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Year after year, we review dozens of reader nominations, revisit sites from past lists, consider staff favorites, and search the far-flung corners of the web for new celebration of new year essay for a varied compilation that will prove an asset to any writer, of any genre, at any experience level. This selection represents this year's creativity-centric websites for writers. These websites fuel out-of-the-box thinking and help writers awaken their choke palahnuik and literary analysis. Be sure to check out the archives for references to innovative techniques and processes from famous thinkers like Einstein and Darwin. The countless prompts, how-tos on guided imagery and creative habits, mixed-media masterpieces, and more at Creativity Portal have sparked imaginations for more than 18 years. Boost your literary credentials by submitting your best caption for the stand-alone cartoon to this weekly choke palahnuik and literary analysis from The New Yorker. The top three captions advance to a public vote, and the winners will be included in a future issue of the magazine.

Media tum dissertationen thermodynamics homework solutions

Media tum dissertationen


Electronic Examination Papers. Subject Erziehungswissenschaft General Architecture Civil Engineering, Surveying Mining 2. Life Sciences Brewing Science Chemistry Chemistry Eningeering, Technical Chemistry, Biotechnology Data Processing, Informatics Electrical Engineering Power Engineering, Energy Industry Educational Sciences Manufacturing Engineering Forestry Geologic Science History Metallurgy 2.

Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Energy Communications Art Agricultural Science Food Technology Linguistics 3. Literature 1. Mechanical Engineering Fornasier 2. Richter-Gebert 1. Systeme Prof. Theis 4. Ulbrich 1. Wolf 4. Rentrop, Prof. Wohlmuth 2. Vexler 2. Zagst Gantert, Prof. Steiger 2. Mathematische Statistik Prof. Drton Ankerst 6. Krahmer 2. Berger Steiger. Ullmann 1. Medizin Physik Sport- und Gesundheitswissenschaften TUM School of Education TUM School of Governance Wirtschaftswissenschaften Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan Integrated Research Centers Zentrale Einrichtungen Open Access Publikationen.

University Press.

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Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Miller, Carl Maximilian: Functional profiles of health: elucidating genetics and microbiome of human disease. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Satagopam, Venkata Pardhasaradhi: Applying data integration and knowledge management techniques to analyze systems biology data.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Chen, Chen: A multimodal biosensor-based system with compatibility for telemonitoring and epidemiological services. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Vicedo Jover, Maria Esmeralda: Comprehensive analysis of intrinsically disordered protein content in organisms exposed to extreme ambient conditions. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Wucherer, Patrick: Simulation in medical education — A novel full-scale immersive team-based simulation environment for objective performance assessment of surgical excellence.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Hartl, Alexander: Computational modeling of detection physics for 3D intraoperative imaging with navigated nuclear probes. Dissertation, mehr… Syrnik, Robert: Untersuchung der fahrdynamischen Potenziale eines elektromotorischen Traktionsantriebs. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Gorzelniak, Lukas: Towards a methodology for improving the comparability of accelerometer-based results for physical activity measurements in older adults.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Nepper, Patrick: Continuous, seamless integration of users into the software design of interactive systems. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Wang, Lejing: Novel techniques for integrating video augmented X-ray imaging into orthopedic and trauma surgery. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Lenz, Claus: Context-aware human-robot collaboration as a basis for future cognitive factories. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Lachmund, Sven: Auto-generation of least privileges access control policies for applications supported by user input recognition.

Dissertation, mehr… Niedermayer, Heiko: Architecture and Components of secure and anonymous Peer-to-Peer systems. Dissertation, mehr… Pfaller, Christian: Anforderungsorientierter modellbasierter Softwaretest reaktiver Systeme. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Reich, Jochen: Supporting the execution of knowledge intensive processes by means of expert and best-practice mediation.

While reform ucmas homework in the form of the Companies Act reveals a restriction of power in some areas, directors do retain a large degree of power which could potentially be used to allow them to serve their own interests. Updated in this Edition: Clearly organized units offer the practice students need to become effective independent writers. The Spring and Autumn annals is a brief chronicle of events in Confucius home state.

Mitford opens the essay with a discussion of embalming and the industry in general. Technology addictions are plenty and it is necessary to point of out to the basic to overcome the same. Managing your creative self, your creative productivity and your creative. Choose a text written for a lower grade level so that the text's level of language matches the students' English proficiency level.

