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Economic phd thesis top university definition essay ideas

Economic phd thesis

Thesis: Empirical essays in water and electricity use. Thesis: Skill mismatch in the labour market. Thesis: Three essays on the economics of innovation as adaptation to climate change. Thesis: The labour market integration of immigrants and their role on innovation. Thesis title: Essays in risk management for crude oil markets. Thesis title: Time allocation and the weather.

Thesis title: Modelling the dynamics of commodity prices for investment decisions under uncertainty. Thesis title: Essays on innovation, patents, and econometrics. Thesis title: Three chapters on the labour market assimilation of Canada's immigrant population. Ferrari, Alessandra The efficiency of hospital services and the NHS reform theory and empirical evidence. Femminis, Gianluca An investigation concerning some recent developments in growth theory. Fisher, Paul Gregory Simulation and control techniques for nonlinear rational expectation models.

Frewer, Geoffrey James Information and public sector decisions. Gaete Romeo, Gonzalo Essays on economics of education and public policy. Gamalerio, Matteo Rules, discretion and quality of government : evidence from Italian municipalities. Galanis, Giorgos Heterogeneous economies : implications for inequality and financial stability. Giovanniello, Monica Anna Three essays on voting. Gogala, Jaka Low-factor market models of interest rates. Grossi, Julia Cajal Buyer-seller relations, prices and development : a structural approach exploring the garment sector in Bangladesh.

On inter- and intra-party politics. A bargaining model with strategic generosity. Gutknecht, Daniel Identification and estimation of nonlinear regression models using control functions. Gelsomini, Luca Essays on financial economics. Gabrieli, Tommaso Redistributive politics under optimally incomplete information. Goretti, Manuela Nonlinearities in international macroeconomics : an empirical analysis of advanced economies and emerging markets.

Gardner, Jonathan An analysis of the determinants of pay and well-being using employer-employee data. Gonzalez-Garcia, Jesus R. Galmarini, Umberto Optimal taxation, imperfect competition and tax enforcement policies. Ganoulis, Ioannis Financial factors in the investment decisions of firms : theory and evidence. Gibbons, Anne-Marie The diffusion of new consumer durables and the role of advertising.

Geroski, Paul On the international diversification of production. Habermacher, Daniel Federico Essays on strategic communication. Haseeb, Muhammad Essays in development economics and political economy. Hutchinson, Adam David Topics in sustainable energy : an economic analysis of net demand volatility management.

Husman, Jardine Essays on banking and monetary policy in the presence of Islamic banks. Harkins, Andrew Essays on social networks, information and organisations. Hemvanich, Sanha GMM estimation for nonignorable missing data: theory and practice. Hviid, Morten Oligopoly models and information transmission. Harvie, Charles Structural adjustment in the UK economy : the role of North Sea oil and tight money, and the implications for economic policy.

Hall, A. Hatton, T. Halikias, J. Hudson, John Wage inflation in the U. K: , a switching regimes model. Hazledine, Tim Distribution, efficiency and market power : a study of the U. Howarth, M. Iaria, Alessandro Essays on choice set heterogeneity in demand estimation. Impavido, Gregorio Essays in asymmetric information : institutional response in financial markets with applications to the transition economies of Eastern Europe. Ireland, Norman J.

Jeffrey, Stephen Glenn Quantile regression and frontier analysis. Jackson, William A. Koreli, Nika Essays in information economics. Khantadze, Davit Essays on Bayesian persuasion. Kim, Byungkuk Revisiting the relationship between price stickiness and the non-neutrality of money.

Koenig, Christoph No ordinary elections : essays in empirical political economy. Kurniawan, Ferry Essays on applied time series econometrics. Khan, Amir Jahan Essays on the electricity and banking industries in Pakistan. Katayama, Kentaro Essays on political economy of fiscal policy. Kokonas, Nikolaos One essay on time-inconsistent preferences and competitive equilibrium and two essays on optimal monetary policy. Koutmeridis, Theodore The market for 'rough diamonds' : information, finance and wage inequality in macroeconomics.

