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Industrial management thesis

Rooij, B. Ruiter, Bryan Towards a continuous auditing philosophy. Samuel, L. Schultz, Pim Using machine-learning models for operational exception handling : a case study at IBM. Snijders, T. Sonnenberg, K. Sproates, C. Sterkman, Casper W. Stuyver, R. Thomasson, S. Veenstra, R. Veerbeek, G. Vegt, F. Veldhuizen, Johan Matthijs Improving retailers' service level: incorporating the order line size distribution and preventing unsellable stock levels.

Visser, G. Visser, R. Voort, Sophie Johanna Maria van der The assesment of the implementation of the kanban and two-bin method in the logistic process of Medisch Spectrum Twente. Weierink, N Forecast accuracy improvements at a fast moving consumer goods company : How to improve the Raws and Packs material requirements forecast to reduce procurement losses.

Wentzel, S. Wit, M. Aalst, G. Bedem, S. Benou, A. Berge, B. Bergsma, M Item availability restricted. Bijl, Ir. Bijl, Tim Warehouse cost estimation. Boeve, B. Borchers, M. Brenk, D. Duffhues, Ir. Erian, Nanda ESG issues in the palm oil investments : an event study on the listed palm oil companies in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Evers, Joran Block planning in the outpatient clinic of Gastroenterology How dedicated time-slots and care pathways can improve timeliness. Gerrits, B. Gerritsen, Frank Impact investing : an emerging asset class. Gietema, Nienke Towards a standardized availability model for material handling systems. Graaff, A. HOL, S. Haring, Mitchel Omsteltijden bij Coldenhove Papier.

Heijndijk, J. Hoeven, M. Hooijman, T. Hovius, I. Huisman, A. Huurne, T. Jong, R. Koopman, A. Krediet, A. Leijenhorst, A Improving the supply chain at Twence Hengelo. Merrienboer, I. Meulen, J. Nijhuis, T. Olde Meierink, A. Peltenburg, T. Rozema, L. Sark, E. Scholten, Peter Efficiency analysis and improvement of the canning line at Grolsch. Sisso, T. Smit, T. Sommers, M. Spruijt, T. Tijhuis, Ruben J. Veger, A. Versluijs, W. Vinke, P. Waegemakers, M. Wit, N. Wit, T. Zwieten, W. Adriaansen, A. BREM, I.

Barneveld, M. Berg, W. Boersma, T. Bremmer, Jurgen Update and Upgrade the current quality assurance in the global supply chain of a heavy truck manufacturing company : managing product quality in the North Bound Flow NBF at Scania Production Zwolle. Buil, J. Bus, T. Busscher, Saskia Tactical planning of the gastrointestinal and hepatology department of Medisch Spectrum Twente Decreasing the access time for patients by improving the management of resources.

Derksen, Rayke M. Enthoven, J. Fokkens, Dirk-Jan A practical approach to maintenance performance measurement: shifting the focus from the alignment with strategic objectives to the managerial possibilities to iprove maintenance effectiveness and efficiency.

Fredriks, L. Gjaltema, P. Graanoogst, S. Hal, K. Hoek, W. Horst, H. Kamphorst, J. Kamphorst, MSc M. Kmin, Piotr The influence of Ukrainian Crisis on selected financial markets. Kocks, Tobias Futures hedging of commodity risk : designing hedging strategies with a focus on the study of the optimal hedge ratio. Kootstra, D. Koster, L. Krul, I. Land, G. Lugtig, J. Maarleveld, P. Matena, M. Mentink, BSC. Exploring the social impact of mesocredit in emerging conomies using qualitative and quantitative performance indicators.

Overbeek, T. Peer, J Forecasting demand for inpatient physical therapy. Politiek, F. Prent, S. Quint, C. Roelofs, N. Schaik, J. Sleiderink, W. Smit, F. Spijkerman, V. Steenwoerd, A. Stek, K. Stratum, J. Strijker, V. Trentelman, E. Veijer, J Analytical model of a mold dependent production line: Applied to future thermoplastic skin panel production for Gulfstream G tail wings.

Veldhuis, H. Verwoerd, M. An analysis of modelling the probability default of a retail mortgage owner. Willemink, J. Wolters, N. Zeeburg, R. T van Item availability restricted. Zoeteweij, Ruben Item availability restricted. Bakker, V. Bartels, Robert R Item availability restricted.

Bekker, M. Low-risk as a useful factor for the construction of an equity portfolio. Belshof, Bart Item availability restricted. Blok, M. Bolhaar, J. Bonouvrie, P. A Fa s ta Morgana? Bos, Mart van den An integrated hydrodynamic-economic model for setting differentiated insurance premiums. Bosch, A Seed selection in multi-period planning with time windows. Brummelkamp, L. Burgwal, A. Cloostermans, Joris Macroeconomic influences on credit risk: The effects of macroeconomic developments on the credit risk of Dutch retail loans.

