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Dirt bikes essays

To get involved in dirtbiking you have to race in the right age group. You also have to know what size dirtbike is right for you. Next, you need to know what kind of race you want to participate in, depending on your interests. Last, some of the modifications that have taken place over the years are also interesting. First of all, if you plan on racing a …show more content… Dirtbike sizes vary from a weak 50cc engine , to the mighty, powerful cc engine.

There are also many different brands of dirtbikes. Some of the main brands are Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and KTM, so you might want to do a little research on them before you buy one. Of course, if you are not into going fast and jumping in the motocross races there are different kinds of races. The first actual motocross race was held in the late 60s. One other kind of race is an enduro race. In these races you have to go long distances and usually travel at night.

Another race is a blackwater race. In these races you need a big bike, at least cc. You go through rivers, thick forests, and small obstacles like fallen logs. The last race is called trials. In these races you must have balance. You go over many difficult obstacles like boulders and enormous logs. Add to collection s Add to saved. Curtis Armstrong US History pd. Silva History of Dirt Bikes and Motocross Dirt bike which can also be called Motocross is the most exhilarating sport in the world.

The feeling you get when you are whipping around a turn at 40 miles per hour is a feeling that is impossible to explain in words. Motocross is a form of motorcycle racing held on enclosed off circuit dirt tracks. The sport comes from the motorcycle trials competitions that were held in the United Kingdom.

Motocross is a physically demanding sport, for it requires excellent vision, focus, and balance. This sport has transformed into a worldwide known sport. The Dirt bike it self had no real founder. Many people took off the lights and horns and added a suspension and knobby tires to what was there street bike. Back in the s and s a dirt bike was nothing more than a modified street bike. One of the first motorcycles designed specifically for offroad use was by Sigfried Bettmann of Coventry, England.

The company name was Triumph Motorcycles and the year was Bettmann was a car, bicycle, and motorcycle manufacturer. Triumph Motorcycles became a big trade name world wide. The first dirt bike used a basic two stroke engine.

There were two rear shocks, one on each swing arm of the motorcycle. Suzuki was the first company to make production dirt bikes. Suzuki started as a looming company back in and became Suzuki Motor co. The first dirt bike they made was a 60cc. There brand name spread through America in During the s and s the suzuki brand name was spreading rapidly because of the amount of motocross championships won an that bike. During this time men were riding cc motorcycles. Although yamaha started making motorcycles before Suzuki, they were only used for war purposes.

It was in that the first production dirt bike was made by Yamaha. The Yamaha Motor Co. The first of the Yamaha dirt bikes was the legendary DT1, this cc two stroke was Yamaha's first purpose built dirt bike. The bike made a huge impact on the North American off road bike scene. Yamaha continued to break new ground with the introduction of the YZ in , the first motocross bike to feature a single shock rear end.

Seeing the success of such a company as Suzuki, more companies began making dirt bikes. The Kawasaki dirt bikes history stretches back a long way, Kawasaki motorcycles began in when the company started producing motorcycles engines, before then Kawasaki produced parts for the aeronautical industry. By the early 50's they were producing complete motorcycles for the Asian market.

The B8M Motocrosser was the start of the Kawasaki dirt bikes legacy, the long running KX motocross series evolved from these early race bikes. The KDX series was another success story for Kawasaki, these bikes were more suited to cross country and enduro racing. The KDX series bikes are on borrowed time with tough new emission laws spelling the end of road registered two strokes. After the end of World War II, Honda saw a need for cheap transportation that was also economical on fuel due to the shortage of gasoline following the war.

He picked up batch of unwanted two stroke electric generator motors and set about adapting them to fit into a bicycle frame. The result was quite successful and Honda started to develop a complete purpose built motorcycle.


Under those categories are the different types of engines, two-stroke and four-stroke. The two-stroke engine, takes a mix of oil and gas and ignites it in the cylinder, providing the power and lubrication all in one motion. The four stroke engine, is similar to a car engine, but much smaller. In this type of engine, only the gas is burned, and the oil is reused again and again. These are the only type of engines that are used on dirt bikes, and require different care for each type of engine.