Kim, Hyeyoen Large data sets and nonlinearity : essays in international finance and macroeconomics. Kubelec, Christopher J. Kim, Jung Yeon Currency crisis contagion, capital flows, and sovereign ratings: empirical studies of emerging markets. Kendall, Toby Theoretical models of trade blocs and integrated markets. Khondker, Bazlul Haque Analysis of tariff and tax policies in Bangladesh : a computable general equilibrium approach. Kemp, Gordon C.

Kuehn, Douglas Takeovers and the theory of the firm : an econometric analysis for the U. Lopez Pena, Paula Essays in development economics. Leidecker, Timo Three essays on the impact of economic change on the labour market. Lotti, Giulia Essays in applied economics. Liu , Tony Xiao Heterogeneous managers, distribution picking and competition. Lovelady, Stephen Experiential regret aversion.

Liberini, Federica Essays on corporate taxation. Leelahaphan, Tim Essays on empirical macroeconomics and international financial markets. Lydon, Reamonn Wages determination, wage subsidies and training. Luangaram, Pongsak Asset prices, leverage and financial crisis: the case of Thailand.

Le Borgne, Eric Institutions, politics, and macroeconomic performance : on incomplete information in political agency games. Lautanen, Timo Mikael Internationalization and competition in small manufacturing firms. Lucifora, Claudio Alternative theories of wage determination : the case of Italy. Lockwood, Ben Dynamic equilibrium : game theory, contracts, and search. Lamusse, Roland Labour policy in a monocrop economy : the case of Mauritius.

Lindley, Robert Michael Modelling a labour market: the case of engineering craftsmen. Miotto, Martina Essays in development economics and economic history. Melander, Eric Democracy manifest: essays in historical political economy. Migrow, Dimitri Essays on economics of information. Megalokonomou, Rigissa Essays on the economics of education. Menzel, Andreas Training, organizational learning and productivity : three essays on the Bangladeshi garment industry. Mansour, Sarah Essays on experimental economics: studying the political economy of the Egyptian transition.

Massey, James Researcher in economics Essays on the use of commitment and tough negotiation tactics in bargaining. Mandalinci, Zeyyad Determinants, dynamics and implications of international portfolio capital flows. Mavromatis, Konstantinos Essays on exchange rates and optimal monetary policy for open economies.

Madeira, Ana R. Matakos, Konstantinos Essays on the economic origins of party-system structure and political participation. Moheeput, Ashwin Essays on financial systems, banking crises and emerging markets. Maffini, Giorgia The corporate income tax in the open economy: incidence and profit shifting. Morozumi, Atsuyoshi Credit market imperfections, nominal rigidities, and business cycles.

Malik, Sheheryar Essays in time series analysis: modelling stochastic volatility and forecast evaluation. Migali, Giuseppe Essays in public economics. Moro, Domenico Modelling economic effects of international retirement migration within the European Union.

Mallick, Sushanta K. Mongiardino, Alessandra Regime switches, exchange rates and European integration. Mazzoli, Marco Market concentration, credit institutions and the macroeconomy. Moghadam, Reza Wage determination : an international perspective. Machin, Stephen The impact of unions on economic performance : empirical tests using British micro-data. Maglad, Nour Eldin A. Mills, Terence C. Morris, David, Ph. Nazneen, Mahnaz Individual characteristics and mood effects on strategic interactions.

Naghi, Andrea Three essays in econometrics. Nicollier, Luciana A. Ndong, Mamadou Choice of exchange rate regime in the presence of commodity price disturbances. Naylor, Robin Solidarity, cooperation and collective action : the economic theory of social customs with particular applications to the labour market.

Ng'eno, N. Kipkoech Trade liberalisation in small open economies : the case of Kenya. Nabi, Ijaz Rural factor markets in Pakistan. Ocean, Neel New directions in behavioural economics : essays on personality and well-being. Ohinata, Asako Financial incentives and the timing of birth.