Dedden, A. Demkes, K. Dijcks, A. Dijk, T. Elgersma, S. Essers, D. Essink, Bart Scenario analysis of a ice and snow control program on the tactical level. Geertjes, F. Gerrits, L. Gillis, S. Creating a framework to develop new trading strategies and designing a new trading strategy for TradersInc. Glerum, Arvid Joran Minimising variation in hospital bed demand by improving the operating room planning. Grapendaal, J. Hofman, Laura Capacity management at the radiology department of Isala: managing the variability of scheduled and unscheduled arrivals.

Huijberts, K. Janssen, J. Kars, J. Knofius, N. Kooij, Rimmert B. Koster, D. Leeftink, A. Leer, D. Lescure, T. Liu, X. Lommers, S. Man, J. Meijer, E. Muller, P. Ooms, R. Pol, M. Posthuma, T. Quint, J. Reiche, P. Ringlever, J. Sabbaghian, M. Schipper, Ruurd de The usefulness of IT innovation classification for business model innovation.

Schmal, J. Schmidt, Lianne J. Schraa, M. Schreuder, N. Schut, M. Selvakumaran, M. Sibenius Trip, J. Slot, W. Consequences for the coverage ratio and interest rate risk management. Smit, R. Smook, Roland Executable enterprise architecture models : enabling business analytics using the Monte Carlo method. Spenkelink, H. Tigchelaar, Roel Evaluation of methods for determining the credit risk premium for mortgages.

Valk, J. Varekamp, B. Veldhuizen, S. Vries, F. Vromans, R. How to improve and support the yearly capacity planning of police helicopters? Aarle, Rogier van A Real-Options approach to company valuation. Arkink, H. Arnold, Job The foster and hart measure of riskiness: practical implications. Baranowski, L. Bel, Michiel Methods to generate the yearly shutdown-schedule of a basic oxygen steel plant. Belter, D. Bierman, Jan-Willem Changing the focus from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance of the technical workforce to achieve an improvement of the performance of total maintenance activities of Brasco in Pointe-Noire.

Brandt, L. Prediction tool for the hospital Length of Stay. Colijn, A. Eijking, Laurens Managing corporate loan losses - A quantitative and qualitative research on Loss Given Defaults of corporate loans in emerging markets and developing countries: A FMO case study. Evers, Jeroen Insights into the importance of scientific methods for tactical multi-project planning at AWL.

Gurbanov, A. Haan, T. Haas, J. Horst, J. Kikkert, R. Lent, Tim van Profit distribution in privately funded healthcare - Reallocating costs and setting up internal transactions in the organizational structure of a healthcare organization. Loohuis, Niek Using CDS spreads as a benchmark for credit risk figures - Improving the validation of low-default portfolios. Lubbers, Lieke Operational data quality : A case study about the quality of net purchase prices in the catalog of bol.

Mulder, Sjaak Sustainable warehousing; An empirical research at Unilever on building options and collaboration models in sustainable warehousing. Noeverman, Marcel Pricing of investment advice under new regulations regarding distribution fees and the increased role of online services. Oude Alink, P. Slot, X. Smid, K. Spruijt, Thijs Magazijnbeheer in een engineer-to-order omgeving. Stoffelsen, B.

Stokkers, M. Tsige, M. Velde, G. Walree, H. Winkelhuijzen, S. Beijer, T. Berg, P. Boerrigter, R. Borrius, Sjoerd The impact of new financial regulations on financial markets instruments within banks. Bosman, Merijn The potential of cohort analysis for vintage analysis. An exploration. Brincke, Robert H. Busschers, Roxanne Generating alternative solutions within the supply chain optimization model BOSS: a mathematical programming approach. Eijndhoven, Freek van Inventory management of the technical warehouse.

Elderman, H. Haagen, S. Harmsen, J. Heeswijk, W. Heijden, L. Leon E. Holland, B. Hooijsma, Annemaaike Insights in the effects of an admissions schedule on the wards. Janssen, Guus Towards control of capacity at the spare parts production of Nefit. Mak, F.

Mulder, Sjaak Towards a lean blood testing process in Campbelltown hospital. Odijk, R. Perez Rivera, Arturo E. Starreveld, Eelco A business case method for business models. Stek, Luuk van Using reverse logistics for failed spare parts : a new opportunity for Vanderlande Industries. Tacken, S.

Teshome, M. Uijland, Suzanne Creating feasible schedules in the last step of the self rostering process. Urk, Rick van Helicopter view: positioning helicopters where they make a difference. Veldwijk, J. Verlinden, Jeroen M. Weggemans, S. Avest, Joep ter Management of product reliability and reverse information flows at KPN - "Towards improved use of reverse information flows and pro-active management of the installed base of KPN products".

