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Thesis gender

Simon Fraser University opened in September and from the very beginning, a significant number of students arrived with their children in tow. Children present on university campuses was not the norm in the s and this phenomenon presented administrations with unexpected challenges. What united students, faculty, and staff, all arriving with children at Simon Fraser University, was the need to have accessible campus daycare with an unprecedented high standard of care and education, overseen by the parents involved, and without external interference.

In the s this is not how daycare was perceived, delivered, or administrated and to achieve this innovative horizon, SFU parents had to petition, demonstrate, sit-in, occupy, protest, and defy authority. Through archival material and oral histories, the early SFU Daycare Movement is acknowledged in this dissertation. This thesis contribution to the history of Simon Fraser University is important, offering new material about the SFU student body, the s and early s campus activity, and the emergence of childcare as a matter of excellence rather than maintenance.

The Simon Fraser Childcare Society that exists on campus today, has its roots planted in the midst of s radicalism. Yet, this radical prevention intervention is not without individual and collective repercussions. With an eye to the growing physical, moral, legal, and political costs of HIV treatment on adherence, this study seeks to describe how adherence has changed throughout the AIDS epidemic in order to understand its function in this present time and place of TasP in Vancouver.

Through a Foucauldian genealogy, this dissertation examines how TasP adherence practices re-asserts colonial hierarchies. Guided by critical race and postcolonial theories, I argue that race and racism distinguish those who are made to live from those left to die in this new war on AIDS, a war against PWAs. Using biopower as an analytical framework, I emphasize the continued role of sovereign power, a repressive power alongside productive power.

Then, I position artwork produced by PWAs as important sites of knowledge, providing insight into the multiple effects of antiretroviral therapy. To conclude, I argue that TasP works as an imperial formation as it uses force in the construction of its subjects. I suggest TasP pushes us to confront this ethical question: to what end and at whose expense are we willing to end AIDS? At its most basic level, this project seeks to disrupt the seemingly neutral scientific language of TasP by showing how scientific knowledge regarding adherence practices draw from histories relying on, recuperating, and revising the interlocking structures of colonialism, racism, sexism, poverty, and sexuality.

Engaging with a rich history of gay masculinities, this research analyzes the contemporary discourse of straight-acting as a site of masculine identification for gay men within the context of queer liberalism. Conversely, the potentials for straight-acting to problematize the coherence of a sexual binaristic logic points toward the destabilizing quality of straight-acting when speculated upon beyond queer liberalist functions, turning to face the possibility of resignification for subversive effect.

While there appears to be an expansion of gender and sexuality studies within the field of young adult literature criticism, the vast majority of scholarship privileges the study of gay and lesbian identities, as well as binary gender identities—either male or female. There is not much treatment of those who identify as other or in between. In the s articles began to address topics of cross-dressing and responses to cross-gender behaviour—in response to changes in the field of psychology, namely the removal of homosexuality and the addition of Gender Identity Disorder GID in the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of the American Psychological Association.

By working to combine queer and trans theoretical approaches with literature and the transgender body and experience, I begin working in a more complex way with new and emerging issues in literature, such as intersexuality, asexuality, and two-spiritedness. This study will look to find commonalities or divergent purposes between what occurs in theoretical studies and what actually matters to trans and queer young adult readers. I engage in interviews with queer and trans identified teens, as well as librarians in order to gauge what teens readers want and how they read trans and queer characters within available YA fiction.

This research explores the experiences and identities of self-identified racialized migrant women working in community advocacy sectors. Using feminist critical race theories and approaches, I conducted three community conversations and three interviews where participants explored an array of topics including Indigeniety, self-care, sexism, homophobia and settler — migrant relationships. This research includes two themes: 1 the implication of migrant bodies in the systemic dispossession of Indigenous Nations by exploring the ways in which we as migrants working in advocacy sectors contribute to the solidification of colonial and neo-colonial narratives; and 2 offers a model of participatory feminist methods and approaches described in this work as a means to provide alternative ways of engaging migrant communities in research.

The Penthouse is rumoured to be the oldest continuously operating nightclub in the land we now know as Canada and is without a doubt the oldest exotic nightclub. Owned and operated by an Italian family who emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, The Penthouse has survived numerous waves of moral crackdown in the city as well as many offers to buy the prime location in the face of aggressive development.

A staggering number of nightclubs in Vancouver, exotic or otherwise, have not shared the same fate. Further I assemble a social history of the dancers, looking at their experiences in the club and their perception of the intersections between feminism, identity, performance, and sex.

Overwhelmingly, the narrators reflected on their time as dancers as valuable to their lives in a myriad of ways, including helping to foster healthy relationships with their bodies and sexualities. Nevertheless most felt that the stigma they faced as sexual labourers impacted their lives in a negative way and was in conflict with the way they experienced their work themselves.

Others continue to work in the sex industry. Epidemiological research suggest that regular physical activity is beneficial for overall physical, psychological and mental health but more specifically, as a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease, physical activity, done a regular basis, has been shown to be positively associated with lowered risk of cardiovascular disease Pate et al. Unfortunately, research on physical activity participation rates suggests that a significant percentage of Black women are not sufficiently active Bryan et al and Chiu Using a feminist cultural studies framework that integrates the critical insights of anti-racist feminism, Black feminist theory and postcolonial feminist studies, this study seeks to understand and explore the behaviour patterns, and their associated meanings, for a small group of highly active Black women.

Fifteen women participated in the study; three of whom are non-Black women. The women received, processed, and interpreted messages about the benefits of physical activity in the maintenance of healthier lives in ways that motivated them to be physically active. The implication is that Black women are paying attention to their bodies and to health messages about their bodies. The extent to which the women were physically active had a bearing on how well they had learned to work around issues of Blackness, evidenced in how they chose to strategize and negotiate around possibilities to be active.

Simon Fraser University. About Summit What is Summit? Noulty, Jamie. Peer reviewed:. Your Research Master's thesis will be evaluated using a standardised assesment form. In some cases a third evaluator will be asked to assess your paper. This third evaluator will use another form pdf to evaluate your thesis.

Utrecht University considers any form of academic dishonesty to be a serious offense. Utrecht University expects each student to be familiar with and to observe the norms and values that ensure academic integrity.

When your professor or supervisor suspects fraud or plagiarism, they will notify the board of examiners. She graduated in More information on submission and deadlines, please contact: Genderstudies uu. Skip to main content. Supervision The thesis will be assessed and graded by the supervisor and by a second assessor who has not been involved in the supervision.

More information More information on submission and deadlines, please contact: Genderstudies uu. The thesis was supervised and assessed by at least one of teacher in this programme For the prize, the eligible theses are those that have been assessed between September 1, and September 1, From the year onwards, the prize may be awarded to students who graduated the preceding academic year between September 1 and August Criteria Originality in the field of gender studies: exploring under researched or surprising questions.

Conclusions are formulated in such a way that they reach out to new readerships. The author has shown perseverance and commitment in writing the thesis by overcoming personal, financial or social challenges.


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