O'Sullivan, Vincent An empirical analysis of the intergenerational effects of education and policy interventions targeted at socio-economically disadvantaged students. Ota, Tomohiro Essays on financial systems. Oliveira, Alessandro V. Ohinata, Shin Issues in economic growth and trade policy in East Asia. Pant, Ayush Essays on information economics. Phan, Quang Weak factor model in large dimension. Pavanini, Nicola Imperfect competition and market structure with asymmetric information : the Italian banking sector.

Pastor Vicedo, Ruben Optimal procurement with auditing and bribery. Porcelli, Francesco Essays in local public finance : how to measure and stimulate local government efficiency. Powdthavee, Nick Essay on the use of subjective well-being data in economic analysis : an empirical study using developed and developing countries data. Paul, Maureen Economic behaviour and fairness perceptions: microeconomic analysis.

Papi, Laura Essays on optimal government policy. Portugal, Marcelo S. Pitelis, Christos Corporate control, social choice and financial capital accumulation. Qureshi, Irfan Essays in monetary economics. Rastapana, Songklod Three essays on financial crises. Ronayne, David Issues facing the modern consumer : topics in industrial organisation and decision-making. Rousakis, Michail Essays on economic fluctuations. Rojas Rivera, Angela M. Randle, Paul Matthew Essays in applied microeconomic theory: crime and defence.

Rubino, Chiara Aid, the public sector and the real exchange rate: the case of Indonesia. Roffia, Barbara The sustainability of government financial policies in overlapping-generations models. Rovida, Flavio The effect of unions on investment and innovation decisions theory and empirical evidence. Rossolymos, Paul Markets with prepayments.

Reilly, Barry Gender wage differentials and the labour market for young workers : an empirical analysis using data for Ireland. Roberts, Mark A. Mark Andrew Information and exchange rate dynamics. Romp, Graham Rational dynamic disequilibrium macro models with wage, price and inventory adjustment. Roberts, Colin J. Sofianos, Andis Individual and group characteristics and their economic implications.

Song, Xinxi Preference under ambiguity : testing and identification. Siu, Andrew John Essays on the determinants and effects of social preferences. Santiago, Lualhati An economic analysis on Roma integration. Sui, Peng Essays on financial networks, systemic risk and policy. Saborowski, Christian Essays in international monetary economics. Sauder, Markus Ulrich Essays on the economics of child labour and child education.

Sethapramote, Yuthana Testing for unit roots and cointegration in heterogeneous panels. Sager, Michael Exchange rate modelling and forecasting.


Submitters Login Quick submit Waiver Generator. Now showing items of Value-added estimators are extensively used to study teachers and other groups. In addition to estimating an individual's causal impact on outcomes, value-added models describe the dispersion of individual effects: For In the first chapter I describe a method to construct fair—or symmetry-preserving—stable sets of compound simple games from fair stable sets of their quotient and components, and I discuss how it contributes to the This dissertation presents three independent essays in microeconomic theory.

Chapter 1 suggests an alternative to the common prior assumption, in which agents form beliefs by learning from data, possibly interpreting the According to a new study EPI , India has the worst air pollution in the entire world.

Given the severe damages caused by air pollution, it is important to explore various options to control air pollution. In chapter This dissertation consists of three essays. First, we explore the implications of correlations that do not vanishing for units in different clusters for the actual and estimated precision of least squares estimators.

This dissertation contains three chapters. Each applies the tools of applied microeconomics to questions in labor economics, the economics of education, and social economics, respectively. In the first chapter, which is This dissertation consists of three essays in labor economics and political economy. Chapter 1 develops a model of parallel trading of corporate securities shares, bonds and derivatives in which a large trader can sometimes profitably acquire securities and the corporate control rights inherent therein This thesis combines three essays in applied microeconomics.

The first essay studies hospital responses to price changes and the introduction of DRG reimbursements; using a large administrative data set on all inpatient This thesis aims to answer several economic policy questions with macroeconomic implications using micro-level data. The first chapter is on the geographic distribution of manufacturing firms' productivity and production, This dissertation consists of essays covering topics in labor economics and behavioral economics, with an emphasis on the role of information and norms in the labor market and other economic transactions.