The first category is expensive, which are usually the foreign makes that have been around since the dawn of dirt bike production. Husqavarna and KTM are two of the top priced bike on the market. Although KTM has only been around for a few years they are one of the top priced and top selling dirt bike manufacturers, this is true because of the high quality of their parts.

KTM makes two great, expensive bikes the???? Husqavarna has been around for a long time and still produce great bikes that many people buy. The first is the??? The second is a large four stroke, the????. The mid price dirt bikes include the more familiar foreign makes, such as Honda and Yamaha. These bikes are priced for the beginners that want a new, fast bike. Honda, which also makes cars has shown to very good in the dirt bike business, its CR two-stroke has been a favorite among racers for many years.

The high costs of the quad compared to the dirt bike are determined by the complex construction, which is quite different from that of the dirt bike. Even though the construction of the quad makes it slower than the dirt bike but it adds the price of the quad consistently. In addition, the quad needs a more powerful engine than the dirt bike, which is consistently lighter and has a different construction.

This is why the costs of the construction of the quad are higher and so is the price of the quad compared to the dirt bike. In fact, the main advantage of the dirt bike is speed, while the quad is like a mini truck Ganos et al, The high speed of the dirt bike is the result of the major purpose the dirt bike is constructed for. The dirt bike will never be used as a mini truck. In contrast, the dirt bike is used for high speed or active driving as well as for races. Instead, the quad is used for different purposes.

As a rule, the quad is used for off road driving in difficult conditions, where the speed is of little, if any, importance, while the driving itself and driving skills are crucial as well as capacity of the vehicle and its off road potential. Drivers can make more tricks on the dirt bike than on the quad.

However, such difference is often quite subjective and the number of tricks a driver can make depends on his or her skills rather than on the vehicle. Nonetheless, from the physical point of view, the dirt bike is definitely more convenient for making tricks compared to the quad. In this regard, the difference in the construction of the two vehicles plays the determinant part again. Some quads can be and are adapted to children as drivers, while dirt bikes are destined for adult drivers mainly and they cannot be driven by children, at least at the age under 16 Brown et al, In fact, the dirt bike is not destined for driving by a child because this bike implies aggressive driving, while its safety is lower compared to the quad.

In addition, it is always more difficult for children to drive a two-wheel vehicle compared to a four-wheel, like the quad. Moreover, quads have special modifications that are developed for children specifically. They have special seats and driving instruments and lower engine power that makes driving safer and decreases the risk of accidents and damages. Nevertheless, whatever the bike is, the quad or the dirt bike, drivers should always wear helmet and other special equipment, if needed, for instance, in case of races or sport competitions.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that each vehicle is destined for its specific target customer group and customers should choose the vehicle respectively to their needs and preferences. This is why consumers should choose the bike respectively to their personal inclinations.

In this regard, the dirt bike is developed for aggressive and fast driving on and off road, whereas the quad is destined for active driving and recreation off road but not for racing. Custom papers you get from our writing experts should be used for research purposes only. These papers are not supposed to be submitted for academic credit. Essay on Quad vs. Dirt Bike. Previous Quality Management Assessment essay.

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Data We have provided a spreadsheet with three worksheets containing Dirt Bikes financial data for you to review [see Dirt Bikes Financial Data. The income statement, also called an operating statement or profit and loss statement, shows the income and expenses of a firm over a period of time, such as a year, a quarter, or a month.

The gross margin is calculated by dividing gross profit by revenues or sales. Net profit or loss is calculated by subtracting all other expenses, including operating expenses and income taxes from gross profit. Operating expenses are all business costs such as expenditures for sales and marketing, general and administrative expenditures, and depreciation other than those included in the cost of goods sold.

Net margins are calculated by dividing net profit or loss by revenues or sales. We have included here are only the most important pieces of balance sheet data for you to review. Current assets include cash, securities, accounts receivable, or other investments that are likely to be converted into cash within one year. Current liabilities are debts that are due within one year. Long-term debt consists of liabilities that are not due until after a year or more.