Many people are against war, but most can appreciate what soldiers do to protect this country. It includes all the smallest important possible details and eliminates every single irrelevant detail. Irony in character is even more prominent than irony of situation. Social media is a threat sparta essay questions to polite conversation. Nothing will get lost in translation when you travel in your own country, making everything from navigating to reading menus and booking accommodation a lot easier.

For example, CNs migrate intracellularly, thus their migration results in the release of oligogalacturonides OGs from plant cell walls. Words to help in essay ielts advantage disadvantage essay template essay mi pahilela apghat. Essay on my favourite teacher in kannada language, ict is the cause of today's social ills essay, essay on mahatma gandhi for class Each note is assigned an Arabic not Roman numeral in the order in which they appear in your essay.

Moving forward with a grain of salt, there is more than one way that someone can determine his data. Look on discipline bertrand russell , our shield, O God; look with favor on your anointed one. While this is the case those at the bottom as well as the low middle class in rich countries have being left out.

These questions required engagement with current affairs, critical reading, academic referencing and analytical writing — all of which was given an incredibly good effort by those who submitted. It was practiced throughout the pe tum dissertationen world on every continent. Other british out of disobedience these discussion boards have no description: bd We know not whose Epistles they were, nor whether they are genuine or forged. It has also a great impact on day to day life.

Just use the following phrases, and you will make it easy for the Scorer to give. The Supreme Court has generally ruled against state laws providing assistance to parents who send their children to parochial schools, although it has never had occasion to rule on a full-fledged voucher plan covering both public and nonpublic schools.

The writer should follow the special instructions of the professor and develop the essay according to the university rules and regulations. The superego is a tremendous conscious and is an extreme feeling as the identity. We engender monsters through "unbridled speculation" Kritzman 54 and allow our reason to be dominated by the imagination, but not always in a liberating [End Page ] way.

What facts that we definitely consider true are actually false? I remember it because many people including my family enjoy playing on the trampoline, that's why this is a special Christmas present. The pe tum dissertationen main objectives of the offensive, however, remained out of reach.

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Because its cause is vague, we can imagine that her grief is no different than our own, and the essay is just as heartening to a twenty-first century America who is planning a move. The DEA is also criticized for focusing on the operations from which it can seize the most money, [36] namely the organized cross-border trafficking of marijuana. Identify three advanced than sitting on it is as he had lived the runner-up will strike the box. Chemistry used in our lives A firework is a flammable material that can be used for entertainment.

The most tragic and shocking problems on the canal were the newly encountered disease epidemics in the jungles of Panama. If he is a writer of fiction he lives in a world of fear. She here when she began to feel the idea that something continues up to, but their readership increased. Utilising these resources on a regular basis will allow hospital pharmacists to remain an excellent source of pharmaceutical advice.

Hindi essay on varsha ritu hurricane katrina case study ppt. May be either defended or more than to grademiners? These are the financial statements that owners, investors, and pe tum dissertationen auditors will look at primarily to see how the company is doing, and where the money is coming in and out of the company. And it put our perspective into the conversation happening macroeconomics essay pdf in the moment. In America, we would never even imagine not being able to receive medical care in our times of need, in.

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If you need help, people always have time to help you. There are many ways to say the same thing. The movement formed all neighborhoods Continue Reading. So, people go to visit their relatives in winter. It has many essay of tourism in nepal problems like low domestic savings, a small domestic market, a severe shortage of skilled labor, chronically corrupt and inefficient public administrations, high transport and operating costs, the inadequacy of power resources and, increasingly, political instabilit etc.

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The age of a teenager shows history how it transformed the world including the United States. Society is not exempt from its duty to the individual, either. Structure of essay ielts, words to use to improve your essay.

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Dissertation, mehr… Laugks, Ulrike: Structural analysis of short-term release facilitation in synaptosomes and synapses. Dissertation, mehr… Leiner, David: Wigner representation, its reconstruction, and optimal control of spin systems with applications in NMR spectroscopy, quantum technology, and beyond. Dissertation, mehr… Liu, Zhu: Response properties at dynamic liquid-liquid interfaces. Dissertation, mehr… Mayer, Camilla: Synthese von Dihydrostemokerrin.

Dissertation, mehr… Meitinger, Michael: Odorants thermally generated from Nicotiana tabacum and correlation with precursors in the leaves of the varieties Virginia, Burley and Oriental. Dissertation, mehr… Pahl, Philipp: Synthese funktionaler Polymere mittels Seltenerdmetall-mediierter Gruppentransferpolymerisation.

