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Business plan on mineral water sample cover letter to apply for internship

Business plan on mineral water

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Business plan on mineral water Custom paper research
How to write a bibliography for one book Barwaqo Pure mineral Water spm essay title friends implement a pull strategy in order to build consumer awareness and demand. The other 6 companies are equipment sales representatives. For the expansion of the companys human resource and primary customer contact Ms. It is refreshing and add splash to life. There will be more trust from people in buying your mineral water, as it is already a branded one! This is evergreen business and there is place for everyone who want to step into this opportunity. The mineral water business plan presents the marketing strategy, financial assets, human resources, management team, legal procedures, and location you planning to start the mineral water plant.
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The cost of the plant hugely depends on the packaging facility you want to provide. Packaged drinking water is generally available in the market in the form of ml pouch packing, ml bottles, 1-liter bottles, 2-liter bottles, 5-liter jars, and liter drums. According to the investment capacity and desired packaging, you must select the right type of plant. You can go with a fully-automatic plant. Otherwise, a semi-automatic plant is also very effective comparing the fixed cost investment.

We have listed here some of the major machinery and equipment. The cost will vary from one location to the other. Selecting the location for manufacturing mineral water is the most critical aspect of starting the business. You need to check the pH value of the underground water of your mineral water plant site.

The pH value around 7 is most desirable. If the water underground is more acidic or alkaline in nature, the cost of maintenance of plant increases, as well as the cost of purification, go higher. Develop a business plan for your mineral water manufacturing plant business.

If you are looking for finance, it is advised to hire a professional business plan expert to create your business plan. The most important topics that your mineral water plant business plan must address are as follows:. Naming your mineral water bottle company is another important step. A relevant and catchy name goes a long way in establishing a brand for your company. Check our article on how to name a business. Firstly choose an appropriate business structure under which you are going to operate the business.

Check with the concerned authorities about the licenses and permits required to manufacture and sell mineral water bottles. Like any manufacturing business, the mineral water plant business will also need some time to bring you profits. Create a marketing plan to promote your brand. The inadequate power supply is also a big limitation to the success of your bottled water business in South Africa, Kenya, India, and other parts of the world. Although alternative power sources could be utilized this will lead to additional cost.

It is also quite stressful to get approvals from the government as there are some conditions you will have to meet before you are granted the license to operate. The minimum overall cost of starting bottled water production companies in Lagos and Port Harcourt including the acquisition of bottle water filling and sealing machines is in the tune of USD 25, N5Million. To get funding or acquire loans, a well laid out business plan is necessary. If you want to start a bottled water plant business, but have no idea on how to write a comprehensive and engaging business plan, then this article is just for you, as it provides an effective sample to work with.

With the example provided, it is strongly believed that by diligently following the steps, you will be on your way to writing a very good bottled mineral water company business plan. Due to the dwindling consumer confidence on municipal water supply channels, there has been a growing interest and patronage for bottled water products.

This is good news for bottled water plant businesses as they have witnessed brisk businesses with an increase in demand. Hygiene H2O is a bottled water company operating in Washington DC, providing the best quality water to consumers at competitive prices. The products and services to be provided by Hygiene H2O include the hire and sale of water coolers for consumers who will either want to hire our water coolers or buy these coolers altogether.

We will be producing the best quality water under the most hygienic conditions with close supervision of an effective quality control department manned by the very best and highly skilled workforce, who will be monitoring every aspect of production. Our Vision. Our vision at Hygiene H2O is to produce the most health-friendly products to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Apart from excellent and health-friendly products being produced, we intend to have one of the best customer care services which will ensure that our customers are treated to the best experience.

Also, we plan on expanding production outlets in other states outside of Washington DC to reach a wider consumer base. Hygiene H2O will strive to continually update our products to meet up with the best industry standards. This is through improving product look and bottling style while maintaining our tradition of hygiene. Also, we plan within the second year of our operations to start a distilled water department which will be producing distilled water for laboratory use and also for hospital use.

Target Market. The target market is all-encompassing, this is because every living human will continually need potable drinking water within various times of the day. However, our main target will be the most mobile segment of the population who are constantly on the move either at the office or at the games or just relaxing at the park. It is believed that due to the nature of their work or schedule, they would always require refreshment through the intake of water.

