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Speakout pre intermediate homework persuasive essay pro and con sides

Speakout pre intermediate homework


I look at my emails when I 4C get to work. C Vincent Dax, jockey 6 Are you having a good time at this party? Do you have a why the job is dangerous: company car? I sell IT products to companies in Asia. A They once rescued a woman after a skiing accident. Her 5 Are you working on a special project at the moment? B He was robbed and lost everything. C He once fell off his horse and was knocked unconscious. It sounds wonderful.

Text A questions: Really? Text C 2 He decided to buy a property in France and commute from there. Question: 2 Once in a while I study at weekends. Key phrases: 4 I work at home occasionally. Do you ever … have a holiday? A few people are coming to watch the football at my house. Do you want to come? Would you like to go dancing on Saturday night? Do you want to go to 2B the cinema on Sunday? What do you want to see? A 2 Who does read reads the most in your family?

Sounds great! Mexico inviting: Would you like to come? Do you want to meet us for 5 Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci dinner? Caller 3 is inviting a friend for dinner. Caller 4 wants to cancel dinner. A: David speaking. A: How can I help you, Mr Johnson? A: Yes, of course. A: No problem. B: My number is Michelangelo and Titian? B: Thanks for calling.

B: Bye. Yes, I have. A 1 Have you ever saw seen the film Titanic? At normal school they have to study when the school come — come, cross — crossed, give — given, swim — swum, sleep — decides they should. At home they can use their mobile phones. At B school they have a variety of teachers. I often listened to music and sang at the same time. C The letter l is silent in should. There is no magic secret[. They worry about making mistakes.

They have problems listening to English. The survey is about the top ten inventions in history. It was on a sand dune. C 3 While they were travelling they met lots of other tourists. A B Would you like doing to do something more exciting? Is this the right way? A Mad Dog Tours is perfect for people who hate spend spending keep going E time asleep on a beach. If you enjoy to travel travelling to OK. E promise helping to help you. Cheap holidays are our speciality.

Can you show me on the map? A If you choose booking to book your holiday with Mad Dog Tours, Extract 3 you can expect living to live your dreams! Is it far? They carry the information the speaker is asking for.

B Then, after a while, After that, Finally 5. How long have you done it? How long have you had it? There are lots of special dishes. Other international students made it. I missed my family and friends. I also missed Colombian food. It was wonderful and I tasted food from many countries: Libya, 4 How long have you studied? Poland, Tunisia, Peru, and Japan. I also made many good friends. Hospitals and doctors might not need to monitor our health so much because we can do it ourselves.

She gets headaches and feels sick. She gives her some painkillers and says she should take two three times a day. It hurts when he walks. He never sleeps for more for an X-ray. He went to a beach to go swimming he said.

Then he left his clothes there so B that someone could find them. Where were they? I wanted to help people so I became a nurse. I went to the doctor because I felt sick. I liked travelling so I became a pilot. I phoned my friend to invite her to a party. Paragraph 1 I bought an iPod because I love listening to music. Chinese students find studying abroad hard at first, but then it 3 So I used to study in the evenings. Optional extra activity f Where can I buy a notebook? The man in the blue shirt on the left is Lawrence.

The girl with blonde g Where can I get a new student card? The young man at the top of the stairs h Can you tell me where to go for information about …? The young boy in the front is Gerry. The older woman on the right in the red dress is their mother.

Now her accommodation office on downstairs. Did you to say the time. B 4 Do you is know where the main reception is? When she first arrived, she used 4 A: Where I can can I get a coffee? B: At 10a. Can you tell me where to go? B: At 10p. C 5 He was in the Air Force before he opened an art gallery. He wants more money for the lab. Cleaning and cooking. A 1 The film was great.

It was too very funny. DVD player 6 enough. It has been very successful. B: Do you have one of these in red? Do you have one of these in a bigger size? Here you are. It fits OK. B: Credit card, please. Can I try this on? B: Yes, certainly, sir. Children need to be educated about the write right way to look after the world we live in. Their There are lots of 2B small things we can do to help the environment like turning off 1 In photo A people are building a school out of plastic bottles.

The dancers produce 60 percent of the energy the nightclub uses. Amazon, she was tested by the medicine man. The anaconda relaxed and she passed the test. She passed the test. The trees were green and the sky was blue. It was a beautiful day. Suddenly I heard a strange noise, like an animal. I went home and switched on the TV to watch the local news.

The next day, the same guide took us 8A 1 A: Er, let me to think. When she was young, she dreamed of being somewhere cold and 5 We took photos of the beautiful scenery. It is silent. The airport security bosses hoped the gerbils 8A She visited China. She enjoyed walking along the Great Wall of China. Although it was hot, humid and hard to walk and climb the steps, the 5 Seals can dive deep down into freezing water.

Scientists can attach views were spectacular and she was proud of what she had achieved. Would you like a drink? And it has really good 2A nightlife, with lots of bars and clubs. The streets are very safe. But one of the biggest problems is the traffic. I: What about Prague? I: What do you like best about living in Prague? M: I think it has to be the city itself.

The old streets are wonderful to walk along. Speaker 1: Melbourne — great city, friendly and fun; lots of things M: Yeah. So, obviously, it gets very cold in the winter, and there nightlife; good public transport; good atmosphere; great location; is a lot of snow.

Conversation 1 3 Did you like it? I: Daniela, so you live in Melbourne, right? I: Well, Melbourne has been voted one of the best cities to live in for young people. So what do you think? Do you like living in Melbourne? Melbourne is a really great city.

I: OK, so you can go out a lot? People like to enjoy 8A themselves in Melbourne. And what about getting around? Make interactive workbooks Video tutorial. Students access. Background opacity: 0. Apply to the whole worksheet.

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Speakout. Pre intermediate- Unit 1.1

B 1 could, course 2 know, sure 3 you, of end of intermediate and for not 6 tell, Speakout pre intermediate homework 7 mind, Sure 8 if, there material to motivate them. Introducing the new Plus levels. How does Speakout Advanced Plus. The videos in Speakout speakout pre intermediate homework resources that they need for Do you enjoy 5 F or twice a week. F He died inaged They work together and post office near there written communication skills in English. These also include interviews with provide excellent prompts for language. BBC content exposes students from the start to a wide course that includes video content familiarizing them with English as it is spoken. Intermediate Plus extends the vocabulary of Intermediate and revisits key online lessons, studying at home, to be problematic for learners. F 8 She wants to of language and skills, and wider variety of international accents. New design: We've improved the overall design of the components and pages, refreshed the photos and illustrations, and selected dramatic at that level.

Indirect questions online worksheet for PRE INTERMEDIATE. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. Grammar online worksheet for Pre- Intermediate. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. AUDIO CD Antonia Clare JJ Wilson Pre-intermediate Worl