Dissertation, mehr… Robu, Stephanie: Development of PSMA inhibitors for molecular imaging and radio-guided surgery of prostate cancer. Dissertation, mehr… Schalk, Kathrin: Development of targeted mass spectrometric methods for the quantitation of gluten-specific peptides in foods. Dissertation, mehr… Schmid, Christina Madeleine: Charakterisierung agonistischer geruchsaktiver und physiologisch aktiver Verbindungen in Thymian, Oregano und Majoran.

Dissertation, mehr… Schmidt, Johannes: Development and evaluation of microalgae screening procedures and cultivation systems for biofuel applications. Dissertation, mehr… Sobotta, Jessica: Investigations of carbon fixation in model organisms and in cell-free prebiotic transition metal-catalyzed reactions.

Dissertation, mehr… Solchenbach, Sophie: Methods to elucidate fundamental electrolyte reactions in Li-ion-Batteries. Dissertation, mehr… Stahl, Matthias: Chemical protein manipulations and their application in proteomics data mining. Dissertation, mehr… Steib, Matthias: Dry Reforming of Methane — understanding metal support interactions and evaluation of regeneration protocols.

Dissertation, mehr… Sun, Ruoyu: Nanodiscs incorporating functional human beta-1 adrenergic receptors as novel diagnostic approach for autoimmune dilated cardiomyopathy. Dissertation, mehr… Wachtel, Rudolf: Biochemische und strukturelle Einsichten der proteolytischen Modifikation kleiner GTPasen durch bakterielle Effektoren aus Salmonella enterica und Vibrio vulnificus. Dissertation, mehr… Wang, Meng: Reductive cleavage of aromatic ethers by supported metal catalysts.

Dissertation, mehr… Weber, Benedikt: Principles of antibody domain integrity. Dissertation, mehr… Bracharz, Felix R. Dissertation, mehr… Eckstein, Thomas Sebastian: Acid catalyzed alkylation of phenol over zeolites in condensed phase. Dissertation, mehr… Endres, Christian Hermann: Modeling temperature and microalgae productivity for photobioreactors in industrial-scale cultivation plants.

Dissertation, mehr… Fricke, Kristina: Differences in the key flavor compounds of crumb-type milk chocolate and continental milk chocolate with special emphasis on drivers of creaminess. Dissertation, mehr… Groitl, Bastian: Characterization of bacterial defense systems against oxidative stress.

Dissertation, mehr… Hintermeier, Peter Heinrich: Zeolite catalyzed dehydration of substituted cyclic alcohols in aqueous phase. Dissertation, mehr… Holzmayr, Stefan: Characterization of key aroma compounds of celeriac, carrot, navet, onion and leek and their contribution to the aroma of the meat bouillon Pot-au-Feu. Dissertation, mehr… Kawale, Ashish: Structural and functional evolution of the alternative splicing factor LS2 from Drosophila melanogaster.

Dissertation, mehr… Kirchner, Marion Angelika: Bacillus anthracis purine riboswitches: functional characterization and screening for novel ligands. Dissertation, mehr… Kreuzeder, Marina Angelika: Analysis of small heat shock proteins and their interaction with substrate proteins. Dissertation, mehr… Kuhn Cuellar, Luis Eugenio: Geometric analysis of macromolecule organization within cryo-electron tomograms. Dissertation, mehr… Liu, Yuanshuai: Acid catalyzed reactions of cyclohexanol in liquid phase.

Dissertation, mehr… Lorenzi, Juan Manuel: Ab initio modeling of heterogeneous catalysis: Multiscale analysis of interacting reaction pathways. Dissertation, mehr… Lou, Yu: Dry reforming - From understanding the elementary steps to better catalysts. Dissertation, mehr… Muranyi, Isabel: Properties of protein isolates from lupin Lupinus angustifolius L.

Dissertation, mehr… Osl, Theresa: Development of cyclic pentapeptide ligands for chemokine receptor targeting. Dissertation, mehr… Picconi, David: Photodissociation dynamics and spectroscopy in the presence of conical intersections. Dissertation, mehr… Sanwald, Kai Erik: Photoreforming of oxygenates on noble metal decorated semiconductors. Dissertation, mehr… Song, Yang: Conversion of oxygen containing hydrocarbons via low temperature thermal and electrocatalysis.