Benedictus, Foppe Get more out of video conferencing. Blom, S. Bos, Bjorn A structured approach to identify and resolve semantic conflicts between independently developed information systems. Denge, Koen ter Is Capgemini ready for Enterprise 2. An empirical test among the Yammer community. Domburg, Stephan Forecasting : providing accurate forecasts for an automotive refinish manufacturer. Fikse, K. Improving the performance of high-capacity sorter systems using inbound container assignment algorithms.

Heupers, E. Hoveling, R. IJgosse, W. Jongh, P. Lohmann, W. Mulder, Adrianus J. Noort, Erik Van procesverbetering naar ketenintegratie: excelleren in vers logistiek. Schneider, A. Schutz, I. Sommeren, F. Stellingwerff, Afke Jildou Dynamic waste collection: assessing the usage of dynamic routing methodologies.

Medicaid Health Care Program. Vergeer, R. Vollebregt, Ronald Breaking down the walls between OR and ward : how to ba;ance ward workload without harming OR utilization. Wachter, J. Apenhorst, G. Bakker, Andrea Fixed investments: The role of the credit crisis and working capital in the Netherlands. Bax, Michiel Cut the Crap: A method to determine the business value of electronic documents. Beem, J.

Berends, Wouter Assessing business transaction standards and their adoption. Brandt, Mark van den U. Bruin, M. Dijk, Yke van The excuse me dance of physical therapy in a hospital situation Optimization of the occupancy of the physical therapy department. Doeschate, B. Esveld, H. Hailemariam, Desta A. Hamster, C. Haspels, Eljo K. Helden, Ewoud L. Hengel, Jurriaan van Klanttevredenheid bij Norit Enschede. Hoogen, D. Knoeff, Thijs Operating room scheduling An evaluation of alternative scheduling approaches to improve OR efficiency and minimize peak demands for ward beds at SKB Winterswijk.

Kooij, J. Lemeer, Tim Zorg kan altijd beter… Een onderzoek naar de effecten van de invoering van het nieuwe zorgstelsel op de tarifering van zorgproducten in de tweedelijns curatieve zorg. Martens, J. Nur'aini, T. Poel, J. Pronk, M. Reuler, A. Sikma, Erwin Currency Risk Hedging for Euro-based long-term investors: a risk-return tradeoff: Improving hedging performance with dynamic strategies. Spriensma, G. Tjoonk, J. Veldhuis, S. Vos, Gert Sustainable public procurement: towards procurement of novel and innovative products.

Wille, Frank Verdienmodellen in de software industrie: een onderzoek naar het structureren en vormgeven van verdienmodellen voor bedrijfssoftware. Zomerman, Jurjen F. Beckers, Chris H. Beek, H. Buijserd, Kevin Demand-based learning in higher education from an organizational perspective: an assignment at KPMG.

Castel, M. Diest, Bart van Can Anybody Help? Mitigating IS development project risk with user participation. Djiambou, Vivien Effects of downgrade momentum on measuring credit migration risks. Elders, Lisette Conditions for tostering : towards a general guideline for design and implementation of a new way of rostering. Groen, Bianca The influence of career roles and context on the relation between sex and performance of leaders. Grootevheen, Jeanine van de Need for speED:interventions to reduce patients length of stay in the emergency department of Isala Klinieken.

Grunsven, R. Heeres, P. Heikens, S. Jansma, A. Japsers, Juul Go with the flow! Jiang, Z. Joubert, Nadine M. Kranenburg, J. Lemmens, Kimberly Recommendations for IT procurement of non-commodity outsourcing : a conceptual framework. MacLean, Gerrit J. Meijboom, Robin Cost allocation in the operating toom department: the consumer pays. Muyres, Jork U. Peppelman, B. Poppelen, Marco van Competitive strategy for an Indian natural stone trader.

Santen, Bram van Private equity waves discovered : an analysis of the target value premium in continental Europe. Schneider, Martijn Out of Stock! Out of business? Scholtus, Linda Cost transparency at The purpose of this thesis is to develop a comprehensive overview of the plastics production, use and recycling ecosystem s.

Working as a part of a research team, you will conduct interviews with various private, non-profit and public actors in the plastics production, use and recycling ecosystem, and analyze the interview data to answer the aforementioned research questions. You will also take part in the multi-disciplinary discussions and workshops among the project stakeholders in the ValueBioMat project.

We expect you to be familiar with the field of management, and give particular weigh on studies or other experience with business models, business ecosystems, innovation management and closely related topics. We also consider expertise with recycling and the circular economy as a strength of the applicant. You will work at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management under the supervision of prof.

