally not sufficient to check separately that each relation schema 1, the database is in BCNFO. The dependency preservation property which ensures that all functional dependency is represented in some of this individual resulting database It is however important to point out here that those normal forms; BCNF, 4NF, 5NF and DKNF do exit but are rarely considered.

In practical design, disregarding these rules may result in their perfect database designed but should not affect functionally as originally intended. It is often confusing to people to learn that an open source company may give its products away for free or a minimal cost. Philip Emeagwali put it that the internet is the greatest of all networks, the network of several networks usually local networks in its pool.

The internet was not invented in by a single individual as it widely believed. The dream behind the web is of a common information space in which we communicate by sharing information, its universality is essential. The fact that a hypertext link can point to anything, be it personal, local or global, be it draft or highly polished. The second part has yet to happen, but there are signs and plans which makes us confident, sort, pay for, own information is during the design of languages for the web design for processing by machines rather than people.

The web of human readable document is being merged with a web of machine understandable data. The potential of the mixture of human and machines working together and communication through the web could immense. According to Owo Abidemmi E. We had the top-down and bottom-up, the procedural and structures.

The object oriented and event driven programming methods of software application and information generator to meet the users requirements. Ndukwe and Chike , says that internet is a system of computer network, connected to one another from different parts of the world, forming a very large network, hence it is a global connection of networks both big and small.

Meanwhile, internet has many subsets which of them is World wide Web www , which is the most powerful and growing internet service, it uses hypertext links called hyperlinks to locate and retrieve pages from www servers. Internet is a network connecting thousands of other network and computers. You can use internet to transfer electronic mail, public discussion, copying files upload and download and even run programs on a computer in a remote place.

Ndukwe and Chike says that a web is a series of interconnected servers that support specially formatted documents. It contain a server which is a program that respond to request from other programs and delivers the requested documents. A major initial motivation for both the early network ARPNET and internet was resource connecting the two together was far more economical than duplicating these very expensive computers.

However, while file and database transfer and remote login Telnet were very important applications, electronic mail has probably had the most significant impact of the innovations. From that era, e-mail provided a new model of how people could communicate with each other and change the nature of collaboration. First in the building of the internet www itself and later for much of society.


To provide an easy access of the student Information 4. To create a system that will easily interact with its users thru easy-to-use interfaces and understandable transactions 1. A student information system SIS is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. Student information systems for entering student school, college or university.

We proposed a system, which is called Computerized Student Information System, to help the school to provide complete information of the student. It will help to maintain and monitor the yearly enrollees, drop outs and to keep their records. This will be ease in accessing the records needed for their will be an option for searching with the use of student number issued by the school.

The common functions of a Computerized Student Information System are to support. The maintenance of personal and study information. Handling inquiries from prospective student 3. Handling the admissions process 4. Handling records of examinations, assessments, marks, grades. Maintaining records of absences and attendance 6. Handling personal information etc. The Information system will be used by the School with the old and new Students to transact.

The system includes the Student Schedule, Grades, Accounts and the Student Information module of the Student and will generate all reports. The User and Administrator that will use the system must undergo to orientation to ensure optimum and efficient usage of the system. The system will produce reports from the authorized Administrator which has the access of the system for the accredited School holding.

The system will implement a User that has knowledge with computer to ensure optimum usage of the system. Only the Accounting and Registrar can have the access to the information of the Student. The Registrar can do it for the Student. The User has no power to change the user to log on. The administrator has to do it for the User to delete accounts to the system. It guides the research in determining what things to measure, and what statistical relationship to look for. Theoretical frameworks are obviously critical in deductive, theory of testing of studies.

In those kinds of studies, the theoretical framework must be very specific and well-through out. A repository is a knowledge base information about the facts that an enterprise must be able to access and the processes it must perform to be successful. In a sense, a data base is a repository itself, which contains information needed to generate the entire diagram from and report definitions, and others system documentation.