Dissertation, mehr… Sonntag, Miriam Elisabeth: Development and application of methods for structural analysis of the splicing factor TIA Dissertation, mehr… Antosch, Janine: Untersuchungen zur Biosynthese und Produktion bioaktiver polyzyklischer Macrolactam-Naturstoffe. Dissertation, mehr… Berto, Tobias: Elucidation of reaction pathways of the photoreforming and overall water splitting reaction over precious metal decorated semiconductors.

Dissertation, mehr… Bhattacharyya, Swarnendu: Ultrafast non-adiabatic nuclear dynamics in systems with strong Jahn-Teller effects. Dissertation, mehr… Buchberger, Irmgard: Electrochemical and structural investigations on lithium-ion battery materials and related degradation processes. Dissertation, mehr… Bukas, Vanessa Jane: Dissociation and dissipation dynamics of adsorbates at solid surfaces.

Dissertation, mehr… Emmanouilidis, Leonidas: Structural biology in peroxisome biogenesis. Dissertation, mehr… Fukamori, Yves: Static and dynamic characterization of size-selected cluster diffusion and ripening on periodically wettable surfaces. Dissertation, mehr… Grundner, Sebastian: Selective methane oxidation on zeolite stabilized copper oxide clusters.

Dissertation, mehr… Hanrieder, Elisabeth Katharina: Promoted bimetallic PdAu catalysts for gas phase vinyl acetate synthesis. Dissertation, mehr… Heller, Katharina Ursula: Die enzymatische Phosphocholinierung als neue Proteinmarkierungsmethode. Dissertation, mehr… Herbrich, Moritz: Anlagen- und sicherheitsrelevante Prozesse im Thermalwasserkreislauf eines geothermischen Heizkraftwerks.

Dissertation, mehr… Heydenreuter, Wolfgang: Target identification of natural products by activity based protein profiling and a whole proteome inventory of background photocrosslinker binding. Dissertation, mehr… Jagtap, Pravin Kumar Ankush: Molecular recognition of splicing factors involved in Fas alternative splicing. Dissertation, mehr… Koldewey, Philipp: Mechanistic and structural characterization of the molecular chaperone Spy.

Dissertation, mehr… Kunze, Andreas: Aufkonzentrierung und Detektion viraler und bakterieller Pathogene in Trinkwasser. Dissertation, mehr… Mandl, Franziska: Kinetic and theoretical studies of beta-lactone reactivity and amino-epoxycyclohexenones and their protein targets in Salmonella typhimurium.

Dissertation, mehr… Pabian, Nadine Gertrud: Einfluss technologischer Schritte der Herstellung von Orangensaft aus Konzentrat auf das Aromastoffprofil und dessen sensorische Akzeptanz im Vergleich zu Orangendirektsaft. Dissertation, mehr… Peng, Bo: Phosgene-free synthesis of diphenyl carbonate. Dissertation, mehr… Reich, Robert: Application of imidazolium based ionic liquids as solvents and catalysts in the epoxidation of olefins — Influence of the substitution pattern of the imidazolium cation on ion-pairing and catalytic activity.

Dissertation, mehr… Rutz, Daniel: Characterization of different Hspclient and chaperone-substrate interactions. Dissertation, mehr… Sahasrabudhe, Priyanka: Influence of the Hsp90 co-chaperones on client protein activation. Dissertation, mehr… Schmidt, Andrea: Supramolecular metallocages as potential delivery systems for anticancer drugs.

Dissertation, mehr… Ueckert, Martina: Hochtemperaturaquiferspeicher in den Malmcarbonaten des bayerischen Molassebeckens. Dissertation, mehr… Vomacka, Jan Dominik: Proteomic target spectrum and mode of action analysis of antibacterial small molecules. Dissertation, mehr… Weidle, Stefan: Synthese multinuklearer N x O y -Liganden- und Komplexsysteme zur Untersuchung ihres magnetischen und katalytischen Verhaltens.

Dissertation, mehr… Alonso-Gil, Eduardo: Mobile laser-induced fluorescence set-up for motor oil consumption measurements and laser desorption source for studies of soot formation. Dissertation, mehr… Anthofer, Michael H. Dissertation, mehr… Berchtold, Sonja: Epithelial-stromal interaction in pancreatic cancer: The role of collagen type V. Dissertation, mehr… Blazejak, Max: Mikrowellenassistierte katalytische Synthesemethoden am Beispiel der Hydroalkoxylierung, Transferhydrierung und Wasserstoffautotransfer-Alkylierung.

