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Phd thesis referee report

Contact : loudig ipmc. Contact : scol-sciences unice. Remark: if the manuscript needs to be revised, the certificate of success will only be delivered after the revised manuscript has been submitted. The confidentiality declared by the President of the University to respect the rights of the industrial property is distinct from the embargo on diffusion on the Internet which is the choise of the sole author.

According to the decree from August 7, , the president of the University can in exceptional cases decide against a public thesis defense and allow a defense behind closed doors if the thesis project is proven of a confidential nature. The Thesis supervisor needs to complete the form Request to authorize a defense behind closed doors Word doc , which needs to be signed by the PhD student and the PhD supervisor, and forward the document to the office of the graduate school.

Alternatively, a standard agreement of confidentiality Word doc : Confidentiality agreement by a jury member or participant of a thesis defense can be used to guarantee the confidential nature of the results with respect to jury members or reporters. In addition to this agreement, measures need to be taken to ensure the confidentiality at the start of any collaboration with any third party, public or private, who will become aware of the project and results during the PhD.

Defence with broadcasting : Procedure to be followed. COVID Decree from October Exceptional procedure for thesis or HDR defence - November 3, Request to authorize a defence with broadcasting Word doc Formulaire Procuration jury Word doc Defence outside the University: upon agreement by the Graduate School, the thesis supervisor must specifically ask the president of the university president for permission to hold the thesis defence presentation outside the University.

Reference text: Decree from May 25th, Printable version. Important information regarding the jury composition: The office of the Graduate School must be notified of changes in the jury composition. All documents relating to the thesis defence will then be modified accordingly. The absence of one or several jury members must be justified. If the modified jury composition still satisfies the requirements as described in the decree from May 25th, , the documents relating to the thesis defence will be modified accordingly.

If the modified jury composition no longer satisfies the requirements as described in the decree from May 25th, , the thesis defence can only proceed if the Jury composition is further modified such that it complies with the requirements as described in the Decree. If this is not possible, the defence must be postponed. Mandatory deadline: The referees must send their report 3 weeks before the defence date.

Dissertation defense. Typically the final exams are held in the month of January. Copies of the dissertation should be given to the Defense Committee member at least one month before the exam. The dissertation defense shall consist of two consecutive parts. The first part be an oral presentation of approximatively minutes in length.

An official announcement will appear in the departmental Seminar Notices. The second part will consist of detailed questioning of the candidate by the Defense Committee. The whole exam is open to the public. The examination process is rigorous. It ensures that candidates meet the highest standards of scholarship and that the degrees conferred by our Graduate School are of the highest quality.

The student can either pass or fail in the final exam. By national regulations, it is not possible to repeat the exam in case of failure. The best way to avoid risks is 1 to write a high-quality thesis, with core results by the candidate that are published or approved for publication, 2 to receive favorable reports by the reviewers, and to implement carefully their suggestions, 3 to deliver a clear and convincing presentation at the final exam.

Graduate School in Physics. Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password? Forgot your username? We have 8 guests and 5 members online. No events. PhD Examination and Thesis. July Admission to candidacy detailed instructions attached below The graduate school requires all students to be admitted to candidacy by the end of the third year. The time line for admission to candidacy is the following: By end of June students and supervisors must propose the names of two readers referees for peer review of the thesis.

The referees are approved by the Graduate School Board by mid-July. By September 15th students must submit a final draft of their dissertation which is sent, for peer review, to the two external referees. The reviewers should send a written report on the dissertation draft within about one month.

The reports should comment on the suitability of the dissertation for admission to the final exam dissertation defense. The report may contain criticism, remarks, requirements or suggestions for improving the thesis, which the student has to implement before submitting the final version of the thesis.

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You should aim to return the review as soon as possible. This is important because there may be more than one person involved in evaluating the thesis and delays would make scheduling difficult. The student would also want to move ahead and pursue a job quickly.

To help you with a good and fair review, you can try to answer questions about review criteria , like:. You should recommend the Ph. The award may also depend on minor corrections to the thesis. Your decision has the ability to make a big impact on the student, university, and also the research community in general.

Make sure that you give the student critical and specific feedback. Do not just say that the thesis was good or bad. You should mention the good things about the thesis and specify things that the student could revise e. Good feedback can also help the student improve their capabilities as a researcher. Learn more about referee instructions , and find out about examiner reports used by leading universities. Do you think referees review a Ph. Does a Ph.

Do universities give referees sufficient guidelines to evaluate theses? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Guideline for a Doctoral Thesis Referee Report. Doctoral School Mechanical Engineering, Graz University of. Technology. We appreciate the effort you give to. Referee's report on doctoral thesis. Title: Investigation of Vacancies in Fe-Al Alloys. Author: František Lukáč. The submitted doctoral thesis is devoted to. Referee report on a PhD Thesis of Ing. Michal Marčišovský. Czech Technical University in Prague,. Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering.