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Graziadio business plan


Courses in the marketing concentration include market innovation and commercialization; global brand management; marketing communications and the digital age; and global business intensive. Courses in the digital innovation and information systems concentration include DIIS portfolio and project management; business process analysis and innovation; databases and big data management; managing cybersecurity, risk, and policy; designing, sourcing, and building digital platforms; and digital innovation and strategy.

Courses in the leadership and managing organizational change concentration include leadership and ethics; leadership theory and practice; business negotiation and the resolution of conflict; talent management; leadership: great leaders, great literature; managerial creativity and innovation for leadership; organizational dynamics and managing change; and advanced principles of organizations and leadership.

Courses in the business analytics concentration may include advanced statistical tools; databases and big data management; optimization modeling; predictive analytics; valuation of real options; healthcare analytics; marketing informatics; simulation modeling; information security data analysis; business analytics and intelligence; applying analytics to achieve business impact; business process analysis and innovation; multiple attribute decision analysis; and social media analytics.

Courses in the entrepreneurship concentration may include entrepreneurship and the generation of new venture ideas; building a business model; launching a new venture; and the feasibility of new venture ideas. Courses in the global business concentration may include global capital markets and institutions; global brand management; and global business intensive, as well as other course options.

This learning management system fosters real-time collaboration by allowing students the ability to share screens, see videos of other students using Google Hangouts or other web-conferencing tools, and employ social media tools such as Yammer to share coursework and develop social connections with program colleagues.

The online program is designed to mimic face-to-face interactions through the use of the GLEAN system. Class sizes are limited to 15 to 20 students. The weekend-long personal and leadership development workshop fosters the understanding of learning objectives with other classmates; sets the tone for the online MBA experience; promotes collaboration, teamwork, and communication; and conveys the ethics and values Pepperdine University seeks to instill in MBA graduates.

It also cultivates a sense of community with other students, faculty, and staff who might not otherwise be present in an online experience. Students will also complete a self-assessment exam. There is also an optional week-long global learning intensive offered as both an immersion experience and for credit for some concentrations. Additionally, students are responsible for travel expenses and room and board for the required on-campus immersion as well as the global learning intensive.

Because tuition rates and fees may change from year to year, students should contact the admissions department of the Pepperdine University online MBA program for a customized tuition estimate. Financial aid is available in the form of subsidized and unsubsidized student loans, federal grants, merit-based scholarships, and matching scholarships. Students must comply with federal regulations in order to receive federal aid, including meeting the minimum credits earned and GPA requirements.

To qualify for the Pepperdine merit-based scholarship, students must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3. Recipients of this scholarship must also maintain a 3. Qualifications apply. Applicants are also encouraged to seek outside resources for help paying for their MBA degree including employer education reimbursement programs. Graduate in 6, week trimesters, or about 2 full years. For programs with variable tuition rates, we use the out of state, part-time student rate.

Tuition number represents the cost of tuition for the entire program, not per semester or year. Total cost of tuition does not include additional fees. You mainly learn on your own from the book and not so much for the prof lecture. The class is very demanding: quiz before every class - you have to answer the best right answers NOT the right answers; lots of group work.

If you can handle his quizzes and pick a good group. You'll OK. Aug 10th, I had Baumgartner for X also, but is where you actually get the benefit of his style and personality. He is fair-minded and has pretty clear expectations. Lots of work in this course but as always, get a good group and you'll be ok! Oct 26th, There is not much to rate for this prof since there is only one real class day two more are the sim.

Prof Baumgartner explains the game rules but little else. It comes together in the end if you have a good group. Excel skills and finance are key. Avoid aggressive personalities! Dec 3rd, Textbook: No. I took him for the X weekend seminar. The class is all about your group mates. Find the best group, and you'll be fine. Work as a team, and get the best stock price. The final paper is easy. May 15th, Lots of busy work cases, presentations, company analysis, etc Pretty easy overall.

His expectations on deliverables can be a little confusing and ambiguous. If you need a non-hectic strategy class, take Prof. Mar 31st, I really enjoyed Stephen's class, but ambiguity rules the day with regards to expectations he has regarding the work delivered.

Too many times it felt like the rules were changed and not clearly defined for the students. It is a major gripe, but one that is easily fixed. Other than that it was a very good learning experience.


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MBA Executive. Executive Doctorate. Specialized Master's. Bachelor's Degree Completion. Online Programs. Certificate Programs. Program Comparison. Upcoming Deadlines Aug. The Fall term begins on August 30, Request Information. Degree Type: Please select Choose an MS Program: Please select Doctorate Program: Please select Doctor of Business Administration. Location: Please select Southern California. West Los Angeles Online. Intended Year of Enrollment Please select Spring Summer Fall Spring Summer Fall Summer Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Fall Fall Fall Summer Spring Fall Spring Fall Yes, I agree.

National Rankings. Specialty Rankings. Ranking Details. Center for Women in Leadership. Center for Applied Research. He reminds us in a world of constant opportunity and disruptive potential to hold an action bias carpe diem and to deliver on the good that is within our influence today and not to wait for more favorable or comfortable conditions. We aspire to live and model lives that are guided by a deep integrity that holds strong even when forces that try to compromise good challenge us. We aspire to live boldly and lean into new adventures with hopefulness.

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