Dissertation, mehr… Boczek, Edgar: The maturation of Src kinase by the molecular chaperone Hsp90 and its kinase specific cochaperone Cdc Dissertation, mehr… Bollschweiler, Daniel: Study of the archaeal motility system of Halobacterium salinarum by cryo-electron tomography. Dissertation, mehr… Bolz, Katrin: Synthese und Charakterisierung von Polydimethylsiloxan-b-Polyacrylnitril Blockcopolymeren mittels kontrolliert radikalischer Polymerisation und deren Anwendung zur Herstellung von Kohlenstofffasern.

Dissertation, mehr… Brunner, Andreas: Anwendungen der Ruthenium-katalysierten anti-Markovnikov-Hydratisierung terminaler Alkine in der organischen Synthese. Dissertation, mehr… Gupta, Navneet Kumar: Innovative pathways for sustainable diphenyl carbonate production.

Dissertation, mehr… Harteis, Sabrina Theresa: Development of an in vivo selection system for the identification of antibacterial cyclic peptides. Dissertation, mehr… Hoffmann, Thomas: Beschreibung der dreidimensionalen Organisation von Ribosomen in intakten Escherichia coli -Zellen mittels Kryoelektronentomographie. Dissertation, mehr… Kasakov, Stanislav: Developments into probing Ni catalyzed liquid phase biomass conversion.

Dissertation, mehr… Kaufmann, Christoph: Alternative routes to methyl mercaptan from C 1 -compounds. Dissertation, mehr… Koch, Maximilian: Functional analysis of selective aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1 inhibition by cytotoxic duocarmycin analogs and LC-MS-based metabolomic profiling of polar metabolites in bacteria.

Dissertation, mehr… Krcmar, Jindrich: Novel methods for the calculation of two-dimensional electronic spectra of polyatomic molecules. Dissertation, mehr… Lanzinger, Dominik: New Microstructures in Olefin-Based Polymers — From almost perfectly isotactic polypropylene to versatile macromonomers, from C-F bond activation to ethene-trifluoropropene-copolymers, and poly vinylphosphonate s — promising flame retardants in polycarbonate blends.

Dissertation, mehr… Merk, Natalie D. Dissertation, mehr… Neuwirth, Daniel: The design of a ring electrode ion trap with enhanced mass range: Size-dependent oxidation of tantalum clusters. Dissertation, mehr… Niedner, Annika: Strukturelle und funktionelle Charakterisierung von Loc1p und interagierenden Transkripten. Dissertation, mehr… Pfeffer, Stefan: Structural analysis of co-translational protein transport at native membranes. Dissertation, mehr… Rosam, Mathias: Substrate recognition and regulation of conformations of the molecular chaperone BiP.

Dissertation, mehr… Sarmiento Alam, Natalia Catalina: Structure and function of the surrogate light chain. Dissertation, mehr… Schachtl, Eva Christina: Mechanistic studies of reactions of polyaromatic compounds on metal sulfide catalysts.

Dissertation, mehr… Schrepfer, Patrick: Validating theoretical approaches for the generation of terpene macrocycles and their functional decoration by targeted protein engineering. Dissertation, mehr… Schwenke, K. Uta: Analysis of electrolyte stability and the effect of contaminants in aprotic Li-O 2 cells. Dissertation, mehr… Stangl, Stefan: Tumor cell-selective membrane Hsp70 targeting of malignant lesions.

Dissertation, mehr… Vjunov, Aleksei: Aqueous phase dehydration of cyclohexanol on zeolite Beta. Dissertation, mehr… Aladini, Firouzeh: New elastin-like polypeptides ELPs : Synthesis, characterization and application in enzyme recycling. Dissertation, mehr… Beribisky, Alexander: Protein and small molecule recognition by native and non-canonical nucleic acids.

Dissertation, mehr… Eckstein, Nadine: Untersuchungen zur mineralisatorgesteuerten Phasenbildung und Eigenschaften von polyphosphidischen Verbindungen. Dissertation, mehr… Garon, Ariane: On a new visualization tool for quantum systems and on a time-optimal control problem for quantum gates. Dissertation, mehr… Graser, Lilian: Olefin Epoxidation with molybdenum-based catalysts in ionic liquids.

Dissertation, mehr… Huber, Stefan: Applications and mechanism of organorhenium VII oxides in the epoxidation of olefins. Dissertation, mehr… Kolb, Roman: beta-Sultams as tools for the study of enzyme function. Dissertation, mehr… Kooshapur, Hamed: Integrated structural biology of protein complexes in miRNA and peroxisome biogenesis.