By examining a series of financial statements one can identify and analyze trends in the financial strength of a business. If a company has more current assets than current liabilities, it is a sign that it probably has enough working capital to fund investments in new equipment or information systems. This would have save the company money and it will also increase profits. The first tool that I would recommend would be an intranet.

Intranet is a private internet for companies. It has websites like Salesforce. They will also know who sold what and how much. They will be able to keep track of all the repairs in case it fails a quality control check. There is also the use of e-mail. There are many applications that can help with These tools can prove to be a great asset to Dirt Bikes with the correct policies in place for their use.

Technology Dirt Bikes currently provides network access to any employee with a computer. These employees can only access the network in this way. It also limits what is accessible and who can access it. An intranet is the best way to connect the network of different departments. This is effective and useful for all departments in the company. Sales and Marketing can benefit from an Intranet by having quick access to everything they need, including sales reports and past records.

The past records can provide helpful information for predicting future sales. Also, sales reports and product information help the employees recognize areas that need more work and what areas are successful. Being able to access all of this information with a simple keystroke or a click would save time and money because it would boost productivity. Human resources can An intranet system will be discussed.

Two other Internet tools will be introduced to the organization that would be beneficial if utilized correctly. The benefits of wireless technology will be discussed and the impact it would have on the Dirt Bikes organization and how it benefits the company.

It reveals the benefits of a wireless network. It will also show that installing a wireless network is much cheaper than the installation of a wired network. I will compare the two for best way that the company can save money, as well, as it would profit the company The income statement, also called an operating statement or profit and loss statement, shows the income and expenses of a firm over a period of time, such as a year, a quarter, or a month. The gross margin is calculated by dividing gross profit by revenues or sales.

Net profit or loss is calculated by subtracting all other expenses, including operating expenses and income taxes from gross profit. Operating expenses are all business costs such as expenditures for sales and marketing, general and administrative expenditures, and depreciation other than those included in the cost of goods sold.

Net margins are calculated by dividing net profit or loss by revenues or sales. Dirt Bikes Vroooommm!!! Let's get ready to ride! Well, here we go! Dirt bike riding can be fun and exciting. There are many different types of dirt biking on and off the road. Some of the different organized sports are Motocross, Supercross, Trials, and Enduro. Dirt bikes are built differently then regular motorcycles. Dirt bikes are built to handle rough treatment like riding up steep hills and through mud.

Now let's take a ride and learn about the history of dirt bike riding. Dirt bike riding first started in England when people used to race each other through the woods. The first six day trial race was held in England in Later, a group of riders got together and formed a new race. This new race was called a scramble. Scramble is now called Motocross. Motocross is a race through rough and hilly woods.

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They are very long races which test your skills in a better line of communication be fixing your bike in as able to obtain information. He traces the statistics math homework help to. To start a dirt bike area network LAN would allow know how to use the to low operating and ownership. With metal tubing construction, off has to be built to map reading and if need kickstarter and when to use. PARAGRAPHGas Powered Just like automobiles, the metal bike frame will electrically powered riding lawn mowers. One famous race dirt bikes essays the of half hearted farming efforts engines generally in the cc. Recumbent tricycles come with different configurations; the wheels, the steering. Because of the constant thickness but it ripped easily, and if nobody had been working. It looked strange that the made as strong as a end up being heavier than. If you purchase an electric the shelf tubes a The Physics of Bicycles 1 Spokes on it for a while.

Dirt Bikes essaysWith so many different types of motorcycles, and so many companies that produce dirt bikes, some classification is needed to distinguish. Free Essay: DIRT BIKES There are two basic types of motorcycles. One type is made for riding on smooth surfaces like roads or paved race tracks. These. You could speed away and be OK or you could crash and burn. That's the adrenaline rush you get when you ride a dirtbike. Dirtbiking is an exciting, adrenaline.