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History senior thesis

It is not a course on a specific historical field or period, but is designed to support the research and writing of the senior thesis. Throughout the thesis process, students may, in addition, consult with their Second Reader and other instructors who specialize in their topic of research.

Students interested in taking a Senior Thesis Seminar must submit an application by late March of their Junior Year the specific date is determined each year, and will be updated on the website as soon as it is determined. Role of the Second Reader Info Sheet second readers can be reached out to and chosen before the thesis term begins but must reported to the department early in the first term.

For more details about the thesis process, please see the Undergraduate Handbook. Undergraduate Program. Senior Thesis Seminar Pre-requisites Students who intend to write a thesis must take a history seminar in which they develop a substantial research paper before their junior year ends. Click here to view. Send to Email Address. Your Name. If History is the secondary field of a joint concentration, there is only one History reader. Each reader assigns an evaluation to the thesis highest honors, highest honors minus, high honors plus, high honors, high honors minus, honors plus, honors, or no distinction , and writes a report detailing the special strengths and weaknesses of the thesis.

Theses by students with a highest honors-level GPA will automatically be assigned three readers. Additionally, a thesis by any student may be sent to a third reader when the first two evaluations are three or more distinctions apart e.

Students who do not meet the above standards may petition the History Undergraduate Office for admission to the senior thesis; successful petitions must include a detailed thesis proposal, and will be evaluated at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies Asst. Nominations for departmental honors are made by the Board of Examiners at the degree meeting each spring.

In making its nominations, the Board first takes two elements into account: the average of course grades in History and thesis readings. All students who may be eligible for a recommendation of highest honors will then be given an oral examination by the Board of Examiners; performance on this exam will be considered in determining the final recommendation.

The standing of those students at the border of two different degrees may also be determined through an oral examination administered by the Board of Examiners. To be considered eligible for highest honors in history, a student will ordinarily have a grade point average greater than or equal to 3. In addition, the student must convince the Board of Examiners of their qualifications for the highest recommendation through their performance on the oral examination.

Whether any particular student falling into this numerical range receives highest honors in history will be determined in part by the performance on the oral examination. To be considered eligible for high honors in history, a student will ordinarily have a grade point average greater than or equal to 3.

To be considered eligible for honors in history, a student will ordinarily have a grade point average greater than or equal to 3. In addition, you should consult with your Resident Dean. Any degree candidate who does not receive the A. Students who do decide to enter the thesis program benefit from a great deal of departmental support.

The Department encourages its thesis writers to consider the possibility of devoting the summer prior to their senior year to thesis research, whether on campus or around the world. Each year a large number of rising seniors find funding for summer thesis research. The Undergraduate Office holds a meeting to advise students on how to write a successful fellowship proposal.

The Department also supports its senior thesis writers through two semesters of a Senior Thesis Seminar, History 99a and 99b , which provide a useful framework for thesis writers as they work through the intermittent difficulties that all thesis students inevitably encounter. For many seniors, their thesis will turn out to be the best piece of writing done while at Harvard. It will also be the longest and most complicated. Consequently, the seminars will focus much attention on the unique challenges of writing an extended, multi-chapter work.

History 99a and 99b also provide a common forum in which seniors can share with thesis-writing colleagues their feedback, successes, frustrations, interests, and techniques.


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Students must be logged in the following two paths:. During their senior spring, honors the Department of History want must meet the following prerequisites the topic. Cheap letter writing service ca Latin America, Latino, urban. Southwest, immigrant histories Fall Prof. The seminarespecially s track in terms of page "research"will help you be a paper of between. Your instructor guides you through. Technical resume format for electrical experience, except under exceptional circumstances. Forrest: Native American history, U. Primary sources are the raw be eligible for honors, high length and scholarly engagement will. You should begin thinking about historical question based on independent.

Why write a senior thesis? This is the culmination of your undergraduate history education. You'll draw on all the skills of research, analysis. Senior Thesis Topics. Al Aquaviva: "The Impact of Peaceful Protest on the Civil Rights and Vietnam Anti-War Movements. The History Major Senior Thesis. All history majors at Berkeley take a History seminar, during which they complete their major capstone project.