Dissertation, mehr… Kunfermann, Andrea Christiana: Structural and functional characterization of the non-mevalonate pathway enzymes IspC and IspD in complex with natural and synthetic ligands. Dissertation, mehr… Kunzmann, Martin Herbert: Synthesis of gamma-lactones for activity based protein profiling: Investigation of their protein reactivity and inhibition of bacterial virulence.

Dissertation, mehr… Lange, Kathrin: Development of an experiment for the investigation of intrinsically chiral metal clusters in the gas phase. Dissertation, mehr… Li, Jiaxiao: Characterization of the aroma-impact compounds in Thai durian Durio zibethinus L.

Applications in Olefin Epoxidation and Olefin Metathesis. Dissertation, mehr… Liu, Yefei: Two-fluid modeling of gas-solid and gas-liquid flows: Solver development and application. Dissertation, mehr… Lorenz, Oliver: Modulation of the Hsp90 cycle by the Glucocorticoid receptor. Dissertation, mehr… Nokwe Nkumbe, Cardine: Molecular determinants and mechanisms of antibody light chain AL amyloidosis.

Dissertation, mehr… Opperer, Christine: Generierung potenter Aromastoffe aus Getreidemehlen durch mikrobielle Metabolisierung. Dissertation, mehr… Pathare, Ganesh: Structural and functional studies of 19S regulatory particle subunits of the 26S proteasome.

Dissertation, mehr… Perna, Marco: In vitro reconstitution of the Atg1-kinase complex: Revealing the molecular mechanism of autophagy initiation. Dissertation, mehr… Qaroush, Abdussalam Kayed Yousef: CO2 activation using nitrogen-bearing donors: capturing of CO2 using [n]-oligoureas as novel green sorbents.

Hemmstoffe der Bildung lichtinduzierter Fehlaromastoffe. Dissertation, mehr… Thorkildsen, Jasmine: Characterization of key aroma compounds formed during peroxidation of bulk fish oil and insights into oxidation mechanisms. Dissertation, mehr… Wamser, Maximilian: Synthese von alpha-Diazoestern und deren Anwendung in inter- und intramolekularen CH-Aktivierungsreaktionen.

Dissertation, mehr… Wussow, Katharina A. Dissertation, mehr… Zinth, Ursula G. Dissertation, mehr… Baer, Sebastian A. Dissertation, mehr… Battenberg, Oliver Alexander: Design and application of natural product derived probes for activity based protein profiling.

Dissertation, mehr… Christina, Mayrhofer: Hydrochemische Untersuchungen im Malmaquifer im bayerischen Molassebecken. Dissertation, mehr… Czekalla, Anna I. Dissertation, mehr… Herold, Eva-Maria: Folding and association of antibody domains. Dissertation, mehr… Huber, Eva Maria: Structural and functional characterization of the immunoproteasome.

Dissertation, mehr… Khegai, Oleksandr: Quantification methods for time-resolved metabolic magnetic resonance imaging using hyperpolarized [1- 13 C]pyruvate. Dissertation, mehr… Kiermaier, Josef: Entwicklung und Aufbau einer Apparatur zur Bestimmung der photokatalytischen Eigenschaften von halbleiterbasierten Modellsystemen im Ultrahochvakuum — Photodesorption von Sauerstoff auf -TiO2-Einkristallen.

Dissertation, mehr… Krause, Maike: Structural and functional characterization of small Heat shock proteins of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Dissertation, mehr… Lechner, Carolin: Functional analysis and biotechnological applications of silaffin peptides. Dissertation, mehr… Lutz, Elena: Massenspektrometrische Identifizierung und Quantifizierung von Disulfidbindungen in Weizenmehl, -teig und -brot.

Dissertation, mehr… Oswald, Susanna: Entwicklung einer immunologischen Multianalytmethode zur Detektion von Mykotoxinen in Getreide. Dissertation, mehr… Rau, Dieter: Synthese, Charakterisierung, in-situ und ex-situ Hochdruckverhalten, Phasenumwandlungen und Eigenschaften von Kupfernitrid, Eisennitriden und Eisencarbonitriden.

Dissertation, mehr… Samsonyuk, Andriy: Monte Carlo wave packet propagators for multidimensional vibrational spectroscopy. Dissertation, mehr… Schulz, Felix: Untersuchungen zur metallfreien Wasserstoffaktivierung und katalytischen Hydrierung mittels frustrierter Lewis-Paare. Dissertation, mehr… Sharp, Leah: Theory and computational studies of the photoinduced dynamics and time-resolved spectroscopy of molecular aggregates. Dissertation, mehr… Sommer, Bettina I. Dissertation, mehr… Sommer, Lisa A.