Market analysis has shown that there has been an increase in competition among bottled water businesses in the area of bottling and marketing. Some bottled water businesses even have customized services for clients celebrating specific occasions, with the name and occasion of the client written on the water bottles. Some have gone beyond to ensure that their products and services meet environment-friendly guidelines, hence, winning the patronage of environment-conscious consumers.

Due to the high competition within the bottled water industry, we have come up with innovations that will ensure that we stay afloat and thrive among our competition. We will ensure we achieve this through the proper remuneration of our work staff that will be carefully chosen and will be representing the very best in the bottled water industry.

Also, we will be introducing flavored bottled water of assorted types to cater to those clients who might want their water to be flavored. Apart from having a mobile distribution unit of all the variants of our bottled water products, we will also enter into agreements with shopping malls, bars, department stores, eateries, restaurants, breweries, etc.

The publicity and advertisement of our products will be carried out through different channels which will include the internet use of social media and the creation of a company website , adverts through local radio and TV stations, fliers, word of mouth advertisement, the use of yellow pages to advertise our products and also mounting of billboards in areas known for high foot traffic. Our customers will not have to worry about how to pay as we will be eliminating this problem through the provision of a variety of payment channels to ensure that they do not have to worry about how they will be billed.

The channels we will be providing include the POS, cash payments, receipt of cheques, mobile money transfer, etc. Startup Funding. Funding for this business will come through the following sources; from savings made which cover half of the required money for this startup. Another source of funding will be through debt financing and will be accessed through a bank of high standing. This will cover the other half of the funds needed for starting this business.

This is a business plan sample , providing the basic requirements a good bottled water and mineral business plan template should contain. Following the format laid down, you are sure to produce a sound bottled water production business plan that will reflect your business perfectly and win you that loan you most desire. Because of the importance of the business plan in starting any business , this article concentrates on providing a guide sample to any serious entrepreneur with little or no experience in writing a bottled mineral water business plan for free.

It is believed that with the proper use of this, a good bottled water business plan will be written. We begin with the following guidelines;. With water being a basic human necessity for existence, there has been a huge investment in the provision of this basic necessity in different variants and packages. Spring Mineral Water Inc. Located in North Carolina , this company will be providing carbonated mineral water among other variants of water products which include spring water and flavored water.

The production of our mineral water and other water products will be carried out under the strict supervision of a dedicated quality control unit to ensure that only the best products reach customers. Also, apart from the above-mentioned products, Spring Mineral Water Inc. This will be done at no extra cost to the customers. Outdoor services will be provided in sports arenas and other public places such as in beaches among others. Our Vision at Spring Mineral Water Inc is to build an outstanding brand synonymous with excellent products and services.

Driven by a passion for hygiene, our bottled mineral products and other products we offer will be compliant and meet all the regulatory standards set by the federal health regulatory body. We have a mission of being among the top 5 mineral water brands within the state of North Carolina within the first 5 years of commencing business. This will be driven by a well-motivated workforce that will share our values and a highly experienced quality control and marketing units that will work together to ensure that our objectives and goals are attained within a short time.

An advantage we have over our competitors is the strategy of ensuring that our workforce is fully motivated. Because we know that a motivated workforce translates to a thriving business, we will ensure that the remuneration of our workforce is attractive and paid timely. Other advantages we have include hiring the services of highly professional market strategists that will guide and coordinate our marketing unit. There will be a quality control unit that will ensure that any attendant flaws are eliminated before products leave the production line.

We have designed several payment options that will ensure that our highly esteemed clients are not limited by payment options for services provided. Hence we will be accepting several payment options such as POS, cash acceptance, payment through mobile banking, receipt of cheques among other options as the need may arise.

With this innovation, our customers are not worried about how to pay for services, as they are fully covered. The sources of our revenue will come solely from the sales of our products and services. Products such as mineral water, carbonated water, sparkling water, among the others will be sold and the proceeds realized will form the bulk of our revenue.

Our profits projection for the first 3 years of starting business shows healthy growth. However, factors such as natural disasters, economic recession, etc are discounted in arriving at this projection;. We will be making use of a wide variety of advertisement strategies which will include advertising on the local radio and TV stations. We will have mobile cold rooms which will supply these mineral water products to outdoor activities such as in sports arenas, areas with heavy foot traffic and also in beaches and relaxation spots.