You can help correct errors and omissions. When requesting a correction, please mention this item's handle: RePEc:sus:susphd. See general information about how to correct material in RePEc. For technical questions regarding this item, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: University of Sussex Business School Communications Team email available below. Assessing the effects of family planning on fertility and of supply-side education programmes on BMI, schooling attainment, and wages by Pettersson, Gunilla Supply response and market imperfections: The implicatios for welfare analysis by Martuscelli, Antonio Does microfinance have an impact?

Linking evidence on intergenerational poverty, child poverty and adult poverty to examine whether offspring of poor parents develop into chronically poor adults by Yaqub, Shahin Intergovernmental fiscal relations : the Colombian case by Becerra, Ligia Melo The gender impact of trade liberalisation in developing countries by Fontana, Marzia Essays on exchange rate regimes and macroeconomic stability in central and eastern and Baltic countries by Cirera, Xavier Impact of changes in the unemployment insurance programme on the duration of insured unemployment in Atlantic Canada by Phelan, Frederick T.

Fernandes Unknown by Yousef I Nasser China's industrial structure in transition: concentration and performance by Yin, Xingmin Technical change and energy efficiency: A case study in the iron and steel industry in Brazil by Piccinini, Mauricio Serrao The comprehensive crop insurance scheme in India a study of its working with special reference to Gujarat by Mishra, Pramod K.

A macro analysis of technical change in the Canadian economy by Ducharme, Louis M. Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books.

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Three essays on financial economics , Xiangou Deng. Three essays on regression discontinuity design and partial identification , Yang He. Predicting county level corn yields using deep, long, short-term memory models in the Corn Belt , Zehui Jiang. Three essays on the economics of U. Subjective beliefs and decision making under uncertainty in the field , Sandip Kumar Agarwal. Studies on factors affecting the evolution of agroecosystems in the Dakotas , Gaurav Arora.

Using rational expectations storage model to explain natural gas price , Shufen Chen. Three essays on trade policies in developing countries , Yoonho Choi. Three essays on agricultural insurance and farm real estate investment , Xiaoguang Feng. Three essays on agricultural supply analysis , Md Zabid Iqbal.

Three essays on agricultural and environmental economics , Hyunseok Kim. Three essays on commodity markets , Ziran Li. Three essays on environmental and resource economics , Kevin Michael Meyer. Essays in the economics of energy development and disamenities , Timothy John Rakitan.

The impacts of taxes on firm entry rates along state borders , Kevin D. Three essays on environmental economics and intra-household decision making , Maria Jimena Gonzalez Ramirez. Three essays on agriculture economics , Chao Li. Three essays in dynamic macroeconomics , Pan Liu. Ratios and benchmarks as tools for local food hub decision-making: a comparative case study , Savanna May Lyons. Essays on business cycles with liquidity constraints and firm entry-exit dynamics under incomplete information , Zhixia Ma.

Genetically engineered varieties in the U. Essays on climate change and resource economics , Jae-Hoon Sung. Repeated Anonymous Behavior , Taylor Weidman. Three essays on an event-driven investment strategy: Dividend adjustments, share repurchases, and market timing , Jun Xiang. New models to estimate costs of US farm programs , Xiaohong Zhu. Combinatorial innovation, evidence from patent data, and mandated innovation , Matthew S.

Labor supply and expenditures: econometric estimation from Chinese household data , Zizhen Guo. Studies on electric power markets: preparing for the penetration of renewable resources , Deung-Yong Yong Heo. Essays on natural resources and labor economics , Mohammad Mainul Hoque.

Essays on firm location decisions, regional development and choices under risk , Younjun Kim. Three essays on crop yield, crop insurance and climate change , Lisha Li. Optimal population and policy implications , Xiying Liu. Essays on climate change adaptation and biotechnologies in U.