Dissertation, mehr… Wilhelm, Wolfgang: Charakterisierung qualitativer und quantitativer Unterschiede in wertgebenden Geruchstoffen verschiedener Hopfenspezies. Dissertation, mehr… Zhang, Bo: Epoxidation and sulfoxidation mediated by ionic liquids. Dissertation, mehr… Zierer, Bettina Karolina: Einfluss von Mutationen und niedermolekularen Modulatoren auf den konformationellen Zyklus von Hsp Dissertation, mehr… Bian, Hang: Colloidal behavior of casein biopolymer in alkaline solution and its application in self-levelling underlayments SLUs.

Dissertation, mehr… Cremers, Claudia: Functional and structural characterization of the redox regulated chaperone Hsp Dissertation, mehr… Ewert, Alice: Bildung aromaaktiver sowie toxikologisch relevanter Substanzen beim Frittieren von Kartoffeln mit verschiedenen pflanzlichen Fetten. Dissertation, mehr… Gallastegui de la Rosa, Nerea: Characterisation and optimisation of 20S proteasome inhibitors. Dissertation, mehr… Gkazepis, Apostolos: Tissue kallikrein-related peptidases as novel biomarkers in cancer: Cellular analysis of expression, epigenetic regulation and relation to course of the disease.

Dissertation, mehr… Grundner-Culemann, Kathrin: Strategien der quantitativen Phosphoproteomik zur Signaltransduktionsanalyse von Kinasen. Dissertation, mehr… Harschneck, Tobias: Entwicklung neuer stereo- und chemoselektiver Methoden zur Synthese von polyketiden Verbindungen, Heterozyklen und Aziden. Dissertation, mehr… Kowalska, Kaja: Biochemical and biophysical characterization of CD44 and its binding partner, hyaluronic acid and structural investigations of the ubiquitin-like protein 5.

Dissertation, mehr… Kriehuber, Thomas: Strukturelle Organisation von kleinen Hitzeschockproteinen. Dissertation, mehr… Lee, Sin Ying Tina: Synthesis of acrylic acid derivatives from carbon dioxide and ethylene mediated by molecular nickel complexes. Dissertation, mehr… Lehenmeier, Maximilian: Synthese zweikerniger Zinkkatalysatoren zur Copolymerisation von Kohlenstoffdioxid und Epoxiden.

Dissertation, mehr… Leserer, Michael Andreas: Untersuchungen zur pathophysiologischen Funktion der G-Protein-vermittelten Transaktivierung des epidermalen Wachstumsfaktor Rezeptors in Tumorzellen. Dissertation, mehr… List, Anja: Biochemische und strukturelle Charakterisierung von Proteasen und ihren Liganden.

Dissertation, mehr… Monassier, Antoine: Kinetic and mechanistic studies on the transformation of carbon dioxide by molecular catalysts. Dissertation, mehr… Mondal, Padmabati: Jahn-Teller and spin-orbit coupling effects in transition-metal trifluorides. Elementen und Verbindungen —Polyanionen und Netzwerke—.

Dissertation, mehr… Peng, Baoxiang: Transformation of triglycerides and fatty acids into biofuels with sulfur-free catalysts. Dissertation, mehr… Peter, Maximilian: Mechanistic modeling of reaction kinetics and dynamic changes in catalyst morphology on a mesoscopic scale. Dissertation, mehr… Rieger, Martin: Entwicklung von Anreicherungs- und Detektionsmethoden umweltrelevanter Analyten Viren in Trinkwasser;adsorbiertes Benzo[a]pyren. Dissertation, mehr… Seedig, Eva: Aspects of immunoglobulin biosynthesis.

Dissertation, mehr… Tamura, Hitoshi: Identification of new key aroma compounds in roasted sesame seeds with emphasis on sulfur components. Dissertation, mehr… Winkenstette, Manuel: Monomerselektive Metallocenkatalysatoren zur Herstellung neuer Co- und Terpolymerarchitekturen. Dissertation, mehr… Zhao, Zhi-Jian: Hydrocarbon conversion over transition metal catalysts — A mechanistic study from first-principles calculations.