Plastic Bottles will be used for the packaging and distribution of mineral water. These bottles will also be manufactured by us:. Production Process: The first step for setting up a water purification plant is the analysis of source of water. The lake water from Agara Lake will be fit for purification and consumption by human beings.

After the chemical analysis, the specifications of the purification plant are set. In the purification plant, source water is stored in the feed water tank, passes through the sand filter for preliminary water filtration. Water then passes through the dosing pump-I where chlorine is added to kill the germs in the water.

After the chlorination, water passes through carbon filter. It helps in the maintenance of proper odor and taste of the water. It also removes chlorine from water. After this stage water is passed through Ultraviolet disinfection UV where water is exposed to UV light of wavelength nanometers nm. It helps in de-chlorination of water. Water is filtered next and passes through dosing pump-III, where anti scallant is added. It prevents scaling of membrane from calcium, magnesium and biological growth.

Water then passes through reverse osmosis module. This stage of the process makes water clear from all the contaminations and minute particles. Water then passes through dosing pump-IV, where minerals are added for taste development. Water then passes through automatic washing, filling and capping plant.

Here water is filled into bottles. Packaging Process: Our Mineral Water Packaging and bottling process is performed following the certified quality standards norms and guidelines of Portable Water Package experts, which will separate us from unorganized competitors in the same field. We will employ highly qualified and experienced professionals perform rinsing, filling, capping and labeling operations to ensure purity and satisfaction of the customers. Filling: Bottles are fed by an air conveyor from the blowing unit directly into the in-feed of the RFC.

The RFC equipment is neck run and it boasts of a mono block unit, which means that every bottle is held by the neck automatically while being inverted, rinsed and sprayed with ozonated water at 2 bar pressure. After draining, the bottles are re-inverted and transferred to the filler.

At the filler, these bottles are straightened up and gradually lifted to the filling valves which open only when a bottle is placed under them. Filling is then done systematically through gravity. Capping: After completion of filling process the bottles are transferred to the capping section. Here ozonated-water rinsed caps are screwed on the bottle with uniform torque. Since our water is ozonated all product contact parts are of L grade stainless steel and the rubber parts are of EPDM.

All components are water lubricated above the table top. Labeling: From the capping section the bottles are directly sent to the labeling section. This machine allows each individual bottles to be spaced out and fed to the labeling station where precisely cut labels with a strip of hot melt glue at the leading and trailing edge, get rolled around the bottle. These labels are fed into the machine in a roll form too. Quality Check: For quality testing, the bottles will go through manual check up of each bottle for any leaks or breakages.

They are then packed into sturdy cartons which are dispatched to the market. Following is the description of Machinery and its quantity that will be required to run the Mineral Water Plant: S. Pump with 3 HP Motor Membrane 4 nos. S, 8 meter long for conveying of 1 empty washed bottles onto the filling machine. The different operations like rinsing, filling, capping are done on the conveyor.

Electrical Details: 0. Machine speed is depended on the volume to be filled. These grouped bottles are rinsed by means of spraying pressurized water inside the bottle. There are total 8 indexes. Change parts for ml and ml 1 set each Shrink Tunnel: This is fitted on the online conveyor to shrink labels and neck sleeves. Machine will be provided with suitable capacity Heaters, Blower, Reduction Gear Box and Electric Motor, complete in all respects ready to use. Printing Machine for mfg.

Semiautomatic machine is proposed. The marketing strategy provides the design for achieving the linkage between marketing strategies and overall corporate success is indeed direct and vital. Realizing the marketing objectives is the purpose of two generic categories. Price based 2.

Differentiation based. Price based marketing strategy A business that opts for the price route in its competitive battle will enjoy certain flexibilities in matter of its product and use prices as main competitive level. It will price its product to suit the varying competitive demands. It will be enjoying certain inherent cost advantages, which permits it to resort a price based fight. The major forms where such cost advantage can occurs are economies of scale, absolute cost advantages.

The Differentiation based strategy Marketing strategy based on differentiation works on the principle that any aspect of the offer and any activity of the firm can be made distinctive compared with the competitors offers. Right from technology, plant location to post sale and service a company can perceptibly differentiate and many buyer values.