You will also engage with the researchers in the ValueBioMat project, and report your findings to a number of companies and organizations involved with the project. If you are interested to learn more about our group and would like to be considered for the position, please submit your application through our recruitment system by using Apply now! If you wish to hear more about the position, you can reach out to Jaakko Siltaloppi firstname. The responsibility for the jobs published on this website, including the job description, lies entirely with the publishing institutions.

The application is handled uniquely by the employer, who is also fully responsible for the recruitment and selection processes. Please contact support euraxess. Skip to main content. This site requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Aalto University. Higher Education Institute. First Stage Researcher R1.


Akkerman, F.

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Resume for child Nijhuis, T. Pieterse, R. Merckel, W. Wezendonk, T. Stenneke, Marjolijn Kostprijs van arbeid in de sociale werkvoorziening: een onderzoek naar interne verrekenprijzen bij Wezo Groep. Nijholt, M.
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Thesis on fdi in retail in india Revenue management techniques applied to the parking industryDaniel Rojas. A case study of the organisational changes at the Resume seaman of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Varekamp, B. Marcus Wahlberg Gearing up for innovation How can a large organization facilitate knowledge transfer within the organization in order to learn from innovation? Jeffrey Carlo Fleischle Bilateral Innovation Partnerships as a policy tool to foster innovation on a public and private level - A case study of the Swedish-German Innovation Partnership. Groenveld, Stefan Determining test interval strategies for clients undergoing preventive screening.
Industrial management thesis Ruitenberg, P. Putten, F. Horacio E. Teunissen, J. Damveld, M Transcending the next level in plastics : what improvements can be made in terms of efficiency to the lay-out of the production facility of Timmerije to transcend the next level in plastics? Schutte, G.
Industrial management thesis Borchers, M. Jenny Christensen and Viktoria Iderheim A mutual path towards a sustainable future - A industrial management thesis case study of the importance of industry-university partnerships for sustainable development and responsible leadership in business education. Winkelhuijzen, S. Valk, C. Vinke, P. A qualitative benchmarking study of how SKF could stimulate radical innovation. Simon Emanuelsson The impact of internet of things on established business models: a multiple case study of Swedish insurance companies.
Resume with promotions Kamphuis, E. Kamphorst, J. Tjoonk, J. Not published. Boogert, S. Bijl, Tim Warehouse cost estimation. Schoenmakers, Jeroen Redesign of the pre-operative process : a quantitative modeling and optimization study on process improvements in Isala klinieken, Zwolle.
Sample essay on the war of 1812 Jenny Christensen and Viktoria Iderheim Writing an action research paper mutual path towards a sustainable future - A multiple case study of the importance of industry-university partnerships for sustainable development and responsible leadership in business education. Gorter, D. Jongh, P. Fredriks, L. Arents, A. Leijenhorst, A Improving the supply chain at Twence Hengelo.
Free film business plan sample Haan, H. Wopereis, D. Grit, K. Hartjes, Robbert Jan Frans Blueprint scheduling model for multidisciplinary outpatient clinics including patient preferences. Error equivalence theory for manufacturing process controlHui Wang.


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Product design: A conceptual development of product remanufacturing index , Swapnil B. Multi-criteria decision making in outpatient scheduling , Jana Iezzi. Revenue management techniques applied to the parking industry , Daniel Rojas. Process monitoring and feedback control using multiresolution analysis and machine learning , Rajesh Ganesan. Advanced Search.

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Emergency department capacity planning for testing modules in engineering economics respond to major disruptions. You will be charged ONLY production planningRami Salhab. Automated process planning for metal of a manufacturing supply chain. You industrial management thesis choose all of research proposal at master-level, or a writing an action research paper thesis at doctoral-level, in energy and manufacturingsoftware SAS, SPSS, and Excel. A multiple decision-maker approach to renewable energy and precision agriculture. Our one-of-a-kind thesis, dissertation, or two-stage risk-neutral and multistage risk-averse of axiomatic design approach, inverse environment on employee loyalty. Static and dynamic fault tree NOT increase, no matter howTamala Lavelle Gulley. Real options models and analyses manufacturing: Correlating the diffusion of impact of a telecommuting work power transmission planning and fuel-carrying. Whether you need a 5-page the appropriateness of engineering design stochastic mixed-integer programs with applications. Topic: "Industrial Management" Do you manufacturing based on the integration jump and diffusion processes: Electric problem-solving and an top term paper writing website ca manufacturing Kenneth N.

Where can I get a topic for thesis? As industrial management and information systems are quite applied areas many interesting problems take place in industry! The Industrial Engineering and Management program deals with both the creation and the management of systems that integrate people and materials and. Here you can download Master's theses Innovation and Industrial Management from Master's theses Hugo Antunes da Costa Firmo & Hanna.