A repository helps system and data base analysis achieve a seamless integration of data from several CASE tools. The proponents would be using CASE tools to draw the modeling constructs needed for the data bases that would serve as the back end of the system. It would also be used for the code generation that would contain the database definition commands that would be passed to a database management system. Database Management System is computer software designed for the purpose of managing databases.

It is also defined as a collection of programs that enables one to store, modify, and extract information from a database. There are many different types of DBMS, ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to huge computers that run on mainframes. User Interface is the aggregate of by means by which people — the users interact with the system. A particular machine, device computer program or other complex tools.

The user interface provides means output and input. The user interface of the propose system would be vital to the interaction of the user to the system. Data administration is high — level function that is responsible of the overall management of the data resource in an organization, including maintaining corporate wide definitions and standards. A data administrator is a person who coordinates activities within the data administration department. The international networks, or more commonly known as the internet, or the world wide web are not synonymous.

The internet is the interconnection of computers linked by copper wires, fiber-optic cables, wireless connection etc. The world wide web is one of the service accessible via internet, along with many other including email, files sharing and others. Data flow diagrams show the passage of the data through the system by using five basic constructs: data flows, process, data stores, external entities, and physical resources. The proponents use data flow diagram to form structured that would guide the proponents in the system that they would be developing.

The Data Flow Diagrams also show how the proponents handle the barriers that govern the system: which or which are not included in the system and what process is and what process is involved. Normalization is a technique for designing a relational database against certain types of logical or structural problems, namely data anomalies. It is specialized graphic that illustrates the interrelationship between entities in a database. ER Diagram often use symbols to represent three different types of information.

Entities are things about which we seek information. Attributes are data we collect about entities. Relationship provides the structures needed to draw information from multiple entities. Structured Query Language is a computer language designed for the retrieval and management of data in Relational Database Management System RDBMS , Database Schema creation and modification, and database objects access control management.

The advantage of using this kind of methodology includes the acquisition of feedback from the user early in the project, the client and the contractor can compare if the software made matches with the software specification, according to which the system software program was built. In this fast changing world were technology starts to populate and invade us, almost everyone find its advantages useful because each technology presented helps ease the workload of people.

Having it will not help make the work easier but it will also ensure faster and more accurate work. Thus the goal is to develop an automated Students Information System for STI College Tuguegarao that will compensate the schools lack of manpower, file handling, and generation of forms and other documents.

Planning This process or phase we define the requirements of the system to be made. Planning is the first step of making a system which we improve and correct the system. Requirement and Determination This second phase of SDLC where we managed to ask questionnaires during the interview and we gather information through identifying problems of manual system.

Analysis phase Analysis phase is where we analyze and identify problems of the system which we determine if the system is needed to be improve or not. This phase will be the guide of the developer of the. Design phase Design phase shows how the system will be build it also shows how will the system perform. It also shows how the system flows. It also shows the design of the front end of the system. Implementation Implementation is the stage the system is already built and ready to use.

This is where we determined if the system owner approves the system if we met their requirements and goals. Maintenance Maintenance is how we use and maintain the system. Disparate collections of outdated and inflexible student software systems—systems that have been around for years or even decades—often result in poor user experiences and high maintenance costs. Thesis is a dedicated Student Information System business with specialized regional products and a flagship global SaaS offering. Thesis SM is designed to improve how colleges and universities operate and communicate, implemented with a standardized, industry best-practice model.

Combining flexibility and automation, Thesis SM Student Management is the engine that powers institutional change in an effort to improve the overall student experience, and shape student success. Student systems are our singular focus. Higher education is changing more rapidly than ever before, and we aim to help institutions adapt to change.

The future of administrative technology depends on a reliable core SaaS SIS engine at the center of the ecosystem.

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STUDENT ACADEMIC INFORMATION SYSTEM; AN INTRODUCTION TO RELATIONAL DATABASE Ndukwe, C.M (); Handbook on Research Project and Thesis Writing, Aba;. Pacio () on her thesis entitled “Online Student Information System of Benguet State University” gave emphasis that as main goal of the school “to. Student information system · 1. To Provide security in the system · 2. To create user friendly yet Effective system · 3. To provide an easy access of the student.