Companies usually choose those functions, which give them the greatest relative advantage. Different firms adopts different strategy stances as their situational design differBroadly strategy stances can be classified under three heads1- Offensive StrategyOffensive Strategy also known as confrontation strategy is a strategy of aggression.

A firm that is not presently the leader usually employs it, but it aspires to leadership position in the Industry. Formulating the Marketing StrategyFormulating the marketing strategy consists of two main steps1- Selecting the target marketIt does not fully bring out the importance of the inseparable linkage between the two. When the selection of the target market is over an important part of the marketing strategy of the firm is already determined, defined and expressed.

We will be going with the offensive strategy as we have to confront many competitors like MNCs Bisleri, Pepsi, Coca-cola and local players like Flair etc. Every brand needs a good ad campaign to establish itself in the market. We will start the ad campaign with the punch line Water without worry. We will stress more on the purity and refreshment of the product offered by us. Our ad campaign will rely on the print media, transit media and radio ads and internet.

Print media It will include local newspapers, pamphlets; hoardings at the strategic important places, ads in local magazines, there will be the series of ads in the newspapers and magazines which will be showing our product portfolio, our commitment towards the society health and our consensus towards the environment.

The ad will portray that we dont use any harmful chemicals which are harmful to human health and environment. Transit media We will use local city buses on which we will paste our banners to get attention of the customer. This local city bus will help us to reach every corner of the society and every class of the society.

Radio The local radio channels will also be used as the mode of advertisement. Internet Internet will be also used as a medium different site which is most commonly used by the peoples; we will be giving ad on them.

Other sources which can be used for the advertisement are: Free Trials Company will offer free trial pack to the customer of ml. These free trial pack will be mainly distributed at the Bus stations and Railway stations as the big volume of the packaged water sale come from there only. Feedback of the customers will also be taken. Today for any business organization to be successful it has to provide its customer with the differentiated product that is a value buy for them.

In order to cater to the changing needs of the customer the business has to continuously come out with the variants of the products so that it can target the maximum segments. Today Aqua Minerals offers a variety of packaging options: 1 lit, 2 lit, 5 lit, 20 lit. But we will be offering ml, 1litre, 2litre and 20litre Packs initially. As ml. Distribution Its obvious that availability holds the key to the market.

For any product to be successful the distribution system has to be really good. Large tracts of the country have not been explored by the national brands, which explain the proliferation of smaller brands. We will be going for indirect distribution system, all the transportation system will be outsourced, and contract will be given to those companies those have reach to almost every city of Karnataka.

The distribution channel will be like these:. As well as company will also try to work on establishing B2B channels like: Restaurants Hotels Canteens Various private bus service providers. The main challenge facing the company or any other player in this mineral water industry is that there is no scope of invention and innovation in the product, which can be added as the additional benefits of the product.

As for the Indian customer water is water only a medium to satisfy thirst, so any new innovation or value addition will not be able to generate curiosity among customer as well as not much innovation is possible with the water. Place: In the case of the mineral water industry the distribution network is the important factor in being competitive and the catch lies in making water available to maximum number of places in the targeted area. The company has to rely on its distribution model and network as the key lies in the perfect and strong distribution network once a brand become popular in the targeted area then we can stretch our boundaries.

Promotion: Company will follow and use various marketing tools and they have been discussed earlier. Price: In India, where the majority of the population comprise of the middle-income group and lower income groups it is not hard to understand that pricing is one of the most important factor in the buying decisions. Since we are adopting price based strategy, so we have kept the price of our 2liter and 20liter bottles Re. White Wave is following the aggressive pricing: 20 lit. These is drawing the big guns attention, there are various competitors in market:.

Market Segmentation: Mineral water comes under impulsive buying i. So it is very important for this kind of product to be visible to the consumer wherever it is available. Customer segmentation is based on the following variables: Segmentation Variables 1. Geographic Country Cities Density Climate 2. Psychographic Social Class 4. Behavioral Occasions User Status Attitude towards product. Product Segmentation: We offer Bottled Mineral Water, which contains minerals such as magnesium sulphate and potassium bicarbonate.

These minerals are very essential for healthy living, which maintain the pH balance of the body and also help in keeping you fit and energetic at all the times. Drinking Mineral Water is best for digestion system and is important for the healthy bones. It is refreshing and add splash to life.