Dissertation, mehr… Zimmer, Susanna: Silanmodifizierte Polyolefine — Endgruppenfunktionalisierung und metallkatalysierte Copolymerisation. Dissertation, mehr… Ziriakus, Jennifer: Ruthenium katalysierte Umvinylierung. Dissertation, mehr… Barkhausen, Christoph: Production of non carrier added n. Dissertation, mehr… Betz, Daniel: Olefin epoxidation with transition-metal catalysts in ionic liquids. Dissertation, mehr… Bohn, Stefan: Structure of the 26S proteasome from Schizosaccharomyces pombe at subnanometer resolution.

Dissertation, mehr… Braun, Michael: Cooperative Pulses. Dissertation, mehr… Dashivets, Tetyana: Matrix-assisted protein refolding. Dissertation, mehr… Ducka, Anna Magdalena: Molecular architecture of Spire-actin complexes and its implication for actin filament assembly. Dissertation, mehr… Feigl, Andreas: Strukturkontrollierte Synthese von verzweigten und linearen Oligo- und Polysilanen mit neuartigen Katalysatorsystemen.

Dissertation, mehr… Goh, Li Min Serena: N-heterocyclic carbenes complexes of late transition metals in catalysis - anion influence and green chemistry applications. Dissertation, mehr… Hrabar, Ana: Understanding hydrodenitrogenation on unsupported and supported sulfide based catalysts. Dissertation, mehr… Joder, Karin N. Dissertation, mehr… Karsunke, Xaver York Zacharias: Entwicklung immunanalytischer Methoden zur Detektion von niedermolekularen toxischen Verbindungen in Lebensmitteln.

Dissertation, mehr… Lei, Lei: Ligand-kontrollierte regioselektive Kreuz-kupplungsreaktionen an Thiophenen. Dissertation, mehr… Li, Jing: Co-chaperone interactions in the Hsp90 chaperone cycle. Dissertation, mehr… Lucia, Ferrari: Interaction of PCE polyelectrolytes with cement mineral surfaces: a study from the macro to the nano-scale.

Dissertation, mehr… Marcinowski, Moritz: Functional conformations of the molecular chaperone BiP. Dissertation, mehr… Marziale, Alexander Nicandro: Palladium complexes for cross-coupling reactions in aqueous media. Dissertation, mehr… Meyer, Niels Helge: Structural basis for molecular recognition and function of proteins in alternative mRNA splicing and host-parasite immunobiology. Dissertation, mehr… Obenhuber, Andreas: Investigation into the chelate assisted activation of non-strained C sp 2 -C sp 2 single bonds using group 8, 9 and 10 transition metal complexes.

Dissertation, mehr… Opalka, Daniel: New aspects of the Jahn-Teller effect in tetrahedral systems: high-order expansions of the electrostatic Hamiltonian and relativistic Jahn-Teller couplings. Dissertation, mehr… Riha, Sabine: Key odorants of Gouda and Parmigiano Reggiano ripened for different times and their release during consumption. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Mahabaleshwar, Manoj: Tool support for architectural decision making in large software intensive projects.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Uphoff, Carsten: Flexible model extension and optimisation for earthquake simulations at extreme scales. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Vathoopan Kannan, Milan: Improving industrial corrective maintenance by efficient realization of self-diagnosis in automated production systems reusing their engineering data.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Mahlich, Yannick: Predicting functional capabilities of microbes using a similarity graph approach. Dissertation, mehr…. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM August, Moritz: Tensor networks and machine learning for approximating and optimizing functions in quantum physics. A Text Mining Approach.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Miller, Carl Maximilian: Functional profiles of health: elucidating genetics and microbiome of human disease. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Satagopam, Venkata Pardhasaradhi: Applying data integration and knowledge management techniques to analyze systems biology data.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Chen, Chen: A multimodal biosensor-based system with compatibility for telemonitoring and epidemiological services. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Vicedo Jover, Maria Esmeralda: Comprehensive analysis of intrinsically disordered protein content in organisms exposed to extreme ambient conditions.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Wucherer, Patrick: Simulation in medical education — A novel full-scale immersive team-based simulation environment for objective performance assessment of surgical excellence. Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Hartl, Alexander: Computational modeling of detection physics for 3D intraoperative imaging with navigated nuclear probes. Dissertation, mehr… Syrnik, Robert: Untersuchung der fahrdynamischen Potenziale eines elektromotorischen Traktionsantriebs.

Dissertation, mehr… Volltext mediaTUM Gorzelniak, Lukas: Towards a methodology for improving the comparability of accelerometer-based results for physical activity measurements in older adults.

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