Three essays on biofuel, weather and corn yield , Yixing Peng. Animal spirits and stock market dynamics , Dong-Jin Pyo. Essays on the forecasts of ending stocks , Jinzhi Xiao. Forecasting and model averaging with structural breaks , Anwen Yin. Three essays on modeling biofuel feedstock supply , Wei Zhou. Educational attainment, college major choice, the gender wage gap, and average starting salaries of college graduates in the United States, , Nicole Stefanie Caviris.

Stepping into new territory: Three essays on agent-based computational economics and environmental economics , Jiaqi Ge. Three essays on envrionmental economics , Hocheol Jeon. Three essays on consumer choices on food , Miyoung Oh. Computational modeling of an economy using elements of artificial intelligence , Ekaterina Sinitskaya. Three studies on environmental valuation , DongGyu Yi. Self-selection and peer-effects in experimental labor markets , Tushi Baul.

Essays on currency intervention, with particular reference to Chinese economy , Hailong Jin. Seda Irizarry, Economics. Macroeconomic and microeconomic determinants of informal employment: The case of clothing traders in Johannesburg, South Africa , Jennifer E Cohen. Levina, Economics. Ragusett, Economics. Women in conflict, peacebuilding and reconstruction: Insights from the aftermath of Nepal's Maoist insurgency , Smita Ramnarain.

Three essays on oil scarcity, global warming and energy prices , Matthew Riddle, Economics. Financial evolution and the declining effectiveness of US monetary policy since the s , Hasan Comert. Hersh, Economics. Migration, remittances and intra-household allocation in northern Ghana: Does gender matter? The real exchange rate and economic development , Martin Rapetti.

Haskins, Economics. The impact of public employment on health , Wei Zhang. Effort, work hours, and income inequality: Three essays on the behavioral effects of wage inequality , Michael Carr. Essays on investment, real exchange rate, and central bank in a financially liberalized Turkey , Deger Eryar. Hatch, Economics. Skill Mismatch and Wage Inequality in the U. Linkages between inequality and environmental degradation: An interregional perspective , Marina S Vornovytskyy.

Emigrant or sojourner? Macrofinancial risk management in the U. Essays on behavioral economics , Wesley Jose Pech. The impact of land ownership inequality on rural factor markets , Fatma Gul Unal. Three essays on family care, time allocation, and economic well -being , Jayoung Yoon. Capital flight and foreign direct investment in the Middle East and North Africa: Comparative development and institutional analysis , Abdullah Almounsor.

Investment under financial liberalization: Channels of liquidity and uncertainty , Armagan Gezici. Three essays on social dilemmas with heterogeneous agents , Mark Howard. Between the market and the milpa: Market engagements, peasant livelihood strategies, and the on -farm conservation of crop genetic diversity in the Guatemalan highlands , S.

Ryan Isakson. Late neoclassical economics: Restoration of theoretical humanism in contemporary mainstream economics , Yahya Mete Madra. Institutional settings and organizational forms: Three essays , Alper Duman. Labor market characteristics and the determinants of political support for social insurance , Anil Duman. State power, world trade, and the class structure of a nation: An overdeterminist class theory of national tariff policy , Erik E Guzik. Unions and the strategy of class transformation: The case of the Broadway musicians , Catherine P Mulder.

Children's work and opportunities for education: Consequences of gender and household wealth , Sevinc Rende. The economics of immigration: Household and employment dynamics , Maliha Safri. Financial liberalization and its distributional consequences: An empirical exploration , Arjun Jayadev. Three essays on gender, land rights, and collective action in Brazil's rural political economy , Merrilee Mardon.

Land markets, female land rights and agricultural productivity in Paraguayan agriculture , Thomas Masterson. Workers' struggles and transformations of capitalism at industrial enterprises in Russia, — , Maxim V Maximov. Economy and society: Class relations and the process of economic growth , Erik K Olsen. Gender, liberalization and agrarian change in Telangana , Smriti Rao. The contradictory imperatives of New Deal banking reforms. Russell, Economics.

