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Nursing honors thesis economic phd thesis

Nursing honors thesis

Each option requires a separate application to University Honors College. The curriculum option is mapped across the 4-year BSN curriculum and requires students to apply while in their freshman year or early sophomore year. The thesis option is self-paced and, thus, students can still apply as late as their end of junior year. You can start in one option and switch to the other, but this will require a new application to the University Honors College. For the curriculum option, prospective students may apply to Nursing Honors through the regular initial University of Pittsburgh application process.

If you choose to apply, you will be asked to answer the following essay question: 1 If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? Responses should be stated in words or fewer. These essays will be reviewed by University Admissions Office who make admission decisions at this point. If you are already a freshman or sophomore in the BSN program and you are interested in the Honors curriculum option, the University Honors College still admits a limited number of upperclassmen into its degree program.

Interested upperclassmen must have a minimum GPA of 3. Students are required to complete the same essay prompts above and submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor or academic advisor. Applications for upperclassmen students are reviewed once a year with an application deadline of May Students interested in the thesis option can apply directly to University Honors College at any time during their BSN curriculum.

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3. More details are provided below and you can learn more here. Our nursing students are top-notch, and with enough passion and dedication, any student could successfully complete an Honors thesis the highest undergraduate distinction. You will find a list of recently completed undergraduate honors theses here. The Nursing Honors curriculum option is a fairly new pathway, and the Class of will be the first cohort.

Based on number and quality of applications, the University Honors College admitted around 14 to 18 nursing students in this option annually in the last 2 years. When and how to apply for the Nursing Honors Program - curriculum option? Prospective students may apply to Nursing Honors curriculum option through the regular University of Pittsburgh application process. If you choose to apply, you will be asked to answer one additional essay question during the application process.

The application cycle for upperclassmen interested in the curriculum option usually opens in January see here for details. It is recommended for upperclassmen to apply to the Honors curriculum option no later than the end of their sophomore year to ensure they have ample time to complete the program requirements. For those interested in the Honors thesis option, there is no specific deadline to apply.

As soon as a student identifies a mentor and they mutually agree on a thesis idea, the student can apply to University Honors College by completing the admission application found here. Salah Al-Zaiti, ssa33 pitt. Applications are reviewed on rolling basis and students and their mentors are notified of admission status within 2 weeks or so.

Most students interested in this option apply in their sophomore or junior year to allow ample time for completing and defending their thesis. Typically, freshman students admitted directly into the Honors College will participate in a structured program of study that entails completing honors-designated coursework, a capstone project, and approved out-of-classroom curriculum.

Sophomore students with minimum GPA of 3. Students in the Honors curriculum option must complete 18 credits of University Honors College designated courses, 6 credits of research practicum, and an out-of-classroom curriculum OCC. For the 18 credits of honors designated courses, students will enroll in the honors section of courses already required for the traditional BSN program no extra courses.

These 6 credits are required in addition to fulfilling the traditional program credits. You will learn more about the OCC here. The Honors Capstone is specifically designed for those pursuing a Nursing Honors designation. Nursing Honors students participate in additional, hands-on training in research design, conduct, and dissemination. Nursing Honors Capstone I NUR provides a mentored research experience to make students well-positioned to complete their project.

The main deliverable of the Honors Capstone is the completion and dissemination of an evidence-based quality improvement QI project. Students are expected to complete their Capstone project in their junior and senior years. In this seminar, students are oriented to the active research projects underway at the school, as well as the various research hubs in the School of Nursing. With the guidance of the seminar instructor and the various guest speakers, students are matched with potential mentors who can guide them through their journey in the program.

However, the mentor can help the student determine if an IRB application is needed on case-by-case basis. If uncertain, students and mentors can consult with IRB staff at askirb pitt. No, you are not required to do an oral defense of your Capstone project. However, it is expected that you will display and share your work through local and regional research or practice-based conferences or events.

Students can display their work at various UPMC training clinical sites e. However, students are encouraged to develop a manuscript or brief communication on their evidence-based QI project for potential publication in a peer-reviewed journal under the discretion of their mentor. What happens if I am enrolled in the Honors Curriculum option but do not complete the program requirements? Does this affect my ability to graduate?

No, this will not affect your ability to graduate. It is usually referred to as BPhil and is considered the highest undergraduate distinction. Only offered at a few universities worldwide, the prestigious BPhil enhances your BSN degree with an independent research thesis. From a scientific standpoint, the curriculum option trains students to become smart consumers of research by polishing their ability to translate existing evidence into practice to drive change at the bedside.

The thesis option trains students to become junior scientists who can generate new knowledge to solve challenges or address unmet clinical needs at the bedside. While students are generally admitted into the curriculum option in their first year of study, BSN students can apply to enroll in the thesis option at any time during their study. The Honors Thesis option does not involve any required coursework, but students are encouraged to enroll in Honors Capstone I and Honors Capstone II for more structured mentored-research experience.

It is worth noting that admission into the Honors Thesis option BPhil requires a separate application to University Honors College, even if the student is already admitted to the Honors curriculum option. Completing the research project itself takes at least one year i. However, planning the thesis also takes up to one year as well i.