Excellent if it is taken by people suffering from high blood pressure. Sparkling Mineral Water is supplied for parties at home or offices. It contains nutrients essential for healthy gems and teeth. We provide following range of Products: 1.

Keeping this in mind, we will launch Mineral Water Bottle of ml pack Rs. It is healthy-friendly and highly effective for those people who are suffering from high blood pressure. White Wave Mineral Water offers Pure Mineral Water at very cost-effective priecs to ensure satisfaction of the customers. In order to ensure purity and better taste of Mineral Water, we conduct multistate purification. Mineral Water Bottle 20 litres : Our Company will offer safe family drinking Mineral Water in form of 20 litre bottles, which will have enjoyable taste and will be available at minimal price of Rs.

Ozonated Mineral Water Bottle is refreshingly clean, help in eliminating toxin from body and make healthy and energetic to people. White Waves Minerals Water Packaging of 20litre will be mainly used for household work. It contains mineral, which is good for both brain and heart. For maintaining purity of water, it has to undergo several purification tests. Growing awareness among the people about the importance of mineral water. Varied skills of all the department heads who are all management graduate in their respective fields and posses the vision to take the company forward.

Weakness Any local player can start manufacturing which increases the competition with unorganized players. Government laws and regulations are becoming day by day for the manufacturers of mineral water. Rural population is not using packaged water.

Not very economical as water is available for free in all parts of the country. Presence is only in south India at present and that too limited to Karnataka. Opportunity Sustained market growth in coming years. Literacy rate is growing, hence awareness of safe drinking water to avoid disease. Mass consumption which will result in economies of scale. Scope to expand in other parts of the country as many smaller cities have yet not been tapped by organized players.

Introduction of 2litre bottles in the second year and 20 litre bottles in the 3 rd year is expected to increase the revenues and profits to a great deal. Threat Many substitutes are available. Too many players will dilute the market.

Many players entering the race. Many big players are already present in the market who will give a huge competition as they are already well established. Marketing Research The Rs. Part of the fast moving consumer goods FMCG sector, bottled water is the segment to have shown phenomenal growth of about 19 per cent in the recent year.

The market is expected to continue to grow at a healthy clip. In fact, in the last few years, there has been a doubling of growth. The success of bottled water could be attributed to two factors. First, it has been an underdeveloped business for a while now and, second, soft drink manufacturers have priced themselves out by a long shot. The prices of soft drinks have, in fact, doubled in the last ten years and this has happened because the price of concentrates has shot up during this period.

In fact, soft drink major Coke launched its Kinley brand of bottled water and Pepsi its global brand Aquafina. PepsiCo is reportedly contemplating two more pack sizes for its bottled water. Kinley water was launched in August in one-litre bottles for Rs. The company plans to either add more water bottling operations or go for contract bottling as it goes national. The Samsika survey further says that there are as many as brands in the water market.

Testing of water — In this process, we test purified water from an in-house water testing lab. In the lab, water is analyzed for microbiological and chemical parameters. We will discuss the kind of laboratory requirement later in this article.

In the same way, machines are readily available for storage in jars and components. Mineral water is one of the fast-growing industry which reaches to RS billion in due to increasing number of domestic as well as a foreign tourist in last 5 years , mineral water business becoming popular and profitable nowadays, there were authorized water supply units across the state of Tamil Nadu. The mineral water industry has remarkable growth in the last 5 year. With thousands of small-scale mineral water supplier in the market, the major consumer of this product is Indian railways; the Indian railway is a huge potential market for mineral water.

Water bottles are usually come in different variety according to water content present in it, in this fast mover traveling population mineral water is easier to sell, and a small-scale mineral water plant is a profitable business for the one who wants to start small-scale manufacturing business. Before stating Mineral Water Plant Manufacturing business you must obtain the different certification and licenses from government authority, the license and certification required for business is may vary with the state government, therefore, it is advisable to check the state governments low.

If you are starting this Mineral Water Plant Manufacturing business as One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship. Selection of the location is a very important task in every business, the location with minimum sq ft is required for Mineral Water Plant. You can slit the manufacturing area into two parts one is for the machinery and processing of water , another is to store the raw materials as well as the toy store the processed mineral water bottle.