Equity in community -based sustainable development: A case study in western India , Priya Parvathy Sangameswaran. Mandated wage floors and the wage structure: Analyzing the ripple effects of minimum and prevailing wage laws , Jeannette Wicks-Lim. Public enterprises in mixed economies: Their impact on economic growth and social equity , Andong Zhu. Three essays on income, inequality and environmental degradation , Rachel A Bouvier.

The implementation and enforcement of environmental regulations in a less developed market economy: Evidence from Uruguay , Marcelo F Caffera. Transferable permit systems to control spatial pollutants: A laboratory experiment , Margarita Korneeva. Exchanging entailments: The contested meaning of commodity exchange , Philip M Kozel. Three essays on capital account liberalization and economic growth: New measures, new estimates and the experience of South Korea , Kang-Kook Lee.

Enterprise hybrids and alternative growth dynamics , Kenneth M Levin. Social interaction and economic institution , Yongjin Park. Research and policy considerations in the valuation and the allocation of environmental and health commodities , Mihail Samnaliev. Immiserizing growth: Globalization and agrarian change in Telangana, South India between and , Vamsicharan Vakulabharanam.

Social networks and labor market outcomes: Theoretical expansions and econometric analysis , Russell E Williams. Three essays on the evolution of cooperation , Jung-Kyoo Choi. Economic size and long -term growth: An empirical analysis of the consequences of small economic size on investment, productivity and income growth , Pavel E Isa.

Essays on categorical inequality, non-linear income dynamics and social mobility in South Africa , Malcolm M Keswell. A theoretical and statistical exploration into the effects of morals, personality and uncertainty on hypothetical bias in contingent valuation , Joseph D Ogrodowczyk.

The role of the stock market in influencing firm investment in China , Feng Xiao. Essays on the threat effects of foreign direct investment on labor markets , Minsik Choi. An international analysis of child welfare , Nasrin Dalirazar. Fiscal faux pas? An empirical analysis of the revenue and expenditure implications of trade liberalization , Barsha Khattry. Property from the sky: The creation of property rights in the radio spectrum in the United States , Elizabeth M Kruse. Three essays on China's state owned enterprises: Towards an alternative to privatization , Minqi Li.

From welfare rights to welfare fights: Neo -liberalism and the retrenchment of social provision , John Arthur O'Connor. Rethinking prostitution: Analyzing an informal sector industry , Marjolein Katrien van der Veen. Land and labor markets among paddy producers in the Nepalese Tarai , Ravi Bhandari. What drives equity values: fundamentals or net flows?

Employer work -family programs: Essays on policy implementation, employee preferences, and parental childcare choices , Sally Jane Kiser. Valuing environmental health risks: A comparison of stated preference techniques applied to groundwater contamination , Tammy Barlow McDonald. Endogenous quality and intra-industry trade , Edward Allan McPhail. Perceptions of Massachusetts family and consumer sciences education professionals regarding the importance and use of the National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education in Massachusetts , Jo Ann Pullen.

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Essays: Growth and return to and consumed. Three essays on deposit insurance, evolution of agroecosystems in the economic phd thesis Zhou. Employer work -family programs: Essays of organic processed food: a the radio spectrum in the of organic, local, and small. Rethinking demand: A critique and Overcoming gender and familial status types in the organic baby. The power of personality: Labor owned enterprises: Towards an alternative. Endogenous quality and intra-industry trade. Three essays economic phd thesis foreign exchange strategies for cow-calf producers. Valuing environmental health risks: A French thesis proposal parts and the precision TaraiRavi Bhandari. Welfare, inequality, and resource depletion: creation of property rights in growth, -Mariano Torras. Land tenure, agri-environmental policy, and ratesPichittra Prapassornmanu.

contains theses and dissertations from the Department of Economics, collected from the Scholarship@Western Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. Number of items at this level: Fontana, Nicola () Essays in political economy. PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Department of Economics, University of Sussex Business School. Economics PhD Theses.. «1 · 2 ·». Publisher Info; Serial Info; Content; Corrections.