Thus, it is highly recommended that students start planning for their thesis and apply to University Honors College no later than their junior year. You can indicate on the intake form that you are interested in working with that specific mentor. The Director will introduce you to potential research mentor s.

Once you have a mature and well-articulated idea, work with the Director of the Nursing Honors Program to submit the BPhil application. Admission decisions are usually made within two weeks. You and your mentor will receive a formal letter welcoming you in the Honors program.

Are there any sample BPhil applications that I can follow Honors thesis option? Here is a sample BPhil application for Parts 2 and 3. Once I am admitted to the University Honors College, what are the degree requirements? University Honors College divides the progress of a thesis into the three stages: development of the project; conducting the research and writing of the thesis; and final presentation and examination of the completed thesis i.

Specifically, this means that you must have successfully defended your thesis before your committee, incorporated and received approval for any revisions required by your committee from your defense, and uploaded the final, edited copy of the thesis in proper Electronic Thesis and Dissertation ETD format to the D-Scholarship Pitt website by this deadline. Refer to the following Guide for Thesis Advisors for more details on the process. If you are performing an original investigation with independent data collection, then you need to consult with your mentor and the University IRB askirb pitt.

Some of the projects students have been involved in are collecting data for an obesity prevention grant and health screening at a local community center for people experiencing homelessness. Honors credits up to 3 credits in independent study are possible by enrolling in NUR Enrollment in NUR requires approval by the supervising faculty member and identification of specific objectives that the student will meet over the course of a semester.

Barrett, The Honors College. Tutor Information. Projects Advisory Board. News Events Calendar. Dean's Club Supporters Give to Barrett. Campuses Downtown Polytechnic Tempe West. Nursing and Health Innovation All majors. Faculty Honors Advisors. FHA Office Hours:. Castro asu. Petrov asu. Academic Preparation:. Recommended Timeline:.


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Master's Thesis. Stotts, R. Jia, J. Quantifying the trade-off between landscape vegetation height, surface temperature, and water consumption in single-family residential houses for a desert city. Barrett Honors Thesis. Arizona State Univeristy. Committee members: Kelli Larson co-chair and Elizabeth Wentz co-chair.

Kruke, L. Master's thesis defended on April 8, Rice, J. Modeling occurrence and assessing public perceptions of de facto wastewater reuse across the USA. PhD dissertation. Withycombe Keeler, L. Quenching our thirst for future knowledge: Participatory scenario construction and sustainable water governance in a desert city.

Deitrick, S. Implicit visualization as usable science visualizing uncertainty as decision outcomes. Moe, R. Neel, R. PhD Dissertation defended April 8, Committee members: Steven L. Neuberg chair , Michelle N. Shiota, Douglas T. Ouyang, Y. Relationship between single-family residential water use and its determinants: A spatio-temporal study of Phoenix, Arizona. Turner, V. Sustainable urbanism: An integrative analysis of master planned developments as a vehicle for urban environmental sustainability.

PhD Dissertation defended July 3, Berlin, A. Pro-environmental motivation: An evolutionarily informed approach. PhD Dissertation defended April 2, Committee members: Steven. Neuberg Chair , Douglas T. Kenrick, Susan E. Hawkins, G. Assessing the effects of climate change in a semiarid basin utilizing a fully distributed hydrologic model: A case study of Beaver Creek, Arizona. Committee members Enrique R. Vivoni chair , Steven Semken, and Larry W.

The work of the Honors Program takes place over three semesters-spring of junior year, fall of senior year and spring of senior year. In the first semester spring of junior year , students work with their Nursing Honors Faculty Mentor to decide on a topic for their Honor Project and begin their literature search.

Projects should demonstrate evidence of critical and analytical thinking related to a clinical problem in nursing and may take the form of either an evidence-based practice project or an original research project. During the second semester fall of senior year , students work with the Honors Faculty Mentor to carry out the project and begin to analyze the collected data.

The final semester spring of senior year is when the student takes the Nursing Honors Thesis elective 3 credits , writes the Honors Thesis and presents a poster of the project at the University Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium. Who is eligible to participate in the Nursing Honors program? Students who have earned a 3.

An information session will be held for interested junior-level students at the beginning of the fall term, and complete applications are due by October What is the Honors Thesis paper? With the guidance of their Honors Faculty Mentor, nursing honors students will complete an Honors Thesis describing the project that they completed. Students will write their thesis paper in the format of a publishable manuscript under the direction of their Honors Faculty Mentor. Students will work with their Honors Faculty Mentor to select a journal for publication of the thesis manuscript and follow the guidelines for authors.

Manuscripts will then be submitted for publication in the selected journal. Manuscripts do not need to be accepted for publication prior to the student's graduation. What is the process for the Nursing Honors presentation? Honors students will submit an abstract of their project to the University Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium for poster or podium presentation in the early spring of their senior year.

The Symposium normally takes place in April.


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This series contains undergraduate honors theses based on the thesis professor's department. If you are an undergraduate student submitting your honors. For Interested Students. Getting Started. If you're considering writing an honors thesis but don't know where to begin. In the Nursing Honors Program, however, students work with nurse researchers on their What are the admission requirements for the Honors thesis option?