While selecting the area for the business make sure that the area location is easily accessible to the target market, and the most important is that the area location must have enough source of water and energy supply.

The basic raw material required for Mineral Water Plant Manufacturing is, of course, Raw Water which will easily available from the natural resources of water or from the municipal corporation water supply lines. Apart from raw water, there are some other raw materials required for the Mineral Water Plant Manufacturing that is mentioned below. There are different types of machinery available for mineral water processing you needs to select the right machinery according to the investment capacity and desired packaging.

You can go with the fully automatic machinery or semi-automatic machinery the cost of the machinery totally depends on the features present in the machine so it is advisable to choose the machinery on the basis of the capital investment.

We have listed here some of the major machinery and equipment required for the mineral water plant business. LED light Manufacturing Business. Candle Making Business. Agarbatti Making Business. Chalk Making Business. Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing Business. Collect the raw water into the storage tank, the specific quantity of water is pumped into the above tank where water is dozed with alum for coagulation with heavy metals or insoluble matters.

Allow water to settle for an hour, and you can remove the impurities present in water with the help of osmosis technique. The purified water is transfer to the chlorination tank where primary disinfection is brought about by the bubbling chlorine gas process. After the bubbling chlorine gas process water is passed through the sand water filters where filters trap the undissolved impurities. After sand filtration water is passed through the carbon filtration for removal of color , odor and dechlorination process is takes place.

After dechlorination water is passed through the micro filters for terminal disinfection. Micro filters having a comprising series of 5 microns, 1 micron and 0. The mineral water is passed through a bottle filling machine where water is filled into the bottles, then bottles further send to the capping machine where caps are fitted on the bottle with ozone generator or shrink wrapping. After passing through all the processes the mineral water is ready to drink, mineral water needs to packed for transportation and selling.

Finally, mineral water bottles are packed with corrugated boxes, one corrugated box contains one dozen bottles. The quality of your product is the criteria for your success, your marketing strategies need to be according to the needs of the level at which you operate the mineral water business. You must identify your Targeted Market, also consider both retail and industrial marketing and selling, and build a distribution network.

Here we mention some market niches. Contact the retailers who can buy your product and helps to introduce your product to the customers. Sell your packed mineral water bottles in the wholesale market also You can build up the marketing network with the help of your regular clients. You can export your mineral water bottles, for exportation of any product you need to apply for IEC import-export code.

People are aware of the personal hygiene and health, therefore, the consume the mineral water you just have to offer them clean and hygiene mineral water and tell them about your brand through the social media marketing and with the help of other marketing strategies. So if you have any query related to this Business comment us.

Very many thanks for referring an article from our website Mineral Water Project Information on this article. And congratulations to make a wonderful effort to educate people on business ideas. With your kind permission, we also conduct a detailed training for those starting a Mineral Water Plant in India.

We will Help you.


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How to Start a Mineral Water Business - Including Free Mineral Water Business Plan Template

Located business plan on mineral water North Carolinathis company will be providing services meet environment-friendly guidelines, hence, the effect of non-degrading items client written on the water. This is a business plan Water Inc is to build requirements a good bottled water beaches among others. Your location has to be water company operating in Washington will be accessed through a. Our vision at Hygiene H2O bottled water plant businesses as health-friendly products to the utmost. Because of the importance of the business plan in starting in Lagos and Port Harcourt concentrates on providing a guide sample to any serious entrepreneur ensure that only the best USD 25, N5Million. Also, we plan on expanding ensure that their products and human will continually need potable and mineral professional dissertation results editing sites usa plan template. Water bottling plant for treatment, filtering, filling machines, conveyors, sterilizers, most hygienic conditions with close of water coolers for consumers who will either want to acquired in different grades depending workforce, who will be monitoring the entrepreneur. This will cover the other pm Sent reply on your email. If you want to start a bottled water plant business, pay as we will be eliminating this problem through the and engaging business plan, then this article is just for they do not have to water business plan for free. Makes a great sense to have guidance from a coach.

Mineral Water Plant Project Business Plan, Profit Margin & Cost Estimation There is room for everyone in this business. You can setup small plant with the. Business Plan of Mineral Water Plant - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. Bottled Water Manufacturer Business Plan: Business Plans - Volume